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Local Agenda 21

PROSPECTS is Hyndburn's response to the challenge of Agenda 21, which aims to involve local people in schemes to improve the local environment and quality of life. The Rishton Panel meets on a regular basis at Primetime. Details of meetings and activities can usually be seen on the community notice board, which is part of the Parker Street scheme. All meetings are open to anyone with a concern for the Rishton environment.

COLIN COOPER, (Treasurer, Rishton PROSPECTS Panel), Thornhill Avenue, Rishton.

In response to growing concern about the environment, the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (U. N. C. E. D.) met in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992. This landmark meeting, commonly known as the Rio Earth Summit, resulted in more than 150 nation states, over 170 of the World leaders, agreeing to an international plan of action for sustainable development into the 21st century, resulting for the first time in them actually agreeing on something.

The Summit agreed that the world was facing unprecedented environmental pressures and that these were linked to social and economic problems. It was not possible to embark on environmental, social or economic initiatives in isolation, they were all interlinked.

Each government was asked to return to their respective countries and initiate a process called Local Agenda 21. In other words a local action plan to bring about local environmental, social and economic improvements (which respected the needs of others both now and for generations to come).

In the UK National Government encouraged Local authorities. Councils were among those identified as key actors in tackling global problems by each implementing a Local Agenda 21, working in partnership with their communities. Local Agenda 21 is therefore a strategy to move towards a more sustainable future.

PROSPECTS - Your Place in the Future is a brand name for the process to create the action plan to improve the quality of life in Hyndburn. This process was initiated and facilitated by Hyndburn Borough Council. It is not however controlled by the Council.

Hyndburn Borough Logo

PROSPECTS is Hyndburn’s response to the challenge of Local Agenda 21. Hyndburn Borough Council is committed to facilitating a community led approach to this initiative. PROSPECTS involves setting up neighbourhood panels of local people who are interested in working towards sustainability within their localities. This action can involve environmental projects such as the creation of a community wildlife garden or awareness projects such as a campaign to promote recycling, home composting or growing food locally. Other schemes such as the formation of a credit union to encourage community based saving and borrowing can have benefits to local people and their economy. All of the PROSPECTS Panels have representatives on the PROSPECTS Forum for Hyndburn which brings together representatives from the community, voluntary, public, and private sectors to produce the action plan to improve the quality of life and the environment. If you would like to know more contact Mike Stapleford, the PROSPECTS Community Projects Manager.

The PROSPECTS movement is made up of three strands, the PROSPECTS Panels, the PROSPECTS Forum and the PROSPECTS Foundation. Each plays a distinctive complimentary role in moving us towards sustainability. The PROSPECTS Panels are town based community organisations each working on locally owned projects which contribute to community life and sustainability . Each panel has its own bank account, officers, constitution, work programme and is a member of the PROSPECTS Forum and Foundation. The PROSPECTS Forum is the independent Sustainability Forum with a membership of over forty different organisations active in Hyndburn's Community. The Forum has the task of creating the Action Plan to improve the quality of life for the community of Hyndburn and move us towards sustainability. The PROSPECTS Foundation is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. It is a membership organisation with the same members as the PROSPECTS Forum . The Foundation however is charged with securing additional resources to help develop and deliver the sustainability action plan. A further aim is to develop new mechanisms which generate effective community partnerships and move us towards sustainability.


Back in 1995 Hyndburn Borough Council formed a partnership with Neighbourhood Initiatives Foundation (N. I. F.) a community development charity. N. I. F. employed a technique called planning for real to engage people in identifying local quality of life issues and solutions. This approach helped raise people's awareness of PROSPECTS and enabled local people to become involved in the development of the initiative. The first Panels resulting from the planning for real phase developed in 1996. A Co-ordinator was employed in late 1996. The Forum developed during the next year and by the end of 1997 there were eight active Panels and the Forum was officially launched by Professor Chris Baines. In 1998 the PROSPECTS Foundation became established as a force for positive change. Later in 1998 this Community owned organisation secured the largest single award from the newly established Lancashire Environment Fund and was able to channel funds directly to community projects which contributed towards sustainability

PROSPECTS was initiated, facilitated and funded by Hyndburn Borough Council. The PROSPECTS Co-ordinator (employed autumn 1996) was funded by the Forum Membership including The Environmental Agency, Hyndburn Borough Council, Hilden Manufacturing Limited, North West Water Limited and Lancashire County Council. March 1999 saw the employment of a Community Project Officer employed by the PROSPECTS Foundation and funded by Lancashire Environmental Fund. In the early summer of 1999 the PROSPECTS Co-ordinators post was made permanent by Hyndburn Borough Council with future sponsorship being targeted projects.


The current seven panels are situated throughout the Constituency of Hyndburn. Members of each Panel are residents of that particular area. Thus local knowledge and expertise is harnessed to identify environmental and community needs particular to that area. Membership is open to all residents.


The Forum is the body that has come together to set the action plan for sustainability [Local Agenda 21] in Hyndburn. It has representatives from all parts of Hyndburn's communities including all the above PROSPECTS Panels, businesses, local authorities, interest groups and voluntary organisations. The Action Plan should have been in place by the end of the year 2000.

The PROSPECTS Foundation

In February 1998 the PROSPECTS Forum decided to set up a new unique charity for Hyndburn to win resources for community based projects being carried out by local people. The Foundation came into being in December and became a registered charity in July 1999. It is run by local people and is independent of the Council and other organisations. By being a charity, the Foundation has access to funding which would not be available to the Panels themselves and other organisations. The Foundation can also act as an umbrella organisation to help advise local groups with their project ideas, design them and run contracts. The Foundation has already won over 60,000 for local projects from the Lancashire Environmental Fund and employs a Community Project Manager, Mike Stapleford, who started work in January 2002. If you want to talk to Mike about your ideas for a local project please E-mail or ring on 01254 380176. The Foundation is currently recruiting for three more posts to help with Community Development, These are a Development Manager, Community Development Officer and a Publicity and Administration Assistant. Application forms are available by phoning Mike on 01254-380176


Rishtons prospect panel web site can be found at; https://prospectsfoundation.org.uk/rishton/

Rishtons Prospect Panel's inaugural meeting was on the 30th July 1996, and since then the Panel have met monthly at the Primetime Community Centre, currently on the 1st Tuesday of the month.

The Panel have carried out a variety of projects such as wildlife habitat survey and hedge laying at Holt Street Recreation Ground; the construction of a Community Garden on the corner of Parker Street and Hermitage Street; as well as numerous projects with British Waterways on the stretch of the canal, which runs through Rishton. Canal projects have included the design and erection of towpath signs, reclamation and replanting of canal side flowerbeds and the design, construction and erection of the Jubilee gate at High Street Bridge.

The Panel welcome new members and if you would like further information about the Panel or any of it's projects, please contact the Panel Secretary, Colin Cooper on 01254 885007.

Action Factory Workshop in RISHTON

In March 2001, Colin Cooper of the Rishton Panel, had organised with Action Factory A number of workshops , to teach interested Panel members skills such as kite making, wind sock construction, wind chimes, mask making, 2 dimensional structures etc etc . Skills which could be easily transferred to individual panel projects and open days etc.

The workshops ran in Rishton at the Primetime Centre - part of Norden High School. The Rishton Panel ran this event in preparation for the opening event of Parker Street Community Garden on 1st of May.

Colin Cooper recieving his award in March 2004.

In July 2004, Colin Cooper, Treasurer for the Rishton Prospects panel was awarded for his work, not just in Rishton but throughout the borough, by being named Prospector of the Year.

Over 2005 and 2006, the prospects foundation worked on the canal towpath between Spring Street bridge and Hermitage Street bridge. Worked was carried out on clearing the overgrowth on the tow path, 5 new flower beds were put in place around Hermitage Street bridge,

Do you have ideas for the Prospects panel? Would you like to take part but cant make the meetings? Do you want to know what the panel are currently working on?


Hyndburn Prospects website