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Harwood Road park in November 2002.

The main entrance to this recreational area is from Hartington Street, although there are other entrances on Norfolk Street and Howard Street.

There are no iron railings to the ground, although the gate posts still stand proud at two of the entrances. It is assumed by the web author that the iron fencing surrounding the perimeter was taken away at the out break of the second World War, and smelted down for ammunition. The railings and gates were never replaced.

Side Entrance from Norfolk Street.

I am lead to believe that the main entrance gates were very majestic as well, full of scrolls and made from wrought iron, although no pictures have yet been discovered.

During the year 2002, plans were submitted to the council for a skate park to be placed on the recreational ground.

The recreation ground here consists of a playing area, and a football pitch. Changing rooms are located next to the main gates on Hartington Street, and the recreation area borders Saint Peters and Saint Paul's school, as well as the houses and allotments near to Westwood avenue.

The picture below show the recreation ground prior to houses being built around its perimeter. Taken from the top of Saint Peters and Paul's Church tower, the picture has the school in the background with the end of Church Street to the foreground.

View from Church tower of Park.

On the 4th May 1939, The council surveyor was instructed to move 3 seats without name plates from the War Memorial and Cutt wood park, and transfer them to Harwood Road Recreation Ground. A further 3 seats were to be purchased for use on the recreation ground.

No seats remain on the park today.

Rishton football club were instructed to leave the goalposts on Harwood Road Recreation Ground, by the Rishton Urban District Council on the 2nd November 1939, so the children could use them during the week. This was since the recreation ground was to be opened during weekdays.

The clerk wrote to Rishton Football Club on the 8th February 1940, demanding the early payment of the rent at £3 10s 0d per season for the use of Harwood Road Recreation Ground, for the following seasons:-

Main gates to Harwood Road Rec in November 2002.
  • 1937 - 38
  • 1938 - 39
  • 1939 - 40

It was decided on the 17th April by Rishton Council, that part of Harwood Road Recreation Ground should be fenced off for hay, providing that arrangements can be made by Councillor Leeming to borrow the necessary fencing.

Missing fencing round Harwood Road rec November 2002.

On the 9th October 1947, it was reported by The Chairman of Rishton Council, upon a meeting of the Allotments Sub-Committee, held earlier in the evening, and it was recommended that the land previously used for allotments on Woodside Avenue be returned to the Dunkenhalgh Estate and part of the land used as allotments at the rear of Harwood Road be added to the Recreation Ground. It was further recommended that a meeting of the Allotment holders throughout the area be called to discuss the installation of  water.

On the 21st June 1951, The Council Clerk submitted a letter from the residents in Norfolk Street complaining of damage to their property by games being played by youths at the bottom of the Recreation Ground. The Council Surveyor was instructed to make progress with the laying of a concrete pitch and the mowing of all the grass where the grass is long, and that a portion of the ground be rolled and made suitable for cricket in positions away from the property. The Parks Sub-Committee were asked to meet regarding an age limit being placed upon children being allowed to play on the Recreation Ground and with regard to the prohibition of the playing of games on Sundays.


Council Minutes