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Edward Holditch worked for the paper mill at Rishton and lived in Holt Mill at number 2 in 1881, Where he lived with 14 other people. (This was not surprising as no contraception was easily available! Many families at the time were big.)

Lovely story about "Ned".

He was principle cornet player for the Clayton le Moors Rifle Volunteers Brass Band. In 1882 they won the competition at Belle Vue, Manchester. Not only did they win the first prize of 30, but a gold medal each of 3 a piece.  Plus an Electro plated "Echo" cornet worth 22. (I believe these are going now for over 1,000!).

When the band got home, they wanted to show off what they had won, so someone was sent round to Ned's house to go and get the cornet to show off.  He replied by sending back the pawn broker's ticket for he had "hocked" in prize at "Uncles" and used the proceeds to get drunk.!

Many thanks to Lorraine for this piece. If anyone can help Lorraine with her ancestry, or any other tales like this, please Email Me.

Edward was also in the 7th Lancashire Rifle Volunteers, which is were most of the bands came from that ended up entering competitions such as the one won by the Brass band.

HE really has been a mystery.  But we can now CONFIRM.  He is buried under the name of Edward Holditch in Great Harwood, of which I have a reference number. BUT he was registered by his step daughter!  By the name of Edward HOLDSHIP.

His real name was Edwin Henry Holdship.  Born 1841 in Portsmouth. The Family of Holdship goes back to Cheltenham and Worcester Pottery.  Quakers and bankrupts.

Researching him has solved many a "Puzzle" for Lorraine. 

He was been married three times.  First, and had a daughter who was sent to aunts in Blackpool. Secondly to my great, great granny, and then he married again under the name of HOLDRITCH. WHY Holdship, Holditch and then Holdritch??

What I would love to find ~ if its at all possible. Descendents from his daughters from his second marriage, and also from his third, this Step daughter. Love to have a photo!!

Can we find if there is an obituary of his death? 

Love to know also how his step daughter found out why he was originally Holdship and NOT Holdritch. If you see what I mean?

Edward Holdship died 3rd December 1921 at 129 Haslingdon Road, which I believe is the hospital. at the age of 74.  Even though he had been a Paper Mill worker, it states he was a formerly a cotton mill card room labourer. Of 4 Butler Street, (It would be lovely if you don't mind to take a photo of this) and he died of Carcinoma of the upper lip and dementia.

4 Butler Street Rishton

He had two daughters from his second marriage, Elizabeth and Emma.  Elizabeth married a Richard Mills and had a son called Richard who is in that grave. and then I found they went on to have another couple of lads, not sure of dates at mo or names, but one I do remember is an Arthur, all through my research and censuses.

Emma married a Benjamin Varley Summersgill, just found info and they seemed to have had only one daughter called Elizabeth Ellen Summersgill who married a William Bleazard on April 7th 1928 in Bolton by Bolland.  AND what I found out through the Lancashire free BMDs, they had a daughter Dorothy M in 1928 and a son Peter in 1933 in Clitheroe.

I have just come across old Ned's third marriage!

19 September 1901 (7 months after great great granny died!) to an Ann Duckworth, he is 50 she is 40 living at 32 Burton Street, Rishton.  (This was a certificate of revolution ~ it gave his father's Rank which did lead to other things!  Sergeant Major in the 43rd Light Infantry Regiment).

BUT the weirdest thing ~ HE is calling himself Holdritch and a Teacher of Music!


Lorraine (via email)