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River tunnel entrance August 2001

From the River Hyndburn, into which this river flows, stems another river. The two rivers meet at the new motorway bridge, and this river veers to the right heading for Church.

The river immediately disappears into a tunnel, and reappears where the New Rishton Reservoir was once located, this river feeding the lake.

Although the new reservoir is now empty, the river still runs through the site, again disappearing into a tunnel which goes under the footpath from Church Kirk to the area once known as "New Rishton".

River entrance on the Church side of the New Rishton Res May 2002.

This little river meanders along from here passing under a fantastically built and preserved pack horse bridge, which is now only used for farming purposes.

Although a twelve inch (30 cm) concrete slab has been placed on the top of the bridge the bridge is still well preserved.

Old Pack Horse Bridge May 2002

It was once part of the main root from Church Kirk to the site of New Rishton.

From here the river passes deep under the railway line and canal, and goes off towards Oswaldtwistle in the Aspen valley. This tunnel already being over the boundary in Oswaldtwistle.

The river meets with Willenden Syke and what it is called by the time the river reaches Rishtons boundary remains a mystery.

Tunnel under railway in May 2002.


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