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Empty flats

The flats have been stood on Chapel Street ever since the original chapel was demolished.

The Chairman of Rishton Area Council reported on the 21st September 2001, that the Chapel Street flats were due to be demolished on Monday, 8th October, 2001 and requested that residents gave their thoughts and ideas on what should be done with the land after demolition. She indicated that suggestions had already been sent in and that these were on display on the Boards. Ideas had ranged from a community centre and play area to a car park, and she provided details of some costings for these projects.

Residents provided the following suggestions; a car park, bungalows for the elderly or disabled, selling the land to a private developer, a community centre and a play area. Steve Watson, Area Council Co-ordinator indicated that some of these schemes would not be financially viable through the Area Council and would need funding from other sources, in addition to other problems which would have to be carefully considered.

A resident commented that the ideal place for a play area would be on the land, currently leased by the Council until 2005, known as the ‘Bottom Rec.’ Others suggested that a community centre should be built on this land, as there was a need for one in Rishton, and as such the land should be purchased under compulsory order. However, Steve Watson explained that this could only be done for very good reasons. He requested that residents determine what should happen to the Chapel Street land and, if necessary, how to raise additional funding for schemes that are suggested.

Ideas from residents were then collated and the results were as follows:-

1 to build a youth shelter

6 to build bungalows

8 construct a play area

5 to build a community centre

3 to construct a car park and a play area

1 to construct a car park, play area and gardens

It was explained that these ideas would be taken away for discussion and evaluation by the Area Council. Further consultation with residents would take place and the outcomes reported at the next meeting of Rishton Area Council.

During the last week of October 2001, the flats were demolished. Here in pictures is what happened.....

The flats consisted of three blocks of flats each block was set back a stage, and there were 3 levels to each block.

There were six flats in each block making a total of 18 flats all together.

Hyndburn Borough council, it turns out were in breach of the law when they demolished the flats. They had not gain any kind of planning permission to demolish them and the land stood empty for several years after the buildings had gone.

From Chapel Street

This amounted to a huge loss of revenue from rents for the flats, as well as the cost of the demolition work itself.

Stott's demolition were the contractors who won the contract to carry out the work.

On the 24th January 2002, Councillor Scaife informed the Rishton Area Council meeting that the flats had been demolished and indicated that this area of land would be grassed in the Spring. She reported that an Officer of the Council would be looking into the feasibility of forming a residents group to investigate further possibilities.

Chapel Flats Last part 2001
Cleaning up Cleaning up
Cleaning up Cleared
Grassed over rubbish

To find out what happened to the land after the flats were demolished, follow me