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The walk includes the Dunkenhalgh Bridge, the former manor house of Ponthalgh, New Rishton Reservoir, the Leeds and Liverpool canal, the M65 motorway, Holt House, and Hermitage Street.

Park at the side of Holt House

Distance approximately 9.3 miles (15 Kilometres)

Walking time approximately 3 hours

Parking; Park at the side of the former Holt Inn at the side of the paper mill on the A679 main road.

Cross the road and through the stile at the side of the gate.

Weir from former mill.

On the left, out of view is the Dunkenhalgh hotel, and on the right is the former weir to the mill.

Up on the left are the Dunkenhalgh woods, and over to the right on the opposite side of the river are Mill Woods.

Crossing the river

Proceed along the track passing crossing over the river Hyndburn by means of the bridge.

Over to the left, once the land has flattened, is the old bridge over the river. Difficult to see, but it is there!  On the right along this stretch the land is full

Former site of Bywater and the reeds which Rishton is famous for.

of reeds, and very marshy. This is the type of land that gave Rishton its name.

Motorway Bridge Looking back at the motorway bridge River tunnel

Keep following the path and proceed under the motorway bridge, a grand structure in itself.

On the other side of this is were the rivers merge. On the left is the river Hyndburn coming from Accrington, and on the right is (I forget!!)

The river flows from the former reservoir which we will be passing later.

Pontalgh Manor House August 2001

Follow the path round, and keep to the left. Walk up the gentle slope at the side of the field and continue forward.

On the left is the former manor house of Ponthalgh. Once the land owners of part of Rishton and Church.

Walk down the track to the canal and turn right to follow it. At the canal bridge follow the track away from the canal down the slight gradient towards the farmhouses.

Site of former New Rishton reservoir

In the distance the line of the canal can be seen again. As you walk round this area you are crossing the former site of the New Rishton Reservoir. It is both on the left and right of the footpath, which should have steep drops on both sides.

Follow the path through the field and head towards the canal. You should meet the canal at the side of the bridge which is the last bridge in Rishton.

Turn right and walk back towards Rishton.

Spectacular views are awarded for having got this far, and Pendle hill, through to Burnley, and round to Accrington can be seen.

Possible former site of New Barn Farm

On the left, just over the wall, watch out for the former farm site where a well is still visible in the field.

Once you have crossed the motorway once more

As you walk along this section the Dunkenhalgh Manor can be seen in the trees.

Proceed along the canal passing the remains of Meadowhead Colliery on your left until you reach the next bridge. As you are approaching this the former Methodist Church building can be seen at the side of the bridge, and before it the former Daisy hill Mill.

Master Barn Farm in May 2001

Go under the bridge and up to the road. Turn left and walk down the hill. Once you start walking a brick wall is at your side, which was once part of Rishton mill. This wall is all that remains.

Walk past the green on the left, and on the right hand side is Master Barn Farm. The yard is untouched since the farm was built. Although the date above the door says 1861, the farm was there in 1848, but the farm house was built once the road was completed.

Proceed down Hermitage Street, passing the Lodge for the paper mill on the right, and the paper mill on your left, and return to your vehicle.

I hope you enjoyed your walk!