"Piggy Park", Westwood Av.

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The park in December 2002.

Westwood Avenue park, for want of something else to call it, is situated between Westwood Avenue and Essex Road, in the back street behind Blackburn Road. Known locally as "PIGGY PARK", the only reason I have found for this so far is that there are a couple of amenities which are on springs, and these could have been pigs? Or they reminded children of pigs? If you know the reason why, please let me know.

Tim J. Walsh tells via email on the 14th January 2005, that the rumour when he was a child was that the garden of the house bordering the park in the very bottom right (from the entrance - it is, or used to be, a bare grassy area with no play equipment) was once home to a pig. He does have a memory of the pig but only the one, so chances are it was simply a vivid imagination while in the company of a few good story-tellers. Either way that was the origin of the name for the children of the early 90s.

Can any one confirm or come up with a better explanation?

I have discovered since that before the park was built as part of the housing estate, a pig farm, or pig pen was situated on this land.

Little is known about this park, we can only assume that this park was built at the same time as the estate, around the start of the Second World War.

The park is a safe haven for children, being surrounded by houses on all sides means that there is always someone watching you! Ideal for anyone who wants a sound piece of mind when their children are playing out.

Park in December 2002.

There are several amenities on the park, swings, slides, climbing frames, and picnic benches with areas of greenery to relax and enjoy the summer sunshine.

By the end of 2008, the park had been stripped barren by the council, no equipment being left


Tim J. Walsh via email on 14th January 2005.