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Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 2nd April 2019

1. Present:

Ruth Colling (Chair), Beverley Moorhouse (Vice-Chair), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Coordinator/Asst Secretary), Cllr. Michael Miller, Cllr. Jeff Scales, Mike Stapleford, Prospects Foundation.

2. Apologies:


3. Minutes of the meetings held on 5th March 2019.

Agreed and signed.

4. Matters arising:

No matters arising.

5. Treasurer’s Report.

The current account stands at £7296.28 (£391.88) and the investment account at £500.92 (£500.84). On the 1st April H.B.C. deposited £6904.40 to our current account. This sum is part of a High Street Community Clean-up Fund the Council has received from central government. The Council received £14K and have bought two gum busting machines. As the money needs to be spent by the end of March, Rishton Prospects Panel are acting as an intermediary organisation to manage the remainder of the money. The money is for community clean-ups in the three townships of Rishton, Great Harwood and Clayton-le-Moors. We will receive 10% management fee (£690 which will be unrestricted funds). The meeting agreed that £690 should be transferred to our investment account.  Cllr. Scales will organise contacts with Gt Harwood and CLM.

6. Project Update:

a) Station Food Growing. The group decided that we can advertise these plots on Rishton Community Facebook page and we will put a piece in the Parish of Rishton Community Magazine and possibly deliver flyers to local houses It was also suggested putting a notice on the gate. Mike S. offered to laminate any posters for us.

b) Canal. Colin will look at the Adoption Form which we have to submit on an annual basis. Mike S. has had a meeting with Gary Wilkinson and Mike Ferris from CART to ascertain what positive contact we could have with them as contact with British Waterways was always difficult. There are 5 hot stops nationally – 3 of which are in the N.W. and one is in the local canal corridor. Gary would like to organise something within Hyndburn. However, the logistics of Health and Safety can be a problem. If we can show good use of the canal this has the potential to drawdown Government funding. There has been no contact with CART since this meeting. Colin and Trevor spent Saturday afternoon on tidying and tying in the climbing roses on the rosebed adjacent to the Canal Café. Colin reported that the bed on the canal towpath, with the stone seating, by High Street Bridge needs quite a lot of working carrying out. Colin has emailed Alice Kay asking if CART will liaise with us on a working party to carry out this work. Awaiting reply from Alice.

7. Station Art Project.

Following on from the contact we had with Carolyn Watson, Community & Sustainability Director for Northern a meeting was arranged for the 4th April at the Station.

[Update: Attending for Northern Rail were Rebecca (Becky) Styles (Regional Community & Sustainability Manager) and Daniel Coles a member of her staff (who was also covering any Network Rail aspects). Rishton Councillors were represented by Cllr. Michael Miller. Prospects was represented by Mike Stapleford (Charity Manager, Prospects Foundation), Ruth Colling, Colin Cooper (Prospects Panel) and Ursula Hurst (Art Daze) for the Arts Project. The meeting was very positive with the Northern team very much in favour of the Project and expressing a keen desire to bring it to fruition as an asset to the Station. They felt they could assist the Panel in a number of ways, including installation and funding. Daniel advised that despite previous reports that the ‘cat scan’ survey being done, he could find no record that this was so. This he could be checking further. He would then be able to reconcile artwork positions to survey results. Rebecca indicated that they would report back to the Panel once they had digested the detailed elements of their visit.

8. Piggy Park.

Two fantastic benches have been installed in the Forrest Schools area. Piggy Park came third in the Tesco funding bid and will receive £1,000 towards a Pergola, similar to a small bandstand arena. A tidy-up has been organised for Saturday 13th April 9.30 am to midday. There are Sycamore seedling growing everywhere. One raised bed which is available may now have been taken.

9. Foundation.

As reported in our minutes of the November 2018 meeting, the Foundation are looking to revitalise the Panels. To this end two workshops had been organised, the first of which to be held at Trinity Community Church, Accrington on the 3rd April. Update: Margaret and Colin attended. The meeting started by reflecting on what Prospects meant to members – why it was set up, what drew them to join as Panel members etc. and then to think about their journey over the last 20 years. What sort of projects had been delivered, how things had changed over the last 20 yrs., what have been the highlights and downsides.

We then discussed the strengths of Prospects, the weaknesses, the opportunities and the threats. There were some common threads that all groups identified one of which was, not unexpectedly, funding issues.

The next workshop is planned for 17th April at the same venue, which will showcase some of the successful projects delivered through Prospects. This will lead to the discussion of our vision for the future.

10. Green Spaces.

The next meeting is planned for 6.30 pm on the 17th July 2019 at Scaitcliffe House.

11. Time Booking.

None recorded.

12. Working Parties.

High Street Clean-up to be held on Saturday 11th May. Meet at the Library at 9.30 am.

13. Any other business.

Discussion took place regarding the placement of the Parker Street Clock, the Christmas Tree and benches on the new development. There was some doubt regarding the plan but Jeff contacted Gleesons who confirmed that these items will in fact be positioned as the original plan shows i.e. on the High/Hermitage Street frontage.

13. Date of next meeting:

7th May 2019

Meeting closed at 8.30pm.

May - Missing

June - No Meeting

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 2nd July 2019

1. Present:

Ruth Colling (Chair), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Coordinator/Asst Secretary), Cllr. Jeff Scales, Jacci Beesley

Ruth welcomed Jacci to her first Panel meeting.

2. Apologies:

Mike Stapleford, Prospects Foundation, C.Cllr. Miles Parkinson, Beverley Moorhouse, Wendy Flanagan.

3. Minutes of the meetings held on 7th May 2019.

Agreed and signed.

4. Matters arising:

No matters arising.

5. Treasurer’s Report.

The current account stands at £6669.70 (£6606.28) and the investment account at £1191.39 (£1191.19). A “Windfall” grant of £225.00 has been received and has been paid into the current account. This grant was for bee and butterfly friendly plants for the bed on the canal at High Street bridge, following a very successful ground clearance exercise as part of the Prospects/Canal & River Trust Taskforce launch event on Wednesday 1st May. The plants etc. cost £161.58.

6. Project Update :

a) Station Food Growing. Lynn Norris a resident of Station Close enquired if any raised beds are available. Margaret will let Lynn know which beds are still available. Colin agreed to get in touch with Roger Plum with a view to his Green Team carrying out a tidy-up between all the raised beds. If Roger can let us know when they will be coming, we can organise to be on site to help.

b) Canal. There will be a volunteer working party with Canal and River Trust on Wednesday 3rd July to be held at Tottleworth Bridge No. 108 Spring Street by the picnic area. 10.00 am to 2.00 pm. The main aim will be to cut grass and re-establish steps and pathway on the picnic site and restore it to a useable facility.

Another volunteer working party has been organised for 17th July meeting at High Street Bridge 108A. 10.00 am to 2.30 pm. for tasks from Norden Bridge 107A to Bridge 108A. Tasks will be litter picking along footpath, towpath edging and restoration of the ‘Mills to the Hills’ vandalised information board.

7. Station Art Project.

Colin once again emailed Daniel Cole (Network) asking for a progress report for our meeting. However, as before, no reply has been received. Jeff has agreed to write again to Carolyn Watson, Community & Sustainability Director for Northern, expressing our utter disappointment with the lack of progress and informing them that our group is ready to pull out of the station adoption altogether if they continue to ignore our correspondence and fail to help us to actually carry out the work they have so enthused about in the past.

8. Piggy Park.

Jeff reported that a grant from Tesco for £1,000 has been received and an application has been submitted to the “Windfall” Fund for £2,000 for the Piggy Park Pergola in the Forest Schools area which will be octagonal with seating positioned around a central table.

9. Foundation.

A successful and enjoyable AGM had taken place at the newly refurbished Coach House in Rhyddings Park and included a walk to Tinker Brook. An excellent buffet had been served by the volunteers in the Coach House café. The Prospector of the year was a posthumous award to Roy Chetham of the Huncoat Forum for all the work he did there over the years.

A Prospects 21st Anniversary event is to be held in the new Accrington Town Square on Saturday 7th September 2019, 10.00 am to 3.00 pm with numerous stalls and activities promoting our six themes of sustainability.

10. Green Spaces.

The next meeting is planned for 6.30 pm on the 17th July 2019 at Scaitcliffe House. The Green Spaces Forum has received the great honour of a Queens Award for Voluntary Service.

11. Time Booking.

None has been recorded recently but Colin will bring this up to date via his records.

12. Working Parties.

See 6 above.

13. Any Other business.

Rishton Festival 6th July. Mike and Colin will be manning the Prospects stall. Among things on display will be Hazel discs to design and draw on. Pledge Tree promising to use less plastic. Wildflower seeds will be given out. It is hoped to attract more members to the Panels. Ursula will bring the banner which was on display last year “From the Mills to the Tower”.

14. Date of next meeting:

There will be no August meeting.

3rd September 2019

Meeting closed at 8.30pm.

August - No Meeting

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 3rd September 2019

1. Present:

Ruth Colling (Chair), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Coordinator/Asst Secretary), Beverley Moorhouse, Mike Stapleford, Prospects Foundation, Richard Watts, Community Rail Lancashire Partnership.

Ruth welcomed Richard Watts (Community Rail Lancashire) and thanked him for attending.

2. Apologies:

Cllr. Jeff Scales

3. Minutes of the meetings held on 2nd July 2019.

Agreed and signed.

4. Matters arising:

Rishton Festival. Colin and Mike were thanked for manning the Prospects stall.

5. Treasurer’s Report.

The current account stands at £6597.70 (£6669.70) and the investment account at £1191.79 (£1191.39). £72.00 was paid to Rishton People’s Centre for the previous 12 months meetings held there.

6. Project Update :

a) Station Food Growing. Margaret hasn’t been in touch with Lynn Norris a resident of Station Close who enquired if any raised beds are available because the areas around the beds are, at the moment, in quite an overgrown state and require attention. We have also been approached by Andy Ovens, Calico Housing on behalf of a couple of Syrian refugee families living in Rishton who would like to develop some raised beds. We had arranged a meeting with them but unfortunately one of them has had an accident and is out of action at the moment. We again discussed the possibility of Roger Plum’s Green Team carrying out a tidy-up between all the raised beds. Mike offered to have a word with Roger to see if he would be available at any time.

b) Canal. The new Canal & River Trust Volunteer Task Force had done an excellent job in July at various bridges in Rishton. The new initative was extremely well attended and carried out litter picking, towpath edging, grass cutting and re-establishing steps and pathways on the picnic site as well as the restoration of the ‘Mills to the Hills’ information board.

7. Station Art Project.

We invited Richard Watts, Community Rail Partership to our meeting to discuss the problems we had been experiencing with, primarily, Network Rail and their disregard for our emails etc. Richard explained to us that one of the problems is that Northern leases part of the land from Network Rail. Richard said there was no reason why we couldn’t press ahead with the posters on the fencing on the Accrington platform as well as the figures attached to the Rishton Signs on both platforms. The only problem seems to be the grassed area from the rear of the stone Rishton sign to the fencing at the back on the Blackburn platform which belongs to Network Rail. Richard doesn’t think we need a licence to attach the artwork to the fencing and agreed to speak with Dan Coles from Network on our behalf as he believes this is “light touch” and just needs their approval.

Richard advised that he was keen to see the Art Project succeed and had asked Simon Clarke, a senior member of his team to head up efforts to speed up progress and resolve any problems. As a first stage a meeting will be arranged at the station with Simon, Ursula and other Panel members to review the current “state of play” and work out priority actions to move the Project forward. Richard said we can get funding from Acorp, however, Community Rail Lancs would have to make the application. We need updated costings to enable a bid to be put forward to the Community Rail Development Fund. If approved, the work must be finished by the 31st March.

8. Piggy Park.

The Piggy Park Pergola has been installed and looks superb. The AGM will be held at the Cricket Club on Wednesday 4th Sept.

9. Foundation.

A Prospects 21st Anniversary event is to be held on the new Accrington Town Square on Saturday 7th September 2019, 10.00 am to 3.00 pm with numerous stalls and activities promoting the Prospects movement and its six themes of sustainability.

The last Foundation meeting agreed to pursue Star Delph (SSSI) and the Land Mark Trees (overlooking Rishton). Projects which had been “mothballed” some years ago.

10. Green Spaces.

Representatives of Hyndburn Green Spaces Forum had duly received the trophy for the Queens Award for Voluntary Service at County Hall on 22nd July 2019 from Lord Shuttleworth. It is to be re-presented at the Hyndburn Borough Council meeting on 19th September 2019.

11. Time Booking.

Colin has brought his records up to date.

12. Working Parties.

A Volunteer working party has again been organised by the Canal & River Trust for bulb planting and weeding. This to be held on the 18th September meet at 10.00 am by the Canal Café at Bridge No. 108A.

13. Any Other Business.

Rishton Prospects are fronting a funding application for the proposed outdoor gym for Cut Wood Park.

14. Date of next meeting:

2nd October 2019

5th November 2019 (AGM)

Meeting closed at 8.30pm.

October - No Minutes

November - No Meeting

Chairs Report

Rishton Prospects Panel – 2019 Report

This year has been dominated by our efforts to see our project “From the Mills to the Tower” at Rishton Railway Station realized. It has proved rather difficult and frustrating as we have struggled with communications between Northern Rail, Arriva North, Network Rail and Community Rail! There have been many emails, discussions and meetings during the year with various members of staff linked to these groups.

We have appreciated support from Clllr. Jeff Scales who has written on our behalf to Mr David Brown, Managing Director of Arriva North, correspondence co-signed by Cllr. Michael Miller and our MP Graham Jones.

Also Mike Stapleford from Prospects Foundation has been very supportive of our efforts.

Our Artist Ursula Hurst has been key in all our plans and discussions and we have appreciated all the time and effort she has given to the project.

Richard Watts of Community Rail Partnership attended our meeting in September and met us and our artist Ursula Hurst at the station on 24th September. This has helped tremendously and although we have had to revise some of our plans we now feel able to go ahead with the installation on the fence at the back of the Blackburn platform and on the Rishton signs.

Richard reassured us that we will get funding from Acorp with application being made through Community Rail Lancs.

We are hoping that this project will become reality for Easter 2020 as work has to be completed by 31st March.

In April we received money from “High Street Community Clean -up Fund” which the Council had received from Central government. This money was earmarked for community improvements in Rishton, Oswaldtwistle and Great Harwood and shared between the three townships. Here in Rishton a major clean-up including litter picking, grass cutting and weeding along our High Street and also around grassed community spaces took place on Saturday 11th May. This was well supported and made a big difference, particularly around our Library and Clinic area in the centre of Rishton.

We have been delighted to see the work carried out on our canal in Rishton by the new Canal and River Trust Volunteer Task Force and have supported their work as much as we could. Our thanks to Barbara Sharples and her team.

Piggy Park goes from strength to strength and Jeff Scales reports regularly to our meetings sharing their plans. This is a real community initiative and many community groups and schools benefit from the facilities. Our thanks once more go to Jeff for all his enthusiasm, time and effort to make this such a great success.

Nurture have once more been a great support and we must thank them for their generous donation of Spring and Winter bedding plants which we are pleased to plant to make Rishton look ‘bright and beautiful’

We were pleased to have Mike Stapleford representing Prospects at our Rishton Festival in July and his creative activities were appreciated by many.

On 7th September in Accrington we helped to celebrate Prospects 21st Anniversary feeling proud to be part of it.

Although we keep our regular tasks going it is getting increasingly difficult as we are few in number and feel that we need to recruit new members. We have had folk join us on working parties and that is encouraging, however we hope that the new year will see our numbers grow and perhaps the station project will make folk more aware of our Rishton Prospects Group and they will want to join us.

Financial Statement 2018/2019



Balance per bank statement 2/10/18 391.88

Internet Transfer (Arriva Rail North) 3000.00

HBC (High St. Community Clean-up Fund) 6904.40

Windfall Grant (bee/butterfly friendly plants for Canal bed at High St. bridge) 225.00 10,521.28


Ursula Hurst (Artdaze) 3,000.00

Transfer to Investment A/C

(10% management fee HBC High St. Community Clean-up Fund) 690.00

Barbara Sharples (plants from Gordon Rigg) 161.58

Rishton Peoples’ Centre Rental Sept. 2018 – August 2018 72.00 3923.58

Balance per bank statement 6/10/2019 £6597.70


Balance as per bank statement 2/10/18 3499.06

Internet transfer from current account

(10% management fee HBC High St. Community Clean-up Fund) 690.00

HSBC interest 3.13



Internet Transfer to current account 3,000.00
(Arriva Rail North)

Balance as per bank account 6th October 2019 £1,192.19





December - No Meeting