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This is just a general list of things which you may find of interest in Rishton, although the list is mainly historical based, I have tried to include others.

Do you think there is something worth seeing in Rishton? Where would you take people that wanted to look around the village? Drop me a line and let me know....

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Saint Peters and Paul's Church classic gothic architecture, and like many churches, a vast amount of contributions from many years which have been given to the church.
Ernest Marsden's birthplace. 68 Hermitage Street now bears a plaque dedicating his birthplace.
Rishton Reservoir and Cutt Wood Park. The reservoir is good for both angling and ornithologists. The park holds fantastic views to the surrounding hillsides
Rishton Beach Found at the side of the reservoir, the area was once quarried for sand, leaving behind a beach once the reservoir was built.
The Roebuck Inn Rebuilt in 1753, making the building over 250 years old. The bay window on the George Street side was once said to be the biggest bay window in Europe.
The railway Station? and the associated Station Hotel.  
Front Street (High Street) So typical of many small industrial towns, the front street is still a hive of activity during the days with shops still being used locally.
War Memorial Rishtons dedicated memory to our war hero's.
Esplanade (during Summer) Blooming with flowers during the spring and summer months.
Master Barn Farm One of the oldest buildings in Rishton, the old farm house still stands at the rear of the newer building.
The Hermitage Church  
Close Brow Quarry and the "Star Fossil" Once a sand stone quarry, this is now deemed a site of special scientific interest.
Rishton Zoo (Lords House Farm) Based round many public footpaths, the farm is on the boundary with Great Harwood, and is used for the rehabilitation of the disabled. Many varieties of animals can be seen from the public footpaths, including deer, llamas and emus.
Ramblers Delight The countryside is but 2 minutes from the town, giving ramblers plenty of options for public footpaths and stunning views from the surrounding hills.
Tottleworth This preserved hamlet is a leisurely 5 minute stroll, taking you along the route of the great salt road, with stunning scenery in most directions.