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Early Pictures
A very early picture of the Bay Horse New Inns.
New Inns, with signposting for Great Harwood.

At the top of the hill stands the Shepherds Rest. Formally known as the Bay Horse New Inns, this was a popular place for travellers going to Preston. According to the map of 1848, the building is known as "New Inn" rather than the area. It appears the little area over the tops of Rishton is known as the New Inns, and people still refer to the area as this. The pub is no longer given this name, being called the Shepard's rest as the Inn changed hands over the years.

Earliest mention of this building dates from 6th June 1624, when the previous owner was buried at Blackburn.

Several other roads join the road at the New Inns. These are from Little Harwood, travelling to Whalley, and from Great Harwood, adjoining the Preston road.

1938 and mid 80s
Visible Image - New Inns about 1938.
Hidden Image - Showing the junction to Great Harwood and Whalley in the mid 1980s.

During the late 19th and early 18th century travellers would stop at the inn on their way to Great Harwood's famous Charter Market, where they would take their cattle and other livestock to sell. The Inn has undergone several name changes, the most memorable being the Bay Horse, but even this came to be known as the Bay Horse New Inns.

The Council Clerk arranged, after consultation with the Police, for the re-erection of the direction sign at New Inns on the 4th March 1943.

The New Inns (Shepard Rest) in January 2001.
New Inns in January 2001.

Here's how the New Inns looks now, as of January 2001.

The original building as seen in the photo above is still intact, although once inside all the walls have now been knocked through. There is a good picture of the premises on the wall, next to the bar which has been taken from an overhead view during the mid 1970’s.

On Friday 13 October 1995, a Motorist ploughed into a gas station and had an amazing escape after she careered through a car park and ploughed into a gas sub station. Her Vauxhall Nova crashed through a wooden fence, trees and seven foot steel railings and was only prevented from hitting a high pressure gas mains by a metal stanchion. The front of the car came to rest just three inches from a mains gas pipe which carries gas at 400lbs per square inch. All emergency services attended though the woman, from Great Harwood, was freed from her car by an off-duty part-time fireman. She was badly shaken through otherwise unhurt. Station Officer, Chris Norse, of Blackburn Fire Brigade, said: "She was very lucky, if the car had travelled the extra few inches and hit the pipe we could have had a major incident on our hands." The incident occurred during the morning's rush hour behind the Shepherd's Rest, Rishton, formerly the Bay Horse New Inns.


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