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Lidgett in June 2001
The Lidgett Hotel in June 2001.

The first reference so far found to this building is in the 1868 Mannex Directory, listed as the Lidget Hotel. Levi Fish running the Hotel at that time. Named after the brook that surrounds 50% of the building.

A plan of the Cemetery Hotel Nov 1919. The plan was interesting enough and drawn by Walter Stirrup F.R.I.D.A. Architect. Blackburn and Manchester but more interesting was that it was drawn for Messers H. Shaw & Co Ltd. Never heard of them.
So looked at my Lancashire breweries sheets and there they are under Blackburn.
Henry Shaw & Co Ltd, Salford New Brewery.
Established 1834. Registered April 1897 to acquire the business belonging to John Rutherford, known as Henry Shaw & Co, with 114 public houses. Taken over by Thwaite's & Co Ltd in August 1923 with 87 licensed houses and the brewery was closed.2

The Lidgett stream is part of the boundary mark between Rishton and Great Harwood, hence whenever the subject of which town the public house is in, it always ends in heated debate!

The pub is the longest walk for any villager with the exception of the New Inns. The 2 pictures used on this page show why. The top photograph is taken from Rishton, the lower photograph is taken from Great Harwood. From Rishton town centre this is approximately 2 miles, either by travelling along Lee Lane or walking through Tottleworth Road, and only half a mile to Great Harwood centre.

Mirror with original name.

The locals to this public house are 99% ‘Arroders, with Rishton people dropping in while walking through the village of Tottleworth and resting their feet!

Just behind the tree in the lower picture is the sign for Rishton.

Behind the pub in the upper picture can be seen houses in Great Harwood.

Anyway enough of all this waffle, originally named because it is across the road from the cemetery in Great Harwood, it was one of the original road side inns to the town, and is visible on the old map of 1848

The road level in front of the Inn has changed considerably over the course of time. The current front door to the inn was below the level of the front door that can be now be seen.

The building is a 3 storey building, the third level is now the cellar, but it is believed that the front entrance was once a floor down.

Lidgett from Harwood, June 2001.

In January 1938, Mr. F. Yates of the Cemetery Hotel, applied for compensation from the council due to the Lee Lane widening scheme for services rendered to the council, and for the inconvenience caused to him and his business. Mr. Yates submitted another claim in April 1939, this time for use of his yard for storage purposes during the progress of the Lee Lane widening scheme. Mr. Yates was paid £3 in full and final settlement of his claim on the 4th May 1939.

INside the pub before becoming a restaurant.
Inside the pub in 2002.

On the 21st January 1943, the Council amended the rateable value of the Cemetery Hotel from £32 to £29. It was then amended again, in the same meeting, from £29 to £33. 12 months later, on the 17th August 1944, the building was re-rated yet again. The Gross Value was £48 per annum, with a Rateable Value of £38. It was proposed by Rishton Urban District Council to change this to £57 Gross Value, with a Rateable Value of £46.

An application had been made to the Food Control Committee, on the 12th January 1954, for a catering licence at the Cemetery Hotel. The sanitary and other arrangements are satisfactory and this opinion has been transmitted to the Ministry of Food.

In September 2003 the Inn reopened its doors after nearly 12 months of in-operation. Thwaite's, the previous owners presumably sold the lease, and the Inn became a free house for the first time. It was also renamed to Harwood's, the third name in its history.

Is this the old entrance to the Inn?


1868 Levi Fish Listed as Lidget3
1909 William Jas Baron Listed as Cemetry1

1909 .


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Council Minutes

Arwoods in January 2004.
The Lidgett pub under its new name of Arwoods in January 2004.


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