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Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton, on the 7th January 2014

1. Present:

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Gordon Baldam, Gerry Garood,  Beverley Moorhouse, Paul Wilkinson

2. Apologies:

Wendy Flanagan

Fiona welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the year and wished everybody a HappyNewYear.

3. Minutes of the meeting of the 4th December 2013.

An amendment was requested to the Meadowhead item.  Ruth’s concern was mainly with the walkway from Petre Crescent to Meadowhead which is now almost impassable.  It’s a designated public right of way but Ivy has also grown over the lamp making it dark and dangerous to negotiate. Can we contact the Councillors to negotiate asking for some action to make it safe.  Colin felt the way forward might be to involve the Area Council as this was the only way funding was eventually provided to rebuild the pathway between Shawbrook Close and St Albans Road.   Otherwise, the minutes were signed and approved.

4.  Food Growing.

The open day agreed at our last meeting will be held on Saturday 11th Jan at 10.00 am at Rishton Station.  It was felt that we could explain what we’ve already done and where we intend to extend this year, to all interested parties who come along.  Ruth will put this on Facebook and Paul will add to the Rishton Blog.  Colin will put out a note to all on our contact list.  Barbara Sharples at the Foundation office might be consulted about contacting the media for publicity.

5.  Project Update

a) Susan Halstead.  Nothing to report – plaque still not fixed to bench.

b)  Station Grass Cutting.  Northern have passed on our complaint about the overgrown grass on the banking on the Blackburn platform to ISS.  Colin has not, as yet, followed this up.  Colin has applied to attend a strimmer course organised by Roger Plum from the Prospects Foundation so that we could strim the grass ourselves.  Paul said he would like to join Colin on this course if possible.

c)  Star Delph.   No further contact has been received from LCC.  Colin will contact Phil Barwood to see if he has heard anything.  Colin suggested raising this at the Area Council meeting to see if a team can be raised to do work at the Delph say once a week.  This could be done under the Prospects umbrella for insurance purposes.  Colin will liaise with Barbara Sharples with a view to GH Panel also being involved.

e)  Pipeline.  Progressing.

f) Rotary.  Paul has spoken to Gemma who suggested the Ladybird Trail children’s questionnaire could be used for the quiz.  Ian McTurk from Rotary sent an email to the Paul asking if we would be interested in judging the quiz and would we like a stall at the walk on the 18th May to promote Rishton Prospects. 

6.  Treasurers Report.

The current account stands at £224.34 (£224.34) and the investment account at £697.06 (£696.98).

7. Foundation.

We still need to look at revising our entry on the Foundation website.

8.  Green Spaces Forum.

Colin doesn’t have dates for any future meeting [later: AGM 23/01/14]   We still want to pursue the idea of a 60 carved in a slope at Cut Wood Park.  Colin will contact Shirley Parkinson regarding this.  Margaret will look into the type of plants that could be planted in the cut out.    

9. Eco-lights at Station.

These are still not always working.  The intermittent operation of the lights seemed to indicate that a lack of sun for the solar panels and wind for the turbines at times were leading to poor power generation and battery recharging.

10. Magazines and Newsletters.

Colin has a Connections magazine for circulation.

11.  Time Booking.

2 hrs. Margaret admin.  Paul 1 hr. (Lidgett Bridge), Ruth 1 hr. (litterpicking).


i)  Station Car Psrk Shrubbery.  It was felt that we needed to treat the mares tails, which are rampant in the planted area, early in the season to have any hope of eradication.

Panel members also felt that we need to speak to Councillors to see if they could suggest ways of getting maintenance assistance as it was clearly too big a task for the Panel.  Was there any capacity within HBC Parks Dept?

A great deal of time and money had been invested in this car park and it deserved to be maintained to a proper standard. 

It was an attractive gateway to our village and it would be a disgrace to let it fall into rack and ruin.

ii)  January Legstretcher.  Details were given of the Great Harwood Panel’s walk scheduled for Sunday 12th January 2014 meeting at Tesco at 12.45 pm.  This was part of their “Boots & Bikes” exercise programme. 

Next Meeting 4th February 2014

Meeting ended 8.30 pm

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton, on the 4th February 2014

1.  Present:

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Gordon Baldam,  Beverley Moorhouse, Susan Robertson, Nigel Burns, Paul Andrews

2. Apologies:

Wendy Flanagan, Patrick Troughton, Ruth Colling, Paul Wilkinson.

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting, in particular Susan Robertson, Nigel Burns and Paul Andrews, new to our meetings

Minutes of the meeting held on 7th January 2014.

As we had no printed minutes to hand round and also because we had three people new to our meetings, Colin read out the minutes of our last meeting to give Susan, Nigel and Paul some insight into the work we are currently engaged in.  These were the agreed and signed.

4. Station Food Growing.

The open morning 11/01/14 had had a modest response and it was pleasing to report that Nigel and Paul A. had signed up for raised beds.  Julie Livesey (Prospects Food Growing Co-ordinator) was preparing some costings to install more raised beds.  Work would need to be done to clear more ground.  

5.  Project Update

a) Susan Halstead. The plaque in memory of Susan’s late mother Betty Marston, had now been fitted to the Prospects bench n the towpath between High Street and Tottleworth bridges.   Susan had sent a letter to Margaret enclosing a cheque for £500 in appreciation of the Panels assistance in helping the family arrange this memorial to their mother.   Colin had also received a copy of this letter and read this out to the meeting,   They have given us carte blanche to use this money as we see fit, although Susan thought that planting some English bluebells would be a nice idea.  Colin had already outlined to them the idea of the large cut out 60 in Cut Wood Park as a use for some of the money, and Susan is in agreement with this.  It was also suggested that we could plant English bluebell bulbs in Cut Wood Park next autumn.  Fiona as Chairman expressed the Panel’s gratitude to Susan and her family for such a generous gesture.  Letters of thanks had been sent.

b)  Station Grass Cutting.  Colin still needs to follow up on the strimmer course for himself and Paul W.

c)  Star Delph. Paul W. and Colin had been up to Star Delph last week cutting down overgrown shrubbery that was blocking the path.    They intended going again this Thursday to clear debris that had been washed on to the decking making it very slippery.  This is a big project and Colin is hoping to report on it to the Area Council with a view to attracting a volunteer workforce to do more work in the Delph.  There had been no further feedback from LCC – to be followed up..

e)  Pipeline.  Due to be finished by the end of June.

f)  Rotary.  It was agreed that we would judge the quiz and also probably take up their offer of a publicity stall at the Rotary walk (18th May).  In Paul W’s absence there was no report on the provision of quiz sheets from Gemma. Ju

g)  Meadowhead.  Still to raise with Councillors.

6.  Treasurers Report.

The current account stands at £724.34 £224.34) and the investment account at £697.06 (£697.06).

7. Foundation.

We still need to look at revising our entry on the Foundation website.

8.  Green Spaces Forum.

Colin awaiting reply from Shirley Parkinson to 2 emails he had sent  regarding our idea of a 60 cut out in Cut Wood Park, Colin would follow this up – he had unfortunately not been able to get to the last meeting (AGM 23/01/14) to speak to Shirley in person.    Margaret had identified certain plants for bedding in this 60 but this will also need professional advice.

9.  Magazines and Newsletters.

Connections magazine was circulated.

10. Time Booking.

2 hrs. Margaret admin.  Fiona 1 hr. (litterpicking).

11. Working Parties.

Saturday 8th Feb.  Meet 9.30 am at High Street Bridge to litterpick, clearing dead vegetation and some cutting back.

Saturday 1st March. Meet 9.30 am at Station to prepare ground for additional raised beds and any other garden maintenance.


i) Station Car Psrk Shrubbery. It was decided that we would raise this with Councillors at the next Area Council.

ii) Margaret was asked if she would contact Nurture with a view to the supply of bedding plants again.

iii Susan reported fly tipping/den building in the shrubbery, south east corner of back field (St Albans Road to Shawbrook Close). Colin to look to see if it could be easily cleared.

iv)Because the Area Council meeting has had to be altered to the 4th March it was decided that we would cancel our meeting scheduled for the 4th and arrange a working party instead.

Next Meeting 1st April 2014

6th May 2014

Meeting ended 8.30 pm


Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton, on the 1st April 2014

1.  Present:

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman),  Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Paul Andrews, Gordon Baldam, Wendy Flanagan, Patrick Troughton, Susan Robertson.

2. Apologies:

Janis Counsell, Beverley Moorhouse, Paul Wilkinson

Minutes of the meeting held on 4th February 2014.

Agreed and signed.

3. Food Growing.

Julie Livesey has not yet been able to get the costings for us to extend the station food growing project, but hopes to get these done shortly. When the costings are done we can then start applying for funding. In the meantime we need to plan some working parties to clear the ground - possibly in a number of evenings. However, Julie thinks that there will be enough funding from the cultivate programme to put two more raised beds in the ground already cleared. These beds need to be in place as soon as possible for us to take advantage of this year’s growing season. Julie now builds the raised beds herself. Patrick asked if seed will be provided again this year, or does everyone need to provide their own.

4. Project Update

a)  Halstead £500. Regarding the “60” we had suggested in Cut Wood Park, Craig Haraben has expressed reservations regarding this project as he feels it will hinder mowing and there could be a potential maintenance problem. Instead of the “60” another suggestion was metal sculptures on the railings surround the toddler playground, similar to the ones which can be seen in Accrington (Eastgate Car Park). Alternatively murals done by local schoolchlildren could be fixed to the railings.

There were no new ideas for planting bluebells.

Shirley Parkinson is off on long term sick leave. In her absence Colin has been in contact with Andrew Hayhurst and Mark Gardner (HBC Parks Dept) regarding the provision of woodchip for the willow tunnel. They had used all current stocks but hoped to have more later this month

b) Station Grass Cutting. Colin still hasn’t been able to find a strimmer course to give him insurance cover if he used one of the Foundation strimmers at the station or elsewhere.

c) Star Delph. LCC are pursuing a lease with Ingham & Yorke. They will try to ascertain if the Panel/Foundation can lease for a zero nominal rent and no onerous liabilities.

It was felt that it will be more appropriate for the Foundation to take on the lease and then for Rishton & Great Harwood Panels to keep the site inspected and safe. (If we wanted to do more, then that would be up to us).

The railings need some repair but the main problem is trying to get access from Lords House Farm, as access from Wilpshire Road is not safe in the long term.

d) Pipeline. Nothing to report. Our main concern is that they reinstate the hedges, etc satisfactorily.

e) Rotary Walk (12th May). No report in Paul’s absence,

f) Meadowhead. This was brought to the attention of the Councillors at the last Area Council, without any positive result. Ruth has spoken to the owner of Meadowhead Cottage who is not too happy to have any work carried out because he says, according to his deeds, it is not a public right of way.

g) Fly Tipping St Albans Road back field. Colin apologised to Susan that he had not been down to look at the fly tipping. However, Susan informed him that she had moved some rubbish herself.

h) Summer Bedding. Margaret has emailed Gayle at Nurture 13/02/14 and received assurance that they would support us once again. We to advise varieties and quantities nearer the time (early May).

5. Treasurers Report.

The current account stands at £724.34 (£724.34) and the investment account at £697.14 (£697.06)

6. Green Spaces Forum.

Colin has not been able to attend.

7. Magazines and Newsletters.


8. Time Booking.

2 hrs. Margaret admin.

9. Working Parties.

The 1st March working party at the station had done a good job. It has been agreed that we would offer assistance to Primetime Pre-School to lift and remove shrubs from beds in an enclosed courtyard so that the children can use the ground for seed sowing and plant growing. Meet at Norden school 9.30 am Saturday 5th April.

10. AOB

i) Station Car Park Shrubbery. This was raised at the Area Council again without any positive results.

ii) Photographs were circulated showing rubbish which had been removed from the canal when Paul (W), Mick (Café) and Paul (A) assisted the canal cleaning barge.

iii) Julie Livesey along with Colin had assisted Norden School to install and build raised beds and plant fruit trees. The raised beds are now planted with a variety of vegetable seeds etc.

iv) Paul Wilkinson has prepared a map showing where Prospects have had a Project in the village and around. He had asked Colin to check it over and add any projects missing.

v) Colin reported that he had at last managed to prune the climbing rose by the canal at High Street bridge and pruned and retrained the willow arbour and tunnel in the park. Total hours approx.. 20.

vi) Bursting Buds. Great Harwood Panel has organised a leisurely walk for budding walkers for Sunday 13th April. Meet Tesco 12.45 pm. All welcome.

vii) HUFS (Hyndburn Used Furniture Store – now overseen by Prospects) are currently recruiting for a manager post.  Details from Colin.

viii) Fiona informed the Panel of the April programme of events and volunteering opportunities.

ix) Bird Table and Walk. To conclude our Bird Information Board project in Cut Wood Park, Gemma was organising an evening talk at the Prospects Environmental Centre followed by a dawn walk in the Park, both led by Dave Bickerton.

Talk:: Wednesday 23rd April 2014. 7 – 8.30 pm.

Walk: Sunday 27th April 2014. 6.30 am.

Names were taken for both and Colin would circularise those not at the meeting.

12 Next Meeting.

6th May.

Meeting ended 8.30 pm

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton, on the 6th May, 2014

1. Present:

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Janis Counsell, Wendy Flanagan, Patrick Troughton, Paul Wilkinson.

2. Apologies:

Paul Andrews, Gordon Baldam, Ruth Colling, Gerry Garood, Beverley Moorhouse, Susan Robertson.

Minutes of the meeting held on 1st April, 2014.

Agreed and signed.

3. Project Update

a) Food Growing.

Julie Livesey wasn’t able to attend our meeting to discuss a programme for seeding/planting the existing beds and constructing two new ones, due to a previous engagement. It transpired that existing bed holders were on with their sowing and therefore the priority was the new beds. After consultation with Julie and members on suitable dates it was decided that we will meet at 9.30 am at the station on Saturday 17th May. We will assist Julie with the building and filling of two new raised beds. If we have a good number of people turn up, some may be able to hoe the marestails on the car park shrubbery, during the early stages of construction. Maximum help would be needed on the filling. Barrows and spades welcome.

b) Halstead £500/60th Celebration for Cut Wood. Still no decision on what we might do. We have until September to decide if we wish to plant spring bulbs in Cut Wood Park and bluebells elsewhere (where? suggestions needed).

c) Willow Tunnel. Colin has trimmed and reshaped the tunnel.Parks Dept provided a large bag of woodchip which Colin has laid on the tunnel floor. Colin had sent a thank you email to Craig Haraben.

d) Station Grass Cutting. Janis will organise with her neighbour to get the strimming of the banking on the Blackburn platform done. Janis to advise so that we can assist with raking etc.

e) Star Delph. Colin had received an email from Tim Blythe at LCC. He has asked their Property Dept. to release LCC from the lease with Dunkenhalgh Estate (Ingham & Yorke) and negotiate for a local environmental organisation (Prospects?) to take on a lease if the terms are acceptable.. We are still awaiting with interest the outcome of this.

f) Pipeline. Paul reported that the finish date is now September. They have now started to reinstate the ground that had been disturbed and would hopefully move on to hedges etc. (see iPlayer Video – United Utilities series).

g) Rotary Walk. To take place on 18th May not 12th as previously reported. Paul has been appointed Lead Marshall. Paul will contact the organisers regarding the childrens quiz.

h)Meadowhead. In Ruth’s absence there was nothing to report.

i) Summer Bedding. Margaret will contact Nurture regarding a date when these can be collected. [Later. Plants available Saturday 7th June. Working party details to be agreed].

j) Bird Identification Talk/Walk. There was good feedback from all participants. With Dave Bickerton’s lead we heard a surprisingly large array of differing birds on the Sunday morning walk in Cut Wood. Colin had built a small plinth round the woodland birds board.

5. Treasurers Report.

The current account stands at £724.34 (£724.34) and the investment account at £697.22 (£697.14)

6. Foundation.

Roger Plum had emailed regarding a Nature Conservation Project for which the Foundation has received Windfall funding. The aim is to recruit volunteers to form a Green Team working throughout Hyndburn on environmental projects. Roger has asked if there are any projects we would like help with. It was decided to invite Roger to our next meeting to discuss our ideas.

Fiona and Colin have written a script with photos of work undertaken by the Panel for inclusion in the Foundations Annual Report to be printed for the Foundation AGM to be held on 3rd June 2014.

7. Green Spaces Forum.

Colin has not been able to attend.

8. Magazines and Newsletters.


9. Time Booking.

2 hrs. Margaret admin. 1 Hr. Fiona annual report.

10. Working Parties.

Wednesday 14th May 6.00 pm Spring St. Picnic site. Assist clearance of tree surgery branches and create a dead hedge.

Saturday 17th May 9.30 am railway station. Assist Julie with building and filling two new raised beds.

To be advised. Various locations, summer bedding planting at Station and elsewhere.

11. AOB

Wendy reported the wooden planter by the phone box on the station has disintegrated. Colin suggested removing the herbs from their planter and relocating them in the food growing area. Then replanting the resulting vacated planter with flowers.

Paul reported that we are required to renew our Canal Adoption membership. Colin to assist with wording.

Susan, who walks her dogs on the Esplanade each morning with husband John and regularly picks up dog dirt, reported to Colin that the dog dirt bins are constantly overflowing. Colin contacted Craig Haraben who subsequently admitted that an administration mistake had occurred and these bins had been taken off the emptying rota. Error has now been rectified.

12 Next Meeting.

Prospects Foundation AGM is being held on our normal Tuesday meeting date. Therefore, we are provisionally looking at Monday 2nd June or 9th June dependent on whether the Centre is available for either of those dates. [Later: booked for 2nd June].

Meeting ended 8.30 pm

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton, on the 2nd June, 2014

1. Present:

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Wendy Flanagan, C.Cllr. Miles Parkinson, Patrick Troughton.

2. Apologies:

Paul Andrews, Nigel Burns, Ruth Colling, Paul Wilkinson.

Minutes of the meeting held on 6th May 2014.

Agreed and signed.

3. Project Update

a) Food Growing. On Saturday 17th May a small team assisted Julie Livesey with the building and filling of two new raised beds at the station. Others also did some weeding on the car park shrubbery. A week later Margaret and Nigel, who will use the two new raised beds, attended a training session on food growing. Julie has funding for two more raised beds, but if we wish to extend further we will need to fund raise. It was agreed we ask Julie to buy the timber for the two new beds, to be constructed later. Julie had suggested a joint bid for more funding might be combined with Piggy Park. This was thought to be a good idea. Julie to provide costings.

b) Halstead £500/60th Celebration for Cut Wood. No progress at present

c) Station Grass Cutting. In Janis’ absence there was nothing to report.

d) Star Delph. Awaiting outcome from LCC.

e) Rotary Walk. In Paul’s absence there was no report, however, from press coverage, all seemed to go well.

5. Treasurers Report.

The current account stands at £724.34 (£724.34) and the investment account at £697.22 (£697.22)

6. Foundation.

After consulting members for suggestions, Colin had replied to Roger Plum’s request for ideas for projects which the proposed Nature Conservation Project Green Team could carry out. Prime suggestion was maintenance of station car park shrubbery. Roger thought this was a suitable project but he needed information on the size of the shrubbery and the frequency of the maintenance visits. Colin has some photographs of the shrubbery for Roger which will give some idea of size and it was thought one a month in summer would be appropriate.

Members were encouraged to attend the Foundation AGM at Churchfield House in Great Harwood starting at 7.00 pm on Tuesday 3rd June 2014.

7. Green Spaces Forum.

Colin has not been able to attend.

8. Magazines and Newsletters.


9. Time Booking.

2 hrs. Margaret admin.

10. Working Parties.

Summer Bedding. Suggested we pick up the bedding plants from Nurture at 9.00 am and transfer them to the Station for 9.30 am when we can start to clear and plant the beds there. Timing for collection to be confirmed with Nurture. Margaret to email a reminder to members and amend timing if necessary. Plants for other planters and beds in the village to be stored at member’s homes and planted when time is available. Steve offered to get compost for topping up beds from B & Q.

11. AOB

Fiona had been approached by Rotary regarding the Defibrillator on the outside wall of the Library. They were concerned that it could pose a hazard to children bumping into it and wanted to move the planters, which they thought belonged to Prospects, either side to prevent any accidents. Fiona informed them that they would have to get permission from HBC whose planters they were.

Colin had spoken to Julie Livesey regarding moving the herbs on the platform so that the planter could be used for flowers to replace the wooden planter which was disintegrating and needed to be removed. Julie had advised against this as they are in a prime location for herbs and were being used by some.

Colin and Paul had discussed the canal adoption membership. They couldn’t see the point of filling out the membership form once again and proposed that we assume we will continue without doing so.

12 Next Meeting.

1st July 2010

Meeting ended 8.00 pm


Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton, on the 26th August, 2014

1. Present:

Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Beverley Moorhouse, Patrick Troughton.

2. Apologies:

Fiona Cook, Ruth Colling, Gordon Baldam, Wendy Flanagan, Paul Wilkinson.

PLEASE NOTE: All Panels had been asked to make provision, if possible, for Katy Holden from One Planet to come and talk to a Panel Meeting about the latest developments at One Planet. This had been arranged for the 26th August for our Panel. However, when it became apparent that a significant number of members would not be present, it was decided to postpone Katy’s visit until the 7th October (AGM) meeting when hopefully more members would be present. This Katy was happy to agree to.

Minutes of the meeting held on 2nd June 2014

As the meeting was not quorate, the minutes could not be approved.

3. Project Update

a) Food Growing. After some difficulties over timber availability and delivery timing, Jewsons had ultimately delivered the wood for the two new raised beds to the station. Colin and Julie had hidden it for the time being in no-mans land. We now need to clear more ground to extend the site to accommodate these. Colin has suggested that this could be a project for Roger’s Green Team to tackle once the vegetation has died down and we can get a better idea of whats what. Julie to provide costings for this along with Piggy Park.

b) Halstead £500/60th Celebration for Cut Wood. No progress at present. We still need some bright ideas.

c) Station Grass Cutting. In July Colin had emailed a Clare Daniels at Northern Rail asking if there could be any progress made with the grass cutting this year. No reply had been received.

d) Star Delph. Colin had received an email from Tim Blythe at LCC informing him that he had not heard from their Property Group about the case and felt that they would not see this as a priority. However, Tim said that he would get back to them and ascertain if they had heard anything from Ingham and York on the matter.

Colin had also emailed Tim 14/08/14 following a visit to Star Delph expressing concern about a rampant growth of Himalayan Balsam which was coming down from the top with the stream and surrounding the viewing platform on three sides. There was also concern about the safety of the decking of the viewing platform, part of which was holed and revealing rotting timbers underneath. These concerns made us question whether we would want to take on any responsibility for the site as much as we would like to see it remain accessible for local use especially educational. Tim replied the same day that if we thought there was a real safety issue then he would report it and have it thoroughly inspected. Colin replied 15/09/14 that he thought it would be prudent to do so.

5. Treasurers Report

The current account stands at £695.34 (£724.34) £29.00 was paid to Ruth for compost etc for the Summer bedding plants and £5 deposit for a stall at Rishton Festival) and the investment account at £697.34 (£697.22)

6. Summer Bedding.

A working party was held on the 7th June when some of the bedding plants donated by Nurture were planted. Colin planted at High Street Bridge and Norden. Christine Hammerton planted out at the half moon garden, Station Road and further plants were donated to all the schools. But the main follow-up was by a team of Margaret, Ruth, Steve and Wendy who spent some hours the next week planting the residue in various locations around the village.

7. Defibrillator at Library.

Having been advised that the planters at the library were not Prospects responsibility, HBC had moved one of them near to the defibrillator to prevent people knocking into it as it stuck out from the library wall and could be a hazard, particularly to children.

8. Canal Adoption.

Matt filled in the adoption forms and then met with Colin and Paul to present the Adoption Certificate 17/07/14.

9. Foundation.

Details of nature walks, craftwork at the Centre etc. have all been circulated.

10. Green Spaces Forum.

EnergieKontor are seeking permission to install four additional wind turbines on Oswaldtwistle Moor. It is believed the Council may bid for any grants that might be payable from these rather than to Prospects ‘Windfall’. As the County Council have virtually cut all funding for Green Partnership Awards that Green Spaces administered, it was wondered if this might be a way of replacing the ‘lost ’LCC funding.

8. Magazines and Newsletters.


9. Time Booking.

2 hrs. Margaret admin.

11. AOB

Margaret will get in touch with Nurture regarding them supplying us once again with Autumn bedding plants. Margaret has since received a reply email from Gayle Pugh at Nurture confirming that they will supply the bedding plants.

12 Next Meeting.

7th October 2014 AGM

Meeting ended 8.00 pm



Financial Statement 2013/2014


Balance per bank statement 2/10/13                                                  £224.34

Prospects Receipts

Susan Halstead Donation                                                                                500.00


Prospects Expenditure                                                                £                         

Ruth Colling - Expenses                                                          29.00                           

Rishton Peoples Centre Room Hire (Sept 13/Aug 14)            96.00              125.00

                        Balance per bank statement 2/10/14                                      £599.34  


                       Balance per statement 2/10/13                                               £696.90


HBC Interest                                                                          .48                 £697.38


Balance per statement 2/10/14                                               £697.38





Minutes of the Eighteenth Annual General Meeting of the Rishton Prospects Panel held at the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 4th November 2014

1. Present.

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator /Asst. Secretary), Wendy Flanagan, Susan Robertson.

Also present Roger Plum, Foundation Officer for Conservation in Hyndburn.

2. Apologies:

Gordon Baldam, Beverley Moorhouse, Patrick Troughton, Paul Wilkinson

Fiona welcomed everyone and declared the meeting quorate. (One quarter membership or 4 members, whichever is the greater).

3. Membership.

Colin read out all those listed as signed up members of the Panel. As Linda Castle has not attended meetings for some time, it was agreed that we contact her to ascertain if she wants to remain on the list of members. {Later: Linda contacted and she suggested her name be removed} Paul Andrews, Nigel Burns and Susan Robertson are eligible to sign up if they wish to.  Susan duly signed, we therefore have a total membership of 17 (Paul and Nigel to be approached on a suitable occasion).

4. Chairman’s Address and Review of the Year.

Fiona reviewed the highlights of the past year and thanked all Panel members for their support. Again, special thanks were expressed to Nurture Landscaping for their continued generous support. (See Appendix I – Chairman’s Address)

5. Treasurer’s Report and Accounts.

Margaret presented the Financial Statement for the year from 4/10/13 to 2/10/14.

Income to the Current a/c. Income for the year was a donation of £500.00 from the Halstead Family in memory of their mother.

Expenditure for the year was £125.00, made up of payment of expenses to Ruth Colling of £29.00 and Rishton Peoples’ Centre rental to cover Sept. 13 to Aug. 14 of £96.00.

The closing balance in the current account at 2/10/14 was £599.34 (opened at £224.34). The closing balance in the Investment account was £697.38 (opened at £696.90).

The Treasurer’s Report was accepted unanimously and it was agreed it should be signed appropriately.

6 Election of Officers and Representatives.

The following were duly proposed, seconded and unanimously elected:

Chairman                                                        Fiona Cook

Vice Chairman                                               Ruth Colling

Treasurer & Secretary                                     Margaret Worden

Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary              Colin Cooper

Prospects Foundation Management

Committee Representative     Colin Cooper

(It was noted that Margaret was also on the Foundation Management Committee as a directly elected member).

7. Any Other Business.


A copy of the Chairs’ Annual Report will be sent to the Prospects Foundation Office.

At this stage we had a short break where we presented Colin with a cake (made and expertly iced with the Prospects logo by Fiona) on the occasion of his 80th birthday. A toast was proposed by Fiona and happy birthday was sung.

The meeting then passed on to the agenda for the normal meeting.

Rishton Prospects Panel Chairman’s Report, November 2014A

Appendix I

Once again, I seem to be writing my Chair’s Report about the tremendous efforts of Rishton Prospects Panel, all of whom I believe, continue to help make the environment around Rishton a better place to live and work. However this could not be achieved without the support of others, especially Nurture, Hyndburn Borough Council, and the Prospects Foundation staff and on behalf of everyone I wish to thank them.

With the mild winter and beautiful summer weather the planters around the village have been extremely colourful. This would be very difficult for us to achieve without the donations of plants by Nurture, the bi-annual clearing and planting by everyone, as well as the much needed watering by Wendy and others in the team. Many thanks to you all.

Early this spring we were extremely fortunate to have our local expert Dave Bickerton running a course, for all members of the Prospects Foundation, about bird songs and then followed this up with a dawn chorus walk around Cut Wood. I know I never realised that ornithologists mainly identified birds by their songs and how territorial birds were. I am sure I was not the only one who learnt a lot that morning.

Work at the station continues. We have had a couple of working parties to weed and tidy the bedding areas around the car park and have received help with this mammoth task from the Prospects Foundation through Roger Plum and his “Green team”, for which we are very grateful. However the mares tails continue to grow and spread, so this is a never ending task for which we continue to look for an easier solution. The grass banking along the Blackburn platform was not strimmed by the contractors, again this year and still looks untidy. We had hoped to do this, but each time it was planned it was too wet! Hopefully we can make it a major project for next spring and summer. The food growing project is very successful in providing lots of fresh produce for the raised bed caretakers. Julie Livesey from the Foundation continues to support us in this and has managed to secure funding to extend the number of beds and area, as we have had interest from other people to join this project. One of our members thoroughly enjoyed attending a “Thank You Event” from Northern Rail for adoption group this September.

Our work along the canal has included clearing and replanting the beds at both sides of High Street bridge as and when necessary. We hope that the customers of the newly opened café appreciate the rose bed at that side too!! With the help of some members from Great Harwood Panel a large tree was felled near the waters edge. This was proving to be rather dangerous to boat users and walkers along the towpath. Paul liaises with the local representative of CART to inform them of our work and ensure collaboration.

Paul and Colin have also been involved with looking at the possibilities for refurbishing the paths and access to “Star Delph” (SSSI site off Close Brow). Originally this was a project we assisted with, however due to closure of Lords House Farm and difficulties in access, it has become overgrown and dangerous. One suggestion had been that we might adopt it but the Panel felt that it might be too big a responsibility depending on the terms of the lease. LCC are persuing this with the Dunkehalgh Estate and maybe this project can be furthered next year. Meanwhile, for our own safety, it was agreed that no member of the Panel should visit this site alone as it is so remote.

As in previous years we continue to support other Rishton groups as and when we can. Rishton Pre school playgroup at Norden requested our help in clearing some shrubs from the beds in one of the courtyards, so they could use them to grow things with the children and one damp Saturday morning was spent doing this. Colin and Beverley worked with “The Green Team” at Norden School and they support us in some of our working parties. We were pleased to attend the very successful Rishton Festival and with Foundation help promoted seed sowing with the children.

The Foundation continue to support us in our work and some of our Panel have attended some of the many training and activity events they organise at the Prospect Environment Centre in Accrington. As well as this we have had very informative talks from amongst others, Julie Livesey about food growing and Katy Holden about One Planet Shop. It is amazing how far the Prospects Foundation and Panels have developed since their inception.

What an inspirational and forward thinking organisation we are.

Let’s keep up the good work and hopefully inspire more people to join us next year.

Thank you for all your support.

Fiona Cook (Chair)