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Paper Mill Lodge in May 2002
Image 1 - Rishton Lodge in May 2002.
Image 2 - The overflow leading away from the lodge in May 2002.

The paper mill lodge is situated on Hermitage Street, at the Eastern end of Rishton and is currently part of Rishton's Green belt, although with building regulations being what they are today and the European courts, this doesn't seem to mean a lot in England.

It was once used to feed the paper mill with water, and there is still plenty of evidence of this around the waters edge.

The lodge is fed from the same stream as that which feeds the reservoir at the Western end of Rishton, the Shaw Brook, the stream splitting near Cowhill, and one part going to the reservoir and the other feeding the lodge.

The paper mill was fed water via a sluice gate at the Eastern end of the lodge. A big wheel was fitted to the top of a screw mechanism to open or close the gate.

Sliuce gate for feeding the water to the Paper Mill May 2002
Image 1 - Sluice gate in May 2002.
Image 2 - Paper Mill Lodge in May 2002.

For many years the paper mill was supplied by water from Rishton Colliery until the closure of the paper mill, despite the fact that the colliery was closed in 1941.

In 1960 the coal board obtained permission from the Dunkenhalgh estate to demolished some of the buildings at Rishton Colliery to install 2 new electric pumps to pump the water to Dean Reservoir. The National Coal Board owned the mine, but the Dunkenhalgh owned the land. The buildings demolished were part of the mines headgear.

On Monday 12 July 1999, HERON Clough hugged her brother Jan and said: "Thanks for saving my life."

Youth worker Heron sank unconscious into the murky depths of a lodge after she fell from a rope swing 35ft above the water.

When brave Jan, 15, saw that his sister had disappeared under the water he dived in and dragged her out and tried to revive her.

Heron, then 20, said: "If Jan hadn't done what he did I could have drowned."

Heron, Jan and their friends had gone to the lodge off Hermitage Street, Rishton, for a swim to cool down in the summer heat.

But it all went horribly wrong when Heron fell from the rope swing 35ft above the water.

She said: "I fell and hit the water with my face which knocked me out. So when I didn't come back up from under the water, Jan, who was standing on the waterfall, dived in and rescued me.

"Our friend Matthew Greenwood rang for an ambulance on his mobile phone and the air ambulance arrived as well. "In the end I was put in a normal ambulance and that is when I finally came round."

Jan said: "I'm not all that good a swimmer but as soon as I realised Heron was unconscious I just knew I had to dive in and save my sister. It was my instinct."

Heron, of Bridge Street, Rishton, was taken to Blackburn Royal Infirmary where she was put on a drip and had X-rays taken before she was allowed home.

She said: "Jan saved my life. Afterwards all the policemen and ambulancemen shook his hand and told him how well he'd done to rescue me."

Heron and Jan's mum, June Clough, said: "I'm so glad Jan was there, he saved his sister's life.

"We are very proud of him."

North West Water warned people against swimming or playing in water in the hot weather after Longridge teenager Graham Lambert died in a reservoir canoeing accident.

During February 2003 the lodge was drained of most of its fishing stock. The lease to the land expired shortly before this and when the Accrington and District Angling club applied for the rental of the lodge they were turned down, even after updating the offer to £4,000 over a four year lease.

Image 1 - The overflow channel leading to the River in May 2002.
Image 2 - The overflow just before it enters the river.

The Angling club had been using the lodge for many years for fishing purposes, but this would appear to be the end of that association.

The lease was (is) owned by a development company in Preston. How the land came to be owned by a development company I have not found out yet.


The overflows dam from the lodge in May 2002.