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Were to start? The chimney sweeps job is full of myth and intrigue, being a very dirty job at one time, it was believed that one of these gentlemen at your wedding would bring good luck.

During the 1800 young boys were employed to climb the chimneys, being used for their size, they were often dismissed when they became teenagers and grew to big for the chimney.

In 1935 there was one chimney sweep listed as living in the town.

T Connell lived at 31 Eachill Road, the last house on the street at that time, he was the only chimney sweep in the town at this time, and by 1947 there were no chimney sweeps living in the town at all.

During the 1940s Mr. Harrison was chimney Sweep. Living in 76 Hermitage Street, members of his family still lived in the same house through the 2nd millenium.

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