Chapel Street, Rishton.

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Post Codes: BB1 4NP and the former flats were BB1 4NJ.

Streets Off (Looking towards Blackburn)

  • Butler Street (left and Right)

  • Derby Street (left and Right)

  • Wharf Street (left and Right)

Upper Half


Lower Half


Right Hand Side

Left Hand Side

Right Hand Side

Left Hand Side

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Chapel Street
View up Chapel Street, showing the flats in May 2001.

The street consists of two blocks of terrace houses on the lower half.

On the upper half there is one long block of terrace houses on the right hand side (facing West) and on the left hand side, a small block of terrace houses and open waste land (the flats were here).

The terraced houses are built from local sandstone with grey slate roofs, and chimneys of local sandstone to match.

The flats were made from concrete, dressed in red brick.

In April 1938, the Congregational church put forward a suggestion for spare land on Chapel Street which wasn't being used. I think this was the land that was sandwiched behind the church, up to the small block of terrace houses. This at one time was grassed with flower beds and a pathway.

The Chapel House flats on Chapel Street are built on the site of the former Congregational Church.

The flats in the photograph here were demolished in October 2001, and the land is currently empty while the council decide what is to happen to the plot. To find out what finally happened to the spare land on Chapel Street, follow this link.

Chapel Street is split in the middle by Derby Street, which runs across it from North to South.

At the top of Chapel Street lies Wharf Street, and at the bottom is Butler Street.

The name of the street is taken from the Congregational Church which once stood here, and also inspired the football team, who were known as Rishton Congregational FC.

From Butler Street
Here’s a picture of Chapel Street taken from Butler Street in May 2001.
Flats Demolision
Chapel Gardens


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