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Here are some of the pages that we have so far on Rishton’s leisure time……

Sections found on this page

Sports Football, Cricket etc., all of Rishtons Sporting links can be found here.
Walks Fancy a walk round Rishton? Try one of these for a pleasant ramble.
Pleasure Pubs, Parks, and other things to do can be found in this section.
Publications Publications which have been printed in Rishton over the years.
Community Groups Scouts, Guides, Blind, and other organisations are in this section.
Places to Stay Rishtons Hotels and B & Bs


Rishton United Junior Football Club – Every thing you needed to know about the towns junior football team, with the exception of the next fixture!

Rishton Football Club Read all about Rishton’s Premier football team.

Rishton Golf Club – See the delights of the golf course on their home web page, but here’s a brief history of them….

Rishton Cricket Club – Without doubt one of the most senior crickets clubs in East Lancashire.

And a full list of all the Professional players that Rishton Cricket Club have employed since their inception in 1865.

Skate Park. Rishtons latest attempt to keep juvenile crime rates down.

Rishton Sharks Pool Team, read about Rishton top pool team!

East Lancashire Sailing Club Based on the Reservoir off Blackburn Road.

Chess. When the cup was won by Rishton.

Lee Valley Golf Range For somewhere to practice your golf swing.

Crown Green Bowling. Rishton still has two Bowling Greens left in Rishton, both are used in local league bowling tournaments.

Tennis Courts. A round up of Tennis Courts that once were found in Rishton.


Pubs and Clubs - This will take you to the menu for the Pubs and Clubs in Rishton.

Waterways - All the streams, brooks, lakes and reservoirs in Rishton can be found here.

Parks and Recreational Areas.

Tourism in and around Rishton.

Skating Rink. Formally on the High Street.

Cinema. Once a cinema, then a bingo hall, now a supermarket.

Auberge Restaurant.

Rishton Festival. Reintroduced to the town after an absance of over twenty years from the town in 2005.


The Rishtonian. This is all I have so far, please send any information you have on this publication.

Rishton Echo. Printed and published in Rishton since 1956.

The Rishton Advertiser. Not much is known about this newspaper, so any help is greatlyappreciated.

Rishton Advertiser. If anyone can help me with this Email Me. Click to mail please!

The Sports Pink - Printed every Saturday evening with all the sports results.

Rishton News and District Herald, 5 January - 27 July 1900. Available by Microfiche at Accrington Library.

Groups & Societies

Girl Guides.

Scouts The history of the Baden Powell's Scout group, as well as the local history.

Cubs Scouts Some years after the Scouts came the Cubs, read the history of them here.

Boys Brigade One of the longest known groups for children.

Rishton Prospects Ever wondered what Prospects do for Rishton? Find out here.

The Brownies One down from the Girl Guides

Rainbow Brownies One down from the Brownies, and the youngest group for the girls.

Blind Society. Rishton and Great Harwood's very own.

Youth Club. Based at Primetime.

The Royal British Legion, not the social club, but the charity.

Rishton Residents Associations, This includes the Prospects panel for the town.

Children's Safety Committee. Any one know anything about this?

Somewhere to Stay

Wickets Hotel – One of the few places to stay in Rishton, want to know the story behind it?