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Rishtonian Newspaper.

The Rishtonian was a newspaper which was published "Now & Then".

This particular issue from Christmas 1945 contained 16 pages of local news and costs 3d.

The picture on the front cover is taken from the canal bridge and shows the front wall of the bridge which has changed dramatically with road widening schemes carried out over the years.

The newspaper was edited by Frank Clarke, and reported the staff during the second World War as being;

Reporting; Mary Clarke

Lino Cuts; James Harwood

Fashion Artist; Helga

Advisory; G. A. Knowlson, B. A., F. R. G. S.

Printing Fred Smithies

General Editor; Frank Clarke

The paper was printed at 3 Parker Street, which has now been demolished, and the editors was on Stourton Street.

Frank Clarke lived in Stourton Street and was also interested in filming, I remember seeing at least one of his short films, which I think was filmed in Cut Wood, he had one of the local chaps dressed in a leopard skin (akin Tarzan). As it was a one man operation, I have watched him prepare all the settings by hand, the settings comprised of hundreds of individual letters of the alphabet and numbers.

How long the paper lasted I can't say but it was definitely up and running in 1945 (I was 13) because I was talking to Frank about the school I was attending who where thinking of starting a school newspaper.

The paper had a lively punch to its editorials, with a lot of wit and tongue in cheek, and is still a very good read to this day.

Frank Watson, who emailed me some of the above information appeared within the pages of the Rishtonian in January 1946s edition (Volume 1, number 13), who was reported as being a former scholar at the Modern secondary school, and was now attending Blackburn Technical College, and had become the "Joke Editor" of the college magazine!


Frank Watson (via email)

Ester Sharp (Harwood Road)