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This path starts from Blackburn Old Road, crossing fields and avoiding using the road past the New Inns, it ends behind the trees at the top o th heights on Wilpshire Road.

From Blackburn Old Road where footpath 5 crosses, footpath 12 branches off heading to Windy Bank Farm.

Footpath 12 looking towards Windy Bank Farm on the 11th March 2010.

Once at Windy Bank Farm, the footpath joins another path, number 31, which heads North back to Blackburn Old Road.

From Windy Bank, back to Blackburn Old Road, where it meets fp31.

Footpath 12 carries on East past the farm to Tan House farm.

Past Tan House Farm.

From here it crosses footpath 10, and carries on East round the back of the landmark trees, known as Top O th Heights.

From footpath 10 looking towards Tan House farm.

During this part of the journey, you pass the old quarry site. The path goes to the higher side of this quarry, although it is usually safer to walk nearer to the wall.

At the start of these trees, it crosses over footpath 13, running South down the hill.

The footpath starts and ends at the back of the trees, when the road runs parallel to them.

stile to FP12
Looking from Wilpshire Road back to the hidden stile in the fence.