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Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 3rd January 2012

1. Present

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Gordon Baldam, Wendy Flanagan, Julie Martindale, Beverley Moorhouse, PatrickTroughton, Paul Wilkinson.

2. Apologies

Janis Counsell, Maria Flanagan, Janet Rutter, Jo Troughton

Fiona welcomed everyone and good wishes for the New Year were exchanged.

3. Minutes of the meeting of 6th December 2011.

The minutes were agreed as a true record and signed as such.

4. Matters arising

Project Update:

a) Station Food Growing. Colin had e-mailed Brian Haworth regarding Network/Northern Rail permission to carry out this project. Brian had replied that he didn’t think there would be a problem, however, Colin will chase Brian as to a definite answer. Colin will draw a plan of the area with the intention of attaching cut-outs of the raised beds to experiment with their size and positioning among the trees in the area. Next FRY meeting 18/01/12.

b) Willow tunnel and arbour. The willow tunnel has not been checked recently, but the arbour will still need pruning in February.

c) Turrets Garden. Colin has not followed this up with Kate Morley as yet.

d)  Holt Street Rec. Councillors, and in particular Clare Cleary, are following up the skate park idea with the Parks Dept and the Green Spaces Forum.

e)  Bird Information Boards. A beautiful sample of further drawings by the artist were passed round. Gemma was still hoping the artist would finish the remainder, early in the New Year.

f) Canal Adoption Scheme. Colin and Paul had attended the BW thank you event at Rosegrove in December. On Saturday 7th Jan. we have a working party organised to launch our official adoption of this length of Canal. We will be cutting back shrubs and trees and generally tidying up the area around the canal bridge. Hazel Mayow (BW) will attend with a track for removal of the debris. Jonathan McPherson from the Accrington Observer had been in contact with Paul regarding the event and Hazel had also mentioned giving out press releases. Paul said he would contact Hazel to ensure that we both give out the same information. Paul also mentioned that it might be a good idea to extend the Bird Information Board to the Canal area.

g) Piggy Park. Still with Community Action Group.

h) Station Car Park Lights.  These are still not working and Colin will follow up with Brian Haworth (LCC Community Rail).

5. Treasurer’s Report

The current account stands at £2162.82 (£2162.82) and the investment account at £1195.90 (£1195.90).

6. Foundation.

Nothing to report. Next Management Committee meeting 25/01/12.

7. Green Spaces Forum.

The last meeting was on the 15th December, however, no minutes had yet been received. Colin reported that the group had had a talk from Katie Farnell, Incredible Edibles, Accrington. The next meeting was the AGM on the 17th Jan. Colin can’t make it, a replacement volunteer would be welcome.

10. Rishton Community Action Group.

As the group have not had a further meeting, there was nothing to report.

11. Magazines and Newsletters.

Nothing to circulate.

12. Booking Time.

Janis Counsell 30 mins. litter picking at Station.

13 Working Parties.

Saturday 7th January, 9.30 am High Street Bridge (see 4(f) above).

14. AOB.

Colin had received an invitation to an Extraordinary meeting of Hyndburn Community Network. The focus of this meeting was a vote on whether to wind up the group because of the lack of funding. Colin is unable to attend, however, a proxy can be appointed.

15. Dates of next meetings.

7th February 2012 6th March 2012

It was noted that the normal meeting date in June would be the 5th, but this was the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee date, and a Bank Holiday. Colin to enquire at the Centre whether the Tuesdays a week before or after would be possible. (Update: Colin subsequently enquired and the Centre will be available on both Tuesdays (i.e. 29th May and 12th June).

The meeting closed at 7.35 pm.

Meeting ended 9.00 pm

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on 7th February 2012

1. Present

 Fiona Cook (Chairman), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Gordon Baldam, Wendy Flanagan, Julie Martindale, Beverley Moorhouse, Janet Rutter, Paul Wilkinson.

2. Apologies

Ruth Colling, Maria Flanagan, Jo Troughton, Patrick Troughton, Gemma Tomlinson, Nature Walks Project Officer, Prospects Foundation.

Fiona welcomed everyone.

3. Minutes of the meeting of 3rd January 2012.

The minutes were agreed as a true record and signed as such.

4. Matters arising

Project Update:

a) Station Food Growing. The project is moving on. Ian has been in touch with a Mark Kerr and Keith Wood who have built raised beds for him before.  Its been agreed that they will build the two we requested in situ, but where to put them? Colin has made a plan of the plot to help us decide where to place any beds. Beds were placed on the plan where we thought appropriate bearing in mind the spread of the existing trees. It was decided that we would ask Ian to assess the plan possibly during a meeting at the plot.

b) Bird Information Boards. This phase is taking longer than originally estimated so Gemma had e-mailed Colin with scanned images of three more bird illustrations which are fantastic. Gemma has passed what she has received to Chris Barrow so that he can get on with designing the boards. Wendy asked about protective covering for the boards. Colin will check on this.

c) Canal Adoption Scheme. Our formal adoption of the canal through Rishton had been successfully launched with a working party on the beds at High Street bridge as planned on 07/01/12, and we duly got a picture in the press of a certificate being presented to Fiona by Hazel Mayow, Volunteer Leader, British Waterways. Colin and Paul had attended the 125th Anniversary celebration of the Accrington Observer in the Market Hall in Accrington. They and Harry had had a word with the Editor regarding giving Rishton and the Panel more coverage in the paper. Paul and Colin had worked on a piece for the Prospect Spring Newsletter. It has been reported on line and in the press that a new charitable body to be called the Canal and River Trust will be taking over from British Waterways in April with a grant from the Government of £1billion to kick-start the project, but thereafter they will be expected to raise their own finance.

d) Piggy Park/Terracotta Stones. Harry had been to see Colin to look at the Terracotta stones in his garage, with a view to having something constructive done with them. Food growing on Piggy Park had also been discussed and is still on-going via CAG.

e) Station Car Park Lights.  An engineer from the manufacturers is due at the station soon to assess why these lights are not working. Brian Haworth (LCC) will keep Colin informed.

5. Treasurer’s Report

The current account stands at £2094.57 (£2162.82).  A rental cheque of £68.25 was paid in January to the Centre for use of their premises for our meetings. It was reported that from the 1st January 2012 the cost of hiring this room would increase from £7 to £8 per hour (still felt to be very reasonable). The investment account stands at £1196.02 (£1195.90).

6. Foundation.

Polo shirts are now ready for each Prospect Panel. There are 6 per Panel to begin with, more if there are leftovers. There are ladies and gents sizes in either Royal or Navy blue. A mix will be sent to each Panel. Gemma had sent two sample polo shirts along to the meeting for us to see. The A-Boards are being sorted out with Chris doing the designs for each Panel. It’s not yet known when these will be ready.

7. Green Spaces Forum.

The last meeting on the 17th January was the AGM. All existing officers were re-elected. The next two meeting are scheduled for the 16th February and the 20th March. Colin can’t make either of these meetings. Is anyone else available to attend. The “big Tree” project is the main one being worked on for the future.

8 Rishton Community Action Group.

The group met on the 26th January in the Conservative Club. The plaques were discussed and permission is being sought at the moment from the owners of the premises where it is proposed to place them. The group discussed having their own identity and explored how they could achieve this and not be linked with the Area Council. The group had another walkabout last week. All Rishton has been walked over the last 12 months. Walkabouts are held on the 1st Monday of each month and 3.00 pm from the Centre. However, from April (Summer months) the walks will start at 3.30 pm. The next meeting will be on the 1st March 2012.

9 Magazines and Newsletters.

Margaret reported that over the last month she had forwarded via e-mail information from HRVCVS – Friday Feature, Foundation – Renewable energy training, Monday volunteering, Light Photography at Foxhill Bank to be held on the 18th February and the Prospects Newsletter. Also one Train on Line.

10 Booking Time.

Margaret 4 hour administration.

11 Working Parties.

A provisional date has been set for Saturday 10th March – litter picking on the Canal – and a possible initiative with Environmental Health on dog dirt (see 12 below). Bev said she would talk to the new Head at Norden High School to see if the Green Team could help.

12 AOB.

The bulb planting which we did is now showing results. The ones planted with Norden High School Year 7 on Parker Street corner are just coming through. The ones planted with the children at the Methodist School and St Charles are showing strong growth. However, there is little evidence at Norden Court corner where machine planting was carried out.

The rosebed, High Street bridge is now forked over and Colin has put some soil improver from HBC on it. The cross-canal shrubbery has been cleared of litter, 3 bin bags being collected.

Wildflower Meadow. HBC Parks did not move the vegetation which we harvested last Autumn. Colin has barrowed it to the far side near the field and has spread some wildflower seed he had left from last year.

Picnic Site. Paul pointed out that part of the old wooden fence was down. This had been reported to Gemma and Gary from Natural Organics will quote for replacing it in either wood or steel.

Tony Akrigg, Director of Environmental Health at HBC had seen the press coverage of our adoption of the Canal in Rishton and wondered if his Dept could work with us on the perennial problem of dog dirt along the canal. The Panel agreed to invite him to our next meeting to discuss ideas.

The new Area Council (although this name may be changed) will meet on the 8th March 2012 (not the 16th February as announced in the press) at the Free Gardeners Club, Parker Street 7.00 pm. The meeting is open to the public.

13 Dates of next meetings.

6th March 2012                                                3rd April 2012                                                1st May 2012

The meeting ended at 8.45 pm.

Meeting ended 9.00 pm

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on 6th March 2012

1. Present

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Gordon Baldam, Linda Castle, Wendy Flanagan, Beverley Moorhouse, Cllr. Ken Moss, Paul Wilkinson. Tony Akrigg (HBC Environmental Health Officer). Fran Gibbons, (HBC Dog Warden) Annie Moorcroft (Myerscough College and local resident).

2. Apologies

Maria Flanagan, Julie Martindale, Janet Rutter, Jo Troughton, Patrick Troughton, Cllr. Harry Grayson.

Fiona welcomed everyone, in particular Tony, Fran and Annie

1. Canal Towpath.

This item was brought forward to enable Tony and Fran to leave early if they so wished. Tony opened the discussion by referring to the perennial problem of dog dirt and the specific problem which occurs on the canal towpath. We discussed ways in which we, as a Panel, could work with the Environmental Health Dept. to highlight the problem to members of the public. Members of Environmental Health and the Dog Warden will be in attendance on Saturday morning (10/3/12), (when our working party meets to do a litter pick) as a public relations and enforcement action exercise.

Tony outlined the measures needed to be taken to instigate enforcement action against dog owners who do not “pick-up” after their dogs. Photographic evidence, issuing fines etc. Fran brought along forms, with pre-paid envelopes, which can be placed in the library, the Centre etc. to enable the public to inform HBC of frequent fouling. The Council need information such as date and time of incident, location, details of dog walker, description of dog etc. If this happens on a regular basis they can then carry out a covert operation and hopefully catch the culprit. Information can also be submitted via the Web. This information can be given anonymously.

Tony also mentioned litter in the water. However, there isn’t a lot we can do about this for health and safety reasons. We hope to liaise with Hazel Mayow, Volunteer Leader, British Waterways – as long as she gets funding to continue – regarding the possibility of a clean-up barge being made available. Annie commented on the rubbish which is in the canal which can be directly attributed to the demolition of Britannia Mill. Ken informed the meeting that the owners of the land are liable for work on their land and that they have been served with an Enforcement Notice.  Annie also said that companies which are based in some of the units along the canal are throwing tyres, metal etc. into the water. It could easily been seen which ones are the culprits.

Annie was proposing to do a water and soil test along a stretch of canal, to determine the level of pollution.

2. Minutes of the meeting of 7th February 2012.

The minutes were agreed as a true record and signed as such.

3. Matters Arising

Project Update:

a) Station Food Growing. Two trial raised beds have been installed and just need topsoil. We have had a quote of £40 per ton and we think 1 ton per raised bed. Colin suggested we could fund the £80 from our account and Ian hoped to provide manure, compost etc. A working party on Saturday 17th March was agreed to barrow the soil in. Wendy will look after one of the beds and would welcome suggestions as to what might be planted. It was also suggested Patrick and Jo might be approached to look after the other bed. It was suggested that in the future, if we have more beds, we could leaflet the local residents to see if they would be interested in using some. Could we offer them to the schools? However, there may be a problem over access. Involving the residents which back onto this land might encourage them to keep an eye on the beds.

b) Bird Information Boards. Gemma is still awaiting the remaining artwork. When this is complete we will be able to move much more quickly on this project.

c) Sports Shirts. Colin has e-mailed Ellie with sizes and colours which have been requested by our Panel members. No one present wished to be added to the list. More would be ordered if the initial demand could not be completely met.

d) A-Boards. The artwork is now with Chris who will finalise the design. Gemma is hoping to come to our next meeting.

e) Canal Adoption Scheme. There will be a litter picking working party this Saturday (10/3/12).  Year 7 pupils from Norden School will work with us for about 1.1/2 hrs. under Bev’s supervision. Hazel has reminded Paul that we will need to record the names of those attending our working party. As litter picking is covered by risk assessments supplied by Hazel, she did not need to come, particularly as she was double booked.

Paul said that the worst of the litter is in the water at Tottleworth Bridge and by the viewing platform. There had been a letter in the paper complaining about the litter in the water and Cllr Clare Pritchard had replied that HBC staff would be working with us, however, we hadn’t been informed of this. Rotary Club have a National Spring Clean Day on Sunday 22nd April and were asking for our support with this. It was believed the BW barge would be in attendance to clean up the water. Paul reported that various adoption groups around the country have “Volunteer Here” banners and one would be available to us from British Waterways.

There is a training day for leaders, Health and Safety etc., but the date is as yet unconfirmed. Paul has managed to get two places for our panel on this course, if anyone else is interested.

The fence has been repaired at the picnic site and a dead tree has been cut down.

f) Station Car Park. Colin reported that we were still waiting for an engineer to come and repair the two car park lights. Gordon said they were working again. {Colin checked after the meeting and the lights were on. Colin to follow up with Brian Haworth to get details of the engineers evident visit}. Margaret had e-mailed round the March edition of ‘Train on Line’ which included an article inviting station adopters to enter the competition to find the Lancashire Community Rail Line Station of the Year 2012. The Panel agreed that we should enter Rishton Station.

4. Treasurers Report.

The current account stands at £2094.57 (£2094.57) and the investment account stands at £1196.08 (£1196.02).

5. Foundation.

Gemma had e-mailed Margaret and Fiona that their first aid training was up for renewal. Fiona and Margaret agreed to go to the training session to be held on the 21st April 2012.

6. Green Spaces Forum.

Everyone agreed that the crocus were making a great show throughout the village. The Council are awaiting confirmation of £10,000 matched funding for the Big Tree Plant. However, this may not be through before the end of the financial year.

7. Rishton Community Action Group.

Fiona reported that this group was not really working. However, the permissions for locating the plaques was coming together.

Paul reported that a Rishton resident had posted a notice on Facebook complaining about the money that the Council allegedly gives to the Prospects Panel, who do very little for Rishton. He had replied that the Council do not give money to Rishton Prospects Panel, and that on the contrary, we have raised thousands of pounds through funding from outside bodies which has been spent on Rishton. Fiona was going to attend the Area Council meeting on Thursday 8th March to report to that meeting exactly what projects the Panel have carried out throughout Rishton and the amount of money we have raised.

8. Timebooking.

Margaret 4 hrs. admin. Bev. 2 hrs. Risk assessment. Colin asked Paul to try and work out his hours especially those related to the canal and liaison with Hazel, so that these too can be recorded.

9. Working Parties.

Saturday 10th March litter picking on the Canal. Saturday 17th March barrowing soil into raised beds at Station.

10. AOB.

Hyndburn Community Network will close on the 31st March, due to funding being stopped.

Colin had made a start on the arbour in Cut Wood. The willow tunnel could do with some more woodchip. Maybe think about a return path being created.

One of the bird boxes has a great big hole in it. It is suspected that this has been caused by squirrels. Metal strips are sometimes put over the holes in bird boxes to prevent this.

Linda reported that she had questioned a lady about why she was picking the daffodils in Cut Wood – she was commended for doing this. Perhaps the Council’s Parks Dept. could put up a notice asking people not to pick wild flowers etc.

Meeting closed at 9.00 pm.

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on 3rd April 2012

1. Present

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Julie Martindale, Janet Rutter, Paul Wilkinson

2. Apologies

Gordon Baldam, Wendy Flanagan, Jo Troughton, Patrick Troughton.

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting.

3. Minutes of the Meeting of 6th March 2012

The minutes were agreed as a true record and signed as such.

4. Matters Arising.

Project Update

a) Canal Working Party Review. A working party met on Saturday 10th March to conduct a litter pick. Hazel Mayow, Volunteer Leader, British Waterways was in attendance. Tony Akrigg and a colleague from Environmental Health also worked on the canal towpath raising awareness of the problem of dog fouling and actually caught and issued a fixed penalty notice to a member of the public who did not ‘pick up’ after their dog. The Panel discussed the difficulty in know what to actually do to alleviate the dog dirt problem. Colin has lots of poo bags and it was suggested that perhaps we could give these out with a gentle reminder of the problem. Colin will e-mail Tony to ask if he has any further ideas as to what can be done. Paul said that the Rishton Blog is receiving lots of messages re dog dirt on canal. These messages are picked up by the Councillors.

Ruth had reported children climbing onto the roof of a dangerous half demolished building on Spring Street backing onto the canal. As a result of Ruth’s action this building has now been completely demolished. As Annie Moorcroft was not at the meeting, we don’t know anything further regarding her soil/water pollution analysis along the canal.

b) Station Food Growing. Colin has forked in compost on the raised beds. Jo & Patrick and Wendy have planted seeds. The next thing we need to do is to make decent paths in the area in readiness for more beds. We will probably have to apply for Lottery funding for these and costings will be needed. In the meantime we will see how we go on with the two we have. It might be a good idea to think about making our own raised beds as you can actually buy the wood cut to size and it’s just a matter of screwing them together. Colin has, as yet, been unable to have more keys cut for the gate into the raised bed area.

c) Bird Information Boards. Gemma is hoping that she will be in a position to bring all the artwork to our next meeting. The project must be finalised by 10th August as the funding must be used by that date.

d) Sports Shirts. More shirts are on order, Colin to be advised as soon as possible if anyone wants one or another.

e) A-Boards. These are now in store. One side is a white board and the other side adverts for Panels etc. Ellie is anxious to get these out to Panels. The wooden posts are ready to distribute after Easter.

f) Canal Adoption Scheme. Unfortunately we missed the training days which would have given a couple of Panel members Health & Safety leader status for parties working on the canal. Hazel is now insistent that she or Matt Smith must be in attendance when workers are on the canal towpath.

g) Station Car Park. The car park lighting is now working. Brian Haworth is awaiting the engineers report. We need to know what was wrong for future reference even through, it may have been just a bulb. If anything goes wrong in future, we have to let Brian know.

5. Treasurers Report.

The current account stands at £2064.57 (£2094.57) £30 subscription has been paid to Acorp. The investment account stands at £1196.08 (£1196.08).

6. Foundation

A staff and project update report was given to each Panel member. The future governance of the foundation is being assessed. We will hear more about this at the AGM on 30th May. Ellie is preparing notes regarding this and she needs feedback from Panels.

Mike’s next project is a Community Benefit Wind Turbine. He is asking for support and looking for volunteers who can work with him over the next few months to move this idea forward. To get the ball rolling a meeting will be held on Tuesday 10th April at 6.00 pm in the Prospects Office at Cannon Street, Accrington.

7. Green Spaces Forum.

The Forum reviewed the success of the ‘Blooming Lovely’ crocus planting throughout the Borough.  There was then a very interesting presentation by a lady from “Can We Solutions”. This is a not for profit organisation which prints logos, letterheads, tee shirts, flyers, banners etc., gives marketing advice and holds marketing workshops. These are done at very advantageous rates. This is perhaps an organisation we can use if we need printing etc. They are situated on Whalley Road, Wilpshire. The next meeting of the Green Spaces Forum which is a funding training evening, will be on the 19th April at 6.30 pm in Scaitcliffe House.  Spaces are limited and anyone who would like to attend should let Colin know asap.

8. Rishton Community Action Group.

The group didn’t meet as planned last Thursday, as the majority couldn’t make the meeting due to work commitments.

9. Rishton Area Management Council.

Fiona, Paul and Ruth attended at the Free Gardeners. Each Ward Councillor along with County Councillor Miles Parkinson and Hyndburn’s MP Graham Jones gave a report on what they did and had been doing. It is intended to hold the meetings at 3 different venues with each Councillor taking turns to Chair the meeting. The next one will be held at the Cricket Club.

10. Timebooking.

Margaret 3 hrs. admin. Fiona 2 hours for photocopying (this for the year). Again Colin asked Paul to try and work out his hours so that these too can be recorded.

11. Working Parties.

Rotary have arranged a Spring Clean along the canal and want to cover the whole of the length from Whalley Road CLM to Rishton. There will be morning and afternoon sessions on Sunday 22nd April starting at Enfield Wharf CLM. A briefing by Hazel Mayow will be given at 9.45 am at the Sea Cadets headquarters and another at 12.45 pm at Wm Blythes, Church. Colin will e-mail Prospects members to encourage them to assist with the litterpick if anyone can make it.

12. AOB

Colin had reshaped the willow arbour pulling in all last years new growth. He had planted some of the cuttings he had taken to try to fill in some gaps. The willow tunnel has lots of dead wood in it but this has been left to give strength to the structure.  Unfortunately, some more vandalism has been done to the above since then.

Janet was thanked for applying fertilizer to the rosebed on the canal.

Colin had received a letter from LCC regarding their list of suppliers. On ringing them to inform them that we do not supply them with anything, he was told that it had been sent out in error.

An e-mail had been received and circulated regarding the closure of Hyndburn Community Network.

Rishton Festival. The panel felt that we could have a stall to raise awareness of not only what the Panel does around Rishton but also to highlight the problem of litter and dog poo. We thought perhaps the Environmental Health Department could be in attendance regarding this.

Margaret and Ruth commented on the disgusting state of the spare land surrounding the walkway from Eachill Gardens (bungalows) through to the junction of Walmsley Avenue/Walmsley Street. It was felt that a litter pick could be organised in this area. [update: Margaret noticed in the local paper (4/4/12) that Cllr. Clare Cleary was asking residents to let her know of any grot spots in Rishton. Consequently Margaret e-mailed her regarding this area].

Meeting ended 8.34 pm

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on 1st May 2012

1. Present

 Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Gordon Baldam, Wendy Flanagan, Patrick Troughton, Paul Wilkinson. Gemma Tomlinson, Nature Walks Project Officer, Prospects Foundation, Julie Livesey, Community Food Growing Co-ordinator, Prospects Foundation

2. Apologies

Fiona Cook, Maria Flanagan, Julie Martindale, Beverley Moorhouse, Janet Rutter, Jo Troughton.

In Fiona’s absence, Ruth took the chair and welcomed everyone to the meeting especially, Julie Livesey, attending for the first time. It was good to have Gemma in attendance once again and to note that her pregnancy was going well.

3. Minutes of the Meeting of 3rd April 2012.

The minutes were agreed as a true record and signed as such.

Julie is the newest recruit to the Prospects Foundation and came along to introduce herself and answer any questions we may have. She had joined Ian Hodgson on the ‘Cultivate’ programme. Ian is to concentrate mainly on allotment regeneration at Meadoway and Woodnook Allotments leaving Julie to cover his work with schools and other groups in the smaller townships. She has a small budget for seeds etc. if we need any. She asked if we had any training needs. Julie said that a raised bed was being trialed at Huncoat Station and that she was involved with Huncoat Primary School and Great Harwood Day Care Centre who are interested in developing a garden. She is also helping Ian on his projects including Accrington Station and working with a group at Manchester Road growing fruit and vegetables. We will probably work with Julie in the future on developing the food growing initiative on the Station. She was thanked for attending our meeting. She left a stack of leaflets about her work for us to distribute to schools and other organisations/notice boards.

4. Matters Arising.

Project Update

a) Canal Working Party Review. Tony Akrigg had responded to Colin’s e-mail asking what he thought the Panel could do to spread the dog fouling message. Tony said that the Environmental Health Dept. intended to carry out more enforcement work in conjunction with the Police and bags were being distributed. We felt it was difficult to know what else we as a Panel could do. Paul did think that not enough publicity was given in the media to successful enforcement action and that a response could be posted on the Rishton blog.

b) Station Food Growing. Patrick and Wendy who are each looking after one of the trial raised beds at the station told the meeting what they had planted – radish, potatoes etc. Colin was still having a problem obtaining duplicate keys to the gate onto no-mans land.

c)  Bird Information Boards. Gemma brought two sheets of bird illustrations to the meeting. Those present were most impressed. We agreed with Gemma that some of the text looked a little lost on its background and she said that it will be emboldened. The bird pictures need some jigging about a bit to ensure that they are evened out. Gemma will now let Shirley Parkinson see them and then get printing and frame manufacture underway. Gemma hoped to get things completed by the end of June.

d) Sports Shirts.  Extras have not yet arrived.

e) A-Boards. Chris has completed the designs and the boards just need finishing off.

f) Posts. These were ready and Gemma would liaise with us on their installation.

g) Canal Adoption Scheme. Paul and Colin helped with Rotary’s Spring Clean. It was very impressive what rubbish ended up being collected. Some nets on long poles had proved very effective in getting litter out of the water near the bank and it was felt that perhaps we could invest in one or two ourselves. Paul will find out where they came from. Paul reported that a cleaning barge came through Rishton last Saturday.

h) Grot Spots. As reported in last months minutes, Margaret had e-mailed Cllr. Claire Cleary regarding the amount of litter strewn about on the garage site behind Eachill Gardens. (Cllr. Cleary had requested residents to inform her of local grot spots) Unfortunately Margaret had had no reply to her e-mail.

5. Treasurers Report.

The current account stands at £2064.57 (£2064.57) (includes £2130 of Lottery funding for the Bird Project). The investment account stands at £1196.14 (£1196.08).

6. Foundation.

Gemma reported that the newsletter had been published on the Foundation website and she brought some hard copies to the meeting. Wendy will put some in the Library. All schools in Hyndburn have received them. Most of the articles in the newsletter this time have been written by volunteers but there had also been some input from Julie. Ruth asked Gemma for articles and publicity etc. for our stall at Rishton Festival. Gemma said that there are Velcro boards available form the Foundation if we need these.

7. Green Spaces Forum.

Colin had attended the last meeting (19/04/12) when the entire time had been given over to an introduction to the steps needed to prepare effective funding applications. This was becoming ever more critical as big organisations suffering from government funding cuts were muscling in on grant funders.

8. Rishton Community Action Group.

In Fiona’s absence there was no report.

9. Time booking.

Margaret 6 hrs. admin. Patrick and Jo 2 hrs. Wendy 1.5 hrs. Paul 30 mins. Paul had also furnished Colin with the hours he has accumulated working on the canal project = 4.5 hrs.

11. Working Parties.

26th May was penciled in as a possible date for tidying up the flowerbeds prior to replanting with bedding plants. Colin had been able to follow up Margaret’s e-mail to Park View about availability of plants once more. He had spoken with Gayle Pugh, their Office Administrator, who had received an assurance from Nick (who works at their Tarleton nursery) that they would be happy to assist us when the time was right (end May/early June).

12. AOB

Colin had carried out more work on tidying new growth on the willow arbour and cutting off lengths and planting for hopefully new growth. He had also put a new front on the bird box that had suffered from squirrel vandalism and this now had a proper sized hole once again.

Margaret and Fiona had attended a first aid training course on the 21st April. They had gained certificates three years ago and this was a refresher course.

For Rishton Festival (07/07/12) Ruth suggested that once again we could hold a One Planet Fair Trade stall in conjunction with Churches Together. As last year, a procession will start at the Station and go to the festival field at Norden. It was suggested that we could perhaps give out leaflets publicising Prospects. Suggestions to our next meeting please.

Norden are once again holding a communities together event. This is primarily raising awareness of racism and it was felt that it wasn’t really within Prospect’s remit.

Meeting ended 8.45 pm.

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on 28th May  2012

1. Present

Fiona Cook, (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Gordon Baldam, Wendy Flanagan, Patrick Troughton.

2. Apologies

Beverley Moorhouse, C. Cllr. Miles Parkinson, Janet Rutter, Jo Troughton.

This meeting was brought forward because HM The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee bank holiday fell on our normal meeting date. Also there had been a mix-up with the booking of the Centre for Tuesday 29th May, hence our meeting on the 28th.

3. Minutes of the Meeting of 1st May 2012

The minutes were agreed as a true record and signed as such.

4. Matters Arising.

Project Update

a) Station Food Growing. Wendy had been down today watering.  Colin had managed to get 2 extra keys cut for the gate on the station platform into our food growing area. Wendy and Patrick have each now got a key. The group felt that we now need  a time scale for assessing how the project is progressing and what do we do next. Fiona suggested a photo board to be displayed at Rishton Festive showing what we have achieved so far and asking people to put down their names if they are interested in joining this venture.

b) Bird Information Boards. The artwork is now complete. The printing of the boards is the next thing to be done, and Gemma will liaise with Shirley Parkinson on this as well as the frames.

c) Sports Shirts. Mike has informed us that there are 52 shirts still available if anyone wants more. Colin had a list for ordering and Fiona suggested bringing it to the AGM on Wednesday 30th May.

d) A-Boards.  No further information at this time.

e) Posts. Colin had sent an e-mail round asking for comments as Mike wanted confirmation as to where to site these. Margaret had suggested one at the bottom of the ramp up to the station platform and another at the bottom of the ramp going down to the canal towpath from High Street Bridge. This was agreeable to those present, although Gordon was concerned about dog activity round the canal site. Mike will advise when he is ready to install them. Gordon hoped they would be concreted in. To be checked with Mike.

f) Canal Adoption Scheme.  In Paul’s absence, nothing to report. Paul was liaising with the Library regarding the BW Adoption Certificate, the frame for which had smashed when it had fallen off the wall there. Need also to check if the suite at Norden Bridge and the bin bags near the café at High Street Bridge had been removed and if not chase the Council again.

g) Grot Spots As reported in April’s minutes, Margaret had e-mailed Cllr. Claire Cleary regarding the amount of litter strewn about on the garage site behind Eachill Gardens.  (Cllr. Cleary had requested residents to inform her of local grot spots) Unfortunately Margaret had had no reply to her e-mail.   – Nothing further to report.

5.  Treasurers Report.

Margaret had been unable to access internet banking due to a malfunction of her computer.  However, as there has been no activity on the accounts, they will be exactly the same as last month. {Margaret’s computer is back on line and on the 30/05/12 the current account stands at £2064.57 (£2064.57) and the investment account is £1196.20 (£1196.14)}

6. Foundation.

The AGM of the Prospects Foundation will be held at Oswaldtwistle Civic Arts Centre on the 30th May 2012. 

There was then some discussion on the matter of  Foundation Governance Structure.  The Foundation wanted feedback from Panels on whether consideration should be given to changes to the composition of the Management Committee.  The Panel felt happy with their representation on the Foundations Management Committee.  The Panels responses to the questionnaire will be fed back to Foundation staff and a copy of the questionnaire will be filed with the minutes.

7.  Green Spaces Forum.

Colin wasn’t able to attend the last meeting.

8. Rishton Community Action Group.

Nothing to report.

9. Timebooking.

Margaret 4 hrs.  Patrick 1 hr.  Jo 1 hr.  Wendy 2 hrs.   It was agreed that Wendy, Jo and Patrick should book their time spent on the raised beds as it was a Panel project.

11.  Working Parties.

Last Sat. 26th May working party achieved a good deal during the morning.  All the beds on the station and the two at the corner of St Charles Road/Station Road are now clear and ready for planting. Colin had previously cleared the three outside Norden Court and High Street Bridge was being left until later.   Thanks to all who joined in.  Unfortunately, a good proportion of the daffodil bulbs which had been lifted and placed on the cobbles beneath the footbridge for drying and subsequent replanting,  had ended up on the line.  Colin rescued the remainder which are now drying on his patio.  Thank you Colin. {Subsequently we have been informed by Parkview Landscape Ltd. That the summer bedding plants will be available for collection from their nursery on Saturday morning 9th June from 10.00 am.  A working party has been arranged to get planting on that date.}  The woodchip on the beds around the car park has done a good job, however, weeding needs to be done as a matter of urgency before they get too prolific.

12. AOB .

For Rishton Festival (07/07/12) Wendy will contact One Planet with the intention of repeating what we did last year.  She will also ask if they can advertise the Festival and our One Planet stall in the shop.  It was noted that Julie Livesey had volunteered to attend to support food growing and Gemma promised to provide information boards.  It was decided that our next meeting (3/07/12) should be a planning meeting for the Festival.

Norden are once again holding a communities together event entitled “Knowing me, Knowing you”.  This is primarily raising awareness of racism and it was felt that it wasn’t really within Prospect’s remit. {Colin had been approached by the Neighbourhood Police asking for our support.  However, he advised them that it clashed with Prospects Foundation AGM}

Station of the Year Competition.  Our submission had been sent in and acknowledged.

Station Adoption Seminar.  Gordon Baldam expressed an interest in attending and the Panel felt it only proper that we should pay the attendance fee of £36.00 as there were no free bursaries left.  {On Wednesday morning Margaret received an e-mail from Hazel Bonner from ACoRP telling her that a free bursary had become available, so Margaret sent off Gordon’s booking  form immediately}.  The Seminar is to be held on the 18th July 2012 at Manchester Town Hall.

Meeting ended 8.45 pm.

JULY - Missing

AUGUST - No Meeting


Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on 2nd October  2012

1. Present

Fiona Cook, (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary),  Julie Martindale, Beverley Moorhouse.

2. Apologies

 Gordon Baldam, Wendy and Maria Flanagan,   Janet Rutter,  Patrick Troughton.

Because of the small attendance, it had been decided to postpone the AGM to the November meeting and proceed directly to the normal meeting agenda.

3. Minutes of the Meeting of 4th September  2012

The minutes were agreed as a true record and signed as such.

4. Matters Arising. 

Project Update

a)  Station Food Growing. Colin has not received any response to his e-mails regarding funding from Acorp.  However, they have been in the process of changing offices and preparing for some of their more major events.  So perhaps this is the reason why.  Hyndburn Green Spaces Forum still have £5,000 from their Green Spaces Partnership allocation left to spend by the end of March (2013).  Colin suggested to Julie Livesey that we might try to get some funding from them.  Green Spaces Partnership meeting is on the 18th October so it would be helpful to get the application in to be considered at this meeting.  However, Julie is on leave until Monday (8/10/12).

b) Bird Information Boards. Now in place.  The Award for All End of Grant form has been sent in.  This will be acknowledged when they are satisfied that we have done everything within the remit of the application. (update: Sat. 6/10.12 letter received from Awards for All.  Grant closed satisfactorily). Colin said that our application highlighted the education benefits of the Boards which we would promote.  Fiona suggested informing the local schools and nurseries that the Boards had been installed.  Press coverage should also be considered.

c) CART. There is to be a thank you event in Burnley.  All Panel members were invited but only Paul and Colin are able to go.  Colin will have to leave early for a hospital appointment. Paul had also circulated a volunteering events list.  The Panel have been invited by Great Harwood & Rishton Rotary to join another canal  litterpick starting this time in Rishton on Sunday 25th November.  On our behalf Paul had agreed that we will join in.  As yet no times have been given.

d) PACT Colin and Ruth had attended the September PACT meeting together.   Ruth will attend the meeting to be held tomorrow night. (Colin and Margaret will be attending a Prospects Foundation Management Committee meeting at the same time). 

5.  Treasurers Report. 

Rishton People’s Centre has been paid for the hire of the room (Jan/July 2012) £90.00.  The rent increased as from Jan. 2012 to £8.00 per hour.  The current account as at the 2nd October stands at £233.19. (£323.19).  The investment account stands at £696.42 (£696.38).

6.  Foundation.

A card has been sent to Gemma congratulating her on the birth of her daughter Evie Hope.  Members of the Foundation Management Team are going to view EnergieKontor’s Wind Farm at Oswaldtwistle Moor next week.

7.  Green Spaces Forum.

In Gordon’s absence, there was nothing to report on the Tree Warden Scheme.  However, the Big Tree Scheme is ongoing.

8.  Timebooking.

Margaret 5 hrs. admin.  Fiona 1 hr.

9. Working Parties.

The working party, held on the 22nd Sept., although few in number, worked very hard and  achieved a significant tidy-up of the station car park shrubbery.    Ruth & Steve brought plants from their own garden.  It was decided to meet again at the station on Saturday 6th October at 9.00 am. (date provisionally booked previously).

10. AOB.

Parkview have been approached as to when the pansies etc. will be available.

(Subsequent e-mail from Gayle to say that the pansies will available for collection on Friday 2nd November)  We have provisionally booked 3rd and 10th November for planting these. (Meet at the Station at 9.00 am.)

Bev and Colin have been working on a project at Norden High School  “build your own plastic bottle greenhouse”.    They had made a small cloche type cover for a wormery at the school to try out the technique.  .

Colin had been approached by Gareth Tidman, Editor of the Observer.  He wanted to get a feel of the community involvement in Rishton and what we think, good or bad, about the Observer.  Colin had subsequently met him and discussed this.

At the end of the meeting Julie Martindale tendered her resignation to the Panel.  She felt that she wasn’t able to contribute as much as she would like due to health reasons.  Members thanked her for her past help and support. 

Meeting ended 8.15 pm.

Minutes of the Sixteenth Annual General Meeting of the Rishton Prospects Panel held at the Peoples’ Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 6th November 2012

1.  Present

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice Chairman), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Co-Ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Wendy Flanagan, Beverley Moorhouse, Cllr. Ken Moss, Patrick Troughton,  Paul Wilkinson.    

2. Apologies

Gordon Baldam, C.Cllr. Miles Parkinson, Janis Counsell. Jo Troughton

The AGM, normally held in October, was held over to November because of the small attendance at the October meeting.

Fiona welcomed everyone and declared the meeting quorate.  (One quarter membership or 5 members, whichever is greater).

3.  Membership

We have a total signed up membership of 17.

4.  Chairman’s Address and Review of the Year

Fiona reviewed the highlights of another active year and thanked all Panel members for their support.  She also expressed thanks to Lancashire County Council, Hyndburn Borough Council, Northern Rail as well as our local Councillors and County Councillor.   A particular thanks was expressed to Park View Landscape Maintenance Ltd. for their generous support of the Panel.  (See Appendix I – Chairman’s Address)

5.  Treasurer’s Report and Accounts

Margaret presented the Financial Statement for the year from 4/10/11 to 2/10/12.

Income to the Current a/c  was a transfer of £500.00 from the investment account to cover expenditure, mainly the Bird Information Boards (Big Lottery Fund for these Boards of £2130.00 was received in the last financial year).

Expenditure for the year was £2429.63.  This was in the main £2133.00 for the Bird Information Boards, Room Hire at the Centre of £158.25 (the rent increased from £7.00 to £8.00 per hour), sundry expenses (reimbursement to Colin) of £108.38 Acorp Subscription £30.00

The closing balance in the Current account at 2/10/12 was £233.19 (opened at £2162.82 including £2130.00 for bird information boards).

The closing balance in the Investment account was £696.42 (opened at £1195.01).

The Treasurer’s Report was accepted unanimously and it was agreed it should be signed appropriately.

6.  Election of Officers and Representatives

Margaret indicated that she would carry out the duties of the Secretary for one more year but after that will be grateful for another member taking over this role.  Wendy agreed to take over the Secretary role.

The following were duly proposed, seconded and unanimously elected:

Chairman                                                         Fiona cook

Vice Chairman                                                Ruth Colling

Treasurer                                                         Margaret Worden

Secretary                                                         Wendy Flanagan

Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary              Colin Cooper

Asst. Project Co-ordinator                              Paul Wilkinson

Prospects Foundation Management

Committee Representative                  Colin Cooper

(It was noted that Margaret was also on the Foundation Management Committee as a directly elected member).    

7.  Any Other Business

It was agreed that a copy of the Chairs’ Annual Report be sent to the Prospects Foundation office and Parkview.

The meeting then passed on to the agenda for the normal meeting.

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on 6th November, 2012

1. Present

Fiona Cook, (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Wendy Flanagan,   Beverley Moorhouse, Cllr. Ken Moss, Janet Rutter, Patrick Troughton, Paul Wilkinson.

2. Apologies

Gordon Baldam, Janis Counsell, C.Cllr. Miles Parkinson. Jo Troughton.

The minutes of the Panel meeting on the 2nd October 2012 were accepted as a true record and signed as such.

We  had a short project update from Colin, as the rest of the meeting was given over to representatives from the Canal & River Trust (CART) who came to explain their role in  managing the canal in our area.

3.  Project Update

Station Food Growing.  Colin reported that a bid to Green Spaces Partnership had been made to fund two more raised beds, one of which will be higher than the others to accommodate a disabled gentleman.  Colin was trying to get this bid pushed through quickly, as Julie Livesey had some people ready to build the beds.  However, this is awaiting Shirley Parkinson’s return from sick leave.  It was felt we needed further guidance from Julie on how best to proceed with the use of the beds (old and new).

Working Parties.  The working party on the 6th October had cleared a significant area of the car park shrubbery of weeds.  We had pencilled in a working party for the 10th November.  However, this is not now needed as we had planted up all the beds in record time on the 3rd November and subsequently. 

The local Rotary Clubs are having another Big Clean along the canal on the 25th November 2012, this time from Rishton (Norden bridge) towards Church and Clayton-le-Moors.  Paul encouraged Panel members to take part.  Details of start time etc to follow.

Fiona then welcomed Matt Taylor and Katie Jackson from CART.  Katie is based at their Head Office in Wigan and Matt is at Burnley.  Paul had attended the CART thank you event at Burnley on the 25th October on the Panel’s behalf.  The Panel apologised to Matt that we had not supported their dry stone walling week near Cut Lane bridge.  Matt said a viable number of others had turned up.

Matt and Kate outlined their Management Plan to us stating how they will manage their projects.  In essence it’s all about Health and Safety.  If we wish to carry out work along the Canal, they need to know, what we are doing, when we are doing it and where we will be working.  If we generate any waste, e.g. branches, litter, etc. when we have informed them of a working party, they will make sure its taken away.  They provided telephone numbers that we could use to notify them of any Panel activity, however, short the notice.  They would look after the paperwork (risk assessments etc.) but might want to be present if possible, especially in the early days.

Fiona asked Matt what his vision for Rishton canal was.  He said his vision was to protect and enhance what we already have.  Their remit is Community Engagement, they will liaise with volunteer groups and businesses with interests and locations along the canal corridor.

Cllr. Moss attended our meeting at our invitation.  He informed us that he has been working closely with Hyndburn Council’s Chief Planning Officer on a Canal Corridor Master Plan.  It is envisaged that land along the canal, now derelict, will be brought into use for private housing.

Paul reported that last year we had a tidy up near to High Street Bridge in early Jan.  He is hoping to arrange a date with CART for the same sort of work early next year

Meeting ended at 7.30 pm.

Meeting ended 8.15 pm.

DECEMBER - No Meeting

Station of the year Entry

Rishton Prospects Panel was formed 16 years ago.  We are a group of approximately 12 local residents whose main objective is to identify and carry out environmental community projects.  We have undertaken various schemes and projects in the village over the years, many of which we still maintain.  However, without a doubt our most exciting and enjoyable enterprise has been the adoption of our local unmanned railway station which we undertook in 2005, as part of Northern Rail’s Station Adoption scheme.    

This coincided with £30,000 of expenditure by Lancashire County Council on the refurbishment of existing station equipment including major upgrading of shelters, repositioning of seating, provision of litter bag hoops, fence repairs and the reconstruction of a raised stone flowerbed.  New signage and notice boards were added, including a community notice board.  Our contribution was the purchase and positioning of four recycled-plastic planters.  

Already in place on one platform was a stone structure with the letter of ‘RISHTON’ picked out in white painted setts.  This was power washed courtesy of the local Fire Brigade and then repointed and repainted by members of the group. We would like to see the white line edging the platform repainted as it is badly worn, but for health and safety reasons we have not been given permission to carry out this work.

Subsequently, the full 22ft length of this ‘RISHTON’ sign was enhanced and strengthened by the installation of a recycled-plastic planter along its front.  Funding for this planter was obtained through the Acorp small grants fund of £250 and the remainder from Lancashire County Council of £160.

All the raised beds and planters have been filled with compost funded by the Panel and planted up with a mixture of perennials and bulbs provided by the Panel members.  We are fortunate to have the support of our local nursery, Park View Landscape Maintenance Ltd who has donated summer and winter bedding plants for the Panel members to plant.   Underneath the community notice board we have positioned a planter containing a mixture of herbs which are available to members of the public to pick.  To the rear of one of the platforms is a grassy bank which has been informally planted with spring bulbs and perennial flowers to add interest and colour.  We have also added a clump of rhubarb available for picking.

The station was served by a neglected and uncared for car parking area.  The land was potholed and waterlogged, invariably icy and dangerous for rail users in Winter.  The area was increasingly being used as an unofficial lorry/trailer overnight parking facility.  All in all a very poor approach to an increasingly attractive station.

After much lobbying by the group, Lancashire County Council agreed to fund £43,000 to provide a much needed park and ride facility.  No work could be carried out until oil contamination of the land (from its previous use as part of the railway goods yard), had been eliminated.  When this work was complete an area was tarmac’d with car parking for 10 cars along with motorcycle provision and a push bike rack.  Two lighting columns were installed both incorporating a solar panel and wind turbine on each column. Flowerbeds were provided around the hardstanding areas and tree planting was carried out.  The Park and Ride signage was also installed. 

On the northern side of the car park is the Rishton Arms public house (known locally as the Station pub).  The stone gable end wall of the pub has been softened considerably by the planting of shrubs and bulbs at its base.  The shrubs have all been provided by lots of local residents and is an acknowledgement of the importance that the community give to their station.

A piece of ground, known to Panel members as ‘no-man’s land’, between the Accrington platform and the rear boundary fences of the houses on Station Close, was considerably overgrown and strewn with what can only be described as builders rubble.  This has been cleared by Panel members and pruning was professionally carried out to the existing trees.  A grant of £375 from Hyndburn Borough Council with matched funding from Lancashire County Council of £370 was provided for this tree surgery.   

Two trial raised beds have just been built on ‘no-man’s land’ with the intention of extending such beds to the whole area for community food growing.  The cost of such a scheme including pathways, etc. when established, will probably lead to an application to the Big Lottery for funding.