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Several rights of way are open around Rishton and its boundaries, these are shown on the adjoining map provided by Lancashire County Council. These rights of way are logged in November 2002, and although they may be marked on the map they may not necessary be true rights of way and permission should be sought from the landowner before using them.

Public rights of Way March 2003.

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BenchesAll you need to know for where you can rest while on your walk.
Lords House Farm Concessionary PathA concessionary footpath leading from Lords House Farm (Harwood Edge) to Star Delph Quarry. (Not on Map)
Eachill PathFrom Eachill Gardens to Walmsley Street. (Not on Map)
Footpath 1Blackburn Road, Rishton to Cowhill Fold, through the farm yard, and down the hill to Willensden Syke, adjoining FP21 for Oswaldtwistle at the farm prior to reaching Blackburn Road, Oswaldtwistle.
Footpath 2Knuzden to Blackburn Road, Knuzden
Footpath 3Cowhill Fold to Whitebirk
Footpath 4Cowhill Fold to Blackburn Road, Knuzden
Footpath 5Sidebeet Lane, over canal, continue up and over the hill, to back of Parsonage Reservoir, to join path 23 to Parsonage Road.
Footpath 6Churchill Avenue to Cowhill Fold
Footpath 7Along the Old Railway line at Whitebirk, formerly the Queens Brickworks.
Footpath 8 Cut Lane over canal, to farm. Turn Left, start to climb hill slightly as if heading to Sunnybower. Path finishes at back of Philips Road Industrial Estate, at Higher Cunliffe Farm.
Footpath 9 Links Path 7 at Whitebirk to path 8 at Lower Cunliffe farm, heading through Dunscar Farm and finishing on Wilpshire Road above Close Nook Cottages.
Footpath 10 Starting at Norden, on Lee Lane, onto the old railway line towards Blackburn, then immediately cut off towards Dunscar Farm, from farm, straight up the hill to the New Inns.
Footpath 11Not in Rishton, in Wilpshire.
Footpath 12 Back of Top O th Heights towards Blackburn to Tan House Farm, and to Windy Bank farm, then curling round to Old Blackburn Road were it meets Path 5.
Footpath 13From Black Law Farm near New Inns it starts from Path 14, to Harwood Boundary, were it meets Path 47 from Harwood.
Footpath 14From Black Law Farm behind New Inns to Wilpshire road (using Farm Track)
Footpath 15From Path 14 towards Blackburn, crossing Old Blackburn Road higher up than New Inns, Meeting Path 5 at Farm before petering out in the middle of a field?
Footpath 16From Black Law Farm at Paths 14, and 13, towards Rishton, turning just before the road and finishing at the top of Close Brow Quarry, were it joins paths 45 and 47 in Great Harwood.
Footpath 17From Lango Old Road to tip of Parsonage Reservoir, joining FP24 (Wilpshire).
Footpath 18 Footpath 18. From Lee Lane on the Harwood side of Tottleworth Lee to the stream boundary in the field, were it meets Paths 30, 38, and 39.
Footpath 19Not on Map.
Footpath 20 Goosebutts footpath. From Tottleworth Village to Canal Bridge on Bridge Street/Spring Street.
Footpath 21 Footpath 21. From Tottleworth Cottages to canal bank near to the bridge on Bridge Street/Spring Street
Footpath 22 Tottleworth Road. From Hermitage Street to Norden Brook in Tottleworth village.
Footpath 23From Hesketh Farm to Clayton Fields.
Footpath 24Clayton Fields trail. From Heys Lane Industrial Estate, Great Harwood to Barnes Street Clayton Le Moors.
Footpath 25From Wilpshire Road leading into Close Brow Quarry, which crosses over a bridge and onto FP44 in Great Harwood.
Footpath 26 Mill Woods, continuing FP10 from Holt House, FP26 runs under the motorway bridge at the back of the Dunkenhalgh, under the White Ash Brook is crossed on the other side.
Footpath 27From Close Nook cottages on Wilpshire road, East towards Lords House Farm (farm entrance), meeting FPs 57 and 40 at the boundary with Great Harwood.
Footpath 28Unknown
Footpath 29Unknown
Footpath 3030. From the end of FP18 at the Lidgett brook, to the rear of Lords House Farm, changing to FP41 through the farmyard (Great Harwood).
Footpath 31From Windy Bank Farm to Blackburn Old Road.
Footpath 32From Tan House Farm to Blackburn Old Road.
Footpath 3333. Blackburn Road cut through. From Blackburn Road on the South side of the road through to Thornhill Avenue. The total length of the path is no more than 100 yards.
Footpath 3434. From the canal bank, slightly South of the Motorway bridge to New Rishton Bridge in the Aspden Valley, adjoining FP18 to Church Kirk at the Church Boundary.
New PadNew Pad. Leading from Spring Street canal bridge to Lee Lane. (Not on Map)
Walmsley PathWalmsley Footpath - Linking Walmsley Avenue with Walmsley Street. (Not on Map)
Ladybird TrailA 9 mile ramble through the three towns. Leaflets and quizzes are available for this walk.
Mills WalkTake a stroll round Rishton and see all the locations of the mills that Rishton once had, plus more.
Pub WalkA dangerous walk(!) round the public houses and clubs of Rishton.
Rishton BottomsA walk through Dunkenhalgh woods to Church then along the canal.
Three Town Ramble3 towns Ramble – Fancy a walk around the surrounding Country side? Try this one first…
Harwood ReturnRound robin Walk to Dean Clough reservoir in Great Harwood and back.