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Parson Printers first started to print the Clayton and District Advertiser in 1926, which was later followed by the first edition of the Rishton Echo in 1956.

The Rishton Echo was published weekly and delivered free of charge to every single house in Rishton. For many years it was the number one publication for the town, announcing many births, deaths and marriages through its pages. Local adverts for sales and wants, as well as lost and found were placed in the paper, many of which were free of charge.

A printing machine was used to print the paper, the afternoon shift on Tuesdays being chaotic! Not only did the print often run late, but the children of the town employed to deliver the paper were often kept waiting!

Each page was set separately, the ink colour only being monochrome, but two runs were needed for each copy, the front and back, followed by the inside pages.

Goodbye message from the final Echo

The paper was paid for by local advertisers who cherished the local work that their adverts brought in.

The Rishton Echo ceased publication on the 21st May 1987 after over 1,500 issues. (the total number printed was 1555), the publishing rights were sold to another company, but no issues ever appeared.


Mark & James Parsons

Rishton Echo