Derby Street, Rishton.

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Streets Off

Chapel Street to the left and right

Fielding Street to the left and right

Right hand side (facing South)

  • End terrace house
  • Back alley for Hermitage and Chapel Streets
  • Empty land. Former location of Congregational Church and Chapel Flats.
  • End Terrace house
  • Back Alley for Chapel and Fielding Streets
  • End Terrace House
  • End Terrace
  • Back alley for Fielding Street

Left Hand Side (facing South)

  • End terrace House
  • Back Alley for Hermitage and Chapel Streets
  • Waste land
  • End Terrace house
  • Back alley for Chapel and Fielding Streets
  • End terrace house
  • End terrace
  • Back alley for Fielding Street
Derby Street in May 2001.

This street cuts off Hermitage Street and runs South. It severs Chapel Street and Fielding Street before stopping at the fields between Rishton and Church.

The street was where the entrance to the congregational church once was, the length of the church running up Chapel Street.

The name of the street is possibly taken from Lord Derby, rather than the place, but this is unconfirmed.

I am told that this was one of the first streets on the South side of Hermitage Street to be tarmaced. This was sometime after 1934.

A plan was submitted on the 1st June 1939, to the Rishton Urban District Council, for the proposed conversion into 2 dwellings of 3 Derby Street. The plan was disapproved. On the 5th October, the owner tried again. Application was received by the Council, from the owner of 3 Derby Street for permission to carry out structural alterations for the purpose of converting the house from a six bed roomed house to a four roomed house. Permission was granted this time, subject to the alterations being carried out in conformity with the councils byelaws to the satisfaction of the surveyor.

Just about visible in the picture are the Chapel Flats, which have now been demolished in October 2001. Click here to see the pictures.

The houses on this street are all attached to the blocks of terrace houses that run up and down the adjoining streets. Yet there are some which don't have any houses on them.


Council Minutes 1939 - 40.

Dave Haworth