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On the 22nd November 2002 planning permission was sought for a skate facility on land adjacent to the play area on Howard Street in the town.

Possible location of Skate park December 2002.

This park was estimated to cost around £17,000 and was only applied for after a public consultation held on Tuesday 19th November 2002 after two years of objections by local residents to the area.

There was hope that the park would be completed by April 2003.

The consultation was chaired by the reverend Paul Smith from Saint Peters and Paul's Church, and the gathering were addressed by Andrew Heyhurst, Hyndburn's Parks and Open Spaces Officer, who mentioned that this was virtually the only option for the skate park in the town.

Stephen Wood who was the Chairman of the Friends of Rishton Youth was pleased that the park had finally been given the go-ahead, and mentioned that some of the residents in Howard Street were still concerned about the possibility of more juvenile problems with the completion of the new park, but insisted that this should ease the problem, not heighten it. Mr. Wood, who himself has 5 children all brought up in Rishton, was over the moon that there was finally something for teenagers to do in the town.

Mr Woods was looking forward to receiving further ideas for the towns youth facilities to be improved.

The park was to be fenced off and shielded with trees and built in such a way as to deaden any extra noise.

During the summer of 2004 the Rishton Prospects panel duly carried out the screening of the adjoining properties, by planting new shrubbery along the park boundary.

Funding had been completed and permissions were being sought from the council to build the skate facility. Work was due to be started in April 2005.

The skate facility was officially opened in April 2005, costing over £34,000. The council had asked Friends of Rishton Youth to find the extra money to improve the playground facilities as well, which they duly did.


Accrington Observer 16th November 2002.