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Walmsley Street playground November 2002.

This park was built on part of the former colliery, known as Rishton colliery.

The grassed area was formally a garage site, were people would keep their cars.

I think it may have been built at the same time as the Methodist church which is situated adjacent to the park.

There are many names scratched into the tarmac here, the tarmac never having been replaced since the park was built.

One half of the park is covered with the playground equipment such as swings and slides, the other 50% is grassed over.

In February 2000, A mystery hound had chewed its way through 41 swings at the playground over the previous 12 months - leaving Hyndburn Council taxpayers with a £2,000 bill.

Police, the dog warden and the council all failed to track down the troublesome pooch. The council threaten to prosecute its owner.

Council chiefs were also becoming increasingly concerned for the safety of children who used the park. They feared the dog could attack children playing on the swings.

The dog had repeatedly chewed off the rubber-coating from swings, exposing the metal underneath - which means that council workmen had to replace the entire swing. The cost was £2,000.

It was agreed on the 18th September 2002, by the Rishton Area Council, that the condition of the play area, donated by the local church, was below standard but that it was still functional. There was no intention of removing it.

By 2008 the play area had become dormant, play equipment having been removed by the council, and anything left behind ruined. There was little hope of this park ever coming back again, the local residents objecting to noise levels and litter problems.

Playground on the 2nd June 2009.
All that remains on the 2nd June 2009.

What becomes of this land has yet to be decided.


Lancashire Evening Telegraph, Thursday 24 February 2000.