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Why The Wickets Hotel? The cricketing link is due to the fact that the co-proprietor of the hotel is the former Australian cricket star Peter Sleep. The hotel is also situated 2 steps from the home of Rishton Cricket Club.

Peter came over to England in 1990 as Rishton Cricket Club's overseas Professional. In 1991 he broke the all - time Lancashire League batting record with an aggregate of 1,621 runs.  

Peter and Hazel met in 1990, married in 1992 and set up home in Rishton, the village where Hazel had grown up.

Peter's cricketing achievements are legendary:

                          Australia                  South Australia

Appearances             14                             146

Runs scored             483                            6997

Batting average        24.15                       35.17

Wickets taken            31                             302

Bowling average      45.06                        38.40

Peter was in the Lancashire County Cricket Club's 2nd XI captain and coach.

Together Peter and Hazel and her two children, Alexandra and Richard, combine to run a friendly, family run hotel in the heart of Lancashire.

The hotel closed its doors in 2008, and in June 2009 remains an empty building.