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Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 8th January  2013

1. Present :

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice Chairman), Colin Cooper (Project Coordinator/Asst Secretary), C.Cllr Miles Parkinson, Patrick Troughton, Paul Wilkinson.

It was with some sadness that Colin reported that Wendy Flanagan had tendered her resignation from the Panel for personal reasons in a telephone conversation with Margaret. It was agreed that a letter of thanks be sent to her for the years of valuable support she had given the Panel.  This left a vacancy for Secretary, a post she had only just agreed to take on.  (She had also previously indicated she wished to give up responsibility for the raised bed allocated to her at the station.)

2. Apologies :

Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Gordon Baldam, Beverley Moorhouse, Jo Troughton.

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting and wished all members a ‘Happy New Year’.

It was noted that the planned meeting in December had been cancelled (email 22/11/12)

3. Minutes of the meetings on the  6th November 2012 (AGM and Normal).

Both were agreed as a true record and signed as such.

4.  Matters Arising : Project Update.

a)  Station Food Growing.  The bid for £500 from the Green Partnership towards the cost of installing two more raised beds in ‘no-mans-land’ at the station had been successful, although the money had yet to reach our bank account and this was being followed up. [Received later]

Total cost had been estimated at £856 which included wood, etc for the bed frames ; wood, etc for a compost bay ; top soil, compost, manure ;  membrane and bark for pathways (weed control) ; raised bed craftsman’s time ; various other sundries. Also allowed for were some fruit bushes.

Volunteer assistance was to be provided by ‘Red Rose Recovery’ – a charity involved in recovery programmes for those needing health support. (Estimated value £525)

Panel members were also encouraged to join in.

Date set for bed construction and installation was Wednesday 9th January 2013 starting at 10.30am.

[Later : beds successfully installed.  Compost bay still to construct.  Fruit bushes still to obtain and plant.  Suggested Julie Livesey come to next Panel meeting to discuss how to progress scheme further.]

Ruth asked how we were planning to recruit people to take on the beds.  Colin said that one of the new beds was taller than standard with Gerry (back problem) and Lena Garood in mind.  Julie had a list from the Festival of those showing some interest in the scheme and she would follow this up.

b) Station Planters.  Colin discovered before Christmas that plants in two of the planters on the station that we had planted up 03/11/12 had been pulled out.  Thankfully a number were recoverable and Colin had replanted these.  However there were some gaps and Margaret approached Park View to see if they had any left-over pansies we could have.  Gayle at PV was hopeful but nothing more was heard until just after Christmas when we were offered (and gratefully accepted) ten trays (18 per tray).  Six were more than enough for the planters and elsewhere at the station (planted by a hurriedly arranged team of Ruth, Steve, Margaret and Colin 04/01/13), and four were given to the Norden Green Team.

c) Canal. Paul reported that the Rotary ‘Big Clean’ (25/11/12) had been a great success once again, this time working from Norden bridge round to Enfield wharf.  There had been better support from Rishton this time with 6 local people taking part.  A lot of material taken out was quite large like wheelie bins and the broken canoe that had been drifting about for some time.

Recently Paul and Colin had walked the section from Norden bridge to High St, ostensibly to cut back vegetation encroaching on the towpath but in the end found someone had beaten them to it.  It did however give them a chance to visit the new canal side café (‘Canal View’) by the 48 hour mooring at High St bridge to sample a welcome hot chocolate. The owners hoped eventually to grow the business to encompass the café facilities upstairs. They promised to clear any debris in the canal that was accessible in the proximity and had rescued the 48 hour mooring sign that had been ripped from its frame by vandals.

 Janet had pruned the bush roses at High St bridge.  She had notified CART before starting work as instructed by Matt/Katie at our November meeting.  The climbing/rambling rose remained to be done but still had too much leaf on to properly determine how best to prune, etc. Matt had subsequently provided a time booking sheet with a request that it be completed monthly and returned to him.  Paul was looking into this.

Paul reported that our tenure of the canal adoption title needed to renewed annually and the first 12 months were coming to an end.  The meeting confirmed that we wished to continue.  The presentation of the adoption certificate last year coincided with a major tidying up of the canal side beds at High St.  These badly needed doing again.  Paul was asked to contact CART to see what they could do to provide support for a working party.  Suggested dates : Saturdays 19th Jan, 26th Jan, 3rd Feb.

d) Norden Green Team. Colin had been assisting the Green Team construct some cloches to go over the planters they had in the courtyard at the School.  Once again they were using a structure of recycled plastic drinks bottles strung on bamboo canes which they had piloted previously on a cover for their wormery.

5.  Treasurer’s Report. Margaret had supplied Colin with a printed statement as at 08/01/13 which showed : current a/c £233.19 (no change): investment a/c £696.58 (interest £0.08).

6.  Foundation.

a) Office Accommodation. HBC were selling Cannon St offices to raise much needed revenue and so the Foundation was having to find alternative office accommodation.  HBC had offered space at Willows Lane depot (both offices and the tool store) and some financial support for accommodation at the Community Resource Centre in Cannon St.  An Accommodation Sub-group had been set up and neither of these options was felt entirely suitable. An identified need for the Foundation for the future was to raise its public profile. It was also felt that the location needed to be easily accessible to the public for the administration of the wind farm community projects scheme.  To these ends, accommodation on Broadway in the centre of town had been identified (previously the College ‘Shop’) and the viability of this was currently being pursued. 

Miles expressed reservations about this latter proposal.  These he had already conveyed to the Foundation. He would have preferred the Resource Centre that other charities already used.

b) Wind Farm Community Projects. The Foundation had been contracted to disperse funds to be generated by Energie Kontor from its wind farm operation.  These were to be used exclusively to promote projects in and for the benefit of the community.  A project manager would be employed to supervise the scheme.  Community groups, etc would be able to submit schemes for funding and these would be judged according to an agreed set of criteria.  This would soon come into operation when the wind farm started generating.

Ruth commented that on a number of occasions she had heard people complain that this money was going direct to the Council.  Miles confirmed that it would not, but it would benefit the community via the Foundation’s scheme.

7.  Green Spaces Forum.

 Next meeting 15th January 2013.  Colin would be unable to go.

8. Magazines & Newsletters.

Nothing to report in Margaret’s absence.

9. Booking Time. Paul and Colin canal walk - 2hrs each ; Ruth festival meeting – 2hrs ; Paul various: Tottleworth, White Path, station, canal – 10hrs

10.  Working Parties.

Nothing specific was planned, waiting Paul’s contact with CART (Item 4(c) above).  However there was a feeling that we ought to try having regular fixed working parties once again as a means of attracting those who would prefer practical involvement rather than attending meetings, say every 1/2 months, Spring/Summer/Autumn.  To be discussed further.

11.  Any other business.

 Paul advised that the Free Gardeners were offering meeting facilities @ £15 for the evening (cf the Centre @ £8/hour).

Miles reminded members that some funding was available through allocations given to county and local Councillors.

Rishton Festival was to be on the 6th July : theme ‘country bumpkins’, including scarecrows.

When reporting a station fault recently Colin had been told that it had already been reported by the station’s adopter, a David Ashworth.  Colin seeking clarification from Northern Rail.

12.  Dates of next meetings

 5th February ; 5th March 2013.

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on 5th February 2013

1. Present :

Fiona Cook, (Chairman),  Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Gordon Baldam,  Janis Counsell, Gerry Garood,  Julie Livesey (Prospects Foundation Staff Member), Beverley Moorhouse, Patrick Troughton, Paul Wilkinson.

2. Apologies

Ruth Colling, Jo Troughton

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting.

3.  Minutes of the meeting on the 8th January 2013

were agreed as a true record and signed.

4.  Project Update

a) Station Food Growing. Julie attended our meeting to give an update on this project. Two more beds have now been installed.  Costings so far indicated a spend of £620 against a budget of £856 with fruit bushes and compost bay plus incidentals still to come.  She confirmed that Gerry and Lena and Patrick were all happy to carry on with the beds.  One or two other potential individuals and groups were also interested, these being Hazel Wilson a resident of Rishton, the Scouts and Right at Home Agency.  Julie wondered if St Charles School may be interested.  Julie will get the plot holders or Red Rose or a combination of both to make the compost bin which we felt ought to be placed near trees  and to plant fruit bushes which are bare rooted and need to be planted about March.  Julie has got some mulch mats to go round the base of them.  Julie will arrange with Red Rose to carry out this work mid week.  She will email dates and times so that those who are available can attend.  Julie also informed the Panel that free seeds will be available on Wednesday 20th February 2012 at Accrington Market.  She also gave out a timetable for ongoing training for raised bed holders.

b) Canal. Katie Jackson from CART had emailed Paul regarding the renewal of our Adoption of the Canal.  Paul had confirmed that we wished to carry on.  Regarding a working party to tidy up the canal side beds at High Street, Paul had been informed by Katie that this could not be carried out until probably early March.  At the moment it would seem that they are fully tied up with other Adoption groups and a big clean up in Blackburn.

c)  Councillor Grants. Colin informed the Panel that Councillors have a sum of money to award to volunteer groups – do we want to apply for this grant money?  Although we have no projects at the moment it was suggested that perhaps we could apply for a grant to replenish compost, woodchip etc.  for the beds and borders that we continue to look after each year.  The next Area Council will be held at the Conservative Club on the 19th February 2013 which might give us an opportunity to talk to Councillors to see if we can access this money.  Margaret agreed to look at how much we had spent on compost and other sundries over the last 12 months. 

d)  Rishton Festival. Will be held on the 6th July and the theme this year will be “Country Bumpkins” including scarecrows.  Colin will email Christine Hammerton regarding the fact that Green Spaces will not be providing Public Liability Insurance this year, although we are not too sure if the Festival Committee haven’t already organised their own insurance.

5.  Treasurers Report.

The current account now stands at £733.19 (£233.19) (however, this includes £500 which is a grant from LCC Green Partnership Award for the new raised beds at the station).  The investment account stands at £696.58 (no change).

6.  Foundation.

Nothing to report.

7.  Green Spaces Forum.

Colin has the minutes from the last meeting although there is nothing of interest to our Panel. Next meeting 21/02/13 which Colin should be able to go to.

8. Magazines and Newsletters.

Train on Line

9.  Time Booking.

Paul 1 hr.

10. Working Parties. 

We are awaiting Cart before we can carry out any work on the Canalside, including pruning of the rambling rose.  The willow planting at Cut Wood needs pruning and replanting of the whips.

Provisional – Saturday 11th May at Rishton Station.

11. AOB.

Janet had contacted Colin regarding a piece in the local press outlining work to cut down some part of the hedgerow on Lee Lane.  Colin had contacted County Cllr Miles Parkinson who had replied that it was likely to be work involved with United Utilities, but he would find out more detail.

Paul informed the Panel that trees were being cut down on Spring Street.

Colin reported that the latest One Planet newsletter was available including details of events for Fairtrade Fortnight.

He also reported that Awards for All  had changed their policy which had stated that total grant  in any 2 year period was limited to £10,000.  This had now changed to £10,000 in any 1 yr. period.  They had also rolled out a pilot so that small groups could apply for funding for repeat projects until April 2013 and possibly beyond.

Station of the Year – Entry closing date end of May.

Colin reported that there are free trees packs up for grabs from the Woodland Trust.

Next Meeting

5th March 2013.

No meeting in April due to Easter Holidays

Meeting ended at 8.15 pm.

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 5th March  2013

1. Present

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice Chairman), Colin Cooper (Project Coordinator/Asst Secretary), Gordon Baldam, Gerry Garood, Paul Wilkinson.

2. Apologies :

 Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Janis Counsell, Beverley Moorhouse, Janet Rutter, Jo Troughton, Patrick Troughton.

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting.

3. Minutes of the meetings on the 5th February 2013

were agreed as a true record and signed as such.

4.  Matters Arising : Project Update.

a) Station Food Growing. Julie had booked Red Rose Recovery to come on Friday 15th March 2013 to assist us once again.  This would be to construct the compost bay and plant the fruit bushes that were included in the GPA funding for the two new raised beds.  Panel members were encouraged to join in if they were available.  It was hope to discuss plans for taking the project forward while we were there if time allowed.

Fiona reported that she went down to Accrington Market 20/02/13 to take advantage of the free seeds that Julie and Ian had on offer that day (mainly peas, beans, etc) and to lend her support.

b) Canal. Paul was still having difficulty making arrangements with CART to bring their vehicle to support a working party to tidy up the canal side beds at High St bridge.  They were suggesting we get on with the work and leave the trimmings, etc piled up somewhere to be collected when they could get round to it.  Clearly we were not happy as there was a risk that it would find its way into the canal.

They were now talking about involving a Probation team which might be mid-week rather than a Saturday.  Paul was asked to suggest to them some time week commencing 18/03/13 or Mon/Tue the following week (before Easter.)  Details to be circulated when finalised.

On a positive note Matt had offered to look after any time booking we might have if we fed him the information.  It was suggested we could send him a copy of our minutes.

Fiona reported that as part of the ‘Rishton Remembered’ project it was proposed to put one of the stone wall plaques on High St bridge somewhere but they were having difficulty getting permission as it wasn’t clear who to apply to.

We needed to talk to Matt about graffiti removal on the wall bordering the towpath going from High St to Spring St.

c) Councillor Grants. Margaret had emailed the three councillors (08/02/13) to see if, from their personal funding allowances, they could provide the Panel with £150 for compost etc for the floral displays the Panel organised around the village. This would help support the provision of bedding plants which it was hoped Park View would continue to provide under its new management.  (Margaret had already been in touch with Park View to put in a preliminary request.).

Additionally, a contribution towards hiring the Centre for Panel meetings would be helpful.

Harry had replied that they would be discussing this request at a pre Area Council agenda meeting and he would report back.  Nothing had been heard and nothing had been said at the Area Council meeting 19/02/13.  It was agreed to ask Margaret if she could contact the councillors again for clarification.

d) Rishton Festival, 06/07/13. It was noted that ‘One Planet’ were planning a series of Mad Hatter tea parties during Fairtrade Fortnight (25/02/13 to 10/03/13) and it was wondered if this might be extended in some way to form the basis of our entry this year in conjunction with One Planet (Kerry Gormley).  To be investigated further.  (Might not quite fit in with the Festival’s ‘country bumpkin’ theme.)

Next Festival Committee meeting 14/03/13 at ‘The Centre’ at 7.00pm.

e) Hedgerows/pipeline. There had been no further communication from Miles. Paul had been doing his utmost to find out more and had found details on the HBC Planning web site of the location of the hedge removal on Lee Lane and Tottleworth Road.  However he was still in doubt about the pipeline work.  He wasn’t even sure if it was water or sewage as there had been reference to both Martholme (sewage) and Dean Clough (water).

Fiona had also been seeing what she could find out on the net and had raised the matter at the Area Council.  No further details were given as to exactly what was going to be done but assurances were repeated that restitution work/planting would take place afterwards and in addition funding would be made available to local schools to do some tree planting to compensate for any that were lost.

f) Willow structures, etc. In Cut Wood Colin had sorted out the willow arbour, tying in new growth where possible and was experimenting with replanting some of the new growth he had had pruned to see if it would ‘take’ and fill in some gaps.  This left the willow tunnel.  Fiona offered the following Sunday afternoon (weather permitting).  She to liaise with Colin nearer the time.  This left the climbing rose to prune at High St bridge (Janet was looking for a suitable opportunity) and the litter on the cross canal bed to clear.

5.  Treasurer’s Report.

Margaret had supplied Colin with an emailed statement as at 05/03/13 which showed : current a/c £733.19 (no change): investment a/c £696.62 (interest £0.04).

6.  Foundation.

The office staff were to move into the new Foundation offices at 54 Broadway in Accrington town centre w/c 11/03/13 (previously Oxfam/College Shop (Across)).  They would welcome assistance Tue (am) ; Wed (pm) ; Thurs (pm).

 7.  Green Spaces Forum.

To guide the Forum on its priorities over the next five years, a Parks and Open Spaces Survey (questionnaire) had been devised.  It was hoped that as many people as possible throughout the Borough would complete one. From the results, an action plan would be drawn up, as was done successfully 6 years ago when prioritising improvements to children’s play areas was identified.

The survey could be completed on line @ www.hyndburngreenspaces.co.uk or paper copies could be obtained from any council building or library or by telephoning 01254-388111.  (or contact Colin)

Next meeting, Scaitcliffe House, 19th March 2013, 6.30pm – 8.00pm.  Colin would NOT be able to go.

8.   Magazines & Newsletters.

Margaret had circulated news from CVS via email.

9. Booking Time.

Janet 1hr – rose bed and litter pick towpath.

10.  Working Parties.

Friday 15th March 2013 at Station (see 4a above.), Saturday 11th May 2013 (provisional)

11  Any other business.

 Paul reported that he had had some success through Craig Haraben (Manager : HBC Parks and Open Spaces) in getting one key drain on the White Path unblocked (one still to do) and also getting severely overgrown vegetation strimmed back at the sides of the steps leading up from Tottleworth Lane to the White Path.  He was thanked for his efforts.

Margaret had emailed Park View 11/02/13 asking if we could rely on them to supply us with bedding plants once again.  Gayle had replied that they were ‘pretty confident’ that they would be able to do so. We were to let them know nearer the time when we wanted them and how many.  (Last year the plants were supplied 9th June with preparatory work being done before this.)

Fiona reported on the Area Council meeting (19/02/13).  £10000 had been agreed for a skate park but location was still uncertain.  £5000 had been allocated for making up some unadopted streets and back alleys. The HBC and LCC elements of Council Tax were to be frozen but police precept increased by 2% [LCC later reduced].  Ken was pursuing his canal redevelopment scheme.  Harry was pursuing his Piggy Park raised bed/mini allotment scheme. Rishton United’s major development scheme was discussed.  There was to be a street light survey as so many were out. There was a possibility that the Friends of Rishton Youth group might be wound up but Clare Cleary was looking at ways of injecting new life into it.

Concern was expressed at Paul’s email reporting the death of a dog run over on the towpath.

Deadline for Station of the Year (Community Rail, Lancs) –end May.  Deadline for Community Rail Awards (Acorp) – 21st June 2013.

12.  Dates of next meetings

No meeting April but the Executive Committee might meet to deal with key matters and circulate details as necessary.

7th May 2013

Meeting closed at 8.25pm.


Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 7th May 2013

1. Present

Fiona Cook (Chairman),  Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Coordinator/Asst Secretary), Gordon Baldam, Gerry Garood, Beverley Moorhouse, Patrick Troughton.

2. Apologies

Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman), Cllr. Miles Parkinson, Janet Rutter, Paul Wilkinson.Janet Rutter, Jo Troughton

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting.  There was no meeting in April due to the Easter holiday.

3. Minutes of the meetings on the 5th March 2013

 were agreed as a true record and signed as such.

4.  Matters Arising : Project Update.

a)  Station Food Growing. Red Rose Recovery had completed the construction of the raised beds and Panel members along with Julie had planted the fruit bushes which included Raspberry, Redcurrent, Blackcurrent, Damson and Gooseberry.  Julie has obtained a selection of tools and has distributed them amongst the users of the raised beds.  Within the funding there was an element for training.  One training session has already been done the next will be on the 16th May – composting and sowing and the last one will be on the 20th June – weed management.  Both these sessions will take place 4 – 6 pm.  Colin has sprayed the weeds around the beds and has also sent in the paperwork for the completion of the GPA funding.

b) Canal. The climbing rose by the bridge has been pruned and tied back.  There is still difficulty in obtaining permission from CART to place the ‘Rishton Remembered’ plaque on High Street Bridge.  This has been left in Paul’s hands.  Colin has cleared the litter from the bed across the canal (High St. Bridge) (more accumulated since).

c) Councillor Grants.  Margaret reported that while out canvassing for the County Council election, Harry had spoken to Margaret and indicated that the Panel would be given the £150 funding which had been requested.  Margaret will e-mail Harry regarding this.

d) Rishton Festival, 06/07/13. We are still unsure as to whether One Planet will be asked to include the Fairtrade Tea Party.

e) Hedgerows/pipeline. We now know that the netting over the hedge is to prevent birds nesting, in readiness for the removal of those sections of the hedge.  However, there is still some doubt as to the nature of the pipework.

f) Willow structures. Colin has sorted out the tunnel as best he can.  It still needs some new wood in places, but this will need to be put in during the Winter months.

5.  Treasurer’s Report.

The current account now stands at £247.19 (£733.19)  £486.00 for the raised beds at the station was paid on the 27th March.  Investment a/c £696.74 (interest £0.12).

6.  Foundation.

The office staff  have now moved into the new offices at 54 Broadway in Accrington town centre and are settling in quite well.  Colin encouraged members to go in and have a look.  The Foundation AGM will be held on the 29th May at 7.00 pm in Willow Hall at New Era.

Registered Foundation Members from the Rishton Panel are:

Gordon Baldam, Wendy Flanagan, Beverley Moorhouse, Ruth Colling, Marie Flanagan, Margaret Worden, Stephen Colling, Harry Grayson, John Worden, Fiona Cook, Lesley Jackson, and Colin Cooper

Other Panel members are very welcome to attend the Foundation AGM but if you wish to vote it is necessary to complete a Foundation membership application form and assent to its aims and objectives.  This can readily be done at the AGM.

7.  Green Spaces Forum.

(later) Green Partnership Awards.  United Utilities, the major funder were not putting any money in for 2013/14.  Other funding only amounted to £2000.  LCC are getting stricter in not providing groups with more funding if they had not returned progress/completion forms for previous projects.

8.   Magazines & Newsletters.

Margaret circulated Train on Line and Connections.

9. Booking Time.

Margaret 1 hour.  Ruth & Steve 1.5 hrs. each.  Gerry and Lena 4.75 hrs between them.  Fiona and Andrew 2 hrs. each.

10.  Working Parties.

Saturday  11th May. (Working party met at High Street Bridge and cleared the stone bed inspite of the persistent rain.  Everyone wet through but we did a grand job).

11  Any other business.

Beverley asked if Prospect volunteers could give assistance to facilitate matched funding for a horticulture project at Norden school which is now part of the school curriculum.  This would not be done until the Autumn.

Margaret and Colin had been in touch with Nurture Landscapes (formerly Parkview) regarding the donation of summer bedding plants.  They need to get permission from their new MD so asked  for a list of varieties and numbers we would need.  Colin and Margaret liaised and estimated that 700 plants would be needed to cover all the areas and planters we look after.  The ‘order’ that was emailed to Nurture was 100 large Begonias, 150 small Begonias, 150 Busy Lizzies, 200 Panies, 40 Geraniums (20 each red and white), 40 blue Lobelia (bush not trailing), 20 bedding dahlias.  As yet we have not heard back from them.

The deadline for the first tranche of the Windfall Fund is the 10th May.  The 2nd round deadline is the 5th July and later one on the 6th September.  Our Panel can apply to the fund, but it might be helpful to see the type of schemes applications are granted, and then we can assess what we would want to do.

12.  Dates of next meetings

      4th June 2013, 2nd July 2013

Meeting closed at 8.30pm.

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 4th June  2013.

1. Present :

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman),  Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Coordinator/Asst. Secretary), Gordon Baldam, Wendy Flanagan, Cllr. Ken Moss, C.Cllr. Miles Parkinson.

Also in attendance for part of the meeting – Susan Halstead.

2. Apologies :

Cllr. Harry Grayson,Beverley Moorhouse,  Jo Troughton, Patrick Troughton.

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting. 

3. Minutes of the meetings on the 7th May 2013.

 The following amendment was made to 4b – Canal.  The Rishton Remembered Plaque to be placed on High Street Bridge had not been left in Paul’s hands.  Fiona  reported that she had actually only asked Paul to remind CART that we still needed their permission to place this plaque. Fiona apologised to the Panel for any misunderstanding.  Harry is now sorting this matter out. With that amendment the minutes were approved.

3a  Susan Halstead. Susan had contacted Colin asking if the Panel could assist her in creating some kind of memorial to her mother who had recently died.  Her mother was a keen walker, particularly along the canal and she wanted to provide either a tree or a bench on the canalside in Rishton.  We discussed the pros and cons of a bench or planting a tree.  Ruth asked Susan if it had to be on the canal and suggested that perhaps a more prominent site by the Clinic/Library or on the Ladybird Garden might be an attractive proposition.  The Turrets garden was also mentioned as a possible location for a tree.  Potential sites for tree planting would involve gaining permission from either HBC or NHS.  (Update:  After discussion with her husband, Susan feels that a bench may be the better option, possibly as well as a tree.  Colin had replied that we would need permission from CART to place a bench canalside.  Colin will seek Paul’s view on possible locations.  It was also mentioned to Susan that we can consult the ‘Stepping Out’ group for their suggestions on location)

3b  Rishton Festival. To be held on the 6th July this year’s theme to be ‘Country Bumpkins’.  The One Planet Shop will be there along with Churches Together who will be doing a Tradecraft/Fairtrade stall.  Colin had spoken to Kerry Gormley of One Planet and the idea of incorporating their Mad Hatters Tea Party was not an option.

Julie Livesey has offered to do something regarding food growing.  Ruth suggested that we have some displays from the Prospects Environmental Centre in Accrington to show the breadth of work which the Foundation undertakes.  Colin and Margaret are to attend a Management meeting on Wednesday 5th June.  They will have a word with staff then.  It was also suggested to ask Alison Silver, Windfall Fund Co-ordinator to attend. (Update: Unfortunately Alison will be away on holiday on this date).

Ken Moss will be the MC and is asking each stall to supply him with a short precise about their group.  He will then say a few words about each stall during his introduction.  Volunteers are needed for the parade which starts at 10.30 am from the Station.  Once again Colin will organise tables from the Methodist Church.

3c  Planting. Our thanks once again goes to Nurture Landscapes (formerly Parkview) for their very generous offer of summer bedding plants.  These will be available to collect next Saturday (8/6/13).  We will pick them up at 8.30 am and transport them to the Station for sorting and planting.  (Update:  Janis Counsell, who was unable to join us on Saturday, offered to clear out the planters etc. at the station beforehand.   Janis and Colin cleared and prepared all the station planters etc. on the Friday and these were subsequently planted along with the planters on St. Charles Road on Saturday morning by Fiona, Colin, Ruth & Steve, Margaret, Patrick and Wendy. Our thanks to Janis and Colin for their work on the Friday.   Plants were earmarked for the planters at Harwood Road corner and High Street Bridge, which Colin subsequently planted up.    Margaret has delivered some of the plants to Christine Hammerton who looks after the half moon garden at the end of Station Road.)

4.  Matters Arising : Project Update.

a)  Station Food Growing. installed by Julie and Colin tapped into a downspout at the back of Michelle Wignall’s garage, Julie obtained her permission.  This is now full.  Both Patrick and Jo’s and Lena and Gerry’s raised beds are growing well.  Colin has taken over the raised bed which was left.  He is hoping to link the other waterbutt we have, to the successful first one.

b) Councillor Grants. Ken informed the Panel that the requested grant of £150 has now been signed off and will be available after the next Area Council Meeting.

c) Hedgerows/pipeline. There will be a mobile exhibition at Mercer Park CLM on the 12th June from 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm.  Also one in Blackburn at Holy Souls, Whalley New Road on the 13th.  There is a report regarding this pipeline on the Rishton Website.

5.  Treasurer’s Report. The current account stands at £247.19 and the investment account at £696.74.  No change from last month. 

6.  Foundation. Events sheets are to be put in the Environmental Centre shop window detailing individual Panels activities.  All our events and working parties will now need to be fed through to the Foundation for these to be updated on a regular basis.  It was also agreed that the Rishton Prospects Panel need more up to date photographs for the main Prospects website, plus revised script.

7.  Green Spaces Forum.

Nothing to report.

8.   Magazines & Newsletters.


9. Booking Time.

Margaret 1 hour. (admin).  Ruth  1 hr. (plant transfer to station).   Wendy 3 hrs. (weeding various).

10.  Working Parties.

Saturday  11th May.  Working party met at High Street Bridge and cleared the stone bed inspite of the persistent rain. Everyone wet through but we did a grand job.

11  Any other business.

John (first house on Station Close east) has asked if we could spray weedkiller on the grass at the base of pub wall where he cuts the grass as Colin has done before.

Colin reported on the work that Norden school had done for Great Harwood Primary School.  Bev had been approached, and Julie had got involved, in some work to restore some raised beds that they already had at the school.  There had been photographs in the paper.

Huncoat Station.  Local school had produced a mural along a fence which had been photographed in the paper.  Can we approach Norden and/or the primary schools to do similar in Rishton?

Star Delph (SSSI).   Bev and family had visited and were disturbed at the overgrown state of the site.  Staff at Norden had suggested that it might be a future project, however health and safety issues at the moment rule this out.  Bev contacted Natural England to ascertain if there were any plans to improve the site.  It would appear that Lords House Farm took a lease from LCC, applied for grants and implemented the boardwalks etc.  Lords House Farm moved and this is probably the reason maintenance fell behind.  LCC are arranging for a member of their Environmental Projects Team to visit the site and look at options for maintenance/improvements.  Consent will need to be obtained from Natural England before any work is carried out.  Members can be involvled with the site visit if they so wish.  Bev/Colin await timings.

Mike Stapleford had passed to Colin details of a Rishton lad, Lee Robinson, who is keen to do some practical work with the Panel. Colin had emailed Lee inviting him to our next Panel meeting and also telling him about  (a)  food growing training session at the Station and (b) our working party 08/06/13 for planting the summer bedding plants. (update: Lee has not yet made contact)

The People’s Centre, Rishton had held its AGM.  Existing committee members had been re-elected and a balance sheet is available for inspection.  A substantial part of the income and expenditure had been in grants and expenses related to the refurbishment of the upstairs which is being converted into meeting and office accommodation.

The One Planet Shop AGM to be held on 13th June at 7.00pm at the Environment Centre, 54 Broadway, Accrington.

12.  Dates of next meetings

2nd July 2013, No meeting in August, 3rd September 2013.

Meeting closed at 8.30 pm

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 2nd July  2013

1. Present :

Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman),  Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Coordinator/Asst. Secretary), Gordon Baldam, Wendy Flanagan, Beverley Moorhouse, Patrick Troughton.

2. Apologies :

Fiona Cook, Cllr. Ken Moss, Jo Troughton.

In Fiona’s absence, Ruth welcomed everyone to the meeting.

3. Minutes of the meetings on the 4th June 2013

were approved and signed.

4.  Project Update.

a)  Susan Halstead. Subsequent to our last meeting, Susan had contacted Colin to say that she had looked at the Turrets garden and felt it was not a suitable site for an extra tree as it already contained more than enough.  Ken had got quotes for the protective ironwork around a tree, which, based on the one at Parker Street, would cost in the region of £150 and the cost of a plaque around £85 depending on the wording.  Ken had said at the June meeting that he would follow up the suggestion of a tree by the Health Centre.  We need to get back to Ken for an update.  Paul suggested a plaque on the existing bench on the canal near to Spring Street bridge with a tree to be alongside it.  However, we are open to further ideas.  We all felt the best place would be by the Health Centre.  Again a plaque on the existing bench by the Health Centre, but Ruth suggested a bench around a new planted tree would look good and give the tree protection.

b)  Planting. Upwards of 800 plants donated by Nuture Landscapes have now been planted.  The working party (8/06/13) planted all the planters and beds on the Station as well as the two planters at the end of St. Charles Road.  .  The following week Colin planted up the bed on High Street Bridge as well as the planters on the Harwood Road Corner.  We gave plants to Christine Hammerton who planted the half moon bed at the end of Station Road.  Colin also planted a bed at Norden High School, helped Norden’s Green Team  plant up hanging baskets for one of the quads and a small raised bed at the back of the school.  There are a few plants left some of which can go in the tub on the path between Shawbrook and the back field and also in the planter on the Blackburn Road snicket.  (one broken planter to be dismantled).

c) Food Growing. The training sessions are now finished.  Gerry and Lena’s bed is doing well, as is Patrick and Jo’s.  The waterbutt is working well, the second one has been tapped into the first one.  We now have a  large and a medium water butt both full, thanks to the recent rains.

d) Councillor Grant. We have received an e-mail from Ken saying that he will pass a grant form to Ruth.

e)  Station. The Kurtail seems to be working well on the mares tails.  . We won’t know if it has actually killed the roots as well as the tops until next Spring. Some tops need pulling out by hand on the car park. There is considerable growth between the shrubs.  It is now too much to be sprayed without affecting the shrubs themselves, hence hand pulling.  Spraying will be done next Spring before the growth gets too high.  A rogue Ash tree by the station ramp needs moving in the Autumn.

f)  Star Delph. The lease for the land is still being looked into by L.C.C.

5.  Treasurer Report.

The current account stands at ££247.19 (no change from last month) and the investment account at £696.78 (4p interest from last month).

6.  Foundation.

The Festival has been placed in the monthly activity update.  Paul said he would take a look at the Rishton section of the Prospects Foundation website, to see if he feels it needs updating.

7.  Green Spaces Forum.

No-one was available to attend the last meeting, Colin gave a brief report from the minutes.

8.  Magazines and Newsletters.

Nothing to report.

9.  Time Booking.

Wendy 2 hrs.  Paul 1.5 hrs.

10.  AOB.

Matt Taylor, CART, has contacted Paul with a view to arranging a meeting some time after the 8th July. People are dredging the canal for scrap metal, but leaving other dredged material littering the canal towpath.

08/07/13. Brian Howarth, LCC, is leading an historical walking lecture from Rishton Library to Great Harwood Station and back,  topic “Lancashire Railways since 1945 starting at 2.00 pm, finish approx. 4.30 pm., distance 2.5 miles.  Cost: free. (tea and biscuits on return).

Pipeline. Colin attended the mobile exhibition which turned out to be mostly about  road closures for residents. Colin distributed leaflets.

RISHTON FESTIVAL Colin, Fiona, Ruth and Margaret met briefly at Fiona’s house on Monday night to finalise arrangements for Saturday.  Colin and Margaret are going to the Environment Centre on Wednesday morning to pick up displays, leaflets etc.  (subsequently collected).  Wendy has liaised with Kerry at One Planet.  Kerry will bring local produce (honey etc.) and gifts.  Kerry has to leave at lunchtime so it was agreed that the remaining goods will be taken home by Colin and taken back to the shop the following Tuesday.  It is hoped that Julie will come along with seeds etc.  We are not, as a group, walking in the procession.  The weather is predicted to be good and our stall is placed on the field by the railings.  Fiona will supply Ken as the MC with a short precise about our group.  We have agreed to meet on the field at 9.30 am.

12.  Dates of next meetings

No meeting in August 3rd September 2013

Meeting closed at 8.15 pm


Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 5th September 2013    

1. Present :

Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman),  Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Coordinator/Asst. Secretary), Gordon Baldam, Janis & Graham Counsell, Wendy Flanagan, Beverley Moorhouse, Paul Wilkinson

2. Apologies :

Fiona Cook, Patrick Troughton

In Fiona’s absence, Ruth welcomed everyone to the meeting.

3. Minutes of the meeting held on the 2nd July 2013

were approved and signed.

4.  Project Update.

a)  Susan Halstead. Colin had received an e-mail from Susan to the effect that as there had been no response from CART, the family had discounted the idea of a tree and had decided on a commemorative plaque with a memorium to her mother being  placed on the existing bench between High Street and Tottleworth bridges.  The family will pay the cost of the plaque and have also offered Rishton Prospects Panel a very generous donation of £500 to be spent on any future projects.  The Panel will organise the plaque now but will not give up on the planting of a tree on the Library/Health Centre site.

b)  Planting. All the planters around the village have done exceptionally well this year.  Due in no small measure to the beautiful weather we have enjoyed over the summer months.  Wendy has done a superb job of watering at the station during the very hot weather.  There have been one or two comments that the grass on the banking on the Blackburn platform is spoiling the overall look of the station and needs strimming.  Colin has been in touch with Northern Rail to this effect but so far nothing has happened.  Janis and Graham had an idea and a friend who may be able to help strim.  The one exception to the successful planters has been the planter at the end of St Charles Road on the church side where all the lobelia has died.  Margaret and Colin inspected and found lots of caterpillars, so they may be the culprits.

c) Food Growing. The raised beds seem to have been very successful.  Gerry and Lena have had lots of produce from theirs and Colin, who has taken over one of the raised beds because there were no takers, has harvested salad leaves.  The water butts are full of water due to some heavy rain.  There is to be a review meeting with Julie Livesey on the 3rd October at the Station.  Julie is also waiting to see what Harry comes up with regarding Piggy Park.  There was a working party over the summer to tackle the mares tails.

d) Councillor Grant.Although the requisite forms were filled out and handed to Ann Roberts and the grant was approved at the last Area Council meeting, no money has yet been received.  Margaret will e-mail Ann and Cllr. Moss.

e)  Star Delph.As nothing has materials regarding this item, Colin had been in touch with Tim Blyth who has said he will now give this his attention.

f)  CART. Colin and Paul had met with Matt Taylor on the 21st August, but didn’t feel that they had received any answers to their questions.  CART are still looking for notification of when we intend to work on the canal.  We felt that the only answer we could supply them with is that we more or less are weather dependent, and cannot give dates 2/3 months in advance, as they requested.

The gate by Spring Street Bridge had been unbolted and was found on the tow path.  With Graham’s invaluable help this gate has now been reinstated, however, the broken fence next to the gate is allowing access to off road bikes on the towpath.  Ruth will contact the Police regarding this.

g) Historical Walking Lecture. Brian Howarth’s historical walking lecture from Rishton Library to Great Harwood Station mainly along the old railway line on the 8th July had been a successful enjoyable afternoon in nice warm sunshine.  Interesting engineering features had been pointed out.

h) Pipeline. Paul reported that the project is progressing well and pipes are prepared ready to go in along parts of the white path.

i) Rishton Festival. As in previous years this had been a great success, even more so that the weather was superb.  The Prospects stall (which was actually an amalgamation of One Planet, Rishton Prospects and Churches Together in Rishton) had won the trophy for best stall.  Colin received and holds the trophy on our behalf.

5.  Treasurer Report.

The current account stands at £178.34 (£247.19, Colin claimed expenses of £68.85, for compost mainly) and the investment account at £696.86. (8p interest from last month).

6.  Foundation.

Ellie Taylor, the Charity Development Manager will be leaving in October.  The post is being advertised and interviews will be held on the 27th Sept.  Gemma returns to work on the 1st October part time and the other half of the job share will be filled by a new member of staff , Roger Plum who will start on the 16th Sept.  Ian Butterworth will be leaving the Foundation within the next week or two.

7.  Green Spaces Forum.

All parks in Hyndburn had been awarded a Green Flag, either new or renewed.

8.  Magazines and Newsletters.

Various e-mails had been sent round notably from Northern Rail and CVS.

9. Time Booking.

Wendy 4 hrs. watering/weeding at station.

10.  Working Parties.

No working parties are needed at the moment.  Margaret will contact Nurture regarding the supply (hopefully) of Autumn bedding plants.

11.  AOB.

Rotary had contacted us regarding the Panel setting a nature quiz mainly for children taking part in the annual Walk 4your Charity which is to be held next year on Sunday 18th May.  After some discussion, it was decided that we would approach Gemma who has knowledge of this kind of activity.

Margaret then told us that Soroptimists of Rishton & Great Harwood will celebrate their 60th Anniversary next year and wanted to mark this occasion with some kind of floral arrangement in both Rishton and Great Harwood.  It was suggested that a raised bed structure could be accommodated at the junction of Wilpshire Road and Lee Lane.  Colin suggested that we could approach Awards for All for funding. {As an after thought, this land may belong to LCC.  We would probably have to get their permission to use this land, particularly if we intend to build a raised bed}. Margaret will ask Miles for advice.

Prospects will have a presence at the Flower & Craft Festival to be held in St Peter & St Paul’s Church on the 28th/29th September.  Margaret has approached the Foundation for loan of one or two display boards to show photographs of the projects which we maintain and also the station food growing beds.

12.  Dates of next meetings

AGM Wednesday 2nd October 2013 (agreed change from normal day), 5th November 2013 (to be reviewed as this is bonfire night), 3rd December 2013.

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton, on the 2nd October 2013

1.  Present:

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Wendy Flanagan, Gerrard Garood, Beverley Moorhouse, Patrick Troughton

2. Apologies:

Gordon Baldam, Cllr. Ken Moss

3.  Minutes of the meeting held on the 5th September 2013

were approved and signed.

4.  Project Updates.

a) Susan Halstead. Colin passed round newspaper cuttings regarding Susan and her mother.  Susan had got a plaque and on Foundation recommendation had used Hitchens for the engraving.  Colin had advised her to think of materials other than brass for the plaque  because of metal theft etc.  Susan had subsequently had it made in plastic at a cost of £15.  Susan’s husband would fit it to the bench.

The family’s donation to the Panel of £500 will be sent at a later date.  We now need to concentrate on suitable ideas on which to spend the money.

b)  Station Grass Cutting. We had a working party booked for the 14th Sept. with Janis and Graham and  one of their neighbours to strim the grass on the banking on the Blackburn platform.  Unfortunately, this had to be postponed.  However, it is felt that this may not now be practicable as the weather starts to deteriorate.

c)  Food Growing. There is to be a review of the season at the Station between 4 – 6.00 pm tomorrow (3rd Oct) with Julie Livesey. All welcome.  We need to consider whether to extend further.  Julie has listed those showing an interest at the Festival.

d)  Councillor Grant. The grant money of £150 has now been received and banked.  This should be very useful, and the councillors were thanked.

e)  Star Delph. Nothing to report. Colin to follow up.

f)  CART. Access by motorbikes to the canal is afforded at Spring Street bridge.  Ruth had spoken to the Neighbourhod Police,  however, the A frame gate is not surrounded by any serviceable wire fencing so access to the towpath there (and through other gaps in the fence) is too easy, consequently  the Police are unable to do much about this.

g)  Pipeline. Progressing. We need to keep an eye on hedge restoration work, etc.

h)  Flower and Craft Festival. The Festival had proved extremely successful over the weekend with lots of visitors and lots of positive comments regarding combining the crafts from around the village.  Thanks must go to Ruth for all her hard work in making this festival happen.  Thanks to Margaret for mounting the Prospects display.

i)  Autumn Planting. Nurture have been contacted.  {since the meeting we have had confirmation from Nurture that they will supply Winter Pansies and Polyanthus for bedding out.}  Once again we are indebted to them.

j)  Rotary. Regarding the nature quiz that Rotary have asked us to set for their annual Walk 4your Charity, Gemma is now back from maternity leave so we will approach her with regard to the quiz.

5.  Treasurer Report.

 The current account stands at £224.34 (£178.34) and the investment account at £696.90 (£696.86).

6. Foundation.

 Gemma is job sharing with Roger Plum who has in the past worked with an environmental group at Pendle Council and also Lancashire Wildlife Trust, as well as with other environmental projects.  Gemma and Roger will be continuing the work on the Access to Nature project which will run until the end of April 2014.  The final stretch of this project will concentrate on Forest School work.  Gemma’s new working days are Tuesday and Wednesday all day and Thursday morning.  Ellie leaves this month.

We were reminded that we still needed to look at revising our entry in the Foundation website.

7.  Green Spaces Forum.

There are a number of parks within the Borough that are coming up to significant anniversaries.  Celebrations are being worked on.  (This year was Cut Woods 60th but nothng so far had been planned.

8.  Magazines and Newsletters.

 Colin had received the Connections magazine which was available to Panel members

9.  Time Booking.

5 hrs,  Margaret – administration.  1 hr, Wendy – deadheading.  Lena and Gerrard 1 hr each.  Steve and Ruth 2 hrs, each – transplanting


Ruth suggested doing something with the walkway from the bottom of Petre Crescent (Meadoway) through to Meadowhead.  She thought that raised beds could be a possibility by the new houses.

Patrick asked about the plaques.  Fiona said they were still with Harry.

Meeting ended at 8.45 pm.

Meeting closed at 8.30 pm

Minutes of the Seventeenth Annual General Meeting of the Rishton Prospects Panel held at the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 2nd October 2013

1.  Present:

   Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer),  Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator /Asst. Secretary), Wendy  Flanagan, Gerrard Garood,  Beverley Moorhouse, Patrick Troughton.

2.  Apologies:

  Gordon Baldam, Cllr. Ken Moss.

Fiona welcomed everyone and declared the meeting quorate.  (One quarter membership or 4members, whichever is the greater).

3.  Membership.

We have a total signed up membership of 18.

4.  Chairman’s Address and Review of the Year.

Fiona reviewed the highlights of the past year and thanked all Panel members for their support.  Thanks were also expressed to Lancashire County Council, Hyndburn Borough Council, Northern Rail and our local Councillors and County Councillor.  Again, special thanks were expressed to Nurture Landscaping (formerly Parkview Landscaping) for their continued generous support. (See Appendix I – Chairman’s Address).

5.  Treasurer’s Report and Accounts.

Margaret presented the Financial Statement  for the year from 4/10/12 to 2/10/13.

Income to the Current a/c. was a Green Partnership Award of £500.00 to cover the cost of further raised beds at Rishton Station Food Growing Project, along with a grant of £150.00 from Hyndburn Borough Council to cover ongoing expenses (compost, weed killer etc.) for maintenance of our many planters throughout Rishton.

Expenditure for the year was £658.85, made up of payment to the Prospects Foundation of £486.00 for the Station Food Growing Project, expenses to Colin Cooper of £68.85 and Rishton Peoples’ Centre rental to cover Sept. 12 to July 13 of £104.00.

The closing balance in the current account at 2/10/13 was £224.34 (opened at £233.19). The closing balance in the Investment account was £696.90 (opened at £696.42).

The Treasurer’s Report was accepted unanimously and it was agreed it should be signed appropriately.

6.  Election of Officers and Representatives.

The following were duly proposed, seconded and unanimously elected:

Chairman                                                       Fiona Cook

 Vice Chairman                                              Ruth Colling

Treasurer & Secretary                                  Margaret Worden

Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary          Colin Cooper

Prospects Foundation Management

Committee Representative      Colin Cooper

(It was noted that Margaret was also on the Foundation Management Committee as a directly elected member).

7.  Any Other Business.


A copy of the Chairs’ Annual Report will be sent to the Prospects Foundation Office.

The meeting then passed on to the agenda for the normal meeting.

Rishton Prospects Panel – Chairman’s Report October 2013

Every year at this time I sit down and try to think of all the things we have been involved with or done.  And I find myself repeating myself on far too many occasions, as the projects we have done require maintaining.  As a small band of enthusiastic volunteers we do fantastically, not just due to our energy, but also due to never failing support of the Prospects Foundation, our local Council, the Area Council, Nurture Group (ex Park View Nurseries), Northern Rail, amongst others, for which we thank them.

Thanks to the generous donations of plants by Nurture, the planters around the village have looked brilliant this year. The one exception was the planter at the end of St Charles’ Road on the church side where all the lobelia died.  Margaret and Colin inspected and found lots of caterpillars, so they may have been the culprits! We must also thank the never ending watering that Wendy has done during the very hot weather, especially at the station.

The station food growing project continues to provide lots of fresh produce for the raised bed caretakers, and the water butts and composting bins are a valuable asset to this area.  Many thanks must go to Julie Livesey for her support in this project and the excellent training sessions she held both at the Centre and at the Station to encourage more people to grow their own.  We are looking forward to seeing, maybe tasting, the real fruits of their labours next year when the fruit bushes she has kindly provided and helped plant, are harvested for the first time.

The station car park however continues to provide us with much needed exercise as we try to fight the never ending spread of Mares Tail amongst the plants.  Colin has bought some weed killer meant to help halt their spread, but it will be a long and laborious job, and we are seeking advice as to how we can make the maintenance less of a chore.  However, it is nice to see the car park being used by train passengers, whilst we hold our working parties down there.

We have continued to work along the canal and Paul and Colin have met with the local representative of CART Matt Taylor to discuss how we can support them and visa versa to improve the canal towpath.  We continue to inform them of any serious acts of vandalism and more recently Paul Wilkinson informed them of the major breach on the Accrington side of High Street bridge which has made national news.  Rishton is famous for something once again.

A local family approached us and asked if they could commemorate the life of their mother with some sort of memorial near the canal, where she loved to walk and with our permission we just installed a memorial plaque on the bench between High Street bridge and Spring Street bridge, as well as donating towards a future project, for which we thank them.

As in previous years we continue to support other Rishton groups as and when we can.  Colin works with “The Green Team” at Norden School and they support us in many of our working parties.  We were pleased to attend Rishton Festival.  The Prospects stall (which was actually an amalgamation of One Planet, Rishton Prospects and Churches Together in Rishton) won the trophy for best stall which Colin received and holds on our behalf.  More recently we have had a display at the very successful Rishton Flower and Craft show, to promote our activities to improve our local environment.

Now we need to plan our activities for the future and look long and hard at where we are and how we can move forward.  My heartfelt thanks go to the never ending work of Colin and Margaret especially for keeping us in the right track as well as to our members for the hard work they put into helping keep Rishton Prospects a successful group.

Fiona Cook (Chair)

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 7th October 2013

1. Present :

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Colin Cooper (Project Coordinator/Asst Secretary), Gordon Baldam, Beverley Moorhouse, Patrick Troughton.

2. Apologies :

Ruth Colling (Vice Chairman), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Wendy Flanagan, Gerry Garood, Jo Troughton, Paul Wilkinson.

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting, with a special welcome to Katy Holden from One Planet.

3. Minutes of the meetings on the 2nd June and  2nd September.

These could not be agreed as the meeting was not quorate.  However, it was noted that the minutes for the 2nd September were headed 26th August and should be amended to 2nd September.  The same applied to the ‘PLEASE NOTE’ relating to Katy’s visit.  In the event, because of concerns about numbers attending, Katy’s visit had been postponed to 7th October.  This was originally the date for the AGM but again because of concerns about attendance, the AGM was being postponed to 4th November.

4. Katy Holden (One Planet)

Katy explained something of her responsibilities and activities as Branching Out Manager for One Planet.  There was a need to increase sales to improve the viability of the organisation, so she was looking for ways to do this.  One way was to get out more to suitable events like farmers markets (including Accrington market 2 days per week.) and this was proving successful in not only increasing sales but also raising their profile and getting the shop better known.  She demonstrated a selection of products sold in the shop that she had brought with her.

One Planet operated under four themes : Fairtrade, ethical, local, sustainable. Katy had herself been to Mali to a cotton farm and Ghana to a banana farm and seen the benefits to the communities through cooperatives trading under the Fairtrade banner and building up community funds through fair pricing, which had made possible the building of a maternity unit and school buildings.  One Planet were concerned to stock ethical products that had not been tested on animals.  Locally they looked for products from recycled materials.  They were concerned about the sustainability of cotton production where often too many pesticides were used.  She introduced us to socks made of bamboo fibre, bio washing up liquid, etc where containers could be refilled at the shop.  They supported Tradecraft who had an involvement in replanting palm trees to regenerate forests.

Finally, members were invited to One Planet’s 4th birthday celebration at the shop from 4pm on Saturday the 18th October, under the title ‘Let the Fourth be strong in you’.  This gave a clue that it would have a ‘Star Wars’ theme.  Themed fancy dress optional.  10% off products.

5.  Matters Arising : Project Update.

a)  Station Food Growing. Colin to follow up with Julie Livesey re funding for extension of beds further into no-mans-land (coupled with ‘Piggy Park’?) and with Roger Plum re use of his green team to clear the ground for the new beds.  Roger was due to come and talk to the Panel at its next meeting (4th Nov)

b) Halstead £500. Still looking for a suitable project.

c) Station Grass Cutting. Too wet now for us to strim ourselves this year.  Try to make it a major project for next summer.

d) ‘Star Delph’. Mike Stapleford had been talking to Tim Blythe (LCC) about another project and the subject of ‘Star Delph’ had come up but Tim had no progress to report on the lease position.  Phil Barwood had suggested it might be a project Mike’s ‘Woody’ woodland management team could take on.  Mike had never been to ‘Star Delph’ and it had been arranged that he and Colin (and Paul, if available) would go and have a look round on Monday morning 13/10/14.

Safety note.  It was agreed that members should not go to ‘Star Delph’ on their own unless someone was advised that they were doing so.

6.  Treasurer’s Report.

  Apart from a small amount of interest in the investment account, there was no change from last meeting (current a/c £724.34 : investment a/c £697.34)

7.  Foundation.

Nothing to report

8. Green Spaces Forum.

Colin was continuing to attend the monthly meetings on the Panel’s behalf when he could.  Some awards for community projects were still being made by the Forum with their remaining funding allocation from LCC’s Green Partnership scheme.  There was no news on any replacement funding once the GPA funding was exhausted.

Following the success of our entries in the Tatton Park RHS Flower Show over the past few years, ideas were already being discussed for next year’s Show.

9. Magazines & Newsletters.

 Nothing to report.

10. Time Booking.

None advised.

11.  Working Parties.

Autumn bedding plants were to be made available by Nurture w/c 13/10/14.  As a number of members were not available on Saturday 18th, it was proposed that the plants be collected one day during the week and taken to temporary storage (30 Thornhill Ave, etc) and a planting day on Saturday 25th was pencilled in  (meet 9.30am at the station).  A day and time for collection was to be established with Nurture and emailed round.  It was appreciated that some members would not be able to assist mid-week.  [Later : collection fixed for Thursday 16/10/14 at 9.30am]

12  Any other business.

a) Northern Thank-you Event.. Gordon expressed his thanks for the arrangements that were made for him to go on the trip to Windermere, which he greatly enjoyed.

13.  Dates of next meetings:

4th November 2014 (AGM), 2nd December 2014

Meeting closed at 8.15pm.

November - Missing Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton, on the 3rd December 2013

1.  Present:

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Gordon Baldam, Beverley Moorhouse, Paul Wilkinson

Also in attendance was Julie Livesey, Community Food Growing Co-ordinator, Prospects Foundation

2. Apologies:

Cllr. Harry Grayson

3. Minutes

the meeting of the AGM and subsequent ordinary meeting held on the 2nd October 2013 were approved and signed.

4.  Food Growing.

Colin opened the meeting by asking Julie what were her conclusions after the first year of the station project.  Julie said she felt the first year had been quite successful and those taking part had learned from the experience as well as producing some modest and varied crops.  At Rishton Festival a number of people put their name down to register their interest in the project.  Julie is not too sure what funding will be available for next year.  If we extend beyond the compost bin part will be relatively easy to clear but beyond this it is seriously overgrown and might prove too much.  Colin said he thought we could incorporate three more beds this side of the compost bins.  We could apply for funding from Awards for All, the Windfall fund, or Acorp.  Do we want to do this?  Would Gerry and Lena want to have another bed?  This would have to be a higher one again.  Ruth suggested that the people showing interest might be asked to prepare the beds etc.  Colin suggested that we get in touch with those who have shown an interest and invite them to an open day along with the present growers.  This was agreed and subsequently arranged for Saturday 11th January from 10.00 am. (Weather dependent). Julie would contact those on her list.

Piggy Park is now awaiting HBC Legal Dept. to sort out the usage of the land.

Appreciation was expressed to Julie for all the financial and practical help she provides to us. We were also grateful to the volunteer teams she organised to overlay the ground round the beds with membrane and bark mulch which will help keep down the weeds.

5. Project Update

a) Susan Halstead.  Colin had noticed that the plaque hadn’t been put on the canal bench.  He emailed Susan offering to fix it if there was a problem.  Susan emailed that there wasn’t a problem but she had heard that as the towpath had collapsed she wouldn’t be able to get to the bench.  However she now realised that it wasn’t this part if the towpath.  Susan and her husband are at the moment busy with redecoration at home.  They would get in touch if they needed help fixing the plaque.

b) Station Grass Cutting. Colin had emailed Briony Wilson at Northern Rail regarding the overgrown vegetation at the Station.  Briony had emailed back attaching a station map asking Colin to highlight the overgrown areas. Colin had sent the necessary details which she will be passing on to ISS.

c) Star Delph. Tim Blythe, Environment & Community Projects Manager with LCC had been asked for an update.  To date no reply. {Update:  Tim has emailed as follows:  LCC lease the site from Ingham & Yorke   They in turn sub-let to Lords House Farm which has now lapsed so effectively it is now leased by LCC  It is unlikely that LCC will enter into a new agreement and suggested that Prospects might like to take on the lease with LCC assisting  with any negotiations with Ingham & Yorke.. Colin replied that perhaps it would be a bigger commitment than we would be able to give but that the Foundation might be interested.  With this in mind Colin said he would forward the proposal to Phil Barwood and the joint charity managers Mike and Ian.  Subsequently, Colin and Phil had visited the site on 04/12/13 with Tim Blythe and further discussions would be held as a result}.

d) CART.  Access by motorbikes to the canal has been halted recently due to the towpath collapse.  However, no doubt they will be back for the reasons stated in our last minutes. Ruth would continue to follow up at PACT meetings.

e) Pipeline. Ongoing to June 2014.   We need to keep an eye on hedge restoration work, etc.

f) Library Lancashire Day. This had proved a great success and Paul had been asked if they could make it bigger and better next year.

g) Working Party. On the 1st Nov. just short of 500 plants, Pansies, Polyanthus and Cineraria had been planted in all our planters. Colin had also salvaged white hyacinth bulbs from the Cenotaph to go into the planters. Thanks to those who had taken part and also of course to Nurture (NB our contact Gayle Pugh).

h) Rotary. We still need to approach Gemma regarding the nature quiz sheet for children.  We asked Paul to find out the route this walk takes so that we can advise Gemma of the habitat along the walk.

i) Meadowhead. Regarding Ruth’s suggestion that this piece of land could be used for food growing.  It was agreed that we need to speak to our Councillors regarding the ownership of the land

5.  Treasurers Report.

The current account stands at £224.34 (£224.34) and the investment account at £696.98 (£696.90).

6. Foundation.

Mike had emailed informing every one of the new staff. Mike and Ian Plested will be sharing the Foundation Managers Post and Barbara Sharples has been appointed as the new Activity Organiser.

We are reminded once more that we still need to look at revising our entry in the Foundation website.

7. Green Spaces Forum.

There are a number of parks within the Borough that are coming up to significant anniversaries. It was suggested that to celebrate its 60th anniversary (actually this year) that we might incorporate some commemorative feature into Cut Wood Park. Panel members to think of possible ideas. Ruth suggested a ‘60’ cut out on the green slope by the playground to be planted up with perhaps bedding plant/bulbs.

8. Magazines and Newsletters.

None to report.

9. Time Booking.

2 hrs. Margaret admin.  Janet 1 hr. rose pruning.


a) Canal Breach.  Early on the morning of Monday 11/09/13 the Panel was made aware that part of the canal towpath (on the Church side of High St bridge approx. 400 metres before the aqueduct (close to our viewing point and seat)) had collapsed and made the towpath impassable. Paul investigated and reported the problem immediately to CART. An engineering team was soon on the scene and immediately diagnosed a major breach and closed the towpath to pedestrians/cyclists and closed the canal to waterway traffic. The following day a 50 metre section of the canal fore and aft of the breach was sectioned off using scaffold gantries and large tarpaulins draped into the water to hold the water back. Pumping then started to drain this section.

By 23/09/13 draining was complete and 4 large ‘sink holes’ were visible in the bottom of the canal. These had been caused over a period of time by leakages from the culverting of the stream running past the backs of the houses in lower Petre Crescent and under the canal. It was estimated that it would cost £500.000 to repair and the work would take until the end of November. 

Work ensured progressively to fill in the holes, reline the canal bottom and sides with clay and put a plastic liner in the culvert. This was completed by 24/11/13 when the waterway was reopened to boaters and a week later the towpath was reopened on completion of repairs to the surface.

b) Concern was again raised regarding the maintenance of the station car park beds. This is much more work than we are capable of and we need to speak to Councillors to ascertain if anything can be done e.g. incorporating this into HBC Parks Dept. maintenance plan.

Gordon reported that both of the eco lights are now out. Colin to report to Brian  Howarth.

Consultation document for Pennine Reach Bus Route on deposit in the Library.

Janet has pruned the bush roses by the canal. The climbers still need doing.

Meeting ended at 8.45 p.m.