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The garden is found next to the Turrets house which formally belonged to the Claytons. The garden was built by the council, the Claytons expressing an interest in buying it themselves at the time.

The Turrets garden is situated to the left of the turrets, looking from Blackburn Road.

Blackburn Road Garden in July 2003.

A statement was read from Mr. W. Slater, Solicitor, on the 10th May 1945, to the Council, stating that the Conservative Club were only prepared to wait until May 11th of that year, for a decision of the Council concerning the acquisition of the land adjoining "The Turrets." Mr. Slater was asked for an extension of the time limit and Mr. G. F. Singleton was asked to value the land.

The Acting Council Clerk read the valuation by Messrs. G. F, Singleton & Co., on the 17th May 1945, of the land, buildings and boundary walls at £400. A deputation consisting of Councillors Banks, Kenyon, Leeming and Worsley were to meet representatives of the Rishton Conservative Club to try to come to some arrangement in respect of the purchase price and that a Special Meeting of the Council was called immediately afterwards. Councillors Bridge, Sturzaker and Sutcliffe abstained from voting.

Entrance to Blackburn Road Gardens in 1909. (before they were built).

On the 25th May 1945, Reports were given by the representatives of the Council who met the Committee of the Rishton Conservative Club on Wednesday, the 23rd May 1945. The land and buildings adjoining "The Turrets" were to be purchased from the Rishton Conservative Club for the sum of £300, plus legal expenses.

The Council Clerk reported the position on the land adjoining the Turrets on the 26th September 1946, and it was Resolved that negotiations be proceeded with to acquire the land from the Conservative Club which adjoins "The Turrets". The Clerk submitted a letter from the Secretary of the Conservative Club asking that a deputation be appointed to meet his Committee relative to the purchase of this land. The following were appointed: - Councillors Banks, Worsley, Leeming, Sturzaker and the Clerk.

The Turrets garden shortly after completion.

The Clerk submitted a letter from the Conservative Club on the 7th November 1946, stating that they had been advised by their Solicitor that they were legally entitled to dispose of the land to the Council forthwith and that they were having the necessary legal documents prepared to make the transfer for the sum mentioned.

The Common Seal of the Council was affixed to an assignment of land on Blackburn Road from the Rishton Conservative Club to the Council (Councillors Banks, Fish, Hoyle and Stairs voted against), on the 11th November 1946.

A letter from the owner of "The Turrets" inquiring whether the Council would be prepared to sell the land which they had acquired from the Conservative Club was received on the 20th February 1947. Resolved - That a reply be forwarded stating that the Council cannot agree to the sale of this land.

On the 27th April 1947, The Chairman of the Council, Councillor Sturzaker, the Clerk and the Surveyor were deputed to meet the owner of "The Turrets" regarding the erection of a boundary wall or fence between the two plots of land and to consider the availability of the land for the general public.

It was reported that Dr. Ross, from the Turrets house, had erected a fence, on the 24th July 1947, and was not now desirous of acquiring the extra land.


Council Minutes.