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On the 8th January 1945, Mr. Ridgeway submitted a scheme for the siting of residential property on the south and east sides of the proposed Golden Acre Park, showing the linking up of the scheme with "The Turrets." Plans should be prepared for submission to the Council showing development also on the north side of the park.

On the 13th December 1945, A draft scheme was submitted to Rishton Urban District Council, for consideration extending approximately 28 acres on land behind The Esplanade and The Turrets. The Council resolved that the scheme should be approved in principle and that negotiations should be re-opened for the acquisition of the necessary land. Councillors Sturzaker, Kenyon, Leeming and Booth were deputed to interview the Dunkenhalgh Estate Agent and to report to the next Council Meeting which was to be held on the 20th December 1945.

The members of the Council Sub-Committee reported on their meeting with Mr. Scurrah, of the Dunkenhalgh Estate, regarding the acquisition, of a piece of land to be converted into a Public Park. Mr. Scurrah promised to bring the matter to the notice of his Directors and to communicate their decision at an early date.

The Council Clerk submitted a letter received from Mr. Scurrah on the 11th January 1946, enclosing an offer of one farthing per yard, subject to conditions, for the 28 acres of land required for this park. Mr. Scurrah was asked to enumerate the conditions to which he refers.

One week later and the Council Clerk submitted a letter from the Dunkenhalgh Estate setting forth the conditions upon which the site could be acquired. The Sub-Committee were to seek a further interview with Mr. Scurrah in an endeavour to obtain better terms.

On the 14th February 1946, The Clerk submitted a letter from a resident,  suggesting the provision of a model yachting pool. The letter was acknowledged by the Council with thanks.

The Clerk submitted a letter received from the Dunkenhalgh Estate, dated 12th February, enclosing an offer of a rent of £120 per annum for 28 acres in lieu of the offer previously made and subject to conditions specified in the agent's letter of the 14th January and to existing tenancies and any tenant-right claims for unexhausted manurial values or disturbance. The Estate also undertook to ensure that the building up of the road, frontage round the park will commence at one end only of the intended road and will follow on from that end.

This offer was accepted and the Estate was asked to proceed with the preparation of the lease, subject to the Council being responsible for the cost thereof.


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