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Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 2nd January 2018

1. Present:

Fiona Cook, (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chair), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Coordinator/Asst Secretary).

2. Apologies:

Wendy Flanagan, Ursula Hurst, Cllr Jeff Scales.

3. Minutes of the meetings on the 7th November 2017.

Agreed and signed.

4. Matters arising:

As Cllr. Ken Moss was unable to attend our meeting there was no follow-up information regarding moving the wooden animals from Parker Street Green or the trimming of the laurel hedge on the Ladybird Garden. However, the Parker Street Green planters have been moved from Parker Street to the landscaped area in front of Norden Court. Colin has topped them up with new compost and planted up the remaining plants which Nurture donated.

5. Treasurer’s Report.

Margaret had written a cheque for 15 for the Christmas tree for the Christmas Tree Festival at the Parish Church. The current account now stands at 34p. (15.34). The investment account at 598.6 (598.62). It was agreed that Margaret should transfer 100 from the investment account to the current account.

6. Project Update :

a) Station Food Growing. Colin had been down to the station. Having limed his beds, Lionel’s seem to be ‘resting’ for winter. Ashley has planted up two high disabled beds with onions. Roger Plumb and his Green Team have been working on the area and things are now looking a lot tidier. The team have weeded right down to the membrane and most of the bark chipping has now gone. It probably needs new bark or stone chippings and we wondered if the Council have any. Colin agreed to email Ken Moss regarding this request. There is still no news regarding bird boxes and it was felt that we should include these within a funding application. Jeff Scales had offered to assist with sourcing.

b) Canal. Fiona reported that following a walk along the canal she felt that a litter pick would be a good idea. We agreed to arrange this, maybe in February.

c) Station Adoption. As reported at our last meeting the shrubbery looks very tidy compared to last year. Colin has some plants to split from his own garden and will plant them at different areas at the station. This will supplement those planted by Ruth and Steve.

7. Station Art Project.

Fiona suggested breaking the project down into segments and as Ursula has already put a great deal of time and work into the project that perhaps we could apply to the Windfall Fund for a small grant to cover her work so far. We are trying to set up a meeting with Brian, Ursula and ourselves, the aim of which is to finalise costings and then to hopefully involve Jeff regarding a funding application. Ursula had given dates when she would be available and Colin will contact Brian to see if he will also be available on any of these dates. [Later: meeting at station fixed for Thursday 11th January 2018. Andy Griffin of Network Rail will also be able to attend.

8. Piggy Park.

In Jeff’s absence there was no update.

9. Foundation.

Nothing to report.

10. Green Spaces.

The next meeting will be held on the 28th January 2018.

11. Time Booking.

Colin has recorded all time booked by members.

12. Any other business.

Colin and Julie Livesey had repaired the willow arbour with material cut from the new growth on the tunnel. Julie had done an excellent job with the arbour looking more stable and thicker towards the back. The willow tunnel is still to be done

Following Colin’s meeting with Paul Maynard MP Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for rail, Accessibility and HS2 at Burnley Manchester Road Station, our Group has been invited to attend a Communications and Social Media workshop. The goal of these sessions is to deliver the right tools to enable groups to confidently market their groups on social media platforms. The workshops will commence in January and we were asked to register our interest by the 20th December 2017. However, due to the busy run up to Christmas and also that no dates were given, we were unable to actually register. Margaret has agreed to email Northern Rail to ask for confirmation of the dates of the workshops and also if we could still register.

13. Date of next meeting:

Tuesday 6th February 2018

Meeting closed at 8.15pm.

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