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Walmsley Pub in May 2001.

Situated on the junction of High Street and Walmsley Street, the pub must have done a roaring trade at one time with the Rishton colliery at the top of the street, all those dry throats full of coal dust…

On the 21st January 1943, the Council amended the rateable value of the Walmsley Arms from £75 to £92. This was further amended in the same council meeting from £92 to £122.

12 months later, on the 17th August 1944, the building was re-rated yet again. The Gross Value was £182 per annum, with a Rateable Value of £148. It was proposed by Rishton Urban District Council to change this to £197 Gross Value, with a Rateable Value of £161.

Walmsley Pub from Walsmley Street May 2001.

On Friday 03 September 1999, A drug and fraud raid closed the pub.

TWO people were arrested after police, customs officers and fraud investigators raided a pub.

Around 20 officers were involved in the raid, conducted under the Misuse of Drugs Act, yesterday at the Walmsley Arms in High Street, Rishton.

Police officers from Great Harwood, along with the Lancashire Police support unit and sniffer dogs, and customs officials from Manchester, raided the pub at 11am yesterday.

During a six-hour search of the pub, police said a small quantity of drugs were recovered which have been sent away for analysis.

They also said they seized property which they believed was stolen.

Police said the licensee, Patricia Sharkey, 48, was arrested along with John Sanderson, 52, who also lives at the pub, on suspicion of deception and possession of drugs.

Both have now been released on police bail pending further investigations by police, customs officers and the Benefits Agency.

The pub was been closed until further notice while police liaise with owners Thwaites about its future.

Inspector Bob Ford of Great Harwood Police said: "Concern had been raised about the running of the Walmsley Arms by local people and at several recent residents' meetings.

"Following inquiries by ourselves and the Benefits Agency we executed a warrant and conducted a thorough search of the premises. The raid was a joint effort between ourselves, customs officers and the Benefits Agency. It followed an investigation into alleged deception and possession of controlled drugs.

"The landlady of the pub and a man who lives there were arrested and questioned and they have been released on police bail until a later date to allow further investigations to take place."

Following this, on Thursday 28 October 1999, THREE people appeared in court charged with possession of drugs following a police raid on a pub in Rishton.

Patricia Ann Sharkey, 48, licensee of the Walmsley Arms, High Street, Rishton, denied possession of amphetamine at the pub on September 2. She chose to be tried by a Crown Court when she appeared before Hyndburn magistrates.

John Sanderson, 52, who also lives at the pub, denied possessing cannabis resin there on September 2. He also asked to be tried by a jury. Both were granted unconditional bail to a committal hearing on December 8.

Shelley Leanne Morrison, 24, of Dall Street, Burnley, denied possessing cannabis at Rishton between March 1 and September 2. She asked to be tried by magistrates and was granted conditional bail to a pre-trial review on November 24.

In 2018 the pub was boarded up, and remained so for the 3 years.


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