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Surgery 1.

The main Doctors surgery in Rishton for many years was at SHERWOOD on Cliffe Street. This was Dr. Bolton's surgery who had taken over from Dr. White upon his retirement.

In 1935 the residence was in the hands of Dr J. Ferguson, who was also the towns Health Inspector, acting on behalf of Rishton Urban District Council.

On the 9th December 1937, The Council clerk received a letter from the Trades and Labour Council, calling attention to the absence of a doctors surgery below the canal bridge, and to the inconvenience caused thereby. The clerk was to communicate with the doctors in the town on this subject and with the post office telephone department regarding the possibility of the erection in that district of a telephone kiosk. Dr J. Ross responded with a letter in reference to provision of a doctors surgery below the canal bridge, and after an interview with the Post Office Telephone Department, a kiosk was to be placed on Hermitage Street. The council resolved that an application should be made for the provision of a kiosk at the corner of Holt Street and hermitage Street.

Dr. J. Ross, again acted for the Council, and he was in residence in 1951, but during 1935 had shared the practice with James Ferguson. For how many years is not explained at the moment.

By 1947 Dr. Ross had bought "The Turrets" on Blackburn Road, and was running the practice on his own. It was here that Dr. Ross's wife committed suicide in this building, hanging herself in one of the rooms. On the 14th August 1947, At the opening of a Council Meeting, the Chairman referred to the tragic death of the wife of Dr. Ross, Medical Officer of Health, and the Clerk was instructed to send a letter of condolence to Dr. Ross.

Doctor White took over the running of the practice at Sherwood, this was about 1960, and remained in practice until his retirement when Dr. Bolton took control. Doctor White (bless him) died of a heart attack which must have been about 1983 / 84. (someone will correct me if I am wrong about the timescale).

When Dr. Bolton retired from his practice he offered the surgery to Dr. Hancock, who was taking over his practice, but Dr. Hancock though that the asking price was too much.

Dr Bolton moved to Whalley, and worked in Blackpool, but still visited his mum who lived in Rishton. Sadly Dr Bolton's mother died in 2005. Dr. Bolton had been raised in Rishton, being born at Bramley Meade in Whalley. He became a J. P. acting in Accrington Courts for many years after.

Dr. Hancock carried out her practice from a portacabin based on spare land in school street, until a new custom made doctors surgery was built next to the library. This was named the cabin Practice.

Sherwood is now functioning as a short stay elderly persons Rehabilitation Unit, contracted by social services, to enable elderly people to regain or improve their independent living skills and return to their own home, IF they so choose, with whatever home support might be necessary. The Unit also provides eleven local people with work.

Surgery 2.

Another Doctors practice was at 35 High Street. This was, I believe Doctor Taylor's.

In 1912 the property was being used by Mr. Wilfred Jackson, who lived at 12 Harwood Road. It is unclear if he was also a doctor.

35 High Street, 2nd June 2009.

Surgery 3.

In 1934 Dr. Stanley Mitchell moved to 28 Harwood Road, were he took over a doctors practice, he remained at this practice for 4 years until his divorce from his wife, Elizabeth. Elizabeth carried on living from this address, and the doctor moved to London with his mistress.

Read the full story about Dr Mitchell and his family by clicking your mouse here.

Surgery 4.

Another doctors practice is on High Street, I think about number 85. This was considerably renovated in 1996, when the doctor bought a neighbouring property and instantly made his practice twice as big.

Surgery 5.

Dr. George Robson, M. B., Ch. B. (Edinborough), physician and surgeon.

Dr. George Robson was a GP in Rishton from about 1934 to his retirement in 1965.

In 1935 Dr. Robson was registered at Willow grange, Henry Street. Tel 137 Great Harwood.

Doctors Robson's surgery was situated at the rear of 6 Church Street (view), which was also the home of the Doctor and his family.

6 Church Street on the 2nd June 2009.

On the 16th April 1936, Planning application was received at the council building, for the alteration at the rear of number 6 Church View, for Dr. Robson, which were submitted and approved by the Council.

I am informed that anyone seeking employment at the OXO factory in Gt. Harwood had to pass a medical, and the Doctor who was responsible for the medical was Dr Robson. In fact he was the Doctor that was seen by my informants cousin, when she applied for a job at the OXO. Dr White took over this task upon the Doctors retirement in 1965.

The same informant also tells me that Dr Robson was attached or referred to by the local police in his capacity as a surgeon.


Frank Watson

Dr. Bolton

Neil Robson