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Streets Off

Butler Street.

Right hand side (from 1st entrance off Butler Street)

14 blocks of semi detached houses.

Left Hand Side (from 1st entrance off Butler Street)

8 blocks of semi detached houses

Barn Meadow Cresent in May 2001

Barn Meadow Crescent runs off Butler Street and loops back round to James Street again at it junction with Fielding Street.

The Crescent itself backs onto the Park View Nurseries on one side, and down to the paper mill lodge on the other.

The Crescent was built at the beginning of the 1970’s, and was a field prior to this. We used to take the mice that had managed to get in our house to the field and let them go. Mice were common place in the surrounding houses at the time of it being a field, much as I suppose they are today for anybody living near to the open spaces. Once the houses were built, I never saw another mouse in the house.

The estate consists mainly of semi detached 2 story houses, with gardens front and back, and built from a sandstone brick.

There are a few semi detached bungalows as well, these are around the bottom edge of the crescent. All the houses around the inside of the crescent are 2 story.