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Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Community Centre, 2nd February 2010.

1. Present : Fiona Cook (Chairman), Margaret Worden (Treasurer/Joint Secretary),  Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Gordon Beldam, Cllr Harry Grayson, Paul Harrison, Julie Martindale, Beverley Moorhouse, Ken Moss, C.Cllr Miles Parkinson, Patrick Troughton Lesley Cryer (PROSPECTS Development Manager, Community Response to Climate Change )

2. Apologies :  Ruth Colling (Vice Chairman), Lesley Jackson (Joint Secretary), Mary Aubrey, Wendy Flanagan, Maria Flanagan, Paul Harrison, Paul Wilkinson,    Gemma Tomlinson (PROSPECTS Community Projects Development Officer)

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting with a special welcome to Paul Harrison a new member and Lesley Cryer who were attending our meeting for the first time.  The meeting started a little earlier than usual at 6.30 pm because of last months meeting having to be cancelled due to the bad weather.

3. Minutes of the meeting  01/12/09.  Agreed as a true record and signed as such.

4.  Matters arising :

(i)  Project Co-ordinator’s Progress report.  This had been circulated.  Updates were as follows :

a) Holt St. Rec.  Work is to start on the MUGA on the 8/2/10.

b) The Herald ‘Green Slot’.  Maria had submitted an article.

c) Community Garden, Parker St/Hermitage St.  The pillar clock is to be dedicated at   11.00  am on Saturday 27th February 2010.  Ursula has asked for names to be submitted    for invitations to be send out.

d) Station Adoption Guide update.  Fiona has this.  Colin had submitted some pictures but these hadn’t been published.   

 e) Rishton Community Centre.  The corridor to the toilet is nearly finished.  This will then  alleviate the need to walk through the kitchen to get to the toilets. 

5. Treasurer’s Report.  Margaret reported that the balance in the Current a/c was £436.80. of which £7.17 remained from RiB. The balance in the Investment a/c was £1194.54 (small amount [£0.54] of interest added).

Margaret enquired re the closure of HSBC in Rishton. (the Panel’s bank).  Although petitions have been submitted against the closure, Harry reported that HSBC are minded to close.

6  Station There are various outstanding items on the station.  Brian Haworth met with members at the station on the 15th January.  It was a particularly cold day so consequently it was a short meeting.  However, many of the outstanding items were pointed out to him, e.g. white platform edging lines, the derelict and unworking telephone box and signage.  Brian said he would meet with the relevant Northern staff to try to sort out these issues.  However, he did say that our C.Cllr. Miles Parkinson would be the best person to assist with the signs. 

i)  Car Park.  There is puddling occurring at the bottom of the ramp and this has been reported by Colin.  There has not been enough sun or wind to make the solar lighting columns work for the desired length of time.  This is not a problem at the moment as the street lighting is sufficient.  It was assumed that increased sun (we hope) during the Summer months will alleviate this problem.

[Update 3/2/10.  E-mails received from Miles indicating that the Community Rail Parnership will fund the signs indicating Park and Ride facilities.  One will be placed at the station and one at the junction of Station Road/Blackburn Road.  Richard Kirby has confirmed that LCES are to add an additional gully on the carriageway to pick-up the excess water which is causing the large puddles].

ii)  Pen/Allotment.  Colin had e-mailed Network Rail regarding us getting permission to use this piece of land for foodgrowing.  Network Rail replied that they are enquiring with “Property”. 

ii)  No-mans-land.  A short discussion took place regarding what we do with this piece of land.  Do  we plant apple trees or fruit bushes or do we go back to the original idea of planting shrubs that Colin has in his garden?  Ken suggested rhododendron/hydrangea might be more appropriate.

7.  Rishton Neighbourhood Action Group.  Fiona reported that the Group would be meeting with the artist who will be doing the 12 plaques in approx 2 weeks time.  She listed the topics which the plaques would cover these being:  Harry Allen (last Hangman), Egg Wagon turnover, Festival of Britain, Canal, PALS, Pit Top, Rishton Station, Rishton War Memorial, The Hermitage and the Whit Walks.  The story behind these plaques will be placed in the Library. 

8. Canal 200.  Fiona had received an e-mail from Paul which indicated that he felt let down that no-one had responded to his suggestions to celebrate the Canal’s 200 year anniversary.  The Panel felt that it should be a Hyndburn enterprise including other Panels and organisations as the canal runs through the whole of Hyndburn.  Harry has requested a meeting with Paul but unfortunately Paul has not been in touch with Harry.  Miles said that the Canal Strategy Working Group, originally set up to clean-up the canal, are the best people to contact in this instance.  Miles has a Cabinet meeting tomorrow (3/2/10) when this will be discussed

9. Core Strategy.  Gordon had written to Greg Pope M.P. regarding this matter.  Greg Pope had in turn written to the Chief Planning Officer at Hyndburn asking for an appraisal of Hyndburn Council’s stance on this matter.  Greg Pope sent a copy of the Planning Officer’s reply to Gordon.  This was read out at the meeting.  Anumber of Panel members has submitted written objections to Blackburn with Darwen Council, but with little response so far.

10. Rishton Festival (10/7/10).  The Panel agreed that we would man a stall at the Festival and that the theme would be “Games of the Period”.  [Margaret has subsequently submitted (8/2/10) the booking form to Christine Hammerton.]

11. Foundation.  Colin attended training in the use of the heat imaging camera.  He offered to carry out the process on Panel members houses if they so wished.  Bev asked if it could be done on the school (Norden). 

The Chairman of the PROSPECTS Foundation, Phil Barwood wrote to all Trustees of the Foundation asking for nominations for the position of Vice Chair and Company Secretary.  Colin read out this letter and asked if anyone was interested or knew of anyone with the necessary skills who may be interested. 

  There is to be poppy planting across Hyndburn to celebrate the Battle of the Somme next year.  Schools  will be involved.

  Gemma is to give a talk on PROSPECTS to Norden schoolchildren.

  Work on the willow harbour will begin before the end of March.  Colin to follow this up with Gemma. 

  Lesley reported on the Social Enterprise projects and advised that we look on PROSPECTS website if    we want to get involved.

  Update:  Lesley e-mailed (3/2/10) the following information.  The following potential environmentally- themed social enterprises have been identified.  Ideas already through to stage 2 – Community Benefit Wind Turbine(s), One Planet Café and Shop, Supporting H.U.F.S., Hyndburn Woodland Management Enterprise, Local Food Production, Biodiesel production from waste vegetable oil, Solar Photovoltaic & Water Heating enterprise.  Stage 1 ideas to be assessed at a later date – Horticulture, Green Holidays, uPVC Plastics Recycling, White Goods Repair Scheme & PAT testing.

Windfarm.  It was reported that the planning application for this Windfarm was due to be decided on the 26th February.  Anyone supporting this application was asked to submit letters to the Planning Dept.

12. Working Parties.  It was decided that a working party would be held on Saturday 6th March at 9.30 am to plant up the Roebuck plants (in Margaret’s garden) by the side of the pub wall (Rishton Arms by Station).

13.  Magazines & Newsletters.  Nothing to report.

14.  Booking Time.  Margaret 4 hrs. admin.  Ken 12 hrs. litter picking, 4 hrs refilling grit bins.

15.  Any other business.  Norden ‘Bit of a do’ – responded with suggestions – no reply as yet. Hyndburn Magistrates – Community Engagement.  Margaret to contact Alan Roberts,  Chairman of the Hyndburn Branch to learn more.  (E-mail sent 8/2/10).

Green Space Forum.  Shirley Parkinson is trying to regenerate this as it has stumbled.  Meetings are held bi-monthly.  It’s a good forum for accessing grants for Parks etc.  The next meeting will be on the 25th March, Queen Elizabeth Room, Scaitcliffe House at 6.30 pm.  If anyone feels that they can be involved Margaret has a copy of the minutes of the last meeting.  Its probably a good starting point for a “Friends of Cut Wood Park” initiative.

Monthly Panel Meetings.  Gordon had suggested that it may not be necessary for us to meet on a monthly basis.  Bev had made the suggestion that perhaps we need not meet monthly in Winter. However, Ken felt that because we had missed our January meeting, we had struggled to find time to cover the Agenda. 

Phone Boxes.  Ken was keen to retain the red phone boxes at Cut Wood and Harwood Road.  Colin told him of the P.O. Scheme for communities to buy these for a nominal sum and then take the responsibility of their upkeep.

Ken also brought up the subject of a Notice Board in the centre of Rishton.

Willow Lodge.  Rumours have been rife regarding residents of Willow Lodge.  Harry has visited and spoken to the Matron.  They have 14 residents all with severe learning difficulties.  Harry reported that it was a well run establishment which has just moved into Rishton.  The Home has relocated from Altham where in 15 years there have been no problems or complaints. 

16.  Dates of next meetings.  02/03/10,  06/03/10

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the Meeting Room, Norden School, 2nd March 2010.

1. Present :  Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman), Margaret Worden (Treasurer/Joint Secretary),  Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary),  Julie Martindale, Beverley Moorhouse, Ken Moss, C.Cllr. Miles Parkinson, Janet Rutter, Patrick Troughton,   Gemma Tomlinson (PROSPECTS Nature Walks Project Officer)

2. Apologies :   Gordon Baldam, Wendy Flanagan, Maria Flanagan, Cllr. Harry Grayson.

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting which for the first time was held in the Meeting Room in the School as the big room in Primetime was needed for a larger group.  Gemma was congratulated on her new appointment.

3. Minutes of the meeting  02/02/10.  Agreed as a true record and signed as such.

4. Executive Meeting Decisions.  Fiona explained to everyone that the Executive Committee (Fiona, Colin and Margaret) had met during the half-term holiday to define the Agenda and what the Secretary’s tasks are.

She then went on to explain the decisions made.  In the past Colin has represented the Rishton Panel on a number of local bodies including FRY (Friends of Rishton Youth), PACT, Rishton Festival Committee, CVS,  Hyndburn Community Network and the Green Spaces Group.  It was felt that some of these groups did not come within our remit. Consequently, the Secretary of both FRY and Rishton Festival Committee were each sent letters explaining that, although we will always support their initiatives, we will not be attending meetings on a regular basis.  CVS and Hyndburn Community Network are both supported by the PROSPECTS  Foundation and information will always be filtered down to us.  Colin wished to carry on attending the PACT meetings if another person would also attend or at least be willing to attend if Colin couldn’t attend a particular meeting.  We did feel, however, that the Green Spaces Forum was something that the Panel should be involved with.  As reported at our last meeting the next Green Spaces Forum Meeting will take place on the 25th March at Scaitcliffe House.  If no-one puts their name forward to attend these meetings, it was suggested that perhaps we could have a rota of Panel members to attend.

5.  Matters arising

a) Holt St. Rec.  No work has started on the MUGA.  Harry to follow-up.

b) The Herald ‘Green Slot’.  Bev. has organised the year 7 Green Team  to produce an article to go in the April edition.

c)  Esplanade Rosebed.  HBC Parks have planted new roses on the Esplanade and also   on the centre bed in the Turrets Community Garden 

d) Station Adoption Guide update.  As the new edition was circulating the committee, Ken was given a copy of the old one pro-tem.

e)  Panel Member Resignation.  Lesley Jackson had tendered her resignation due to other  commitments. This was accepted with regret, but it was agreed she will still be sent the minutes to keep her informed. 

f)  Hyndburn Magistrates Community Engagement.  Margaret to write to Aidan Unwin, J.P. C.E. Co-ordinator to advise him that the group would prefer a  Wednesday evening to take a Court tour for approx. 8/10 people. 

6. Treasurer’s Report.  Margaret reported that the balance in the Current a/c was £436.80. of which £7.17 remained from RiB. The balance in the Investment a/c was £1194.60.  Margaret also requested that we have the accounts audited.  Because of the amount of money involved it is not necessary to appoint official auditors.  Colin agreed to audit the accounts.  Margaret will get these ready and pass to Colin in time for the AGM. 

7. Station Ken is happy to crack-on with no-mans land.  It has been decided to use Hydrangea bushes.  We will apply for grant aid but we do need written estimates to apply.  Ken will provide detailed costings.  Colin has e-mailed Richard Kirby, LCC re the loud tannoy announcements (up to 11.15 pm) but so far has had no response.   

i)  Car Park.  Some drainage work has been done whilst work had been ongoing on Station Road.  The wind turbine nearest to the station ramp is still not working properly. (Update.  On Saturday morning (6/3) a working party spent the morning digging and planting the (Roebuck) containers (saved from the skip) along the wall of the pub facing the car park.

(ii) Pen/Allotment.  Colin suggested he write to Mike Franklin, Community Rail Partnership, to put forward our case for use of this land.

8. Rishton Neighbourhood Action Group.  There has been a meeting with Weird Earth the Art Group doing the plaques.  A daytime walk around an area of Rishton has also taken place.  The Rishton

Area Council Meeting will take place on the 18th March, 7.00 pm at St Charles School.

9. Cut Wood Park.  Colin reported on the excellent job done by HBC Parks in thinning out the  woodland all the way round the periphery of the park.  A variety of shrubs will be newly planted at the main entrance. Ken to speak to Shirley Parkinson, Green Spaces Officer, regarding the football pitch in Cut Wood. Gemma reminded everyone that patching up the willow arbour will take place on Wed. 3/3 at 9.30 a.m.  (Update.  A group met and did a very good job of re-weaving and patching.  If left alone it will look very good when growth thickens it.)

10. Canal 200.  This was brought up at the Neighbourhood Action Group Meeting but no-one in Rishton felt able to take it on board. (Update.  An e-mail has been circulated 8/3 regarding a meeting to take place in CLM to arrange a celebration of the 200 anniversary). 

11.  Rishton Festival.  After some discussion it was agreed that members would look out for suitable games such as Cats Cradle, Coconut Shy, Marbles, etc.  (Update.  Gemma has e-mailed Sheila McVan (Baxenden) enquiring where they got their Coconut Shy from and asking her to e-mail Margaret with the information – to date no response). 

12. Foundation.  Gemma explained that her new appointment is a 3 year funded post and she has a small budget for training more volunteers.  This post will support projects which come under the auspices of  the Access to Nature Project.  The work she has previously done will carry on.  Colin has asked Ellie to produce a list of Foundation staff and what their remits are.

Tree Wardens.  An e-mail has been circulated from Mike Stapleford outlining the revamped Tree Warden Scheme.  All members were asked to read and respond.   

Gemma reported there would be a Signs of Spring Walk on the 28th March.  She also reported that a  volunteer Publicity & Marketing Officer working 16 hrs a week will help with press releases, designing posters and leaflets, updating the website and production of a newsletter. 

Windfarm.  Planning Permission for the wind turbines on Oswaldtwistle moor has been agreed.

13.  Magazines & Newsletters.  Nothing to report.

14.  Booking Time.  Margaret 6 hrs. admin.  Ken 4 hrs., Janet 1.1/2 hrs. pruning roses on canal, Patrick 1 hr.  Fiona 2 hrs.

15.  Any other business. 

Phone Boxes.  Ian Marfleet is looking into the adopt a box scheme.  Maintenance to be passed to communites. 

Ken also brought up the subject of a Notice Board in the centre of  Rishton.  Costings are needed.

16.  Dates of next meetings.  06/04/10, 04/05/10

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the Meeting Room, Norden HS and Sports College, 6th April 2010.

1. Present :  Ruth Colling (Vice Chairman), Colin Cooper (Project Coordinator/Asst. Secretary), Mary Aubrey, Gordon Baldam, Wendy Flanagan, Maria Flanagan, Cllr Harry Grayson, Paul Harrison, Julie Martindale, Beverley Moorhouse, Ken Moss, C.Cllr. Miles Parkinson, Patrick Troughton.

2. Apologies :  Fiona Cook (Chairman), Margaret Worden (Treasurer/Joint Secretary), Janet Rutter, Paul Wilkinson.

In Fiona’s absence, Ruth took the chair and welcomed everyone to the meeting.

3. Minutes of the meeting  02/03/10.  Agreed as a true record.  To be signed at the next meeting.

4.  Matters arising :

  (i)  Project  updates :

a) Holt St.  Work on the MUGA had started.

b) Green at Heart.  The article by Megan Heaton of the Norden Green Team had been published in the April edition of the ‘Herald’.  Maria would be doing the article for the May edition. 

c)  Station Adoption Guide.  Ken reported that he now had the latest copy.  Colin asked that it be ultimately returned to him.

d)  Old phone boxes.  Ken reported that he had had no response as yet from Ian Marfleet (HBC) who was looking into BT’s ‘Adopt a Kiosk’ scheme whereby local authorities could purchase redundant red kiosks for £1.  There were only two left in the village now, one on the Blackburn Rd/Cut Lane corner opposite the entrance to Cutwood Park and one on the corner of High St and Harwood Rd. The meeting was generally in favour of trying to keep them as iconic reminders of the past.  Different locations might be preferred although a cost would be incurred in moving them.  The telephone equipment would be removed and the box could then be used for any purpose, eg an information point, floral centrepiece, etc.  Who would be responsible for their upkeep and maintenance would have to be decided. Ken would pursue.

e)  Rishton Arms border.  Following the successful working party 06/03/10 in planting the shrubs from the ex-Roebuck planters, the rest of the border had since been dug over and the potted shrubs that Colin had been given last year had been transplanted into it.  All agreed that it looked well and complemented the planting that had been done in the car park.  There was some disappointment that no one from the pub appeared to have shown any interest.

  (ii)  Hyndburn Magistrates Community Engagement.  Margaret had arranged for a joint visit to the Magistrates Court with the Soroptimists for Wednesday evening 5th May 2010 (time tba).  They could accommodate approx 20 people.  5 Panel members had so far expressed an interest, Fiona, Margaret, Colin, Gordon and Patrick.  Soroptimists had 10 so far, leaving 5 spare places.  Anyone else wishing to go should let Margaret know.

  (iii)  Green Spaces Forum.  Colin had attended the latest meeting 25/03/10.  There had been updates on funding bids by the Forum and a report on the successful Coppice/Peel Park centenary celebrations fronted by the Forum.  Colin outlined to the Panel the main aims and objects of the Forum, although these were under review.  The Forum had been asked to administer the Green Partnership Awards scheme for Hyndburn applicants.  At present funding bids from the Hyndburn area had to be approved by the Area Councils and LCC.  It was felt the Forum would be better placed to decide which application from our area should be successful within the funding made available.  A possible Hyndburn-wide project being proposed was an attempt at a Guinness world record for community bulb planting.  Groups throughout the Borough would be supplied with crocus bulbs to be all planted on the same day.  Crocus were chosen as they required minimum maintenance after planting.

  Gemma had also been at the meeting on behalf of the Foundation and gave a short presentation on the new ‘Nature Walks in Hyndburn’ project which included Mill Wood (and hopefully our proposed nature trail at Holt St Rec’).  Mill Wood was on private land (Dunkenhalgh) with no public access but Colin had expressed an interest on behalf of the Rishton Panel and Gemma had promised to arrange a visit at an appropriate time.

  Next Green Spaces meeting was scheduled for Thursday 20th May 2010 @ 6.30pm @ Scaitcliffe House.  Colin would be unable to go, so it was hoped someone else would be able to go in his place.

5.  Treasurer’s Report.  Margaret had provided details as follows : the Current a/c stood at £385.42

(£7.17 RiB) (was £436.80).  Expenditure included £42.00 for room hire for Feb/Mar and there had been income of £20.00 from Norden for some bird box kits we had supplied.  The Investment a/c stood at £1194.65 (£1194.60).

6.  Rishton Station and Car Park.

  (i)  Tannoy.  There had still been no response from LCC/Northern on this which was disappointing but talking to the local residents, there did not now seem to be so much of a problem.  Colin would keep in touch with them on it but the item would be removed from the agenda.

  (ii)  Litter bin.  It had become evident from debris on the car park that a litter bin was required as those on the platforms were too remote.  LCC had been contacted and a bin was now in place.

  (iii)  Maintenance of car park.  Colin had enquired of LCC who we should report faults on the car park to.  LCC had advised, ‘The car park will form part of the station area that will be looked after and maintained by ISS once hand over has been completed.  Clearly the contract has a snagging period so relevant items may need to be attended to by LCES (Engineering Services) but otherwise it will be over to Northern/ISS.  We may need to look at a slightly different regime for the eco lights.’

  (iv)  Asset Map.  ISS had requested we get hold of a copy of the station ‘Asset Map’ which gave numbers for all facilities on the station (nb lights).  This would assist identification when reporting faults.  Colin had requested this from LCC/Northern twice but without success so far.

  (v)  Car park signage.  Colin had bumped into Simon Clarke (LCC) at the station (using the park and ride facility) and enquired about signage.  Simons understanding was that a sign was on order to go on the main road by the Parish Church but he was unsure about something at the station itself.  There was mention of an opening ‘event’ but no conclusion.  Colin reiterated our view that an appropriate occasion would be when signage was in place.

  (vi)  Pen/allotment.  Colin had drafted an email to Mike Franklin (Community Rail Partnership) to try to press our case but had hesitated to send it due to our uncertainties over the size and use of the land if we got access.  Was the plot too big for us?  There was an awful lot of rubbish to clear out.  Was food growing the right use or would it be better developed into a nature reserve seeing there was likely to be a lot in there already?  Could LWT advise?  What were the other people interested in the plot going to use it for and might sharing be a possibility?  Colin said he would try and get an update on the latest situation but the Panel needed to make up its mind whether it was willing to commit to something if we got the OK to rent it.  Colin had established that the previous occupant had been paying £120 pa but there had been an indication that this would rise for a new tenant.

  (vii)  No-mans-land.  Ken had done some more tidying up and had been keeping the weeds down pro-tem with ‘Roundup’ treatment, as Colin had done last year.  He estimated that about 20 hydrangeas would be needed and he had sourced some @ £27.50 each if we decided to go down this route.  Wendy felt that some shrubs with berries for the birds might be considered.  It was suggested we approach Park View to see what they might advise.  Colin would make an approach to them with Margaret.

  (viii)  Adopters’ Conference, 13th April 2010.  No one had indicated that they wished to go to the daytime Northern Rail Stakeholders Conference at Carlisle 20/04/10 which Colin couldn’t go to.  He had established that there was an evening Conference for Adopters at Crewe 13/04/10 which might be more appropriate.  He intended to go to this and any other member interested was welcome to accompany him.

7.  Rishton Neighbourhood Action Group (delivering Neighbourhood Management in Rishton).

  (i) ‘Signs of Life’.  In Fiona’s absence, Ken reported that of the 12 plaque designs proposed so far, 4 were to go ahead at a cost of approx £2500.  There was a dispute with the artists over a charge of £800 for ‘research’ when most of the notes to go with the plaques had been provided by residents.

  (ii)  Funding.  NAG was prevented from getting many grants because of their association with the Council.

8.  Cut Wood Park. 

  (i)  Willow arbour.  This was coming to life again but it was too early to be sure that the new ‘whips’ had taken.  So far it had not been vandalised.

  (ii)  Replacement shrubs.  Concern had been expressed that too much old vegetation had been stripped out.  Shirley Parkinson (HBC Parks) had advised that the aim was to try and provide more colour and variety and to this end some £1000 was to be spent on a colourful selection of new shrubs around the Park. 

  (iii)  Welcome signs.  New welcome signs had been erected at the two Blackburn Rd entrances and at the Cut Lane/Somerset Rd entrance using as a background a photo of bluebells in the wood taken by Colin.  [Later.  New colourful shrubberies had been planted at the two Blackburn Rd entrances]

  (iv) Meeting with Rishton United FC committee.  Shirley was trying to arrange a meeting with the committee to discuss the football pitch in the Park to bring it into league playing condition.  [Later.  Unable to find date to meet the full committee but meeting with a committee representative arranged at the Park for 22/04/10 @ 9.30am]

  (v)  Car parking.  This was still a problem for residents with parking down Cut Lane.  As far as Colin was aware, there were no new plans to make some provision (previous attempts had come to nothing) but he would raise the subject with Shirley.

  (vi) Plaque.  There was no recent news about whether the vandalised brass plaque at the main entrance could be salvaged and put back.

9.  Canal 200. A number of 200th anniversary celebration activities had been announced centred around the Sea Cadets facility at Enfield Wharf in Clayton-le-Moors and arranged by their Neighbourhood Management Council.  In Rishton the only activity anyone was aware of was some project (art?) organised with the schools by Christine Hammerton on behalf of FRY.

10.  Rishton Festival (10/07/10) – theme: ‘Days gone by 1900 – 1910’.  There had still been no response to Gemma’s email to Sheila McVan of the Baxenden Forum about the coconut shy equipment they had used at an event and their source of supply of coconuts.  To be followed up.

  Members were asked to continue to think of children’s games of the period and where the necessary equipment might be obtained.  A further suggestion was to approach Stockleys to see if they could supply ‘Victorian’ sweets.

  The Festival Committee meeting scheduled for 24/03/10 had had to be postponed to 28/04/10 (Centre, 7.15pm) due to only 4 people turning up.

11.  Foundation.

  (i) Company Secretary and Vice Chairman.  There was still an urgent need to fill these key posts.

Ideally they would already be members of PROSPECTS but this wasn’t necessarily so.  If anyone had any ideas of who might be approached they should let Colin know.

  (ii) Staff list and responsibilities.  A leaflet to help members understand the various projects the Foundation staff were now engaged in was in draft form and it was hoped to have it available soon.

  (iii)  Office volunteers.  The staff  were currently being assisted by two part time volunteers, significantly Chris Barrow who was covering publicity and marketing and was working on the next Foundation Newsletter.

  (iv)  Tree wardens.  Members were reminded of the new tree warden scheme, details of which had been circulated.  This was an ideal opportunity for anyone interested in woodlands and woodland management to get involved in a local initiative.  Appropriate woodland management training would be provided.  Contact Philip Johnson (HBC) or Gemma.  Mike was also looking to see if it might be developed into a new Foundation social enterprise project.

  (v)  Mark Hopley.  Mark had been presented with a leaving gift (to which the Panel had contributed) at the Management Committee meeting 31/03/10 and also our good luck card which had been much appreciated.

  (vi)  Green Cottage talk 13/04/10, Accrington Library, 7.00pm.  Members were reminded about this presentation by Andy Hunt (Sustainability Manager at Trafford Council) who had converted his Victorian terraced house in Bury into an Eco House. Details had been circulated.

12.  Magazine/newsletters report.  Nothing to report.

13. Working Parties.    None were arranged. [Later.  Colin emailed members 07/04/10 calling for a working party (Sat 10/04/10, 9.30am) to tidy up the grass edge in the space between Tom Duckworth’s butchers and the Health Centre where we had planted daffodil bulbs.]

14.  Time booking. Ken 4 hrs litter picking and spraying no-man-land ; Mary 2 hrs litter picking Cut Lane/Park ; Margaret ? hrs secretarial ; Ruth/Steve 4 hrs litter picking various ; Patrick 1 hr litter picking Rishton Arms north border.  Paul (H) also reported that he had spent 14 hrs on projects with Gemma – Colin to check whether Gemma would have booked these. 

15. Any other business.

  (i)  Skatepark.  Paul (W) had received an email via the web site from a young lad called Finlay McGowan about the Top Rec skate facility and its deficiencies.  As this was originally a FRY project Colin had contacted Christine Hammerton to ensure it was put on the agenda for the next FRY meeting 21/04/10 which he would be unable to go to.

  (ii) ‘Metal tree’.  There had been an enquiry from Ursula Reilly (Rishton Area Council) about the ‘metal tree’ artwork on the end wall of the Auberge as she thought it might have been a PROSPECTS project.  It was felt it needed refurbishing.  Paul (W) had responded from the web site which indicated that it was originally a Norden HS project under the guidance of community art group ‘Raku Works’

  (iii) Norden ‘do’.  Nothing more had been heard of this and it was wondered if it had ‘died a death’.

  (iv)  Meeting venue.  Still to be fully discussed.

16.  Dates of next meetings. 04/05/10,   01/06/10

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the Meeting Room, Norden School, 4th May 2010.

1. Present :  Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman), Margaret Worden (Treasurer/ Secretary),  Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Gordon Baldam,  Susan Cowburn, Barbara  Evans, Maria Flanagan, Wendy Flanagan, Julie Martindale,      Beverley Moorhouse, Ellen Moorhouse, Janet Rutter, Patrick Troughton

2. Apologies :  Cllr. Harry Grayson, Ken Moss, C.Cllr. Miles Parkinson, Paul Wilkinson

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting and especially Susan Cowburn who was attending our meeting for the first time.

3. Minutes of the meeting  06/04/10.  Agreed as a true record and signed as such.

4.  Matters arising

Project Update:

a) Holt St. Rec.  Work on the MUGA now appears to be complete and it’s in use.

  Childrens’ Play Area.  At the minute its unclear where funding can be found. 

Upgrade Football Field.  Funding is not readily available as funders require a     longer lease than 10/11 yrs. This is now with Councillors.

Nature Trail.   This has now been flagged up as part of the Foundation’s Nature Walks  Project.

b) ACorP Adoptors Conference, Crewe.   Colin attended and was able to talk to the representative of ISS about maintenance issues. Northern have supplied an asset map at last. Colin is now able to give the numbers of the lighting columns when reporting any faults. 

 c) Pen/Allotment, Rishton Station.  Colin has e-mailed Network Rail  for an update on the situation.  However, this hasn’t changed  regarding   the legal aspects for reletting.  Colin mentioned that this was a large plot and that other    people/groups might want to share the land.  Their opinion was that if they are not   reletting the land there is no point in pursuing this.  We need to put this on a back   burner for the time being.

d)  Rosebed, High Street Bridge.  Janet had pruned the bush roses and low branches  of the climbers and had incorporated fertilizer.  Colin has finished off the pruning   where Janet couldn’t reach.

e)  Green at Heart.  The ‘Herald’ had apologised for not printing Maria’s May article due  to lack of space having concentrated on Great Harwood Show.  It will be printed in the   June issue.

5.  Treasurer’s Report.  Margaret reported that the balance in the Current a/c was £385.42 of which £7.17 remained from RiB. The balance in the Investment a/c was £1194.71.

6.  Old Phone Boxes. Colin had been on to BT website and reported that this scheme called ‘Adopt a kiosk’ is only available if the Local Authority will buy the telephone box for a nominal fee, for legal reasons, of £1.  Wendy felt that they could become white elephants and that we ought to be careful that the Panel  doesn’t end up with responsibility for them. It was agreed that perhaps this item should be referred to the Area Council.

7.  Green Spaces Forum.  The next meeting will be held at Scaitcliffe House, on the 20th May.  Wendy hopes to attend IN Colin’s absence.

8.  Rishton Station .   

i)  No Mans Land.  Colin has herbicide sprayed and has lopped off new growth on the trees which were cut back previously.  Margaret has e-mailed Robert Brooks, Parkview Nursery, asking for his advice on what kind of shrubs he would recommend we plant there and also asking for a quote so that we can perhaps apply to the Area Council for funding.

(ii) Signage.  Julie reported that a train user had left his car parked on Station Road all day.  When

she informed him that he could use the car park, he indicated that he wasn’t aware that he could. 

We have had no indication when the new car park/park & ride signs will be installed.  It was suggested that we could put a notice in the Station notice board to this effect.

9. Rishton Neighbourhood Action Group.  Last meeting cancelled due to not enough people able to attend. However, walkabouts around the village have taken place with the aim of visiting each area.  Spring Street is a particularly bad area.  Both Susan and Barbara, residents on Alan Critchlow Way, brought photographs of the area to emphasise the poor condition of some of the houses there.  Fiona has promised to report their complaints to the next NAG meeting. (Colin reported that the Spring Street situation was also being pursued through PACT).

10. Cut Wood Park.  New shrubs have been planted at the main entrance and the Blackburn Road entrance.  Many more are to be planted all over the park with the intention of adding colour.  Colin reported that the willow arbour is thriving.  Shirley Parkinson, HBC Green Spaces Officer is using Jim Baron, Rishton United Football Club to access funding for the football pitch.  HBC are looking to put the existing plaque back at the main entrance when this can be fixed more securely.  Most of the work will hopefully be completed by early June.  Judging for Green Flag status will take place later in June.  However, Shirley doesn’t think we will achieve Green Flag Status this year.

11.  Rishton Festival.  Discussion again took place with regard to how we will man our stall.  It was suggested that the bran tub is always a winner but we need a few more prizes.  It was suggested we contact Harry with a view to asking Rays if they could provide a few of these.  Ruth will get coloured string and make instructions for cats cradles.  Fiona will arrange small bags for marbles and jacks etc.  As the theme is ‘Days Gone By 1900-1910’ it was suggested that maybe we could dress for the occasion.  Margaret will investigate clothes of the period.

12.  Magazines & Newsletters. Margaret reported on the H & RV Council for Voluntary Service Spring Newsletter outlining funding opportunities for voluntary groups. 

13.  Booking Time.  Margaret 2 hrs. admin.  Colin 2 hrs.  Patrick 1 hr.  Fiona 2 hrs.

14. Foundation.  Gordon reported on the One Planet Café.  This will no longer include a café as it is considered unprofitable.  It will mainly be a shop selling Fair Trade, organic or similar merchandise. 

15.  Working Parties.  A small team had successfully cleared the path of grass between Tom Duckworth’s and the Health Centre 10/04/10.  Colin thanked those who turned up at short notice.  No new working parties were planned.  In her e-mail to Robert Brooks about No-mans Land, Margaret had also enquired about getting bedding plants from Park View again this year.  We got them last year early June and then set about a number of planting sessions.  We would expect to do the same this year.

16.  Core Strategy.  Gordon had received from HBC, via e-mail, an invitation to view the Draft Core Strategy consultation document ‘Pre-Submission Ver. 2’.  This is available for comment up until the 14th May. 2010.

17.  Any other business.  Ian Brooks, Parkview Nursery had spoken to Colin regarding the Ladybird Garden.  The beds are damaged and grassed over.  The Parks Dept had suggested that seats replace the vandalised circular centre bed and had asked us to price Prosperity seating.  Maybe funding could be sought through the Area Council.

18.  Dates of next meetings.  01/06/10, 06/07/10

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the Meeting Room, Norden School, 1st June  2010.

1. Present :  Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman), Margaret Worden (Treasurer/ Secretary),  Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Gordon Baldam, Maria Flanagan, Wendy Flanagan, Paul Harrison, C.Cllr. Miles Parkinson, Janet Rutter, Patrick Troughton 

2. Apologies :  Julie Martindale, Bev. Moorhouse, Cllr. Ken Moss,

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting.

3. Minutes of the meeting  04/05/10.  Agreed as a true record and signed as such.

4.  Matters arising

Project Update:

a)  Ladybird Garden.  The circular bed in the centre of the garden is a complete mess – children are bike riding over it.  Ian Brookes, Parkview Landscapes, who were instrumental in upgrading this piece of land initially, feels that seating would best serve this garden.  He had initially asked Prospects via Colin to price Prosperity benches with a view to the Group accessing grant funding, however, this project has now been passed to the Area Council.  Councillors have had a meeting with Ursula Reilly, Rishton Area Council Co-ordinator regarding this garden.  Ken has  already created a small rockery in the centre of the garden.  In the meantime Colin has contacted Ken and asked him to bring Ian into the loop. 

Our Panel were contacted by representatives from the Huncoat Forum asking for a meeting with us regarding their proposed Huncoat Station Adoption.  Consequently, Colin and Ruth and Steve met three representatives from Huncoat.  Rishton Station Adoption was discussed,  when some of the problems which we had encountered were highlighted.  They haven’t actually adopted Huncoat station as yet, but we were able to make some suggestions as to the best way, from our experience, for them to proceed. 

5.  Treasurer’s Report.  Margaret reported that the balance in the Current a/c was £385.42 of which £7.17 remained from RiB. The balance in the Investment a/c was £1194.77.

6.  Old Phone Boxes. Ken had e-mailed Colin with an updated report.  He has now contacted Ian Marflett, HBC regarding these boxes.  These will now come under the remit of NAG.

7.  Green Spaces Forum.  Wendy and Christine Hammerton attended the last meeting.  The Forum is trying to get into the Guinness Book of Records for planting the most crocus, across the Borough, in a single day.  Lee Lane, Rishton was mentioned as being able to accommodate one continuous length of planting along with other areas through the borough.  A Green Spaces logo is in the process of being chosen.

8.  Rishton Station .   

i)  No Mans Land.  Colin and Margaret had met on site with Steve Taylor one of the Directors from Parkview Landscape.  After an inspection of the site Steve had submitted a drawing and specification for the cultivation of the land, planting 1000 small shrubs and mulching amounting to £3320 + VAT.  It was agreed that the quotation be forwarded to Ken because of his specific interest in this site. Gordon felt that there may be old rubble, from the railway, under the site and offered to check maps at Accrington Library.  We will need to contact Northern/Network Rail before any work takes places because of the electrical box and other possible services on site.

ii) Signage.  Miles and Colin had received emails reporting that the signs were now ready for positioning.  Janet reported that the Park & Ride sign at the end of Station Road is actually in position.  The station car park was to be checked for the other.  [Update: Confirmed in place].

iii) Car Park.  Some of the shrubs planted on the car park have died.  Parkview are to meet with Richard Kirby, LCC, with a view to replacing these shrubs and weeding the beds.  Simon Clark and Brian Haworth (Northern) will meet members of the Panel to further discuss maintenance. 

9. Rishton Neighbourhood Action Group.  Fiona reported that the next community walkabout will be Thursday 3rd June.  Ruth asked if this could include the area behind the Methodist School.  This area is in a dreadful condition, however Miles stated that some of its problems were due to ownership of land. 

10. Cut Wood Park.  Green Flag Status judging day will take place on Friday 4th June 2010.  We have been asked by Shirley Parkinson, Open Spaces Officer, HBC if a number of us could be on hand to accompany the judges around the park.  A briefing meeting would also take place at 10.00 a.m. on Thursday the 3rd.  A temporary replacement plaque will be in place for judging day with the original back in position when eventually refurbished.  (Update: 7 or 8 members of the panel attending the briefing meeting and carried out a litter pick early on Friday morning and then accompanied the two judges around the park.  Judging took place in beautiful weather, the park was full of children playing, families having picnics and kick-abouts on the field and the park looked its absolute best.  We await the results with interest).

11.  Rishton Festival.  Fiona hadn’t been able to get into Sams because her school’s card had expired.  Ruth has printed off instructions for cats cradles and propose to sell these for 50p.  Items need to be purchased for the luck dip which will be priced at 20p and 50p.  It was proposed to look on E-Bay for marbles and also to print off rules for marble games.  It was proposed that we acquire a display board from the Foundation to attach photographs of our work.  There will be a wrapping session at Fiona’s at 7.00 pm on the 1st July.  Please bring sellotape and scissors. 

12.  Magazines & Newsletters. Nothing to report.

13.  Booking Time.  Ruth & Steve 1 hr.  Patrick 1 hr.  Ken 5 hrs.  Margaret 3 hrs.  Paul 3 hrs.

14. Foundation.  Colin reported that Ian Plested is back in the area and has agreed to become Company Secretary and Vice-Chair of the Foundation.

Foundation activities for June:

  1)  Wildlife Walk in Woodnook Vale – 8th June

  2)  Eco Fair, St Christophers School – 12th June

  3)  Funding Renewable Energy talk , Accrington Library – 15th June

  4)  Canal 200 Celebrations – 19th June

15.  Working Parties.  One planned for Saturday 5th June 9.00 am at Parkview Landscape to pick up approx. 400 bedding plants donated by Parkview to Rishton.  We will then spend the morning at the station refurbishing and planting on the plantforms.  (Update: The station was planted and we have enough plants for the remainder of the planters etc. we look after around Rishton.  The remaining bedding plants are now stored in Margaret & Ruth’s gardens in readiness for our next working party – to be arranged soon).

16. Core Strategy.  Ruth & Steve have been invited to a consultation meeting in Blackburn on the 15th June. 

17.  Any other business.  Ian Hodgson Food Growing Officer, Foundation, is to liaise with Ursula Reilly, Area Council Co-ordinator, Rishton Area Council, regarding Back Yard Food Growing.  Colin had suggested Haworth Street as a good venue for a pilot scheme in Rishton.

Success Story.  The Lancashire County Council Recycling Centre at Great Harwood is not now to close.

Christine Hammerton’s son has moved to Maple Crescent and has several quite mature shrubs in his garden.  He has offered them to use and we need suggestions as where these could most appropriately be planted.

Patrick asked if we could encourage something to be done with the front gardens to the houses opposite the Library.  It was agreed that we should contact the landlord who may be Bob Walsh.

Meeting Venue.  Colin has enquired at the Centre as to their charges for us holding our meetings there.  The centre will charge £7.00 per hour as opposed to £12.00 per hour at Norden.  The Group felt that not only is it more central and therefore may encourage more people to attend, but also that we should support the Community Centre after all the work that has gone into upgrading it.  It was therefore agreed unanimously that we should transfer to the Centre after our Summer break in August. 

18.  Dates of next meetings.  06/07/10,   Summer Break, 07/09/10

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the Meeting Room, Norden HS and Sports College, 6th July 2010.

1. Present :  Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice Chairman), Colin Cooper (Project Coordinator/Asst. Secretary), Mary Aubrey, Gordon Baldam, Wendy Flanagan, Maria Flanagan, Cllr Harry Grayson, Julie Martindale, Beverley Moorhouse.

2. Apologies :  Margaret Worden (Treasurer/Secretary), Cllr Ken Moss, C.Cllr. Miles Parkinson, Janet Rutter, Patrick Troughton, Paul Wilkinson.

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Gordon and Colin had visited Patrick in hospital and a get well card had been sent on behalf of Panel members.  He was making good progress and hoped to be home soon.

3. Minutes of the meeting  01/06/10.  Agreed as a true record and signed as such.

4.  Matters arising :

  (i)  Project  updates :

a) Ladybird Garden.  The Rishton Area Council meeting had been put back from 24/06/10 to 08/07/10 and it was hoped a grant for the proposed benches scheme would be approved then.  There was some doubt about Park View’s continued involvement in the scheme as Ian Brooks had ‘cooled’ to the idea somewhat.  Harry and Ken were going to arrange to see him to clarify matters.

b) Old phone boxes.  Ken had sent in a report saying that he had still had no response from Ian Marfleet (HBC) who was looking into BT’s ‘Adopt a Kiosk’ scheme whereby local authorities could purchase redundant red kiosks for £1. 

c) Rishton Arms border.  Colin had now had a phone call from a lady at the pub expressing their thanks for the work that had been done.  She had indicated that a letter of thanks would follow but none had so far been received.

d) Alan Hammerton shrubs.  Suitable site for the shrubs that had been offered by Alan still needed to be found.  It was understood that there was no rush to move them and winter transplanting would be preferable but Colin was to check this was still the case.

e) Front Gardens High St.  Landlord still to be identified and approached re upgrading.

f) Backyard food growing.  No recent news of this proposed pilot project possibly in Haworth St.  Colin to contact Ian Hodgson.  [Later : Ian advised that it was in the hands of Rishton Area Council and Ursula Reilly was pursuing it through the Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG).]

  (ii)  Green Flag.  Following the judging 04/06/10, Shirley Parkinson (HBC Parks) was upbeat about our chances of getting Green Flag status for Cutwood Park.  The result was expected mid July.  [15/07/10 : Shirley advised that Green Flag status was to be awarded and would be officially announced with a press release 28/07/10.  The Panel was then consulted on the location of a flag pole for the flag and favoured the main entrance rather than in the park, as it would be more generally visible and less prone to vandalism.  A flag raising ceremony was duly held in this location 28/07/10 at which the Mayor of Hyndburn was present together with Panel members and other members of the community.]

  (iii)  Green Spaces Forum.  Next meeting 20/07/10.  Again Colin would be unable to attend on the Panel’s behalf but Wendy and Christine (Hammerton) had indicated that they would be happy to go again.

  (iv)  Canal 200.  Celebration of the 200th anniversary of the opening of the final L & L Canal link between Enfield Wharf, C-l-M and Eanam in Blackburn was duly celebrated on Saturday 19/06/10 with a number of events, mainly at the Sea Cadets HQ at Enfield Wharf.  However the L & L Canal Society barge ‘Kennet’ with its floating exhibition had travelled from Blackburn stopping at Rishton, Church (Donkey Back) and Enfield. Many people went on board to view the historical exhibition which was much improved since the Society took over the barge from British Waterways. 

  Thanks were due to Christine Hammerton on behalf of FRY who organised a painting/craft project with the three Rishton Primary schools and an exhibition of their work in the Library afterwards

  (v)  Core Strategy.  Ruth reported that she and Steve had attended the Blackburn with Darwen Core Strategy Pre Hearing meeting 15/06/10.  The Inspector had been quite clear that Hyndburn land cannot be included in BwD’s Core Strategy and he had instructed them to reword their draft and further to get together with Hyndburn BC to agree a suitable rewording and redrawing of plans.

  They were disappointed that on such a key issue, HBC was only represented by Paul Worswick from their planning office, when a more high profile representative might have been more appropriate.  Paul had been somewhat vague in defence of Hyndburn’s position.

  There was to be a further hearing on 19/08/10 which Ruth and Steve were down to attend and speak, prior to which any written statement had to be submitted by 23/07/10.  Steve was attending to this and would appreciate suggestions/comments that might assist him in this task.  Ruth and Steve were thanked for undertaking this representation on behalf of the Panel and the village as a whole.

  Harry said that he would be talking to Paul Worswick and he and Ken were planning to attend the next meeting and would be pressing for higher HBC representation.

  (vii)  Meeting Venue.  Colin had booked the Centre for the 1st Tuesday of each month for 12 months from 07/09/10 and given them a full list of meeting dates.  Norden had been advised that after the current meeting we would not require their facility.  A letter of thanks was to be sent.

5.  Treasurer’s Report.  Margaret had provided details as follows : there was no change to either the Current or Investment a/c balances which were £385.42 (£7.17 RiB) and £1194.77 respectively.  However bills of £72.00 for room hire and £53.33 for Festival expenses were still to be deducted.

6.  Rishton Station Adoption.

  (i)  No-mans-land.  Colin and Gordon had met with Brian Haworth and Simon Clarke at the station 09/06/10 and had reviewed various aspects of the Panel’s activities there.  They were shown the proposed Park View scheme for no-mans-land and said they would follow it up with their Network Rail contacts regarding necessary permissions and services to be avoided.  Colin had emailed Simon 25/06/10 for a progress report and he replied that he was due to be meeting with Network and Northern reps the following Monday.  Nothing had been heard since then.  Colin agreed to try Richard Kirkby for the name of a Network contact that we could approach ourselves.  [Later : Richard advised contacting a Roy Greenhalgh (Area Customer Services Manager).  This Colin had done and Roy promised to address the matter once he had returned from two weeks holiday]

  (ii) Northern ‘Thank you’ outing, Saturday 31/07/10.  Northern Rail were organising another all expenses paid outing to Ravenglass and the Ravenglass to Eskdale Railway, as they had done three years ago, as a thank you to station adopters.  However this time we were being restricted to four tickets.  Ruth said she and Steve would be interested in going but as they had been before, priority should be given to those who hadn’t. Colin would circulate the details to all members but he would need an answer from those wishing to go by 16/07/10 as Northern needed to know numbers asap.

  (iii) Adoption Seminar.  No interest had been shown in attending the ACoRP Adoption Seminar at Milton Keynes 17/07/10 (too far, too expensive). 

  (iv) Signage.  It was suggested that signs to the station across the back field might encourage more people to use it.

7.  Rishton Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG).

  (i) Walkabout, 03/06/10.  Fiona reported that the last walkabout had included the pit yard area as a result of which a lot of untaxed cars had been cleared from the area.  One problem was that as the road at that end of Walmsley St was unadopted, untaxed vehicles were acceptable.  They had discovered that the area was being used as a hiding place for stolen lead, alloy wheels, etc and the police had been informed.

  The derelict properties at the bottom end of Spring St were still a problem.  HBC were in process of legal action with the ultimate intention of having the properties demolished but this took time.

  Hyndburn’s CEO, David Welsby had agreed with Harry and Ken to walk part of the village every six weeks. This would supplement NAG’s efforts and Harry and Ken’s own perambulations.  Anyone who came across grot spots should report them immediately (with photos if possible).  Response times were now very good.

8.  Cut Wood Park. 

  See 4(ii) above.

9.  Rishton Festival (10/07/10) – theme: ‘Days gone by 1900 – 1910’.  The prize wrapping for the bran tub and making up of the marble and cats cradle kits at Fiona’s had successfully taken place 01/07/10 as planned.  Margaret had received the coconut shy kit from St John’s CE School, Baxenden.  Colin would get coconuts (TESCO suggested) and look after this stall on the day and return it to the School afterwards in Margaret’s absence. 

  It was agreed that all items : cat’s cradle kits, marble kits, bran tub and coconut shy should be charged at 50p each/a go but that ‘mix ‘n match’ be offered at any three for £1.00.

  Anyone who could help should aim to be on the field at 9.30am if possible. A number of members had indicated that they intended to dress up for the period.

10.  Foundation. 

  (i) Circulated information.  Margaret had circulated details of a number of Foundation related items including : Peel Park community events June to December ; Social Enterprise training ; and the share offer for the ONE Planet Shop.  Members were particularly encouraged to support the latter as £15000 needed to be raised by 31/07/10 to get this exciting new PROSPECTS project off the ground.  Shares were priced at £25 each.  It was agreed that the Panel should buy one share.

  (ii) Foundation AGM.  This was due to take place on Wednesday the 21st July 2010 at the Peel Park Hotel in Accrington starting at 7.30pm.  Existing members of the Foundation would get individual invitations but anyone could apply to be a member and take part in the AGM.  Colin would circulate a membership application form for anyone wishing to join.

  It had been agreed at our AGM that Colin should continue to be the Panel’s representative on the Foundation Management Committee.  Colin indicated that he would be happy to stand down at the appropriate time.  It would be good if someone else got experience at Foundation level and felt able to make a contribution to PROSPECTS in this way.

  Margaret was an elected member of the Foundation Management Committee and it was agreed that she be nominated for election again at the AGM if she was willing to stand.

  Members were asked to consider nominating someone (from within the Panel or without) for the ‘Prospector of the Year’ award.  Nomination forms were made available at the meeting and others would be circulated by email.  It was suggested that Gordon would make an eminently suitable candidate for his support of and involvement in Panel and Foundation activities and also in other environmental activities.

11.  Magazine/newsletters report.  Nothing to report.

12. Working Parties.    Some weeding would soon be required at the station. Colin would circulate a date for this. [Later : arranged for Wednesday 28/07/10 at 9.30am prior to attendance at the Green Flag raising ceremony at noon.]

13.  Time booking.  Ruth and Steve 2 hours at BwD Core Strategy hearing ; Fiona SAMS 1 hour ; Wendy watering 3 hours + 2 hours dead heading not recorded last meeting ; Mary 1 hour tidying willow arbour ; Margaret ? hours secretarial.

14. Any other business.

  (i)  Miscellaneous tasks completed.

Broken wooden plank in planter on station replaced.

Herbicide sprayed around some of the benches in remote locations. Also no-mans-land.

Grass cut at picnic site.

  (ii) White path.  Paul had encountered contractors doing patch repairs to the white path surface and clearing edges.  Paul liaised with them to clear drains and did some himself.  He understood the path was to be resurfaced when patching complete but this had not been done so far.  Paul and Colin had expressed concern to LCC and HBC that horse traffic on the path would only destroy the surface again.  They had urged the need to re-establish the bridleway alongside the white path which had become overgrown and impassable in places.  The horse riding fraternity would then have no excuse for riding on the path and there would be some chance of policing it.  Ongoing.

  (iii) Towpath.  Colin had noticed that work was ongoing to herbicide spray and clear years of encroaching grass off the towpath in sections from Norden Bridge to Whitebirk.  British Waterways had confirmed that they were using volunteer labour to carry out this work but no firm indication was given that they would be doing the whole of this length.  The pattern of clearance so far seemed somewhat haphazard, possibly related to suitable access points.  Ongoing.

15.  Dates of next meetings. August – summer break,   07/09/10 (at Rishton People’s Centre)

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the Peoples’ Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 7th September 2010

1. Present :  Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman), Margaret Worden (Treasurer/ Secretary),  Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Gordon Baldam, Clare Cleary, Julie Martindale, Beverley Moorhouse, Cllr. Ken Moss, C.Cllr. Miles Parkinson,  Patrick Troughton, Paul Wilkinson Peter Norman, Rishton & Great Harwood Rotary (for the beginning of the meeting only), Gemma Tomlinson (PROSPECTS Nature Walks Project Officer), Paul Worswick, Plans & Environment Manager, Hyndburn Borough Council   

2. Apologies :  Maria Flanagan, Wendy Flanagan, Cllr. Harry Grayson, Janet Rutter.

Fiona welcomed everyone to our first meeting after the Summer break and at our new venue.  A special welcome was extended to Paul Worswick and Clare Cleary, a potential new member.

Before the meeting got underway we were informed by Peter Norman, that Rishton & Gt. Harwood Rotary Club wished to donate £100 to our Panel to help with our work around the village.  He asked if a member of the Panel would attend Sparth House to be presented with the cheque and to take part in a photo shoot any Tuesday evening 7.00 for 7.30 pm.  Panel members expressed their thanks for this generous donation.  Rotary Club have also purchased 11,000 blue crocus bulbs and are asking for our involvement in the  planting of some of these along with other voluntary groups. Rotary are involved in a campaign to eradicate  Polio in Third World countries and the colour blue is applied to a persons finger if they have been given a polio vaccination.  The Green Spaces Forum is also assisting with the project.

3. Minutes of the meeting  06/07/10.  Agreed as a true record and signed as such.

4.  Core Strategy.  Paul Worswick, HBC, attended specifically for this item and started by thanking the Panel for informing the community of Rishton of previous consultations on this issue.  Paul gave a brief update on the Core Strategy which is now at the consultation stage on the publication edition  and because of previous consultation rounds felt that there shouldn’t be any surprises. Concerns were still expressed about possible future development on land between Rishton & Blackburn that was now called Whitebirk 2, but Paul assured those present that the safeguards outlined were the best that could be achieved at this time.  The consultation ends on the 27th September and Paul circulated comment forms.  The Panel requested that Rishton PROSPECTS Panel be added to H.B.C.’s consultation database.  Paul agreed to do this.

5.  Matters arising

Project Update:

a)  Ladybird Garden.  Ursula Reilly, HBC Area Management Committee reported that local residents had been consulted as to whether they were in favour of benches on the garden as in the past they had been against.  Only one objection was received this time and the Area Council will go ahead with the installation scheme.

b) Old Phone Boxes. Nothing to report.

c) Alan Hammerton Shrubs.  A large shrub has been planted by the entrance to Cut Wood however, there are still 6/7 large shrubs to be dug out.  Ideas are need as to where to plant them.  Fiona made a suggestion of the front gardens on High Street. 

d) Back Yard Food Growing.  Colin had e-mailed Ursula Reilly on this issue, but had not received any reply.

e)  Green Flag.  It was felt that the flag raising ceremony held on the 28th July was poorly organised and did not do justice to the achievement.  The Mayor of Hyndburn, Cllr Pritchard was there, but neither spoke nor raised the flag.   

6. Treasurer’s Report.  Margaret reported that a profit of £107.00 was made at Rishton Festival and that the Panel had invested in One Planet (Acc) Ltd to the tune of 2 shares at £25.00 each.  Therefore, the current account balance now stands at £337.09 (£7.17 RiB) and the Investment Account at £1195.01.

7.  Green Spaces Forum.  Colin can’t attend the next Forum meeting on the 21st Sept. 2010.  Wendy was going to contact Christine Hammerton  to see if they could go together once again to substitute for Colin.

8.  Rishton Station.  Photographs of no-mans land and the scheme submitted by Parkview had been e-mailed to Roy Greenhalgh (Area Customer Services Manager for Network Rail) by Colin.  He was asking for additional details and was to contact Colin for a discussion.

Ruth & Steve Colling and two of their grandchildren together with Paul and his friend Lynda had gone on Northern’s thank-you day to Ravenglass & Eskdale.  They reported the day had been wonderful.

9. Rishton Neighbourhood Action Group.  Fiona had nothing to report and Ken felt that this group was now virtually defunct.

10. Magazines & Newsletters. Nothing to report.

11. Booking Time.  These were all noted by Colin as follows: Wendy 1 hr. deadheading; Ruth & Steve 2 x 4 hrs Core Strategy meetings, Blackburn + 4 hrs. preparation and travel time; Ken 3 x 4 hrs/month litterpicking; Margaret 3 hrs. admin; Paul 12 hrs. white path project.

12.Foundation.  Gemma reported on the following:  One Planet had now found a shop at 54 Abbey Street (the old Abode premises) Foundation staff will have a presence on a rota basis, and do some normal work while there.  The shop will have 2 part-time Managers but volunteers are needed to help, not only manning the shop, but also preparation such as decorating etc.  It as hoped to open early October.

The Walking Festival is now complete.  180 walkers attended throughout the week. 

Two foraging walks were well attended.

Gemma has been invited to Rishton’s Stepping Out group to enhance the walks by identifying wildflowers etc.  She is to produce some identification leaflets – trees, flowers, etc. 

Gemma had also been invited to Copperhouse.  She organised a bug hunt which was well attended.  Lots of bugs were found as well as a newt.

Chris Barrow working on newsletter due out end Sept/early Oct.

Margaret had circulated a number of Foundation related items including Learning Exchange Course leaflet, Nature Walks Festival leaflet, and also introduced Rachael Warburton, Marketing & Promotions Assistant who is working for the Foundation for 6 months to help Panels with publicity.

13  Working Party.  Wednesday 29th September to cut back wildflower meadow.  Meet at Norden Bridge at 10.00 am.  Also provisionally Saturday 9th Oct. for bulb planting (further details later). 

14  Any other business. 

(i)  White Path.  Colin reported there had been lots of Contractor activity on the path with patch repairs and edge clearance culminating in complete resurfacing from Railway Terrace, Great Harwood along the white path and Norden Field to the picnic site.  However, despite representations by Paul & Colin by e-mail, photos of trouble spots (flood prone areas etc.), and spade work by Paul, some of the basic problems had not been dealt with before resurfacing.  Nor had the problem of horses damaging the path surface because the bridleway along the side of the path was overgrown now.  Overall, however, the finished effect was impressive and built upon the hard work done by Panel members a few years ago. 

(ii)  Towpath.  British Waterways had been clearing the path edges using volunteers.  The bench plinth  between High Street/Tottleworth Bridge had ‘lost’ some of its concrete flags.  Natural Organics were looking  to repair this. The fence at the Picnic Site had been broken however Colin and his grandson had mended it.

  Along with her apologies for this meeting, |Janet also asked me to report that she would do some work on the Canal Rose Bed during the Autumn.  The Panel expressed their thanks to Janet.

15  Dates of next meetings.  05/10/10 (A.G.M.), 02/11/10

Rishton Prospects Panel  Chairman’s Report, October 2010

Rishton Prospects Panel remains a very successful environmentally aware group of local residents, ably supported by The Prospects Foundation based in Accrington.  But without you our members and your generosity, we would not be so successful. Your time, hard work and commitment to improving the village, is very much appreciated by many residents of the village and beyond.

I could make a long list of all the projects we have been involved with this year but I do feel that many deserve further comment and recognition.

Core Strategies

Perhaps our most important project has been our involvement in the development of the Core Strategies for both Blackburn and Hyndburn.  These are the plans each authority has for land development in the next 15 years. Last year we were very successful in alerting the residents of Rishton to the threat from Blackburn to include an area of land between Rishton and Blackburn for industrial type development. Since then we have continued to maintain a very watchful eye on “Blackburn’s invasion plans.” Two of our members, Steve and Ruth Colling have led this and thanks to their careful monitoring, dissemination, studying of the plans, attendance and speaking at hearings, we seem to have partially succeeded.  However we are now keeping a very watchful eye on Hyndburn’s Core strategy and recently met with Paul Worswick HBC Plans and Environment Manager, to discuss these. It was reassuring to know that they had listened to us. Although Paul could not promise the area would never be developed, he did assure us that it is unlikely in the next 15 years and if it was to be developed then further consultations and inquires would have to be completed. Rishton Prospects Panel has been added to the consultation list.


It has been very gratifying to see British Waterways volunteers clearing the path edges which we cleared a few years ago. Having a much wider area to walk, ride cycles on, makes such a difference to the appearance of the canal path. However other areas, such as the picnic benches and fences round the paths have suffered from vandalism our crack team ( Colin often aided by his grandson)  have often repaired these.  We try to maintain the flower beds, plant bulbs and summer bedding etc.  Only last week a group of our members helped dead head and collect seeds from the wild flower meadow at the bottom of Norden Bridge. Another one of our members Janet Rutter, has adopted the rose bed at the bottom of the High Street bridge and works hard to prune and weed the area, with the occasional help of working parties and individuals.

Rishton Station

We continue our work as Rishton Station adopters, reporting problems and maintaining the planters and the Rishton sign (which Colin cleans and washes each year).  Thanks to previous discussions and pleas with LCC and Northern Rail, the renovation of the station car park and planting of the new flowerbeds  by Park View Nurseries was completed. It does look very good. Unfortunately the much debated celebration event suggested by LCC and Northern rail never got off the ground. Now it is signposted as a Park and Ride facility it is being used more frequently. We continue to try and see if others can maintain this area but in the meantime are weeding and tidying them as and when necessary. Thanks to Park View Nurseries generous donations of plants the planters on the platform look beautiful, I have heard the train drivers comment on them on occasions.  

We are investigating how to improve the area of land between the Accrington Platform and the houses ( No Mans Land).  Ken Moss has worked hard here; clearing many weeds and trying to keep this area tidy. He has made suggestions as to what to plant where, but as it is a deceptively large area we have also asked Park View to make a suggestion and to price this, so we can bid for funds from somewhere. Maybe next year we will have made more progress. We are consulting with Network Rail before progressing as there are indications that cables may run under the area.

Cut Wood Park

WOW!! Green Flag Status was achieved in July 2010. This was thanks to the hard work of Hyndburn Parks department especially Shirley Parkinson, However Rishton Prospect are very much involved in the project together with Friends of Rishton Youth ( FRY) and we were honoured to be asked to accompany the judges around the park earlier in the year. We have now received copies of the judges report and note that they recognise that a Park Friends groups needs to be set up, perhaps we could take this idea forward next year as a subgroup of Prospects.

Prospects Foundation

We have purchased some shares in the foundations newest project: The One Planet  Shop, which should open soon in Abbey Street, I know one of our members Gordon Baldam is already very involved in this and  hope you will all support this new venture and if possible offer help.

I would like to record formally our appreciation of the support and encouragement we get from the team in Accrington. We appreciate that they are stretched to the limit but know that their presence makes all our efforts more effective. They  try to educate us all in more environmental methods of living and working, provide training sessions and organise social events. Without their knowledge of grant process applications we would not be able to do half the project we do. Thank you.

Supporting other groups

We continue to link with and work alongside other local groups. I could list them but it would take too long. It was nice to see many of them at Rishton Festival early July and look forward to next year’s events.

The  Future is GREEN not orange!!

But what will WE be doing?

Well we will be continuing to maintain our many projects, work with other groups and hopefully initiate new projects.

But in the time of great austerity, funding might be in shorter supply. Only this morning on the way to work, I was listening to Thought for the Day on Radio 4 when I heard the speaker suggest that funding would have to be limited to Life Changing type projects. So perhaps we need our thinking caps on and work out how we can involve more youngsters and or disadvantaged people into helping maintain and work on any projects, so providing basic education in environmental issues in a practical way. It might be the only way forward.

Finally may I take this opportunity to record my thanks to everybody, and to express our appreciation for the support  we have from amongst others,  LCC, HBC, Northern Rail,  our local Councillors and County Councillors.

May I also express particular thanks to Park View Nurseries for their generous donations of plants, time and advice etc.

Fiona Cook

October 2010.

Minutes of the Fourteenth Annual General Meeting of the Rishton Prospects Panel held at the Peoples’ Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 5th October 2010

1.  Present Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice Chairman), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Co-Ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Gordon Baldam, Clare Cleary, Cllr. Harry Grayson, Julie Martindale, Cllr. Ken Moss, Janet Rutter, Paul Solati, Patrick Troughton, Paul Wilkinson.

2. Apologies  Beverley Moorhouse

Fiona welcomed everyone and declared the meeting quorate (minimum 6 members).

3.  Membership

Colin advised that all those present (with the exception of Paul Solati [see minutes of ordinary meeting]) were recognised as bona fide members and therefore eligible to vote. It was decided that we write to non-attending members to determine if they  wished to continue with their membership.

4.  Chairman’s Address and Review of the Year

Fiona reviewed the highlights of another active year and thanked all Panel members for their support.  She also expressed thanks to Lancashire County Council, Hyndburn Borough Council, Northern Rail as well as our local Councillors and County Councillor. A particular thanks was expressed to Park View Nurseries for their generous support of the Panel.  (See Appendix I – Chairman’s Address)

5.  Treasurer’s Report and Accounts

Margaret presented the Financial Statement for the year from 6/09/09 to 6/09/10. 

Income into the Current Account for the year was £147.00.  Receipts included sale of bird boxes and profit from stall held at Rishton Festival. 

Expenditure for the year was £497.07.  This has mostly been room hire at Primetime, sundry expenses etc.  However, the Panel have purchased 2 shares in the One Planet Shop and also presented Mark Hopley with a gift when he left the Prospects Foundation.

Opening balance was £607.06, closing at £249.82.

The Investment Account which ended last year at £1194.36 now stood at £1195.01.

The Treasurer’s Report was accepted unanimously and it was agreed it should be signed appropriately.

6.  Election of Officers and Representatives

Margaret indicated that she would be grateful if someone would take over as Secretary.  Clare indicated that she would be willing to undertake the Secretary’s role, initially shadowing Margaret. 

The following were duly proposed, seconded and unanimously elected:

(It was noted that Margaret was also on the Foundation Management Committee as a directly elected member). 

Colin indicated that he will continue to represent the Panel at Foundation level but it may be helpful if others were willing to get involved. 

The meeting was reminded that up to 8 members could be elected to the Executive Committee, including the Officers above.  Ken Moss and Clare Cleary were then proposed, seconded and duly elected to the Executive Committee. 

7.  Any Other Business None

The meeting then passed on to the agenda for the normal meeting.

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the Peoples’ Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 5th October 2010 (following the AGM)

1. Present :  Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman), Margaret Worden (Treasurer/ Secretary),  Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Gordon Baldam, Clare Cleary, Cllr. Harry Grayson, Julie Martindale, Cllr. Ken Moss, Janet Rutter, Paul Solati, Patrick Troughton, Paul Wilkinson

2. Apologies : Beverley Moorhouse,

Paul Solati, a prospective new member, was introduced and welcomed to the meeting.

3. Minutes of the meeting  07/09/10.  Agreed as a true record and signed as such.

4.  Core Strategy.  Consultation stage on the publication edition of the Core Strategy ended on the 27th September.  Ruth, Steve, Colin and Margaret had met and formulated the Panel’s response and comments at this stage.  Margaret delivered the letter to the Planning Department on Friday 24th September.  Ken said he would check if there were any further updates.

5.  Matters arising

Project Update:

a)  Ladybird Garden.  HBC Area Management Committee are to go ahead with the installation of benches.  We should hear more about this at the forthcoming Area Council meeting.

b) Old Phone Boxes. Nothing to report.

c) Alan Hammerton Shrubs.  It was suggested that shrubs from Alan’s garden be planted down at the Station.

d) Green Flag.  Shirley Parkinson, HBC Green Spaces Officer, had indicated she would like our help in working on the action plan for Cut Wood Park.

6. Treasurer’s Report.  The Financial report had been presented at the AGM prior to this meeting.

The balance in the Current account at 6/10/10 was £249.82  and the Investment Account was £1195.01. 

7.  Green Spaces Forum.  Christine Hammerton attended this meeting.  Colin had been supplied with the minutes if anyone wants to see them.

8.  Rishton Station.  Colin had approached Network Rail believing that because of underground cables, they would have to give permission to work on no-mans land.  Network, however, are of the opinion that Northern Rail are responsible for the area and had referred it to them (Kathyn O’Brien).

Colin said he would get in touch with LCC in an attempt to find out what is happening regarding replacing  the dead shrubs on the car park. 

9. Rishton Neighbourhood Action Group.  Fiona reported there would be a meeting of this Group on the 21st October 2010.

10. Magazines & Newsletters. Nothing to report.

11. Booking Time.  These were all noted by Colin as follows:  Ken 3 hrs.  Margaret 3 hrs.  Ruth 1 hr. Patrick 1 hr.

12.Foundation.  Gordon reported that the One Planet Shop will open informally for business at 10.00 am on 14th October 2010.  A formal opening will be arranged soon thereafter.  The Management Committee have appointed 2 part-time Managers but volunteers are still needed.  The Panel is now a shareholder and members are encouraged to support the venture.

Margaret had circulated a number of Foundation related items including an invitation to a course on Wildlife Photography, ‘Hey Days’ at Arden Hall and Woodnook Vale including meadow management and wildflower rescue. 

13  Working Party.  Saturday 9th October bulb planting in conjunction with Rishton & Gt. Harwood Rotary.

Meet 9.30 am at Library.  Colin thanked a small team for its hard work on the wildflower meadow on 29th September in poor weather.

14  Any other business. 

(i)  White Path.  The path has been completely resurfaced.  Colin and Paul W. had a meeting with Matt Hargreaves (LCC) and Craig Horobin (HBC) regarding the flooding and bridleway.  Some headway had been gained in re-establishing the bridleway, however, Colin was not sure what will happen regarding the puddling.

(ii)  Towpath.  Work is continuing on the gradual peeling back of grass from the path.  HBC have been working to the west of Norden Bridge in the sunken field to the right of the path.  Colin has repaired fencing at the picnic site.  The plinth for the bench had been repaired and a dead tree on the picnic site had been cut down.  Also the metal fence alongside the car parking area had been repaired.   Thank you to Gemma  who had covered the cost of the plinth and fence repairs and the cutting down of the tree. The ivy growing up the wall at High Street Bridge, had been taken out.  We have had no response from British Waterways as to whether they are responsible.  Panel members expressed their disappointment as not only had this ivy taken 10 years to grow, it also softened the hard lines of this stone wall and was beginning to appear on the main road side of the wall giving a very pleasing effect.

  (iii)  The Turrets.  Katie Morley, Tree Officer from HBC had been approached by the owner of the former Holly House complaining that trees from the Turrets were overhanging her garden.  Katie inspected and found that some trees in the Turrets garden actually needed felling.  A meeting was organised with Panel members and Katie at the Turrets the following morning.  Suggestions on tree and shrub replacement were discussed for when felling was complete. 

  (iv) Holt Street Rec.  HBC would like the Borough to take part in the Queen Elizabeth II Field Dedication Scheme.  This scheme is to mark the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen in 2012.  Harwood Road Rec is included but not Holt Street.  Harry thought this might be because Holt St is not owned by HBC – it is leased from Dunkenhalgh Estate.  The lease has 11 years of its 15 years lease to run. 

  (v) Rotary Presentation.  As reported at our last meeting Rishton & Gt Harwood Rotary are presenting Rishton Prospects Panel with £100 to help our work in Rishton.  Fiona, as Chair, had agreed to attend this presentation on our behalf. (11th November) 

  (vi) Esplanade rosebed.  Ken & Harry had received an e-mail from Shirley Parkinson informing them that there was no funding to replenish the second rosebed at the Esplanade.  Councillors are being asked if Rishton Area Council could fund the £1600 required.  However, there is not enough funding from the area council available.  Colin suggested leaving this fallow for the time being. 

(vii) Rishton Area Council.  Harry informed the meeting that Steve Watson would be taking over as Rishton Area Council’s contact officer.  Ursula Reilly is moving to Oswaldtwistle Area Council.

15  Dates of next meetings. 02/11/10,   07/12/10

As Margaret will be away on holiday in November, Clare agreed to take the minutes at the November meeting.

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the Peoples’ Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 7th December 2010

1. Present :  Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman), Margaret Worden (Treasurer/ Secretary),  Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Gordon Baldam, Julie Martindale, Patrick Troughton. Ellie Taylor, Prospects Foundation

2. Apologies : Wendy and Maria Flanagan, Cllr. Harry Grayson, Beverley Moorhouse, Cllr. Ken Moss, C.Cllr. Miles Parkinson, Paul Wilkinson

3. Minutes of the meeting  of 2nd November 2010.  Gordon Baldam had in fact sent his apologies, but otherwise the minutes were agreed as a true record and signed as such.

4.  Core Strategy.  As no Councillors were present at this meeting due to a Full Council Meeting taking place there was no official update on what had taken place at the special  meeting of the Council held on the 8th Nov.   Ruth said that a formal hearing will be held, she thinks, in January. 

5.  Matters arising

Project Update:

a)  Ladybird Garden.  Area Council held on the 9th Nov. agreed that they would pave over the round bed and install two benches.

b) Old Phone Boxes. Nothing to report.

c)  Station Car Park.  Replacement trees and shrubs.  No report.  Colin to get in touch with Richard Kirkby LCC.

d)  White Path.  No report.

e)  High Street Bridge.  We still need to get someone to own up to cutting down the ivy on the bridge.  Colin will follow up again.

e)  Canal Adoption Scheme.  If any group expresses an interest in adopting a section of the canal, British Waterways will be happy to send a representative to explain their scheme.  Based on past experience there were reservations about the bureaucracy that might be involved, but it might still be worth exploring and Colin had the paperwork to do so. 

f)  Turrets Garden.  No further report.

g)  Holt Street Rec.  Colin has not yet checked if the bins have been in fact bolted down.  There was nothing said about these bins at the PACT meeting on the 3rd Nov. and the PACT meeting on the 1st Dec. was cancelled due to the bad weather.  Ken and Harry were following up the suggestion that Holt Street Rec be included in HBC’s  Queens Diamond Jubilee list.

g)  Esplanade Rosebed.  Funding has now been found for the second rosebed.  The Panel wished to record our thanks to Janet for offering to organise fundraising for this which is not now needed.

h)  Bulb planting.  All 2000 daffodil bulbs have been planted along the main road hedge of Cut Wood.  500 crocus planted on the banking by the childrens’ play area

i)  Poppies.  Colin still to get more seed.

j)  Cars in Pit Yard.  No report.

6. Treasurer’s Report.  The balance in the Current account as at 7th Dec. 2010 was £256.99 and the Investment Account was £1195.19. 

7.  Green Spaces Forum.  The meeting held on the 23rd November agreed our Green Partnership application for £500 for a willow tunnel in Cut Wood Park.  Colin is awaiting written confirmation  of this.  We now need to follow this up with Gemma. Just as an aside Colin informed the Panel that he had started to reshape the existing willow arbour.

8.  Rishton Station.  There was a good turnout in poor weather on the 13th November for the working party on the station.  Planters and the bed next to the pub wall were planted with pansies and daffodils.  There was no time, or inclination because of the inclement weather, to move on to plant bulbs in Cut Wood.  There is a slight puzzle regarding the planters at the junction of St. Charles Rd./Station Rd.  Parkview indicated they wished us to do the planting and they would provide the plants.  However, the planters did get planted up, not by us, so we assume by Parkview.  Parkview have again been extremely generous by providing over 700 pansies for planting around Rishton against our original request for 120.  These have been shared with all the schools in the village, who have planted them throughout their grounds.  Wallflowers, daffodils, pansies, polyanthus and crocus have all been planted in the top bed at High Street Bridge.

With regard to no mans land, unfortunately, Colin has got nowhere so far with Jane Lenaine of Northern Rail.  Colin had had a meeting with Brian Howarth on the 19th Nov.  on the station to update him on this matter.  Brian sent a copy e-mail to Colin which he had sent to Jane, but had heard nothing in reply.  Fiona suggested that Jane maybe at the official opening of the new Accrington Eco Station and Acorp AGM which Colin and Gordon were attending on the 16th Nov.  It might be possible to talk to her then. 

9. Rishton Neighbourhood Action Group.  Fiona reported that this Group met on the 25th November.  She felt it was a little disorganised as the Centre hadn’t been booked and there was no heating on.  The three residents of Rishton involved in this group didn’t feel that the village were getting any positive feedback from the group which is entirely run by the Council with only Councillors having a vote.  They asked that at the next meeting they could be given more information as to where this group was heading. 

10. Magazines & Newsletters. Nothing to report.

11. Booking Time.  Ruth/Steve 1 hr.

12.Foundation.  Ellie attended for this item which was actually dealt with at the beginning of the meeting to allow her to leave early.  Ellie reported that the Foundation had been successful in attracting just under £8,000 funding for publicity and promotion specifically for the Panels and the Foundation.  She was asking for feedback from Panels to find out what we felt we needed.  She wanted to order items ASAP and before any VAT rises.  She had brought some designs of signage for projects which perhaps needed more publicity.  Colin suggested the entrance to Cut Wood Park and also the Station could benefit from signage as well as the Picnic area and the flower bed on High Street which has a small plaque on the canal side but nothing facing the main road. Fiona made a suggestion that wording to the effect that we were environmental volunteers be included. Julie suggested perhaps a generic plaque for all projects.  Ellie will give us a little more time to consider locations.  Ruth felt that a leaflet/poster would be useful to place in windows, particularly the Centre where we meet,  and noticeboards along with business type cards for distribution.

Ellie had details of T.Shirts, particularly polo shirts with an embroidered logo.  The Panel suggested that the Foundation subsidise polo shirts instead of actually providing them free.  It was felt that some people may wish to buy more than one if they wished to wear them other than just for working parties.  Forrest green with the informal logo and a dragonfly was suggested. 

Ellie showed designs of  ‘A’ frame notice boards to be used by Panels when on a working party.  These could be whiteboards which can be used to inform the public who was doing the work and when/where/what time we meet etc.  The ‘A’ frame, if in aluminium, which seemed to be the preferred option because of transportation weight, might need bars attached to legs for placing sandbags on in windy conditions.

Gordon suggested adverts in local publications.

Ellie said a small sum had been put aside for professional photography.  Fiona then suggested that Accrington Camera Club be contacted. 

Margaret itemised the communications from the Foundation which she had circulated.  These included, Winter Tree Walk on 28/11, Christmas Decoration Crafts at Woodnook Community Centre on 7/12 and Winter Woodland Work on Saturday 11/12.

The One Planet shop had been officially opened on Monday 22nd November 2010.  Gordon brought a sample of some of the products on sale in the shop and it was agreed that it was worthwhile bringing more to future meetings for sale.

13  Working Party.  Saturday 18th December 9.00 am High Street Bridge, weather permitting, to replace the working party arranged for Saturday 4th December which was cancelled due to the bad weather.

14  Any other business. 

  (i) Rotary Presentation.  Fiona attended the Rotary meeting at Sparth House on 10th Nov.  and was presented with a cheque for £100 to help with our work throughout the village.  Fiona will write to thank Rishton & Gt. Harwood Rotary Club for their generosity.

(ii)  Ruth reported that Ken Moss was showing an interest in establishing the latest position regarding the through road between Walmsley Avenue and Walmsley Street.  Ruth had collated all the historical paperwork connected with this to give to him

(iii) Paul Wilkinson is keen to develop a Heritage Centre to house historical records, artefacts, photographs etc. of Rishton.  He has an idea that the flat above the Community Centre would be a suitable venue and has asked the Panel to help him promote this.

15.  Dates of next meetings  4th January 2011, 1st February 2011

Meeting ended at 8.45 pm