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Established on the 4th February 1970, Rishton Shoot is based on the site of the former sewer works on Accommodation Road.


Military Laser Games

On Monday 29th October 2007, A laser battlefield was one of the planned attractions at an outdoor activity centre that could bring tourists into the town.

A large area for 'military games' has been included in plans for the redevelopment of a former sewage works site in Rishton.

The waste land, off Tottleworth Road, is currently used for clay pigeon shooting competitions on Sundays and individual corporate team building sessions.

The plans, submitted to Hyndburn Council, detail the expansion of the business to include a buggy racing track and an area where teams can battle it out with special laser guns.

The game, an electronic version of paintballing, will be run by the Todmorden branch of Australian company Battlefield Sports.

Players shoot harmless laser beams at sensors on rivals' guns and helmets to score points, competing in a variety of different missions.

Elaine Marsden, Battle-field Sports' European consultant, from Darwen said: "It is a non-contact game. There are different missions to help people develop different skills. A lot of it is about stealth and tactics."

Mrs. Marsden added that the game was mostly used for corporate team building exercises, but that it was also an ideal activity for youngsters.

The site will have enough equipment for 45 adults to play at once, but children use smaller guns and will be restricted to groups of 10.

Mrs Marsden said: "There will be no fixed course. We will exploit the features of the natural landscape, depending on the mission the teams are trying to complete and will vary the area that we are using so we do not have an adverse effect on the environment. We will be avoiding excessive use of any one stretch of land."

The land owner has also applied to construct a buggy track, which will allow competitors to do time laps, competing against the clock.

A previous planning application to expand the clay pigeon facilities at the site was refused because of objections to noise levels.

Mrs. Marsden said: "We have carried out a number of noise trials with the council, I don't think it will be an issue. We have proved very successful in our other ventures and draw people from all over the North West."

The plans have been backed by Harry Grayson, Rishton ward Councillor.

He said: "I think it is an excellent thing for the area. It will bring people to Rishton. The more we have to offer local children - and visitors from outside Rishton, the better."

Plans were due to go before the council in November 2007.


Lancashire Telegraph, Monday 29th October 2007.