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Norden playing fields in June 2003.

Built on the former tip, scrap yard, and railway line to Great Harwood, Norden fields has been levelled and two football pitches have been made.

Work started on the land as early as 1986, when the scrap yard closed its gates, in 1989 the land was being bulldozed, and work had already begun on the White Path from the Great Harwood end, with only the football pitches to be completed.

The land has been culverted several times over many years, making the land flat.

A footpath now runs along, from Spring Street canal bridge to the old footpath to Tottleworth Lee. There is also another footpath which follows the route of the former Great Harwood Loop line, heading towards Lee Lane in one direction and Tottleworth in the other.

Norden Playing Fields 2002.

Norden brook runs beneath all of this, showing itself in the valley, as it approaches Tottleworth village.

The football pitches are used by both Rishton Football Club, instead of Holt Street Recreation Ground, and Rishton United Juniors Football Club, instead of Harwood Road Recreation Ground.