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R Barrett1892 - England with E. Whipp.
E Whipp1892 - England Professional with Barrett.
T Pointon1893 - England Professional with Marshall.
J Usher1894 - England with Haley.
R Lowe1895 - England Professional with S. F. Barnes.
S.F. Barnes1895 - England with R. Lowe
D Whittaker1896 - 1899 - England Professional with S. F. Barnes, 1900 Solo.
H Riley1901 -1902 - England Professional
Jack Finney1903 - England Professional
W Fletcher1904 - 07 - England Professional.
H Turner1908 - 1909 - England Professional
Frederick (Freddy) Bull1910 - Essex Professional
Thomas (Tom) Shutt1911 - Rishton Professional
John (Jack) Newstead1912-1915 - Yorkshire Professional
Edward Mignon1912-1915 - England/Middlesex Professional
A E Vogler1919 - South Africa Professional
John (Jack) Curtis1920-1927 - England/Leicester Professional
Emmett Roberts1928 - England/Cornwall Professional
Don Jenner1928 - England/Sussex Professional
Ralph Whitehead1929-1931 - England/Lancashire Professional
Bill Merritt1932-1933 - New Zealand Professional
Bill Hunt1934 - Australia Professional
Ben Tobin1935-1936 - Australia Professional
Bob Rae1937-1938 - England/Lancashire Professional
Frank Warne1939-1946 - Australia Professional
Jim Hatchman1947 - England Professional
Fred Freer1948-1950 - Australia Professional
R. Hunt1951 - Australia Professional
Shrirang Sohono1952 - India Professional
Narayan Nivsarkar1953 - India Professional
Subhash Gupte1954-1957 - India Professional
Alf Valentine1958 - West Indies Professional
Johnny Wardle1958 and 1963 to 1968 - England Professional
John Rutherford1959 - Austrailian Professional
John Drennan1960 - Austrailian Professional
Murray Vernon1961-1962 - Austrailian Professional
M. L. Jaisimha1969 - India Professional
Ken Higgs1970-1971 - England Professional
Keith Barker1972-1974 - West Indies Professional
Aftab Baloch1975-1976 - Pakistan Professional
Duncan Fletcher1977 - Rhodesia Professional
Paul Melville1978 - Austrailian Professional
Anwar Khan1979 - Pakistan Professional (Carried on playing to 1982)
Brendan McArdle1980 - Austrailian Professional
Michael Holding1981 - West Indies Professional
Kamal Singh1982-1983 - West Indies Professional
Peter Rawson1984 - Zimbabwe Professional
Michael van Vuuren1985 - South Africa Professional
Winston Davis1985 - West Indies Professional
Vivian Richards1987 - West Indies Professional
Mohammed Azharuddin1988 - India Professional
Wayne Daniel1989 - West Indies Professional
Peter Sleep1990-1996 Australia Professional
Steve Elworthy1992 - South Africa Professional
Greg Blewett1993 - Australia Professional
Phil Simmons1995 - West Indies Professional
Allan Donald1996 - South Africa Professional
Meyrick Pringle1997 - South Africa Professional
Corrie Jordaan1998 - South Africa Professional
Paul Wiseman1999 - New Zealand Professional
Jason Gillespie2000 - Austrailian Cricket Professional
Clinton Perren2001 - Australia Professional
Paul Adams2002 - South Africa Professional
Rob Nicol2003 - New Zealand Professional
James Franklin2004 - New Zealand Professional
Kumar Dharmasena2005 - Sri Lanka Professional
Vernon Philander2006 - South Africa Professional
Saeed Anwar Junior2007-2008 - Pakistan Professional
Aaron Heal2009 - Australia Professional
Andrea Agathagelou2010 - South Africa Professional
Cameron Delport2011 - South Africa Professional
Daniel Salpietro2012-2013 - Australia Professional
Matt Hulett2014 - South Africa Professional
Kelly Smuts2015 - South Africa Professional
Shaun von Berg2016-2017 - South Africa Professional
Mansoor Amjad2018-2019 - Pakistan Professional
Season Cancelled2020 - Covid-19
Sachithra Perera2021 - Sri Lanka Professional


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