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On the 9th September 1943, The Council Clerk reported an application for the use of Holt Street Recreation Ground Football Pitch by the Rishton Youth Football Club. The Council resolved that permission would be granted for the 1943-44 Season at a charge of 1. The same was true again for the following season, 1944 - 1945.

Rishton United Juniors F. C. were re-formed in 1970 by Dave Lord and Sid Hodson.

R. U. J. F. C. joined the Accrington and district boys' league and remain in this league to this day, as the oldest club in the league. After a few years the club was helped by Roy Carter, Pete Nellany and Mick Presho as it became more popular. The original home ground was the "top rec" off Harwood Road, and was partly sponsored in travel to away games by Walter Barnes who ran THE local coach firm.

By the early eighties the club had grown and it was decided to form a formal committee to run the clubs finances with R. Carter as chairman, Robert Sinton (Scotty) secretary and J. Guilfoyle, as treasurer. In the mid eighties Scotty resigned and the secretary's position was taken by Stuart Hogg, who remains to this day along with the treasurer.

In 1986/7 the committee decided to set up a training programme for youngsters between the ages of 5 to 9 year olds, so that we could possibly raise more than one team in an age group in any one-year for the future. This was probably the best venture that R. U. J. F. C. have undertaken since the formation. The team who were promptly nicknamed the `nippers` and do not participate in any competitive games.  The nippers have grown to numbers of over thirty youngsters and it is still our biggest team!

Into the nineties saw the best achievements for the club. And it must be stated here, that R. U. J. F. C. Do not and never have, and hopefully, never will, put the winning of trophies or games as a priority over the enjoyment and sportsmanship of the lads playing the so called beautiful game.

By the end of the 1990's they had 4 or more teams playing in either or both Accrington leagues and hoped to continue to grow from strength to strength. The main aim was and still is to get young lads off street corners and interested in sport whether it is playing, training, keeping fit, even supporting the teams and helping out. And with more and more ladies participating in the so-called macho sports, getting young people regardless of gender involved.

In 2002? Stuart Hogg took over as Secretary for the boys, and by 2003 the Juniors were fielding 7 teams every week! 84 children every weekend! This increased to 15 junior sides for the 2003/2004 season, including a girls team.

June 2006 saw "Juniors" being dropped from the team name, and part amalgamation with the senior team of the town.


1996/97- u10's cup, semi-finalist's.
Reached the final of the Blue Star 5 a side competition.
U13's Sportsmanship award -M Pendergast

1997/98- u11's Consolation Cup Finalist's v Huncoat.
R. U. J. F. C. lost 3-1 after extra time with Alex Rogers suffering a broken leg.
U13's Consolation Cup winners, played at the ground of Accrington Stanley.

U14's Cup finalist's

1998/99- u11's Consolation Cup semi-finalist's
U10's sportsmanship award from the league.
U12's sportsmanship award from the league.
Sportsmanship award for Peter Ackers

1999/00- u13's Cup semi finals

2001/02- u14's Cup semi finals

u14's League Runners Up

2002/03- u15's Cup semi finals

u15's League Champions


Rishton United Juniors Website (Many thanks for their permission for using the information on this page).