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 That there is a field in England still for the operations of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is shown by the following extract from a Yorkshire paper of August 11 1883:

On Monday morning a brutal fight between two bulldogs took place in a sequestered spot between Rishton and Blackburn.

The meet was at a quarter past 3 in the morning, and the match was for £35 a side. The match was described as between Bolton and Oswaldtwistle, and each dog weighed 48lb.

Excepting that the Oswaldtwistle dog had won a match for £100, opinion seemed to be in favour of the Bolton dog, the owner of which thought it the best in England.

The terms were, 'No quarter victory or death.' The dogs were washed by a veteran of 71, who performed his task with great agility, but declined all offer of monetary consideration. The veteran remarked that he liked the Bolton dog best it depended upon his pinning powers. In the fight his pinning powers were defective, but he died Ward.

The struggle lasted an hour and 12 minutes, during which time they had four set-to's. The Oswaldtwistle dog proved victorious, for, though dreadfully mangled by his acurdy and unyielding opponent, at the last he seized him by the throat, and literally tore out the windpipe, thus ending the frightfully brutal sport, to the gratification of the spectators.

The dogs were frightfully mangled about their heads before coming together for their finishing grips. There was a fair muster of spectator!


Otago Witness , Issue 1665, 20 October 1883, Page 10.