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Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 4th January 2011

1. Present :

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman), Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Gordon Baldam, Wendy Flanagan, Julie Martindale, Beverley Moorhouse, C.Cllr Miles Parkinson, & Patrick Troughton.

2. Apologies :

Margaret Worden (Treasurer/Secretary),  Clare Cleary, Maria Flanagan, Cllr. Ken Moss.

3. Minutes of the meeting of 7th December

   The minutes were agreed as a true record and signed as such.

 4.  Core Strategy.

Ruth has still not heard anything. Miles reported that the Strategy agreed in Council had now gone out to public consultation and he explained the procedure that would now ensue.  He was surprised we had not had a response to our original feedback.  Fiona asked if we should have received a copy of proposed Strategy.  Miles advised that there was a copy in the Library but he would enquire about a copy for the Panel.  Ruth requested that feedback should be sent to Colin or Margaret due to her up coming extended holiday.

 5.  Matters arising

Project Update:

a)  Ladybird Garden.  Nothing to report.

b) Old Phone Boxes.   Nothing to report.

c)  Station Car Park.  Colin to chase Richard Kirkby LCC. Re shrubs etc. Colin to speak to Alan Hammerton about shrubs he wanted removing to see if he still wants them moved, but will need to wait for warmer weather.

d)  White Path.  No report. Drain at top of Tottleworth steps still blocked.

e)  High Street Bridge.  Colin was not getting anywhere with BW re Ivy, and the meeting felt that we should now let this ride but try to make sure it didn’t happen again. Gordon reported that some tree have been cut down along the towpath. Ruth had also noticed that the path edges in some areas have been cleared to prevent the towpath being overgrown. Colin understands this has been completed by volunteer labour working with the Probation Service.

f)  Canal Adoption Scheme.  Group decided to declare an interest and invite somebody from BW to come and talk to us about this Scheme. Ruth suggested we should invite other groups and interested individuals to this meeting as well. This was agreed. Colin will contact BW and see what can be done.

g)  Turrets Garden.  No further report.

h)  Holt Street Rec.  Colin reported that the bins have been in fact bolted down.  Miles explained that Holt Street Rec would not met the criteria for the  Queen’s Diamond Jubilee list.  At best there would only be one such area selected by the Borough and even so there was a doubt over funding.

i)  Esplanade Rosebed.  It was understood work will be done Feb/March.

j)  Poppies.  Colin still to get more seed.

k)  Cars in Pit Yard.  Fiona and Ruth reported that they are still there and there was increasing concern from parents of children at the Methodist School nearby.  It was believed Harry/Ken were still pursuing this.

6. Treasurer’s Report. 

As Margaret was not in attendance there was no Treasurer’s report.

7.  Green Spaces Forum. 

We have been awarded  425 for the Willow Tunnel sculpture in Cut Wood Park. This is 75 short of full funds needed but Shirley Parkinson has assured Colin this will be obtained from elsewhere. Gemma is organising installation with willow weaver, Jeff Allen. It was noted that, though it is interesting to watch this being done, there is little we can do to help and it can be cold standing around.  Members will be reminded of this when we have an installation date which should be left as late as possible in Feb/March. 

Colin also reported that the Green Spaces Forum are reviewing their adjudication processes as on occasions there is not enough information on application forms for decisions to be made.  Care has to be taken to judge applications fairly as GSF are acting on behalf of LCC’s Green Partnership who hold the funding.

GSF are thinking of running training courses on how to prepare funding applications in general and were contacting various organisations to see what interest there might be.  The fee for a full day course with lunch would be 50 per delegate. While this might be a reasonable ‘going rate’, the Panel felt it was too expensive for us and we would rely on Foundation assistance where necessary.

Colin had circulated to some members copies of the draft Management Plan for the 2011 Green Flag submission prepared by Shirley Parkinson (HBC Parks) and sent to him for comment.  Colin had responded in some detail with some suggested amendments.  There was a suggestion from the meeting that more prominence should be given to the improvements made so far and what further improvements were proposed.  Otherwise it was felt to be a very comprehensive document.  Colin would feed this to Shirley and if anyone else wished to see the Plan, Colin would be happy to provide a copy.

8.  Rishton Station.

Colin had no recent news on replacement plants for the car park area. Gordon and Colin attended the official opening of the new Accrington Eco Station and took the opportunity to speak to Jane Murray (nee Lenaine) about the no- man’s land and other ideas we have for Rishton Station. They are arranging a meeting at the station soon.  Members will be informed of the date/time so they can join in.

 9. Rishton Neighbourhood Action Group. 

No report as no meeting held.

10. Magazines & Newsletters.

Nothing to report.

11. Booking Time.

Ruth 1 hr litter picking in station car park after New Year celebration in the Rishton Arms!!.

12. Foundation.

There was to be a quiz night Friday 25th January at Peel Park pub ; 3.50 including a potato or cheese and onion pie supper. It was agreed the Panel should enter a team and members were asked to let Colin know if they wish to attend by Friday 14th January. Gordon booked.

 Ian Hogson’s post for the ‘Cultivate’ (Food Growing) project has been funded for a further year by the NHS.

Colin itemised the communications from the Foundation which had been circulated via email. Of note was the fact that the Foundation was now on Facebook. 

The One Planet shop had been closed over the Christmas period.   Gordon reported it was doing quite well and they were beginning to get an idea of which products were selling well.

13  Working Party.

Due to weather no working parties were booked for January, but a provisional booking was made for Saturday 5th February (to be reviewed at the next Panel meeting)..

14  Any other business. 

 (i)                 Paul Wilkinson has made a suggestion for the installation of the terracotta stones retrieved from the old council offices on Brook Street to be incorporated in a sculpture on the corner of Brook Street. The group felt location was not quite right, even though it was logical and that they might be better used say, as the back of a seat, suitably located.

(ii)               Paul Wilkinson’s proposal re Heritage Centre above the Centre.  Not known what the Centre Committee had decided, if anything.

(iii)             ITV are devising a new game that hopes to reward local charities / community groups. Contestants will play a general knowledge type game to win a large cash sum for the group they wish to support. Anyone who is interested in this can get extra information from Colin.

15.  Dates of next meetings

                           1st February 2011, & 1st March 2011

Meeting ended at 8.00 pm

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the Peoples’ Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 1st February 2011

1. Present

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Margaret Worden (Treasurer/ Secretary),  Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Gordon Baldam, Maria Flanagan, Wendy Flanagan, Julie Martindale, Beverley Moorhouse, Cllr. Ken Moss,  C.Cllr. Miles Parkinson, Patrick Troughton, Paul Wilkinson.

2. Apologies

Ruth Colling, Janet Rutter.

3. Minutes of the meeting  of 4th January 2011.  

The minutes were agreed as a true record and signed as such.

4.  Core Strategy.

Miles informed the meeting that the Strategy was going through the normal channels. 

5.  Matters arising

Project Update:

a)  Ladybird Garden.  Nothing to report.

b) Old Phone Boxes.   Ken has passed this item to the Area Management team to investigate.  However, Ken is still eager to buy the two boxes in Rishton if the Council are in agreement.

c)  Station Car Park.  Colin had e-mailed Richard Kirkby LCC about two weeks ago regarding the replacement plants and trees, however, to date he has had no reply.  Colin will contact Alan Hammerton again regarding the shrubs he has in his garden that he wants to dispose of.  If these are still available they could be transplanted into the vacant spaces at the Station.

d)  White Path.  Paul reported that nothing had happened since the site meeting with representatives of HBC and LCC last September.  Paul had contacted Craig Horrabin (HBC) again and as a consequence of his endeavor's the drains have been cleared and trees have been pruned ready for the bridle way to be put back.  Paul has also asked that the posts with plaques indicating the line of the bridle way be reinstated. 

e)  Terracotta Stones.  Paul has requested funding from the Area Council to build a plinth to incorporate these stones.  This will be placed on the corner of Brook Street and Cliff Street.

f)   Heritage Centre. The Centre Committee had not given their support to this venture as they felt that change of use would not be granted.  Paul is still pursuing other avenues.

g)  High Street Bridge.  Janet had pruned the roses on the rosebed.  Colin had finished off pruning the climber.  Julie suggested we do a litter pick along the Canal.  Bev. suggested that perhaps the Young Offenders Team could do this.  Ken said he would raise this issue at the PACT meeting on the 2nd Feb.

h)  Canal Adoption Scheme.  Nothing to report.  Paul offered to follow this up.

i)  Turrets Garden.  No further report.

j)  Holt Street Rec.  Dorothy Casey, Chairman of FRY is applying for funding for equipment for the proposed childrens play area.  Ken had had a word with Craig Horrabin, Parks Dept. to take out the barbed wire and old railings.  Funding will only allow replacement of these with post and wire fencing.

k)  Esplanade Rosebed.  The second rosebed has been planted up by the Parks Dept.  However, it has not been dug out as the first one was, but has been heavily fertilised and manured. 

l)  Poppies.  Colin still to get more seed from Gemma.

m)  Cars in Pit Yard.  Ken reported that an order had gone to the Environmental Health Dept.  The owners of the cars had agreed with Ken and Harry before Christmas that they would clear them in two weeks, but it has just got worse.  Legal action is now to be taken.

6. Treasurer’s Report.

The balance in the Current account as at 1st February 2011 is 775.11 which includes 500 from LCC for the willow weave tunnel.  The Investment Account stands at 1195.25. 

7.  Green Spaces Forum. 

Following the approval by the Green Spaces Forum of funding for the Willow Tunnel, Gemma had arranged for Jeff Allen, the willow weaver, to come to Cut Wood Park on Saturday 5th  March.  Whilst Jeff is actually doing the willow weave there is not a lot we can do to assist.  Colin suggested that, as we have some bird boxes and also Norden Green Team have some, it would be a good idea to put these up whilst Jeff is working on the weave.  There may be some Health & Safety issues to resolve.  The Willow Weave Tunnel will be positioned in the toddler area on grass near to the picnic table.  Jeff needs to mark it out, because we need to remove turf and put a membrane and play bark down beforehand. 

Cut Wood – Green Flag.  Shirley is arranging to replace the bench by the reservoir which was burnt.  Shirley also thought it would be nice to have an information board identifying the water fowl  which visit the reservoir.  Dave Bickerton of Petre Crescent, a local twitcher who is very often found at the reservoir birdwatching, has agreed to draw-up a bird list.  He had suggested a second board for birds that might be seen in the wood and he would list these as well.

8.  Rishton Station. 

Colin, Margaret, Julie and Gordon met Jane Murray (nee Lenaine) (Northern Rail) at the Station on the 19th Jan.  Jane wants to get in touch with Roy Greenhalgh (Network Rail) regarding underground cables etc. on no-mans land.  However, she has e-mailed Colin twice to say that she hasn’t been able to organise anything as yet. 

Paul reported that the ‘RISHTON’ stone sign at the Station was in need of repair.  The Panel agreed that reconcreting and repainting the letters white would be sufficient. Paul’s alternative suggestion of replacing the concrete with plants was not felt practical and would not give the same visual impact.

9. Rishton Neighbourhood Action Group. 

There was a meeting last Thursday 27th January.  However, as Hyndburn Council’s e-mail system was reported to be down, no one was informed until the last minute, so no information is available as to what was discussed.

10. Magazines & Newsletters.

‘Train on Line’ and ‘Northern’ magazines were available at the meeting for anyone wanting to read them.

11. Booking Time.

Ken 2 hours crocus planting and litter picking.  Paul W. 1.5 hours white path.


Margaret itemised the communications from the Foundation which she had circulated. These included, A Woodland Management event on the 5th Feb., Hedgelaying on the 12th and 13th Feb.  She also informed the group of a petition being organised by the Woodland Trust which people could sign on their website objecting to the selling of woodland and forests to private owners.

13  Working Party.

A working party has been organised for Saturday 5th Feb.  Meet at High St. Bridge at 9.30 am for pruning and tidying up of the beds round the bridge.

Advance warning: 5th March – Cut Wood (see 7 above): provisional 9th April tbc.

14  Any other business.   

(1)The Panel were informed that Clare Cleary had resigned from the Panel due to pressure of work.  Fiona has written to her thanking her for her support.

(2)Margaret had asked Colin if he could supply a couple of photographs of the Station for an information board that Rishton & Gt Harwood Soroptimists were putting together for an open evening they were holding at Rishton Golf Club.  The event was to advertise the work that the local Soroptimists (which includes Margaret) are engaged in.  This he had done and the event was very successful.

(3)Colin informed the Panel that the Rishton Panel won the Prospects Quiz.  The team consisted of Colin, Patrick, Gordon, Margaret and husband John.  All team members received a 5 voucher for the One Planet Shop.

(4)Replacements for Rishton in Bloom wooden planters.  Colin was liaising with Craig Horrabin and Property Services (HBC) to see if the wooden planters which were rotting away could be replaced with recycled plastic ones under a HBC/Prosperity loan replacement scheme.  The indications were positive.

15.  Dates of next meetings

    1st March 2011                                              5th April 2011

Meeting ended at 8.00 pm

 Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the Peoples’ Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 1st March  2011

1. Present

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Margaret Worden (Treasurer/ Secretary),  Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Gordon Baldam, Linda Castle, Maria Flanagan, Wendy Flanagan,  John Longworth Julie Martindale, Beverley Moorhouse, Patrick Troughton.

2. Apologies

Ruth Colling, Cllr. Harry Grayson, Cllr. Ken Moss, C.Cllr. Miles Parkinson

Fiona welcomed everyone and gave a particular welcome to Linda Castle and John Longworth who were attending for the first time.

3. Minutes of the meeting  of 1st February 2011.

The minutes were agreed as a true record and signed as such.

4.  Core Strategy.

Fiona had received a letter from Blackburn with Darwen Council informing her that their Core Strategy had been approved as it stood.  Objections can be submitted up to 9th March.  Hyndburn ‘s Core Strategy was to be followed up with Ruth & Steve on their return from New Zealand.

5.  Matters arising

Project Update:

a)  Ladybird Garden.  Nothing to report.  This is now in the hands of the Area Council which is to meet on Tuesday 15th March.

b) Old Phone Boxes.   Ken has indicated that the council are interested in this project. However, we are not sure where they would be placed.

c)  Station Car Park.  Colin had e-mailed Jane Murray again as there has been no word from her.  Brian Haworth had met Colin on the station 25/02/11 and apologised for Jane’s lack of action. He suggested that if we keep clear of the tw control boxes we should be ok. Colin advised him that we were too late in this Winters planting season to go ahead with our proposed scheme, all the more so as we had not yet applied for funding until we got Network/Northern’s permission.   Colin had since dug out 9 mature shrubs which Alan Hammerton has donated from his garden. These he had replanted in no-mans-land at the platform ramp end.Christine Hammerton has given seeds to be scattered over as wide an area as possible as a temporary measure.  Richard Kirkby LCC is waiting for better weather to negotiate with Park View to carry out the planting of the replacement shrubs and trees on the car park.

d)  White Path.                        )

e)  Terracotta Stones.             )           In Paul’s absence no information to report.

f)   Heritage Centre.   )

g)  High Street Bridge.  A successful working party was carried out on the 5th Feb. in rather damp conditions.  Photos were circulated.

h)  Canal Adoption Scheme.  Nothing to report in Paul’s absence.

i)  Turrets Garden.  No further report. Colin to follow up with Kstie Morley, HBC.

j)  Holt Street Rec.  Dorothy Casey, Chairman of FRY has written to the Area Council regarding the toddlers play area.. [Later: Newspaper reports indicated that money was to be allocated from Hyndburn’s “windfall” funding.  To be confirmed].

k)  Poppies.  Colin still to get more seed from Gemma.

l)  Cars in Pit Yard.  Ken and Harry  have reported that legal action has now been taken to try to get the cars removed.

6. Treasurer’s Report

The balance in the Current account as at 1st March 2011 is 775.11.   The Investment Account stands at 1195.31. 

7.  Green Spaces Forum. 

No one available to attend the last meeting, so nothing to report.  Dave Bickerton had produced the two bird lists (water flow and woodland) for Cut Wood Park.  This needed following up with Shirley and Gemma to produce suitable information boards.

8. Rishton Neighbourhood Action Group. 

Fiona reported that two meetings have now taken place and things are looking a little more positive.  The group is now chaired by Wendy Singleton with Ken Moss as the Vice-Chair.  These appointments are temporary until the September AGM.  There are four vacancies and Fiona urged residents to come forward to join this group.  The main project at the moment is the ‘Signs of Life’.  10 plaques have been made and the group has done a walkabout to decide where to place them.  One of the plaques is Rishton Station and it is suggested that this be attached to the Prospects planter by the steps on the Accrington platform.  The Panel were in agreement with this.  They want to relaunch the Street Ambassadors Scheme so are asking people to volunteer in their areas.  The group have now covered the whole of Rishton on walkabouts. 

9. Magazines & Newsletters.

Connections magazine was available at the meeting along with a leaflet from Leapfrog Learning Exchange Training Programme for 2011 covering courses from March to July.a

10. Booking Time.

Margaret 2 hours.

11.  Foundation.

There had been nothing from the Foundation to forward on as most information covering Springtime activities had been forward at the beginning of the year.

12  Working Party.

A working party will meeting this Saturday 5th March at 9/30 am at Cut Wod Park when, along with Norden Green Team we will fit bird boxes to trees whilst Jeff Allen is constructing the willow tunnel.  Ir was hoped that Panel members could assist him more than last year.

Advance warning 9th April to clean the gate at Norden Bridge.

14  Any other business.  

1)  Gordon brought in and sold Fairtrade goods to highlight Fairtrade Fortnight.

2)  The Prosperity planters to replace the old Rishton in Bloom ones will be available in early April

Four have been ordered along with an extra one to be placed near the phone box on the Station to be planted with herbs. Colin suggested consideration be given to possible alternative locations to those currently occupied by the wooden planters they were to replace. Colin has planted Rhubarb at the far end of the Blackburn plantform.

15.  Dates of next meetings

5th April 2011                                              3rd May 2011

Meeting ended at 8.30 pm

 Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the Peoples’ Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 5thApril,  2011

1. Present

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman), Margaret Worden (Treasurer/ Secretary),  Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Gordon Baldam, Wendy Flanagan, Julie Martindale,  Cllr. Ken Moss, Patrick Troughton.

2. Apologies

Maria Flanagan, Cllr. Harry Grayson, Janet Rutter, Paul Wilkinson

3. Minutes of the meeting  of 1st March 2011.

The minutes were agreed as a true record and signed as such. 

4.  Core Strategy.

Ruth asked if the pre-hearing meetings had taken place and if so when and what was the outcome.  Ken said he would chase the Planning Dept. He also informed the Panel that legal requirements regarding these matters had changed.  Ruth asked if Simon Prideaux, Head of Planning at Hyndburn Borough Council could be asked to come along and speak at one of our panel meetings.

5.  Matters arising

Project Update:

a)  Willow Tunnel.  The Panel had a successful working party on the 5th March in Cut Wood when Jeff  Allen the Willow weaver wove the tunnel which is still in tact and even sprouting.  This has now been paid for.  Panel members along with Norden Green

Team put up 13 birdboxes.  Dave Bickerton advised that the perches should be taken off them as they encourage squirrels.  Colin has now done this.  Dave also thought some were in the wrong position.  However, we have decided to leave them alone to see what activity takes place over Spring and then perhaps move them in the Autumn.

b)  Ladybird Garden.  Approval was given at the last Area Council meeting for 425 for the bench and 185 for a litter bins.  Ken reported that this is now on the list of works to be done.

c) Old Phone Boxes.  Ken reported that Hyndburn Borough Council has now adopted two phone boxes for the princely sum of 1 each.  HBC have now to maintain them.  At the moment they are still operational.  Ken didn’t think adoption altered this.   

d)  Station Car Park.  The shrubs are doing well.  Many thanks to Colin and Wendy for their watering skills.  Colin had cleared 80 sq. metres of ground on no-mans land and scattered seeds donated by Christine Hammerton.  Colin has planted  replacement Polyanthus in the tubs at the side of the ramp.  The crocus had done well in the car park, the daffs. not so well.

However the daffs and crocus on the platform performed magnificently.  [Colin had had an e-mail from Cath Holmes, Church & CLM Panel member) congratulating us on the excellent display on the Station which she had seen from the train when passing through Rishton].  Park View have planted new shrubs and 3 new trees to replace dead ones in the car park borders.   The rhubarb that Colin planted in the banking between the stone ‘RISHTON’ and the shelter has taken root OK.  Colin has also scattered 7 packets of Poppy seeds on the banking at the far side of the station, 9 packets in the circular stone planter on  Parker Street leaving 10 packets to be scattered around the car park at the station.

e)  White Path.  Hyndburn Borough Council have cleared the path which looks a lot better.          

Daffs were blooming within the area  which was to be trimmed back and they have left these for the time being.  Colin will speak to Paul about us moving them after flowering.  Paul has been on Facebook to ask horse riders to use the reinstated bridleway and not the path.

f)  One of the benches at the corner of Lee Lane/Wilpshire Road has been stolen.  Police have been notified.

g)  Terracotta Stones. Costings of around 1000 have been put to the Area Council.  However, Ken feels that this could be done a lot cheaper, 

h)   Heritage Centre. In Paul’s absence, nothing to report.

i)  Canal Adoption Scheme.  Contact not responded to Paul’s enquiry.

j)  Turrets Garden.  An e-mail from Katie Morley reported that the trees which need to come out have been marked and it is hoped that this will be done by the end of April.  Colin thought we ought to ask Katie for her advice on what she thinks should replace these trees. It has been suggested that donations of 120 could be asked for, perhaps as a memorial to loved ones.  However, this amount of money is rather a lot for individuals and Wendy suggested a combined fund.

Katie has identified the land to the rear of St Albans Road as a potential fruit growing area/community orchard. Colin asked a local resident to get neighbours views on this.  It would seen that not too many people are in agreement with this idea as they thought apples and pears would make great missiles to be thrown at windows etc.  Fiona suggested we culd think about soft fruit nearer the houses, plums, cherries, damson, etc and apples, pears further away from the path.  Ruth suggested fruit trees might be a good idea at the Turrets garden.  Colin will feed back all comments to Katie.  Ken informed the group that a kssing gate has been approved at the Shawbrook Close end  to stop horses. 

k)  Holt Street Rec.  As far as we know the “windfall funding” 250,000 is all going to Holt Street.  The Panel thought that it should have been shared out between the local community groups.    Colin said that Wood Street in Great Harwood has a play area similar to the one proposed at Holt Street.  This was costed at 75,000 and FRY were hoping to get this from the 250K.

l)  Cars in Pit Yard.  Highways at LCC can do nothing as this area is unadopted.  DVLA have been contacted.

m) Bird Information Boards.  Colin met with Shirley Parkinson, Green Spaces Officer, HBC and Gemma regarding the frames for the information boards and where to locate them.  Gemma was consulting Dave Bickerton on the illustrations.  It looks like we might have to apply for funding for these boards as the cost is 1000 each.    Colin passed round a list of birds that visit Cut Wood prepared by Dave.  Members were surprised at how many species there were : approx. 30 each water and woodland. 

6. Treasurer’s Report

The balance in the Current account as at 5th April  2011 is 725.11.   The Investment Account stands at 1195.36A 500.00 cheque has been forward to the Foundation in payment of the Willow tunnel but this has not as yet been presented through the account.

7.  Green Spaces Forum. 

Next meeting 21st April 2011.

8. Rishton Neighbourhood Action Group. 

Ken reported that Rishton Remembered plaques are nearly finished.   

9. Magazines & Newsletters.

Nothing to report.

10. Booking Time.  

Ken 2/2 and 4/3  10 hrs.  litter pcking and weed spraying.  Wendy 1 hr. weeding, planting and watering.

11.  Foundation.

Margaret had circulated e-mails from Gemma regarding Bio Heritage Site Management at Roundwood, Great Harwood and the Spring walk at Woodnook.  Also Lesley’s e-mail regarding the Earth Hour.  Colin had e-mailed Prosperity regarding the replacement planters.  The Panel decided that a long one for herbs should be placed on the station platform, two square ones to be placed in front of Norden Court and one to replace one of the old wooden planters on Blackburn Road and leave the second wooden planter in situ for the time being.

12.  Working Party.

A working party will meet this Saturday 9th April to clean Norden Bridge.  Meet 9.30 am with buckets and rubber gloves. 

13.  Any other business.  

Colin reported and we all agreed that the daffs on Blackburn Road by Cut Wood Park had done remarkably well and made an excellent show.  Thanks must go to Colin for his dedication in planting these.  Janet was ready to fertilize and manure the rosebed down on the canal.  Colin had filled three bin bags of rubbish from the other side of the canal.  Wendy reported that the bench at the Turrets removed for repair had still not been put back.  Ken said he would chase this.  [subsequent copy e-mail received which Ken had sent to Steve Watson, Area Council, asking him to make enquiries regarding this bench and report back to him].

Fiona read a Herald article outlining Prospects work.  The Methodist School are collecting plastic bottle tops.  Ken reported that the Conifers on Station Close are to come down in October.

Gordon asked if the minutes could be put in the Library and on the Website.  This was agreed.

15.  Dates of next meetings

    3rd May 2011                                              7th June 2011

Meeting ended at 8.45 pm

 Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the Peoples’ Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 3rd May  2011

1. Present

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman), Margaret Worden (Treasurer/ Secretary),  Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Mary Aubrey, Gordon Baldam, Wendy Flanagan, Beverley Moorhouse, Cllr. Ken Moss, Janet Rutter, Paul Wilkinson. Gemma Tomlinson (PROSPECTS Nature Walks Projects Officer), Dave Bickerton (Adviser: Bird Information Board Project)

2. Apologies

Maria Flanagan, Julie Martindale, Patrick Troughton, Cllr. Harry Grayson

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced Dave Bickerton attending for the first time, in order to discuss the Bird Information Boards.

3. Minutes of the meeting  of 4th April 2011.

The minutes were agreed as a true record and signed as such.

4. Matters Arising. 

Project Update:

a) Bird Information Boards.  This item was discussed first in order to allow Gemma and Dave to leave after this item if they so wished.

Gemma explained that the suggestion of the bird information boards had come about following a chance meeting in Cutwood Park of Gemma, Colin and Shirley Parkinson (HBC Green Spaces Officer) with Dave Bickerton who was bird watching at the time at the waters edge.  Dave, a  keen local birdwatcher, subsequently put together two lists of birds that could be seen around the Park area; one for water birds and one for woodland birds (approx 30 in each list).   Gemma had done some rough sketches and Dave had linked her with an artist friend who can do illustrations for the boards.     It was suggested that an A1 size board be placed near the entrance with good illustrations of the birds to be found in the wooded area, and a lectern style board at the reservoir depicting the waterbirds.  Ruth asked if the boards could be double sided with simple bird identification for children on the reverse side. 

Dave had suggested that about 10 birds per board be fully illustrated with the remaining just being listed.  The illustration of the pair of Great Crested Grebes would make an outstanding centre piece for the water birds.  Shirley was looking at prices for images to be printed on metal with a watermark background.  As each board will cost in the region of 1000 for artwork and installation, funding would have to be sought.  Gemma and Shirley are now working on funding bids.  Gemma suggested Awards for All and Ken will look into funding from Rishton Area Council.  Huncoat Panel are also interested in a board using these images.  Fiona suggested  having 2 boards in the woodland if funds allowed.    Gemma thought that 3000 to 4000 would be needed to cover both Rishton and Huncoat boards.  Depending on funding it is suggested that these could be installed by late Summer.  Dave said he is very happy to do a launch session.  Paul suggested Rishton Festival could be used to promote the bird boards and Ken asked if it could be put on the Prospects website.

Dave commented on the woodland floor vegetation which needed to be regenerated to encourage more wildlife.  He suggested a temporary cordoning off of certain areas of the woodland to stop dogs etc. entering these areas.  This will be discussed with Shirley.

b) Willow Tunnel.  This is doing well and has been particularly well used over the Easter period.

c) Ladybird Garden.  Ken reported that the benches and litter bin are now ready for installation. He suggested where these might be placed and this was agreed.

d)  Station Car Park.  The station has been repainted and looks very smart.  There is no sign of the flower seeds, probably due to the lack of rain.  Poppy seeds have been scattered on the shrubbery border edges by the side of the ramp up to the platform. Wendy and Colin have once more been busy watering.  Colin has suggested that we buy Peggy a small gift as a thank you for letting us into her garden and the use of her outdoor water supply.  Colin and Paul have got it in mind to redo the “Rishton” sign by raising the concrete on the letters in order to allow rainwater to run off.  Colin attended British Transport Police (BTP) PACT meeting in Preston.  He said it was interesting to hear how the BTF dealt with various problems.  Top priority were anti-terrorism and signal wire theft.  We now have a new contact  at Northern, Wayne Smith, replacing Jane Murray.  Colin spoke to Roy Greenhalgh  (Network) and Brian Howarth (LCC)  who promised to set up a meeting with Wayne to see if we can make more progress with No Mans Land this summer

e)  White Path.  Colin and Paul have volunteered to dig out the daffs on the bridleway and then HBC can finish their work on reinstating the ground alongside the tarmac path

f) Terracotta Stones.     Nothing to report

g) Heritage Centre.       Nothing to report

h) Canal Adoption Scheme.  The contact for this scheme is Bob Bradley.  Both Colin and Paul have e-mailed him but have had no reply. 

i) Turrets Garden.  Colin had e-mailed Katie Morley asking what the difference was between the red and yellow markings on the trees. Ruth repeated her suggestion of replanting with fruit trees.

j) Holt Street Rec.  FRY have been assured, through Cllr. Stan Horne that 73,500 has been set aside for the play area and 30,000 for drainage.  Ken has suggested that FRY ask for the full 103,500 so that they can apply for match funding.

5.  Core Strategy. 

Ken reported that Paul Worswick has now retired and although Ken has e-mailed Simon Prideau for information this has not been forthcoming.  Ken will keep trying.

6. Treasurer’s Report

The balance in the Current account as at 3rd May is 225.29, 500 having been paid to the Foundation for the Willow tunnel.  The Investment Account stands at 1195.42.

7.  Green Spaces Forum. 

The 21st April meeting was cancelled and the next meeting is the 17th May.

8. Rishton Neighbourhood Action Group. 

Next meeting was believed to be Monday 9th May 2011, although Fiona had not yet had an official notification. 

9. Magazines & Newsletters.

Train on Line and Northern magazines were circulated.  Northern’s thank you event was reported.  There are two outings for the West area one is a day out on the East Lancs Railway either 17th or 18th September  and the other West area outing is a Cumbria surprise on the 1st Oct.  We have to RSVP by 11th May.  Subsequently an e-mail has been sent to all panel members asking for their reply by 7/8th May.

10. Booking Time.

Wendy 2.5 hrs. watering.  Mary 1 hr. litterpicking.  Ruth 1 hr. litterpicking.  Margaret 4 hours, admin. Ken 2 hrs. litterpicking and weeding.

11.  Foundation.

Gemma is leading the Green Team from Norden, bat detecting in Cut Wood Park and the Reservoir on the 18th May at 8.30 pm.  She is also organising a Bat Walk in Cut Wood, date to be announced. 

12.  Working Party.

A working party on the 9th April cleaned Norden bridge gate which is now pristine.  A working party will be held on Friday 6th May at 6.30 pm at the Station to fill the new planters with compost.

A working party will also meet on Wednesday 11th May at 7.00 pm at Cut Wood for litter picking before the Green Flag judges arrive on Thursday morning.  (see AOB) (Now 12th May)

13.  Any other business.  

It was reported that the Prosperity bench that had gone missing from the corner of Lee Lane/Wilpshire Road had been found, albeit under questionable circumstances.

It appears that ‘Grade ‘A’ Carpets’ from Great Harwood had chained a trailer with an advertisement hoarding on it, to the bench.  The trailer was stolen.  This was confirmed by the Company although the Police had no record of it as it had not been reported by the Company.  To release the trailer, it had been necessary to rip the bench out of the ground together with the concrete fixing around each leg.  The local farmer reported to Colin that he had seen it lying loose on the grass at the corner for some days.  He said he then found it in his field over the hedge and suspected this might have been done by youths he had seen hanging around the corner.  He retrieved it and found three legs broken.  As the identity label on it was missing he said he had no way of knowing who it belonged to.  He shortened the fourth leg and placed the bench in front of his farm house, where it was spotted by Fiona and Andrew walking up Wilpshire Road to the Open Day for Harwood Edge Care Farm (ex Lords House Farm).  Contact had subsequently been made with the farmer and his wife by Fiona and Colin, and they accepted it was our property and we could collect it.  It was decided not to stand the cost of refitting with extended legs and re-installing on the corner, but rather to give it to Sure Start or some other deserving cause who could find a use and secure location for it.  Prosperity kindly agreed to provide transport when they came over to deliver the new planters, which they did 06/05/11.

The Neighbourhood Police have been kept fully informed and have provided appropriate advice.

Green Flag judging will take place at Cut Wood Park on Thursday 12th May at 9.30 am (Later revised to Friday, 13th May). The Parks Dept. has done sterling work tidying the paths etc.  Unfortunately, although not reported at the meeting, a Prosperity bench down by the reservoir has recently been burnt out and left in a terrible mess.  It’s a pity as the previous burnt bench has only just been replaced.  This had been reported to Shirley who hoped to replace it in time for Green Flag (Later: bench replaced with a metal one).  Shirley has requested a pack of all our volunteering work which can be presented to the judges.

Colin has scattered Poppy seeds in the stone planters on Parker Street corner.  Thanks are extended to Janet for putting fertilizer round the roses on the canal bed. 

Ken had noticed that the Workshop in Blackburn is selling beehouses approx. 5 which could be placed in Cut Wood.  This idea was welcomed. 

14.  Dates of next meetings

7th June 2011                                              5th July 2011

Meeting ended at 8.30 pm.

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 7th June 2011

1. Present

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman), Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Gordon Baldam, Wendy Flanagan, Cllr Harry Grayson, Julie Martindale, Beverley Moorhouse, C.Cllr Miles Parkinson, Janet Rutter.

2. Apologies

Margaret Worden (Treasurer/Secretary),  Maria Flanagan, Cllr. Ken Moss, Patrick Troughton, Paul Wilkinson.

3. Minutes of the meeting of 3rd May 2011  

The minutes were agreed as a true record and signed as such.

4.  Matters arising

Project Update:

a)  Bird Information Boards.  Gemma was putting together a funding bid to Awards for All in the Panel’s name.

Still to be followed up were the suggestions that Rishton Festival could be used to promote the boards and also that something about the projects should be put on the Prospects website.

Dave Bickerton had also suggested that certain areas of the woodland in Cut Wood would benefit from being cordoned off to keep dogs out and so regenerate floor vegetation and encourage more wild life.  Colin said he would follow this up with Shirley Parkinson (HBC Parks and Open Spaces Officer) at the next Green Spaces meeting if he got the chance.

b) Ladybird Garden.  The bench and litter bin had been installed.  Despite agreeing to Ken’s suggested positioning for the bench at the last meeting, it didn’t look right now it was in place but it was probably too late to have it repositioned as it was bolted down, even if relocation was agreed.

c)  Willow tunnel and arbour.  Both now had considerable new growth which really needed weaving in while it was young and supple.  There were no volunteers to do this.

d)  New Planters.  The five new Prosperity planters had been delivered 06/05/11, two to the station and three pro-tem to Colin’s.  The two at the station had been filled with compost 06/05/11 by a small working party.  It was decided not to scrap the old wooden planter by the telephone kiosk as originally planned, as the pansies were making such a good show and ISS had painted it with fence paint.  The small new one was therefore placed by the information board at the bottom of the ramp.  The long new one for herbs was placed as planned under the information board by the telephone kiosk.  Ian Hodgson (Foundation) supplied some herbs and Colin bought some more and these were planted by a small team 11/05/11.

Permission was obtained from Hyndburn Homes to place the three remaining planters on the corner of Harwood Rd and High St on the grass outside Norden Court.  Colin, with notable assistance from Bev’s husband Simon and his grandson, moved the planters into position and filled them with compost 03/06/11.

e)  Summer bedding.  Approx 400 bedding plants were collected from Park View 04/06/11 and half a dozen members set about planting up the planters at the station and the two Amberol planters at the junction of Station Rd and St Charles Rd.  As the pansies already in the planters were still making a colourful show, these were carefully lifted and transplanted to the edges of the shrubbery beds either side of the ramp to the platform.

Subsequently Colin planted up the two wooden planters on Blackburn Rd, the three new planters on Harwood Rd corner and the bed on High St canal bridge. [It had originally been planned to replace all four of the old wooden ‘Rishton in Bloom’ planters with the new Prosperity ones, including the two on Blackburn Rd.  However, as they hadn’t rotted to the extent of the other two, it was agreed to leave them for the time being.  This released the new Prosperity ones for the more prominent location on Harwood Rd corner.]

f)  Station.  Prior to planting day, Colin had done some temporary repair work to the stone RISHTON sign and repainted the lettering.  It still needed a more thorough refurbishment but should now last the summer.  As it would be a major exercise for Paul and Colin to do it as had been considered, Colin was suggesting he contact Natural Organics for a quotation with a view to applying to ACORP Small Grants for funding.

No action had been taken to get Peggy a ‘thank you’ gift.

The proposed meeting on the station between Brian Haworth (LCC), Wayne Smith (new Stations Manager, Northern Rail) and Roy Greenhalgh (Network Rail) to discuss no-mans-land had not materialised.  Colin to follow up with Brian.  In the meantime some more ‘gifted’ shrubs had been put in and some pampas grass (by Ruth and Steve). 

Wildflower and Poppy seeds had disappeared without trace (!), no doubt due to the initially very dry weather.

g)  White Path.  In Paul’s absence there was no report It was noted that as the daffodil bulbs had died back it would now be difficult to dig them out to move them.

h)  Terracotta stones.  No report (Paul).

i)   Heritage Centre.  No report (Paul).

j)  Canal Adoption Scheme.  Neither Paul nor Colin were having any success in getting any response from the advertised BW contacts for the scheme.  They were looking for possible alternative contacts but were not impressed by BW’s performance (or lack of it).  It was believed there was a canal clean-up initiative in Clayton-le-Moors, possibly linked to canal adoption and contact with this group might provide a way forward.(Miles Parkinson would help with this.)

k)  Turrets Garden.  No further report (Colin to follow up with Katie for latest situation).

l)  Holt Street Rec.  With the change in the ruling group on the Council, Miles reported that all previously planned expenditure was on hold while a thorough review took place.  It was likely to be September before the results were known.  Holt St children’s play area was one of the schemes affected.

m)  Green Flag.  Judging had duly taken place 13/05/11, but with only one judge arriving.  We had been well represented and were able to ‘say our piece’ about our activities and gave the judge a copy of a write-up that we had prepared about the proposed bird interpretation board project.

Shirley’s verdict was that there were no real ‘issues’, so she was quite hopeful.  The result was expected early July.

n) Missing bench.  This had been ‘recovered’ as planned with assistance from Prosperity transport and had been delivered to Surestart at Copperhouse in Station Rd who were very grateful.  Colin had subsequently borrowed a special socket from Prosperity to enable him to tighten some of the nuts and bolts on the bench which had got strained when the bench was wrenched out of the ground.

5.  Core Strategy.

Many members had received a letter dated 19th May 2011 from HBC advising that : “Approval for the submission of the Core Strategy and Accrington Area Action Plan to the Secretary of State was given by full Council on the 8th November 2010.  The Council has now submitted the two documents on the 19th May 2011, together with supporting documents to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government for independent examination to assess the soundness and legal compliance.”

The documents could be viewed at the Council Offices, Town Hall, Market Hall and area Libraries or on line at www.hyndburnbc.gov.uk.  The next stage would be the Examination in Public for which no date had yet been set.  [Later : Further letter indicated that the Pre-hearing was to be held on Tuesday 19th July 2011, with the Examination in Public opening on Tuesday 20th September 2011]

Miles said that, as he had read it, there were no ‘issues’ for Rishton but there were for Huncoat.  Ruth had looked at the papers in Rishton Library and still had concerns about various wordings relating to potential employment sites in the Whitebirk area. Ruth was asked to monitor the progress of the strategy.

6. Treasurer’s Report

The balance in the Current a/c was 225.29 and in the Investment a/c 1195.54.  However, Colin had just submitted a claim for 134.72, mainly compost for the new planters, which would deplete the Current a/c still further.  He felt that we would need to start thinking seriously about some fund raising, particularly bearing in mind that all the bedding plants had cost us nothing.

7.  Green Spaces Forum. 

At the meeting 17/05/11, the main item likely to be of interest to the Panel was that Shirley was making a bid to Awards for All for 10,000 to buy crocus bulbs.  This would purchase in the order of 200,000 bulbs which if split between the 16 wards in the Borough would provide 12,500 bulbs per ward.  We needed to start thinking where we would put them.  We might not get any daffs this year.

8. Rishton Neighbourhood Action Group. 

Harry reported that this was to be re-launched in September under a new format, the aim being to have it more community led and hopefully with more people involved and with voting rights.

With regard to Rishton Remembered, the plaques were due to be delivered 24/06/11, to be erected later with an explanatory booklet in the Library

9. Magazines & Newsletters.

Nothing to report.

10. Booking Time.

Ruth/Steve 2 hrs planting pampas grass in various locations ; Wendy 2hrs watering at the station.

11. Foundation. 

The AGM at the Peel Park Hotel 25/05/11 had been well attended with all officers being re-elected.  Phil Barwood had given an encouraging report on the years activities.  Steven Hemmingway from the Environment Agency had been nominated as Prospector of the Year.  Steven had been a staunch member of the Foundation Management Committee for some years and was a director of Prosperity in which capacity he had been a ‘tower of strength’ during its troubled history.

The guest speaker from ‘The City Cottage’ had been disappointing, preferring the sound of his own voice and anecdotes to solid information about their worthwhile project.

12.  Working Parties.

The shrubberies around the station car park were infested with weeds which needed rooting out.  A working party was set for Friday 24th June at 6.30pm. 

Saturday 09/07/11 at 9.30am was also pencilled in for a working party as something to invite potential recruits to in the event that interest was shown in the Panel at the Festival on the 2nd July 2011.  A decision on where and what we would do would be discussed at the 28/06/11 working party.

13.  Any other business. 

a) Festival.  It was suggested that, instead of doing our usual mix of bran tubs, etc, we use the occasion to promote the ‘One Planet Shop’, probably instead of the Fairtrade stall run by Churches Together.  Gordon would sound out the Shop to see what might be possible and Colin would have a word with Mike.  The idea seemed to appeal and again, this would be discussed further 28/06/11 but in the meantime Margaret would be asked to book a stall. From our own promotional viewpoint, we might mount some sort of display of our activities.

b) Station Adoption Seminar.  ACoRP were organising  this seminar on Thursday 21st July 2011 in Liverpool.  There were various packages involving overnight stays, other associated activities, etc but the one day only seminar package (Day Delegate Rate) was priced at 36 per person.  However, there were some free bursary places.  Colin was keen to go and it was agreed he should try to book a free bursary place for himself.  The meeting agreed that the Panel would fund one other place if someone else wished to go.

14.  Dates of next meetings                           

5th July 2011, (no meeting August), 6th September 2011

Meeting ended 8.30pm

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 5th July 2011

1. Present

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary, Gordon Baldam, Maria Flanagan, Wendy Flanagan, Julie Martindale, C.Cllr Miles Parkinson, Janet Rutter, Patrick  Troughton.

2. Apologies :  

Cllr. Harry Grayson, Beverley Moorhouse, Cllr. Ken Moss, Paul Wilkinson.

3. Minutes of the meeting of 7th June 2011  

The minutes were agreed as a true record and signed as such.

4.  Matters arising

Project Update:

a)  Bird Information Boards.  Gemma has prepared an application to Awards for All for a bid for 2,130 which we sent in the Panel’s name.   Awards for All have acknowledged the application but requested information regarding ownership of the park and confirmation that the owners are in agreement to the bird information boards.  Shirley Parkinson (HBC Parks and Open Spaces Officer) was able to confirm ownership as HBC and that they were in agreement for us to install these boards.  Awards for All will give their answer within 30 days, which is probably nearly up. 

b) Ladybird Garden.  In Ken’s absence it was not possible to discuss any repositioning of the bench.

c)  Willow tunnel and arbour.  New shoots still want weaving in.  Colin has only seen the tunnel from a distance but thinks there has been some damage to it.

d)  New Planters.  The planters are all doing well.  The planters on the corner of High Street and Harwood Road have received very favourable comments.  There has been some damage to the canal/High Street bed.  Unfortunately some of the begonias planted on the rose bed on the Canal have been taken.  The planter on the back field has been substantially vandalised with plants pulled out and strewn all over.  Colin had a few spare Chrysanthemums so has put them in this planter.  All the transplanted Pansies have done considerably well, so prolonging the colourful Spring displays.

Herbs.  All the herbs are doing well apart from two which have died.  The identification markers have been mixed up, deliberately.  However, Colin has taken photographs so knows where they all should be and will sort them.

e)  Station.  Although Paul is still keen to refurbish the stone RISHTON sign, the Panel felt that for this year, at least, the sign looks adequate and that we will revisit this project next season.  It was decided that at the end of the “watering” season, the Panel will buy a gift for Peggy, perhaps a plant for her garden/house, as a token of our gratitude for letting us use her water supply for the station etc.   

Colin is still trying to arrange a meeting on the station between Brian Haworth (LCC), Wayne Smith (new Stations Manager, Northern Rail) and Roy Greenhalgh (Network Rail) to discuss no-mans-land.  Brian is now on holiday but will try to arrange something when he gets back.  Nature is now taking over this area of land.

Fiona asked Miles if Community Service Youths could be asked to help out.  Miles suggested going through the PCSO’s, although Colin thought they may not be too keen to have them working near the railway line.

f)  White Path.  Paul had submitted a written report in the event of his absence.  He understood the plan to erect ‘A’ frames had been put on hold with the result that the horses were using (and fouling) the main path and not the cleared bridleway alongside it.  The result was that the bridleway was becoming overgrown again and a lot of the good work that had been done to clear it had been wasted.  So far, however, the work done on drains and gullies was preventing the previous flooding. 

g)  Terracotta stones.  On hold.

h)   Heritage Centre.  Paul was looking for an alternative suitable location since the idea of locating it upstairs at the Centre had not been approved by the Centre Committee.  He still felt the concept had support within the community.

i)  Canal Adoption Scheme.  Colin reported that at long last they had got a response from British Waterways and a Cassie Weaver, Volunteer Co-ordinator for the North has got in touch with him and Paul.  They are now trying to arrange a meeting with her through e-mail but as yet have not had a reply.

j)  Turrets Garden.  Colin reported that he had not been in a position to follow this up with Katie Morley.

k)  Holt Street Rec.  Miles confirmed that the Council will have a better idea by September if there will be money available for this project.

l)  Green Flag.  The results are still awaited. 

m) Rishton Festival.  This year we linked up with the One Planet Shop and sold goods to the value of 72.  This was a fair result seeing we had been put on the sports field when it was felt that we would have been better placed on the car park with the rest of the stalls.  It was suggested that we might link with One Planet again next year to publicise the shop further, but with a pitch on a busier location.    

5.  Core Strategy.

No-one was available to attend the pre-hearing meeting at Scaitcliffe House on the 19th July.  However, Ruth & Steve have submitted a letter to the Inspector reiterating their concerns regarding the site at Whitebirk.  The Public Hearing will be held on the 20th September and it is considered that as representations made in writing carry the same weight as those pursued by a personal appearance at any of the pre- hearing sessions, they will be allowed to attend the public hearing, if they are able to.

6. Treasurer’s Report

A cheque for 57.75 was paid to the Centre for use of the room from January to June, which now leaves a balance in the current account as at 5th July of 32.82.  The investment account stands at 1195.54.

7.  Posts & Plaques for Rishton Prospects Projects.

The Foundation are financing and arranging publicity materials for Prospects projects throughout the Borough.  In relation to Rishton we can have two of the heavy-duty oak posts with Prospects engraved on the side and a printed metal plaque attached to the top.  The Panel decided that one of the posts can be placed at the Station, probably on the right hand side going up to the platform and the second one by the willow tunnel in Cut Wood Park.  We felt that we would leave it to the Foundation staff to decide what wording to add to them.  We also agreed that plaques, which will mention Rishton Prospects Panel as well as the Foundation contact details, be positioned one at the Picnic Site and the other on High Street Bridge.  Suitable fixing positions and methods of fixing would need to be found.

8.  Green Spaces Forum. 

It was still hoped the Borough would get about 200,000 crocus bulbs for groups, schools, etc. to plant.  We might get 10,000 or more out of this.  We needed to think where we would plant them to best effect. The next meeting will be held on the 19th July, but Colin was unable to go. 

9. Rishton Neighbourhood Action Group.

The group met two weeks ago.  They have now received the Rishton Remembered plaques and are in the process of contacting the owners of the properties where they are to be sited asking for their permission.  There is to be a relaunch of Nag on the 22nd September.  This is to be more community led than before.

10. Magazines & Newsletters.

Connections magazine was available at the meeting.

11. Booking Time.

Wendy 2hrs watering at the station., Ken 1 hr. litter picking for May.  Margaret 3 hrs. admin.

12. Foundation. 

It was reported with great sadness that Prosperity had been placed in Receivership. The company has been struggling for some time but with the present economic climate orders were not coming in.  One Planet is still not making a profit, however, its early days as yet.   

13.  Working Parties.

A working party will meet this Saturday the 9th July at 9.30 am at the station to continue weeding on the car park beds.  The Panel were reminded that we do not meet in August.  However, some members expressed a wish to organise working parties on an ad hoc basis.

14.  Any other business.

Lesley is submitting a bid to the Big Lottery Fund and has asked the panel for a letter of support to accompany this bid.  The bid is entitled “Sustainable living for Hard Times”.

Colin and Gordon will tomorrow, 6th July, attend, on our behalf, a Northern Rail Stakeholder Conference at Leyland.

There is a Station Adoption Seminar in Liverpool on the 21st July 2011.  There is one free place and the Foundation will pay for two.  Gordon and Colin will attend along with Barbara Russell a representative from Huncoat Station Adoption team.

15.  Dates of next meetings                           

No meeting in August, 6th September 2011, 4th October 2011

Meeting ended 8.45pm

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 6th September 2011

1. Present

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary, Gordon Baldam, Linda Castle, Julie Martindale, Cllr. Ken Moss, C.Cllr Miles Parkinson,  Jo Troughton, Patrick  Troughton, Paul Wilkinson

2. Apologies

Wendy Flanagan, Cllr. Harry Grayson, Beverley Moorhouse.

The Panel expressed their congratulations and best wishes to Jo and Patrick Troughton on their recent marriage.

3. Minutes of the meeting of  5th July 2011  

The minutes were agreed as a true record and signed as such.

4.  Matters arising

Project Update:

a)  Bird Information Boards.  Our application to Awards for All had been successful and the Panel  have been awarded 2130. Gemma had arranged a meeting with the woodcarver the following week and had sent an email to Tony Disley (the Artist who will do the bird illustrations for the Information Boards), instructing him to start this artwork.

b)  Willow tunnel and arbour.  Fiona and Colin had spent an afternoon repairing the damage which had been done to the tunnel as best as they could.  Linda said that the damage had probably been done by youths who congregate at night in the park. The arbour was not touched as it was felt that the good growth could be left until winter and then cut and used to further repair the tunnel.

c)  Bed and Boxes.  The bed on High Street by the canal had been a disaster this year.  There had been some vandalism but also it appears  there has been a virus affecting the busy lizzies hence a large bare patch.  In previous years this bed has always been eyecatching as you approach Rishton from Accrington.  All the hanging baskets and flower towers which were planted by Park View have been excellent, as have the beds planted on the Esplanade by Parks.  By and large all the beds and boxes planted by the Panel have done well apart from a few. 

d)  Station.  Colin reported that at last a meeting has been arranged between ourselves and Brian Haworth (LCC), Wayne Smith, Stations Manager, Northern Rail, and Roy Greenhalgh from Network Rail to discuss No-mans land at 1.00 pm on the 13th September.  Anyone available is invited to attend at the Station. 

Colin expressed thanks to all who had done weeding in the beds at the station.  Up to now in excess of 35 man hours have been recorded.  Someone had put 2 compost bins in the laurel shrubbery, but unfortunately one has now disappeared. 

e)  White Path.  Paul reported that the path was getting more and more overgrown and that ferns were now growing through.  He felt that it was perhaps time to go back to weedkiller.

f)  Terracotta stones.  Nothing to report.

g)   Heritage Centre.  Nothing to report.  However, Julie had been at a meeting which was also attended by the lady editing the new Acorn community magazine.  The editor is very community minded and had an idea to maximise empty rooms around the refurbished Market Hall to house a museum to be used by differing community groups within the Borough.  Maybe a way forward for this. 

h)  Canal Adoption Scheme.  It would appear that Cassie Weaver, Volunteer Co-ordinator, reported in our last minutes, has now moved on, but thanks go to Nick Collingridge from Clayton-le-Moors Panel who has supplied us with a new contact name of Hazel Mayow.  Paul reported, however, that the Adoption Scheme has been taken off British Waterways website. 

i)  Turrets Garden.  Nothing to report.  Colin still to follow up with Katie Morley.

j)  Holt Street Rec.  Miles reported that a meeting had taken place with Rishton United.  They had a benefactor who was prepared to pay to install a drainage system.  However, the Council would need to look into this as the land is owned by the Dunkenhalgh Estate.

The Council’s financial review had been extended to the end of October, but it seemed more than likely that any further moves to create a childrens play area would have to be funded through grants from the Big Lottery, etc.

k)  Green Flag. Again we were successful and the new flag is now up and flying.  Paul had seen Shirley Parkinson, Parks and Open Spaces Officer, who told him that the judge had been very impressed with the Park.  The Panel expressed thanks to Shirley and the Parks Dept. staff for all the support they had given.

5.  Core Strategy.

Miles reported that this was going through the due process.  He didn’t feel that there will be any problems with the Core Strategy plan but more that major problems may arise with the controversial new planning regulations that the Government may be introducing which could give less protection to Green Belt land.

6. Treasurer’s Report

A bacs payment 2130 from Awards for All was received on the 12th August for the Bird Information Boards.  Consequently, the current account now stands at 2162.82 and the investment account has a balance of 1195.66 as at the 6th September 2011.

7.  Posts & Plaques for Rishton Prospects Projects.

Nothing to report.  To be followed up with the Foundation.

8.  Green Spaces Forum. 

We are to receive 20,000 crocus bulbs and Shirley needs to know where we want them planting as we may need permission.  After much discussion it was felt that to make an outstanding show in a prominent position would be more beneficial and to this end we decided that the corner of High Street /Norden Court would be best.  If  there were more than enough bulbs for this, some would look good on the banking coming down the hill from the Dunkenhalgh to the Riverside Industrial Estate. The next meeting of the Forum is on the 13th September.

9. Rishton Neighbourhood Action Group.

Fiona was not able to attend the meeting last week.  Ken reported that the group will now be known as the Community Action Group and will meet on the 15th September.  There will be a relaunch on the 10th October with an open day to be held at the Peoples’ Centre.  Little response on the siting of plaques apart from 1 negative from one Tottleworth resident who does not wish to have a plaque on his house, so it will now be placed on a nearby barn.  Harry and Wendy (Singleton) are to visit each person living in a house where the plaques are to be sited. 

10. Magazines & Newsletters.

Train Times magazine was available at the meeting along with the training programme from Hyndburn & Ribble Valley CVS and a Northern magazine Social Responsibility 2011.

11. Booking Time.

Ken 2 hrs. weeding and litter picking for July and 1 hr. for August.  Margaret 10 hrs. admin.

12. Foundation. 

Colin reported that  strimmer training, fungi foray, tree drawing as well as One Planet Community Project – Artist Workshop have all been organised and dates circulated to members. Colin also reported that the Bat Walk in Cut Wood Park had been a wonderful experience and also very well attended. 

13.  Working Parties.

Colin said that if any members had a little bit of time to spare, work down at the station car park pulling ‘mares tails’ would enhance all the work done digging out the major weeds.  Fiona said she would be there on Friday evening from 6.00 pm if anyone wants to join her.

14.  Any other business.

Colin sent a letter to support Lesley’s bid to the Big Lottery Fund, which was entitled “Sustainable living for Hard Times”.  This was much appreciated.     

Colin and Gordon attended on our behalf,  a Northern Rail Stakerholder Conference at Leyland and a Station Adoption Seminar in Liverpool.

The Panel received a thank you card from the staff of One Planet thanking us for our support selling their products at Rishton Festival.

Members were urged to support the action at the Heys Lane Household Waste Recycling Centre this Sunday 11th September 2011 between 12.00 noon and 2.00 pm.  (Details had been circulated).

There was some discussion on the effect the revised Pennine Reach proposals might have on the grassed area around Norden Court.

Colin is running the Accrington 10K on the 30th October.  He had thought of doing this as a fundraiser, part for Rishton Prospects Panel and part for the Roof Appeal for the Hospice.  The Panel greatly appreciated the offer, but there were reservations as to whether the idea would appeal generally.  It was left to Colin to decide, in view of the discussion, whether he would develop the idea or not.

15.  Dates of next meetings

4th October 2011 (AGM), 1st November 2011, 6th December 2011

Meeting ended 8.45pm

Minutes of the fifteenth Annual General Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the People’s Centre, Rishton - 4th October 2011.

1. Present :     

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice Chairman), Colin Cooper (Project Coordinator/Asst Secretary), Gordon Baldam, Linda Castle, Janis Counsell, Wendy Flanagan, Cllr Harry Grayson, Julie Matindale, Beverley Moorhouse, C.Cllr Miles Parkinson, Janet Rutter, Patrick Troughton, Paul Wilkinson.

2. Apologies

Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Maria Flanagan, Cllr Ken Moss, Jo Troughton.

Fiona welcomed everyone and commented how pleasing and encouraging it was to see so many members present. There was a particular welcome to Janis who was attending a Panel meeting for the first time.

3. Membership.

Colin and Margaret had reviewed the membership/mailing list and it was proposed that the following names be removed either through resignation or non-attendance : Nigel Abram, Jacqui Achaski , Barbara Evans, David Harris, Paul Harrison, Graham Hartley, Stan Horne, Lesley Jackson, Jennet Liddle, Mary O’Brien, Helen Parker, Pauleen Roscoe, Geoff Smale, Paul Solati, David Haworth (GRA), Carol Peters-Green (Hycen).

This proposal was accepted.

Names to be added were : Linda Castle, Janis Counsell, Jo Troughton, making a total signed up membership of 19.  With a quorum level according to the Constitution of one quarter of the membership, Fiona declared the meeting quorate.

It was suggested that the members might find it helpful if personal details (names, postal and email addresses, telephone numbers) of members were circulated.  This was agreed by those present but Colin said it would be necessary to contact those members not present to enable them to not have their details circulated if they so wished.

4. Chairman’s Address and Review of the Year (see Appendix I).

Fiona reviewed the highlights of another active year and thanked all the members for their sterling efforts and support.  She was also happy to acknowledge once again the support the Panel had from the staff at the Prospects Foundation, Lancashire County Council, Hyndburn Borough Council, Northern Rail, our local Councillors and County Councillor and the generous donation of plants, time and advice by Park View Landscape Maintenance, Rishton. 

In answer to his question, Harry was advised that we did our best to thank PV verbally and by email and to make it known in the community and to HBC, the ways in which they supported our efforts.

5. Treasurer’s Report and Accounts. 

In Margaret’s absence, Colin presented her Financial Statement for 2010/2011 to the meeting.  A donation of 100 from Rishton and Great Harwood Rotary was much appreciated.  Grants applied for and received included 500 from LCC’s Green Partnership Awards towards the cost of the new willow tunnel in Cutwood Park and 2130 from the Big Lottery towards our on-going project to provide bird information boards in Cutwood Park.  Income to the Current a/c therefore totalled 2730.00.

Expenditure for the year was 824.17 and included 110.25 for room hire at the People’s Centre, ACoRP annual sub of 29.38, and sundry expenses (compost, stone paint, some plants, herbicide, etc) reimbursed to Colin of 184.54.  (The cost for the People’s Centre was roughly half of what it had been at Primetime.)

Closing balance in the Current a/c @ 04/10/11 was 2162.82, of which 2130.00 had still to be spent on the bird information boards, ie effective balance = 32.82 (opened @ 256.99).

Closing balance in the Investment a/c was 1195.66 (opened @ 1195.01).  While this was a relatively healthy reserve, there must be some concern at the gradual erosion of our finances overall and serious consideration should be given to fundraising activities.  If it wasn’t for the support of Park View, we would soon be in some difficulty to maintain all our flower beds and planters.

Harry felt it would be useful to know the value of the volunteer hours that the Panel members put in each year.  Colin said he would get a summary of the quarterly reports he submitted on this subject to the Foundation. 

It was noted that some 50 volunteer hours had been spent recently on a massive weeding operation of the new station car park shrubbery.  This was not something we felt so much of our time should be spent on each year.  Miles offered to enquire of LCC whether any allowance had been built into the original costings for the car park refurbishment to cover ongoing maintenance or whether it might be the responsibility of Northern Rail’s maintenance contractor (ISS).

Margaret was to be thanked for looking after the Panel’s funds so efficiently once again.  The Treasurer’s Report was accepted unanimously and it was agreed it should be signed appropriately.

6. Election of Officers and Representatives.

Fiona referred to the list of current office holders on the Agenda paper and asked whether anyone else would like to be considered for any of the positions.  There were no expressions of interest and all current officers were willing to stand again (some with a degree of reluctance).

            The following were therefore duly proposed, seconded and unanimously elected enbloc:

                        Chairman                                                         Fiona Cook

                        Vice Chairman                                                 Ruth Colling

                        Secretary                                                          Margaret Worden

                        Project Coordinator/Asst Secretary                  Colin Cooper

                        Treasurer                                                         Margaret Worden

                        PROSPECTS Foundation Management

                                                Committee Representative       Colin Cooper

[It was noted that Margaret was also on the Foundation Management Committee as a directly elected member and that Cllr Harry Grayson was now HBC’s appointed representative on that Committee.]

Colin once again expressed the hope that in due course another member might like to represent the Panel at Foundation level and so be involved and make a contribution to some of the bigger issues facing the Prospects movement. 

The meeting was reminded that up to 8 members could be elected to the Executive Committee, including the Officers above.  Wendy felt that the Panel could benefit from a Publicity Officer and that she would be willing to share such a position with her daughter Maria.  It was unanimously agreed that they be appointed Joint Publicity Officers and occupy two of the vacant positions on the Executive Committee.

With future succession in mind, it was suggested it would be advantageous to have someone ‘shadowing’ Colin in his Project Coordinator role.  Paul was invited to consider this and agreed to do so.

7.  Any Other Business.         

As an aid to spreading the load and involving members more, particularly in the maintenance of the Panel’s various projects, Fiona had prepared (and distributed to those present) some guidelines on a possible scheme for the monitoring of projects, together with a list of sites.  Time did not allow any detailed discussion of the proposals and Fiona asked those present to give serious thought to what part they might play.  It was agreed her proposals be made an agenda item at a future Panel meeting.

The meeting then passed on to the agenda for the normal meeting.

                                                                                                APPENDIX I

Rishton Prospects Panel  Chairman’s Report October 2011

It is becoming quite a habit of mine to be suddenly aware that I should have written a report for our AGM about 4 or 5 days beforehand. This year is no exception! Life seems to be getting busier and busier but one of my priorities has always been my work for Prospects, which I, and I know all of us do, find rewarding and relaxing.

We continue to make a difference, a difference we should be proud of and shout about. How many of you stand/walk past one of our projects whilst chatting to a friend or acquaintance and mention Prospects? Not as many as we should. It seems so wrong. But why is it wrong to be proud of the changes we have made to the streets and countryside in which we live?

The Rishton Prospects Panel influences many of the decisions that are made by other local groups, Rotary for one use us as a tool to enable them to access volunteer workers in the town, Hyndburn Borough Council know we can be relied on to help promote environmental projects.

We are influential, let’s keep it up.

So, what have we been up to this past year? The list could go on and on, but I will try and summarise it.

Core Strategy

We continue to monitor the progress of Hyndburn’s Core Strategy closely, but have been assured by C Cllr Miles Parkinson that the areas of concern we had, have been altered and that we don’t need to worry for the foreseeable future. The results of the latest public meeting are still to be published and we await this to see if/how we can or should respond.


Despite trying, we are still struggling to contact anyone at British Waterways about their Canal Adoption scheme, and Paul Wilkinson recently reported that the heading had now been removed from BW web site, so maybe it’s finished before it even started! But we don’t give up easily, so will try and contact them to find out what is happening.

We continue to monitor the condition of and weed/prune our flower beds and benches along the towpath. Earlier this year we cleaned the gate at Norden Bridge very effectively. The flower beds at High Street bridge are quite overgrown at present and seem to have been used as a tipping area by local residents, but I am sure  we can get these sorted before winter sets in.  Our next working party perhaps?

Rishton Station

As Station Adopters, Colin reports monthly to Northern Railon the station condition and informs ISS (Northern’s maintenance contractor) of any problems as they occur. Working parties are organised to maintain the planters and Wendy does a sterling job, all summer, keeping them all watered.  And what a lovely show we have had despite the poor weather.

The stone Rishton sign is repainted every year but does need some more significant maintenance now. 

Colin, Gordon, Paul and others have attended training events, workshops and celebrations run by Northern Rail during the year.

Colin did an experimental sowing of some wild flower seeds in the area between the Accrington platform and the houses early this year but without a lot of success.  Meetings have been held to discuss what can be done safely in this area as it may have many cables running through it. The general feeling is that we will take a step back and plant a few shrubs as we acquire them and continue to see if the wild flowers will self seed and put on a better show next year.

The shrubbery beds in the car park area became quite overgrown with weeds and mares tails this summer. Colin and others, especially Steve and Ruth, have spent many hours trying to clear these, ably assisted by some evening working parties this autumn. The problem still persists but it is to be hoped that as the shrubs bush out more, this will become more manageable in future years.

Park View Nurseries continue to donate plants for the station and other areas of our activity in Rishton for which we are very grateful.

Cut Wood Park

Green Flag Status was awarded to the Park again in July 2011. Once again this was thanks to the hard work of Hyndburn Parks department, especially Shirley Parkinson. 

With Gemma’s assistance, we managed to get funding from LCC’s Green Partnership scheme and the Prospects Foundation (750 total), to build a  willow tunnel in the Toddlers play area early in the year and despite some damage it is beginning to grow thicker. However we do need to monitor its growth as it has occasionally been found some branches stick out into the middle of the tunnel as they are either broken off or grow, thus providing a ‘poking’ hazard.

We have been awarded a grant of 2130  from Awards for All to erect bird information boards in the wooded area and down near the reservoir. Gemma and Shirley are working together to get these designed and produced.   Our thanks go to Dave Bickerton and his contacts in the local Ornithology club, for their advice and expert thoughts about this and the bird boxes we erected with the help of the Norden Green team earlier in the year. Hopefully they will be in use well before the judging next year.

Prospects Foundation

The One Planet Shop, in Abbey Street, has now been open for about a year. If you have not yet called in I would urge you to do so. There are lots of interesting odds and ends to purchase there, as well as the usual range of fair trade goods. Maybe include it on your Christmas shopping route.

We regret the demise of Prosperity and will now have to search for alternative suppliers of flower troughs, benches etc.

Once again I would like to record formally our appreciation of the support and encouragement we get from the Foundation team in Accrington. We appreciate that they are stretched but know that their presence makes all our efforts more effective. Without their knowledge of grant process applications and their other knowledgeable advice we would not be able to do half the projects we do.

New planters

We were fortunate to be given 5 new Prosperity planters by HBC earlier in the year. 3 of these have been placed at the junction of High St and Harwood Rd and another at the station. All of them have looked marvellous all year. Those in the centre of Rishton being filled with beautiful begonias, donated once again by Park View Nurseries and one at the station with dahlias.  The fifth was a special, placed by the exit to the station and filled with a selection of herbs as an experiment on a ‘help yourself’ basis. Ian Hodgson the Foundation’s Food Growing Coordinator assisted with this.

Supporting other groups

We continue to link with and work alongside other local groups. I could list them but it would take too long. It was nice to see many of them at Rishton Festival early July and we look forward to next year’s events to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics. Hopefully it will be a year to remember for the good things that happen.

Most importantly though,  may I take this opportunity to record my thanks to everybody, and to express our appreciation for the support we have from amongst others,  LCC, HBC, Northern Rail, our local Councillors and County Councillor.

May I also express particular thanks to Park View Nurseries for their generous donations of plants, time and advice etc.

It’s amazing how much of a difference is made when everybody pulls together. In these days, when everyone is feeling the influence of the cutbacks, whether personal or from work, local or national governments, we need to work together on local solutions. Prospects is just that, we‘ve been doing it for over 15 years.

Let’s get on our bandwagon and shout from the rooftops, about our success and influences. Maybe more people will join us.

Fiona Cook                                                                                  October 2011.

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 4th October 2011 (following the AGM)

1. Present

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice Chairman), Colin Cooper (Project Coordinator/Asst Secretary), Gordon Baldam, Linda Castle, Janis Counsell, Wendy Flanagan, Cllr Harry Grayson, Julie Matindale, Beverley Moorhouse, C.Cllr Miles Parkinson, Janet Rutter, Patrick Troughton, Paul Wilkinson.

2. Apologies

Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Maria Flanagan, Cllr Ken Moss, Jo Troughton.

3. Minutes of the meeting of 6th September 2011  

The minutes were agreed as a true record and signed as such.

4.  Matters arising

              (i) Project Update:

a)  Willow tunnel and arbour. Current new growth on the arbour to be cut and planted to repair the tunnel during the winter, probably around February when the original planting was done.

b) White path.             ) Paul had no new information to report. 

c) Terracotta stones.  ) Paul to reintroduce these items when there was some movement.    

d) Heritage centre.     )

e) Turrets Garden.  In response to Colin’s enquiry 03/10/11, Katie Morley replied that until Parks Dept labour finished summer/autumn work, labour would not be available to do tree work.  Even then there was a lot to be done in the Borough but it was still the intention to do what was necessary at the Turrets during the winter.  There was still concern as to exactly what felling/pruning needed to be done and why.  There was also the question of what replanting might be done and what part the panel might play in this. It was suggested that it would be helpful if Katie could come to a Panel meeting and discuss it with the members.  Colin said he would enquire.

f)  Piggy Park.  Harry confirmed that the use of Piggy Park for community allotments was still under consideration by the newly named (from 19/10/11) Community Action Group (CAG, ex NAG).  

g)  Holt Street Rec.  There had been a new development with a group of young people approaching FRY with a scheme to put a skate park on the Holt St Rec. They had been using the little one on the Top Rec but were desperately keen to have something bigger and even had sketches of what they would like to see installed.  They were currently having to go into Accrington or Clitheroe for this size and variety of facility.  It was arranged that they would meet up again with Cllr Ken Moss and David Harvey-Higgins, the Youth Club leader to pursue the idea further.

h)  Herb planter.  During one of the station car park weeding sessions, Jo Troughton had re-labelled the herbs in the planter.  The herbs generally were doing well but there had been one or two losses.  It had been the intention to put a legend and other herb details in what was meant to be the community notice board above the planter but this had been commandeered for a railway timetable.  It had also been the intention to put in a notice asking people to ‘help themselves’.

(ii) Other matters.

Colin had decided not to pursue his idea of getting sponsorship for a run in the Accrington 10k for Panel funds and the East Lancs Hospice partly because he was not now sure he would be taking part.

5.  Crocus bulbs.   

Colin reported that the Hyndburn Green Spaces Forum had been successful in a bid for 10,000 for its crocus bulb project.  This would enable 200,000 mixed colour bulbs to be purchased and divided out among HGSF groups for planting all around the Borough.  We were to get 22,000 to plant in Rishton. 

Schools had been invited to take part in the planting and in Rishton there had been a positive response from the Methodist School, St Charles RC and Norden HS.  Ideally planting locations were to be on main access routes or prominent public places.  In Rishton, it was planned to plant 16,000 in the grass on the High St frontage of Norden Court, thus avoiding the daffodils already established on the corner and the bulbs planted by Rotary last year on the Harwood Rd frontage.  Because of the quantity involved and for safety reasons being next to a busy main road, these would be planted by machine being hired from Holland. 

The remaining 6,000 bulbs would be planted by hand by the schools on the green on the corner of Hermitage St and Parker St.  This was felt to be a safe location.  Colin was liaising with the head teachers of the two primary schools and with Beverley for the Norden Green Team.

Machine planting was due 05/10/11, Methodist 11/10/11 pm, St Charles 12/10/11 pm and Norden 21/10/11 pm.  Panel members would be very welcome to assist with the school planting if they wished.

6.  Bird Information Boards

Latest update from Gemma was that work was proceeding on the decorative wooden frames and on the illustrative drawings, the latter being expected by the end October. When things were more advanced, Gemma hoped to consult the Panel on various options before finalising the designs.

7.  Station Adoption.

(i) Stone RISHTON Sign.  Colin had not yet pursued the refurbishment of this with Natural Organics to see what it might cost before looking for grants.

(ii) ‘Thank you’ gift for Peggy.  No action so far.

(iii) Weeding of car park shrubberies. It had been hard going at times but some excellent work had resulted in the shrubberies looking so much tidier and a credit to the many members who had put in so much effort over a number of sessions.  It was estimated that over 50 volunteer hours had been spent on this, which was not something we wanted to be doing every year.  Hopefully as the shrubberies became more established and covered the ground better, weed growth would be inhibited.  It was questioned whether LCC would have allowed something for maintenance when the car park refurbishment project was first costed.  Miles said he would make enquiries.

(iv) Meeting with Network Rail and Northern Rail.  At long last a meeting had taken place 13/09/11 on the station with Roy Greenhalgh of Network Rail and Wayne Thomas, the new Stations Manager of Northern Rail for this area. Colin and Paul had represented the Panel.  Essentially the meeting was to meet with Wayne for the first time and to discuss no-mans-land and what we might do there.  It didn’t achieve a great deal except possibly an understanding that we could do what we wanted in the area as long as it didn’t involve digging down too far.  Roy had not looked at any service diagrams but would do so if really necessary. Wayne provided us with a key to the new gate in the fence to give us easier access to no-mans-land.

Wayne agreed to look at tree surgery around the car park (and elsewhere) to see if this would help free up the wind turbines and also tidy things up more, nb the laurels and broken branches in the tree alongside the ramp.  White lining of platform edges was raised yet again.  There was a rota for doing this but no clear means of getting priority on it.  Power washing of the footbridge was also raised.

In general they were impressed with the work we have been doing.

(v)  Report on Cumbria Stakeholder ‘thank you’ outing.  Both Paul and Gordon agreed it had been a good day out, blessed with good weather, to the extent that it had even felt warm on the boat ‘steaming’ up Windermere and back.  There had been a little problem with the rail connection at Preston on the way back but otherwise all travel arrangements went well with double-decker buses laid on to make connections between boat, train and buffet lunch hotel.

(vi)  ACoRP Parliamentary reception 09/11/11.  This was being hosted by Ben Bradshaw, MP for Exeter and sponsored by First Group and Northern Rail.

‘The purpose of the reception is to give MPs, particularly those who took their seats last year, the opportunity to find out both about the partnerships within their own constituency and to see the big benefits brought about by Community Rail across the country.  It is also to raise awareness of the importance of community rail lines to the local economy and to tourism in Britain, as well as underlining the value of partnerships in terms of volunteering.’

‘All MPs with community rail partnerships or station friends groups in their constituencies are being invited, together with the Transport Minister and representatives from the train operators and Network Rail’

We were encouraged to contact our MP to check that he was aware of this.  Miles said that Graham Jones had a particular interest in the Todmorden curve concept which would enable more direct access to Manchester.  If we pressed hard enough we might even get a Blackburn, Burnley, Manchester service via this route to stop at Rishton (!)

If we wished to send a representative to London we could, provided we let ACoRP know by 21/10/11.  Colin had enquired whether there would be any help with travel costs but he received a negative answer.  Gordon said he might be interested in going but there were no other volunteers.

(vii) Rishton Arms car park entrance.  Janis reported that she understood the pub were considering getting a team together to do something about the overgrown verge on the north side of the drive into their rear car park.  It was generally agreed that we would help if possible but the initiative must remain with them.

6.  Canal Adoption.

Nick Collingridge had advised that Hazel Mayow of BW was to visit the Clayton Panel on Saturday 22nd October 2011at Enfield Wharf at 10.00am. (She had visited 15/09/11 but we were given too short notice to attend).  We had been invited to attend and Colin and Paul were intending to go to establish contact.

7.  Core Strategy.

Harry and Miles reported that the Examination in Public lasting two weeks commencing 20/09/11 had provided a comprehensive review under its chair Stephen Pratt, who had impressed Ruth and Steve at the Pre-hearing 19/07/11.  In Ruth and Steve’s absence on holiday, Harry had spoken at the Examination using Ruth and Steve’s written submission dated 04/07/11 (and previous submission dated 22/09/10) as a basis.  Blackburn were still pushing for ‘Whitebirk 2’ (Whitebirk to Rishton Reservoir) to be designated for strategic employment. This Harry spoke against.  Stephen Pratt agreed with the written submission that:

1)  The agreed development site at Whitebirk motorway junction should be included in the employment land allocation, making it unnecessary to identify further land for this purpose.

2) That it be stated categorically that the agricultural land to the north or south of Blackburn Rd(A678 Rishton to Whitebirk), will never be identified as a strategic employment site as it would result in the loss of greenbelt which preserves the separation of urban areas..

This should safeguard the position at least until 2026.  Blackburn were reportedly not happy.

Harry was thanked for his representation.

8. Foundation. 

(i) Posts and Plaques.  Ellie was still progressing these when she could but a lot of her time recently was inevitably being spent preparing essential funding bids.

(ii) Volunteer Working.  Details of the Foundation’s volunteer working group activities (open to all) had been circulated.

(iii)  Baby Woodland Working Programme.  Details of the monthly working sessions had been circulated.  Accrington and Rossendale College were involved with this and were doing a good job restoring paths, etc but everyone was welcome to join in.

(iv)  Hyndburn Hives.  As part of the Social Enterprise Development Initiative (SEDI) and as a contribution to counteracting the reductions in the bee population, a project to establish a number of new hives was being undertaken.  Planned locations so far were in Gatty Park, Oakhill Park and on the roof of the Haworth Art gallery. 20 volunteers had come forward to be trained in beekeeping and 1000 had already been secured from HBC and Green Partnership Awards for hives and equipment.  The idea is to work with the One Planet shop to seel Hyndburn honey next summer.  More volunteers would be welcome.

(v)  Funding.  Members would be aware that the staff of the Foundation were financially supported by grants obtained from a variety of funders for various programmes, eg.Climate Change, SEDI, Cultivate, etc.  All were time limited (three years generally) and eventually replacement funding/programmes had to be found.  A number of the current ones were coming to an end and it was proving increasingly difficult to get replacements and a lot of staff time was currently being spent preparing funding bids.

9.  Green Spaces Forum. 

Much of the time in the meeting 20/09/11 had once again been taken up with discussion of the arrangements for planting the 200,000 crocus bulbs obtained from the 10,000 grant from Awards for All for the ‘Blooming Lovely’ project.  It had now been agreed that Rishton would get 22,000 of which 16,000 would be planted in the grass on the High St frontage of Norden Court (there were already daffodil bulbs on the corner with Harwood Rd and Rotary crocus bulbs on the Harwood Rd frontage).  These would be planted by machine for safety reasons being next to the main road.  Rishton Methodist, St Charles RC and Norden HS had expressed a wish to be involved and the remaining 6,000 would be planted by them by hand.  Again partly for safety reasons, these would be planted on the green on the Hermitage St/Parker St corner well away from the road.  Colin was liaising with the Primary school head teachers and with Beverley for the Norden Green Team, to make the necessary planting arrangements.

10.  Rishton Community Action Group.

This was to come into being from the 19th October and would possibly replace some of the work of the current Area Management Committee. It was aimed to make it non-political with a Board of up to 12 members drawn from a cross-section of residents.  The Chair would be a resident and all members would be able to vote, unlike the present structure where only the Councillors could vote. Any resident could apply to sit on the board.  .  The AGM was to take place on Thursday 13th October 2011 at 6.30pm at The People’s Centre.

11.   Magazines & Newsletters.

Nothing to report.

12. Booking Time.  

Harry 1 hr litter picking ; Linda hr weeding Cut Wood ; Fiona 1 hr deadheading geraniums at entrance to Cut Wood.

13.  Working Parties. 

Saturday 15/10/11 by the canal at Norden Bridge at 9.30am to harvest (cut down with scythes) the wild flower meadow.  Gemma would join us and bring some better scythes than those tthat made it such hard work last year.  The cut vegetation would be raked into a pile and Gemma would arrange for HBC to take it away.

14.  Any other business.

(i)   Bridge repairs.  It was reported that remedial work was taking place on the old railway bridge over Tottleworth Lane.  Work was also to be carried out on the 1912 bridge over the stream in Tottleworth.

(ii)  Tree planting.  Paul Gott of the Huncoat Forum had reported at the last Foundation Management Committee meeting that they had been able to take advantage of a Woodland Trust scheme to provide community groups with tree saplings to plant in appropriate locations.  Free tree packs were available for planting in Feb/March 2012 either of 105 trees or 420 trees. There were four themed mixes : wildlife ; year round colour ; wood fuel ; wild harvest.  Members were asked to think whether we should take advantage of the scheme and if so where we might plant, bearing in mind that appropriate permission would need to be obtained from the landowner.  It was believed that Bowley scout camp was thinking of more tree planting in their area.

(iii)  Station Close conifers.  It was understood that these will be topped at the end of October 2011.

15.  Dates of next meetings

1st November 2011                                                            6th December 2011

Meeting ended at 9.20 pm.

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 1st November 2011

1. Present

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary, Gordon Baldam, Linda Castle, Cllr. Ken Moss, Beverley Moorhouse, C.Cllr Miles Parkinson,  Jo Troughton, Patrick  Troughton, Paul Wilkinson

2. Apologies

Maria Flannagan, Wendy Flanagan, Cllr. Harry Grayson, Julie Martindale, Janet Rutter

Fiona welcomed everyone particularly Lydia Hartley and Susan Whitehead who were attending to find out more information regarding volunteering as Lydia was participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.  We hope to welcome Lydia and her friends on some of our working parties this month.

3. Minutes of the AGM and meeting of 4th October 2011.    

The minutes were agreed as a true record and signed as such.

4.  Matters arising

Project Update:

a)  Willow tunnel and arbour.  Nothing to report.

b)  Turrets Garden.  Nothing to report.

c)   Holt Street Rec.  The young people involved are to put their ideas to Hyndburn Youth Council with guidance from David Harvey-Higgins, Youth Club Leader.  They are keen to have a skate park facility in this location.

d)   Bird Information Boards.  Shirley, Gemma and Colin have a meeting arranged for Friday 4th November at Willows Lane.

e)  Herbs.  We still need notices identifying the different herbs.  Brian Haworth (LCC) will look into why we lost the community board facility in favour of the travel information board.  It was recognised, however, that travel information etc. was important.

f)  Canal Adoption Scheme.  Paul, Colin and Margaret met with Hazel Mayow (31/10/11) who has been seconded until March 2012 to BW from the Waterways Trust..  The work already undertaken and ongoing was outlined to her and she agreed that this was precisely what they were looking for in relation to adoption.  It was agreed that a report would be put to this meeting as to whether the group wish to go ahead with the adoption of the canal in our area and then report back to her.  Miles reported that Tim Webber of Barnfield Construction is now on the Board of BW to act as a spokesman for the canal in this area.

5. Treasurer’s Report

The current account stands at 2162.82 and the investment account at 1195.78

6.  Core Strategy.

Ruth reported on the amendments which are in the consultation stage until the 21st November 2011.   It was felt that they had listened to our objections and that a token gesture has been made.  However, all these are now on record.  We must push to keep the Green Belt between Whitebirk and Rishton but Ken, who is now a member of  the Planning Committee, said that HBC does not look favourably on using Green Belt land.  Miles feels it will not be built on in the foreseeable future. 

7.  Foundation. 

There is no further news on T.Shirts and posts and plaques.  The Foundation has been successful in obtaining extended funding which will in turn secure staff employment for a while. Gemma has got funding for new tools etc.  Colin thought we might suggest getting 2/3 decent scythes and Ken suggested 3-prong hoes.

8.  Green Spaces Forum. 

The last meeting concentrated on the “Blooming Lovely” crocus bulb planting.  The next thing on the agenda is the Big Tree Plant which is a national initiative with the emphasis on involving schools.  Planting will be concentrated in urban areas.  Gordon was liaising with Beverley on Norden’s possible involvement on behalf of HBC’s Tree Warden scheme.

9.  Bulb Planting. 

Margaret and Colin facilitated bulb planting with the children from the Methodist School and St Charles.  As the weather turned out to be very wet and windy on the days already arranged the dates were rescheduled and instead of planting on Parker Street corner as originally envisaged, the children at the Methodist School planted on a small green at the main entrance to the school and St Charles children planted on either side of the path leading to the main entrance to the church.  Each school planted 1,000 crocus bulbs and because it was within the perimeter of the school all year 6 children were involved instead of the half dozen that would have been able to go down to Parker Street.  The Green Team from Norden High School along with Colin planted 4000 crocus bulbs on Parker Street corner on the following Friday.  The machine planting organised by HBC of the large swathes of bulbs just along the grass on High Street outside Norden Court, unfortunately went slightly wrong and the bulbs were planting along High Street and Harwood Road, cutting through areas already planted with daffodils and crocuses in previous  years.  We hope this will not prevent the show being so effective next year.

10. Rishton Community Action Group.

The group have held their AGM which Gordon had attended.  A Committee has been elected and the next meeting will be held on the 24th November. 

Colin asked what are the residents of Rishton going to be able to get involved in.  Ken reported that the Area Council has been replaced with Rishton Council and will be more resident driven.  They are to try out holding meetings in three different areas/venues in Rishton to get more residents involved. 

11.  Rishton Station Adoption.

Following the last meeting, Miles had enquired of LCC what, if any, provision had been made for ongoing maintenance of the shrubbery at the station following all the hours the Panel had put in weeding this year.  Richard Kirkby (LCC) has aksed Colin for more background information which he has given.  Miles confirmed that he had not had a response from Richard to his enquiry.  A lot of trees have been lopped, topped and chopped and have made a massive difference to the general tidiness of the car park and station plantform.  Wendy had suggested that raised beds to grow vegetables could be placed in no-mans land.  The group felt this was a good idea and Colin suggested inviting Ian Hodgson, Food Growing Officer with the Foundation, to our next meeting to give us his views.

Colin had contacted our MP Graham Jones’ Secretary in relation to Graham attending an ACoRP Parliamentary reception to be held on the 9th Nov.  He has replied that subject to bench duty on that day he will attend.

12. Magazines & Newsletters.   

Margaret circulated the ‘Northern’ magazine published by Northern Rail.

13. Booking Time.

Ken 2 hrs. litter picking.

14.  Working Parties.

Margaret has been in touch with Parkview Landscaping who have again promised to donate Winter pansies and primula to the group.  With this in mind working parties have been arranged for Saturday 5th, 12th and 19th November for initial clearing of old bedding plants etc. and subsequent planting of new.

15.  Any other business.

Margaret and Fiona are to attend a Communities Together event which is a performance of ‘Step Away Before He Explodes’ organised by Hyndburn Community Network in association with Norden High School, Aawaz and HBC funded by Lancs. Constabulary from the Pan Lancashire PREVENT money.  The event will be held on the 23rd November.

Colin and Ruth are to attend a Green Partnership Awards ceremony on the 15th November to be held at Scaitcliffe House, Accrington.

15.  Dates of next meetings

6th December 2011, 3rd January 2012, 7th February 2012

Meeting ended 9.00 pm

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 6th December 2011

1. Present

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice Chairman), Colin Cooper (Project Coordinator/Asst Secretary), Cllr Harry Grayson, Julie Matindale, Beverley Moorhouse, Janet Rutter. Ian Hodgson (Prospects Foundation Food Growing Coordinator)

2. Apologies

Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Gordon Baldam, Wendy Flanagan, Maria Flanagan, Cllr Ken Moss, Jo Troughton, Patrick Troughton.

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting, with a particular welcome to Ian.

3. Minutes of the meeting of 1st November 2011  

The minutes were agreed as a true record and signed as such.

4. Proposed Food Growing Project – Rishton Station. 

Following on from Wendy’s suggestion at the previous meeting that a suitable use for no-mans-land might be for food growing in raised beds as at Accrington Station, Colin and Ian had visited the station to examine the possibility.  Ian felt that it was a great idea and he would be very willing to assist in developing it.  He suggested we ‘trial’ one bed to see how it went. 

Beds were normally 4 foot (3.3 metres) wide to facilitate ease of access from either side.  They could be any length as required.  While normally oblong, other shapes were sometimes used.  They were about 18 inches deep.  The frames were normally made out of tannalised timber about 2 inches thick.  Ian could facilitate the supply of the timber and it’s making up.  Top soil could be obtained from various suppliers.  He estimated the cost of an average sized frame (8 ft long?) at about 60.  He noted that one of the houses on Station Close had a downspout at the back of its garage emptying on to no-mans-land.  It might be a possibility to negotiate with the householder to tap into this to feed a water butt.

Discussion followed on who would look after the beds and what would be grown in them.  At Accrington Station a new group calling themselves the ‘Incredible Friends of Accrington Station’ had been set up to look after the beds there. 

There was some concern at adding to all the other projects we had to maintain.  On the other hand, it could be a good opportunity raise interest in the Panel, and to get other people involved, local householders for example. It might also be possible to use it to promote food growing and as an educational resource, particularly for local schools. Access and its control might be a problem as we had only been given one key to the gate in the fence and Northern Rail might question a proliferation of other keys.

It was decided to trial two beds, with a view to increasing the number if successful and if appropriate at that time.  Colin would contact Brian Haworth to get Northern Rail/Network Rail’s blessing before going ahead and to see if they would impose any conditions.

Ian was thanked for his input and support and he then left the meeting.

5.  Matters arising

            (i) Project Update:

a)  Willow tunnel. The ground through the tunnel had become very muddy, so a good layer of wood chippings had been put down, culled from the pile of chippings at the station resulting from the tree surgery work carried out there by ISS.  It could now be seen that the site of the willow tunnel might not have been so  ideal after all, as the ground around it was proving to be quite boggy.  A more extensive use of wood chip in and around the tunnel might be required in future to help overcome this.

b) Turrets Garden. The planned tree surgery work had been carried out by HBC Parks. This had ‘opened up’ the area significantly. It now needed following up with Katie Morley to see what if anything was planned by way of replacements

c)  Holt Street Rec.  No new information was to hand but it was believed David Harvey-Higgins (Youth Club Leader) and the interested young people were pursuing the skate park idea with HBC Parks/Hyndburn Green Spaces Forum.

d)  Bird Information Boards.  Ian brought a print of the first of the art work bird designs (Great Spotted Woodpecker) which was duly admired by those present.  Other birds to be similarly fully illustrated were

Woodland. Blue tit, great tit, tree creeper, mistle thrush, robin, chaffinch, gold finch, blackcap, willow warbler.

Water. Great crested grebe, Canada goose, mallard, coot, lapwing, little ringed plover, black headed gull, pied wagtail, oyster catcher, goosander.

A host of other birds less common to the area would be listed but not illustrated.  The other illustrations were believed to be well advanced and Gemma was following this up with the artist.

The meeting 04/11/11 between Gemma, Colin and Shirley Parkinson (HBC Parks) to review progress on other aspects of the project (frames, carved borders, etc.) had been positive with the aim still being to have the boards in place for the next Green Flag judging (May 2012?).

e)  Canal Adoption.  BW were organising a ‘thank you’ Christmas event for volunteer organisations at Rosegrove on Tuesday 20/12/11 from 1.00pm to 4.00pm.  Paul and Colin were intending to go but if anyone else would like to join them, they would be welcome, but they should let either know so that they could RSVP.

f)  Piggy Park.  Harry confirmed that the use of Piggy Park for community allotments was still under consideration by the Rishton Community Action Group.  HBC (Legal) were looking at the ‘change of use’ requirements.  Colin pointed out that they had been doing this when the Panel (together with Rishton West Residents Association), first had the idea of using the land for allotments a few years ago.  HBC (Legal) had at that time approached the Dunkenhalgh Estate who owned the land and they raised no objections, but it apparently needed the agreement of the original developers and this would involve some cost.  The Panel had then decided not to pursue it further.

g)  Core Strategy.  It was felt that we had done all we could for now.

h)  Station Adoption.

(i) Maintenance of car park shrubberies.  In following up Miles enquiry to Richard Kirkby as to whether LCC had originally costed in a budget for ongoing car park maintenance, it transpired that Richard had left LCC and hence no response to our enquiries to him. However, Miles had had a response from a Mike Kirby (Director of Transportation and Strategic Highways, LCC) detailing the history of the car park project.  It acknowledged that, ‘The friends group have made a big difference to the station and have developed some attractive floral displays at it’ and also that, ‘The group lobbied hard for the provision of a car park at Rishton using waste land in the ownership of Network Rail and within the Northern Rail lease area’.

But it also included the sentence, ‘As part of the project, the Station Friends group agreed to extend their voluntary role at the station to look after the car park landscaping’.  So clearly as far as LCC were concerned ‘the ball was in our court’.  However it did suggest that Richard Watts (our other LCC contact), was following up our concerns with Network Rail and it was agreed that we contact Richard to explore this.

(ii)  Car Park lights.  For some time now the solar/wind turbine powered lights had not been working, for whatever reason.  Colin had emailed Richard Kirkby (LCC) as to whom he should report it.  This elicited no response, again due to Richard’s unknown departure from LCC.  Colin therefore reported it to ISS in the usual way for faults, only to be told that they were aware of it but could do nothing, as the installations had not been officially handed over.  Colin therefore contacted Brian Haworth (LCC Community Rail), who in turn contacted the manufacturers, who promised to look into it but would be unable to do so until the New Year.  Brian was also looking into the possibility of a maintenance contract with the manufacturers.

(iii)  ACoRP Parliamentary reception 09/11/11.  We had had no indication as to whether our MP Graham Jones had been able to attend the reception.  Harry promised to follow this up

i)  Communities Together.  Margaret and Fiona had attended a Communities Together event on behalf of the Panel which had been organised by Hyndburn Community Network in conjunction with Norden HS, which included a performance of ‘Step Away Before He Explodes’.  They thought the event as a whole had not been a success.  While the Norden pupils tried hard as hosts, it was felt it was poorly organised, confusing, with no general discussion after the performance and directed at the wrong target audience, with few parents present.

6.  Treasurer’s Report.

Margaret had emailed the latest figures to Colin as follows : current a/c 2162.82 (2162.82) : investment 1195.90 (1195.78).          

7. Foundation. 

Ellie Taylor (Development Manager) was away now for two months climbing in the Andes and the remaining staff would share responsibilities, with Mike in overall charge.

An interesting new venture that the Foundation would be lead body for, was the People Pod’s Project.  This was part funded by The Big Lottery, with strategic direction being exercised through a steering group of other interested parties (HBC, NHS, Bootstrap, etc).  Recruitment was now in hand to employ a ‘Community Food Growing Officer’, which Ian would be eligible to apply for.

8.  Green Spaces Forum. 

As local agents now for LCC’s Green Partnership Awards, the Hyndburn Green Spaces Forum had held its first awards ceremony at Scaitcliffe House on Friday 11th November 2011.  Certificates were presented to all local organisations who had been granted funding for a project(s) by the Green Partnership during the year. Ruth and Colin had represented the Panel and received a certificate for the Willow Tunnel.  This was shown to the Panel members present.

Colin was also one of the Green Spaces Forum members who attended the Mayor of Hyndburn’s Community Awards ceremony at Accrington Town Hall on Friday 25th November 2011.  The GSF were runners-up in their category – Community Organisation of the Year (Winners – Hyndburn Homewise).

Next meeting 15/12/11

9.  Rishton Community Action Group.

For ‘Piggy Park’ see 5(f) above.

At the first meeting of Rishton CAG 24/11/11 there had been a review of the ‘Signs of Life’ project to be called ‘Rishton Recalled’.  A possible 20 locations significant to Rishton’s history had been identified and negotiations were in hand with the property owners to gain permission to have a plaque put up.  A booklet would be prepared explaining what each plaque depicted.  This would be available on the web and also printed.  It was hoped to launch it at next year’s Rishton Festival.

10.   Magazines & Newsletters.

Nothing to report.

11. Booking Time.

Harry 11/2 hrs litter picking.

12.  Working Parties.

These had taken place on three consecutive Saturday mornings, 5th, 12th and 19th November.  The first had cleared the summer bedding plants out of the planters at the station.  The second had planted them up again with polyanthus and pansies donated by Park View.  Once again they had ‘done us proud’ with over 500 plants, which had been collected the day before by Margaret and Colin.  Some of the plants were used on other occasions in the planters on Station Rd, on Harwood Rd corner, and Blackburn Rd and also on High St bridge.

On the third Saturday it had been planned to do some clearance on the canal side at High St bridge.  But with a change of plan it was decided instead to spread the wood chip at the station (from the ISS tree surgery) on the shrubbery beds there to hopefully inhibit the weeds next summer.

Margaret had sent a letter of thanks to Park View.  Colin had circulated a note of thanks to all those who had worked so hard on the three Saturday mornings.

Colin and Paul would now negotiate with Hazel Mayow of British Waterways to agree a date (Saturday morning) in the New Year when she could come with her truck to assist in the clearance of overgrown vegetation by the canal side at High St bridge.

13.  Any other business.

(i)   Bridge repairs.  Referring to the reference at the last meeting to the bridge over the stream at Tottleworth being 100 years old next year, Harry questioned whether some form of celebration/recognition might come within Prospect’s remit.  To be discussed further.

(ii)  One Planet 1st Birthday Party.  This was to be held at the Civic Arts Centre, Oswaldtwistle on Wednesday 7th December 2011 at 7.00pm.  Those wishing to go should contact the One Planet Shop (383604) to help them gauge numbers.

(iii) ‘Eco-Structures’.  Gemma had located a ‘firm’ in Preston called ‘Eco-Structures’ producing recycled plastic furniture, bird boxes, etc similar to Prosperity but also specialising in willow structures.  They are a social enterprise organisation under the auspices of the NHS providing employment for people with health and other problems who would otherwise find it difficult to find work.  This had been noted for future reference.

14.  Dates of next meetings

 3rd January 2012                                                            7th February 2012

Fiona closed the meeting at 8.40 pm by wishing those present, and absent friends, a very happy Christmas and another successful Prospects year in 2012..