Landscape Photograph.

Here’s Rishton from the trees at Top O’ th’ Heights.

5 separate pictures where taken to produce this one shot, all 5 having been stitched together.

Close Nook cottages are in the foreground.   We start at the East end of town showing quite visibly the new houses next to the canal at the bottom of Spring Street.   The white houses are part of the Sands estate, on Cliff Street, In front of these are the Gooseybutts allotments.   Norden Farm is to the foreground, Norden school behind it. Right about here you should see the end of Lee Lane, were it changes to Harwood Road. Norden school is on the left of the road. The Parish Church tower can be seen in the background. Norden Brickworks is just about visible, the big house on the right.   The black line to the forefront is the old loop line to Great Harwood.               Closing off the picture with Rishton reservoir.

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