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The club in 2001.
The Working Men's club in January 2001.

The clubs inception started in 1895, in premises in Haworth Street, but just three years after this, in 1898, the club moved premises to its present location in Commercial Street.

The Salvation Army bought the old premises in Haworth Street.

During the Second World War, or least toward the end of it, around 1945, Mr. W. Baguley completed 25 as the club secretary.

When he first started at the club he served 3 years in Office, and then retired. The club officials persuaded him to return to become club secretary once more, and continued to serve the next 22 years without a break.

He was involved with the sending of gifts to the club members serving in the forces during the War, on the last occasion 15/- (75 pence) was sent to all the members, the money being raised from members who were at home.

Date Stone over club door.
Date stone over the front entrance.

The reading room was still very popular with the clubs members, the club spending some £30 per year on the various newspapers required. The old periodicals were sent to the Blackburn Royal Infirmary when thanks were always received.

In 1951 Mr. Harry Duckworth had held Office here for 21 years, and in 1951 was President of the club.

On the 28th March 1964, a fire broke out in the club causing £3,000 worth of damage.


Council minutes

Hyndburn Chronology by Paul Ladham

Rishtonian Newspaper, Volume 1, number 8.