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There are several parks and recreation areas around Rishton, some have previously had planning permission for them for houses, and some have been lost to housing already.


In November 1937, The council clerk reported to the council building and highway committee the receipt of a letter from the King George Playing Fields foundation regarding the proposed playing fields. The council resolved that in view of other developments in connection with parks and playing fields, the proposal to prepare a scheme for a King George Playing Field be abandoned.

On the 12th May 1938, The council were invited to join the National Playing Fields Association at Associate level, and the sum of £1 1s 0d was sent as requested.

A new Rotoscythe was purchased along with a hand mowing machine on the 5th July 1938. Steps had also been taken to purchase a one horse mowing machine, and in the circumstances, arrangements had been made with Great Harwood U. D. C. to hire a machine for use on the recreation grounds.

In view of the increased number of school children in the district in September 1939, the recreation grounds were to be opened on Sundays.

The Clerk reported receipt of correspondence from the National Playing Fields Association concerning the open spaces available for recreation purposes in the district and asking for suggestions for additional facilities. A Special Sub-Committee consisting of Councillors Booth, Kenyon, Leeming and Sturzaker was appointed to consider and submit to the Council a scheme for a Public Park and the scheme was forwarded provisionally to the National Playing Fields Association immediately the Sub-Committee had reached a decision. On the 27th July 1944, A recommendation of the Special Sub-Committee was adopted and that the land north of Blackburn Road between Cutt Lane and Harwood Road, approximately 40 acres in extent, was earmarked for a Public Park.

Eachill Park                        Known as the Scrap.

Turrents GardenThis little garden on Blackburn Road isnt one for the children, a place of relaxation.
Cutt WoodRishtons largest park, next to the reservoir.
Golden AcreNot much on this park yet.
Harwood RoadA play area and football pitch reside on this park.
Holt StreetAnother park big enough for a play area and football pitch.
Maple CrescentAs part of the South Side estate, a new park was built.
Nature ReservesPlans were afoot to create 4 new nature reserves in Rishton.
Norden FieldsBuilt on the former council tip.
Walmsley StreetBuilt on land belonging to the methodist church.
Piggy ParkSadly, no longer a park.


Council Minutes.