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Streets Off

  • Burton Street left Only
  • Talbot Street both ways
  • Track to Holt farm.

Right Hand Side (from Hermitage Street)

  • Corner Shop and house in end of terrace block from Hermitage Street.
  • Back Street for Hermitage and Burton Streets
  • End of Terrace block on Burton Street
  • End of Terrace block on Burton Street
  • Back Street for Burton and Talbot Streets
  • End of Terrace block on Talbot Street
  • End of Terrace block on Talbot Street
  • Back street for Talbot Street (and entrance to Holt Street recreation ground)
  • Garage plots
  • Dirt track to Holt Farm

Left Hand Side (from Hermitage Street)

  • White wall which borders Hermitage House
  • Peters Row
  • End of terrace block of houses on Talbot Street
  • Garage plots
  • Dirt Track to Holt Farm
Track to Holt Farm

Holt Street, as small as it is was one of the original Streets in Rishton. The original track that became Holt Street lead to Holt Farm. This picture shows the remainder of the track once Holt Street finishes. Spaw Brook runs under this road, and runs out into a valley directly behind the wood garage marked with an arrow. The road was washed away during 1997, due to the stream being blocked were it runs under the road.

The present road from Holt Street runs across a tip which was started there to fill in the early moat used by Holt Manor.

Businesses along Holt Street included the Hermitage (for which the entrance was on Hermitage Street), Barnes Garage, and Lucas’ coal yard. The coal yard has since been replaced with houses, but the original road still leads to Holt farm.

Holt Street about 1965. The cola yard is behind the fence, and the garages can just be seen at the side. (Many thanks to the Palmer family for use of the photo).

The houses are known as Peters Row, and were built in 1999 after the garage was burnt down in an overnight fire. The houses have taken the garage land and the site of the former coal yard.

Wall plate for Peters Row on Holt Street.

This picture below shows the new houses at the end on the left hand side, with the Hermitage house behind the telephone box.

On the corner of Holt Street and Hermitage Street is an original red telephone payphone. These were originally introduced in the 1930’s firstly in London, and then gradually throughout the rest of the Country after 1935 when the kiosk became nationally available. As yet I have been unable to find the exact date that the phone box was located here.

The red kiosk was originally designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott.

The phone box on the corner of Holt Street.
This picture was taken during a snowstorm at the end of February 2001.

A SECOND raid on property used by the bosses of a Rishton pet shop had revealed another 800 animals being kept in "appalling" conditions.

R. S. P. C. A. inspectors took away nearly 400 rabbits and other rodents belonging to the owners of Creature Comforts in High Street, after finding the animals in sheds on an allotment off nearby Holt Street on Friday, 05 June 1998.

The raid came after more than 300 animals and several dead rodents were taken from a room above the shop earlier in the week in the R. S. P. C. A. 's biggest investigation into a pet shop. An appeal was made to find homes for the hundreds of animals, many of which were being transported to R. S. P. C. A. centres in other parts of the country.

Inspector Dean Astill-Dunseith said: "In the beginning we found ourselves involved in the largest investigation into a pet shop that we have ever conducted and we hadn't imagined that we would discover more animals elsewhere. We found between 800 and 900 animals at the allotment in about 10 sheds. The conditions were appalling. The animals were living in overcrowded and dark conditions, faeces was piled up in their cages and they had no fresh food or water."

Holt Street in May 2001.

About 150 rabbits, 170 guinea pigs, 90 rats and 51 mice were removed. An appeal to all animal homes in the country to take the animals was put out. Many were initially taken to the R. S. P. C. A. centre at Altham where they were cleaned, sexed and health checks carried out. Some had to be put down. They were shipped out to Birmingham, Brighton, Newcastle and numerous other places."

Proprietors Kelvin Kirby and Neil Hacking were arrested and questioned by police and R. S. P. C. A. officers. They were later released on police bail without charge. The owners said today their own veterinary surgeon had visited the sheds and could not find any unhealthy animals.

Mr Hacking said: "We were behind with the general cleaning up. We also have poultry, goats, dogs and hamsters at the allotment and the R. S. P. C. A. are quite happy with them. The R. S. P. C. A. seems to be concerned that we had too much livestock and have now left us with enough to cope with. We signed the animals over to the R. S. P. C. A."


Lancashire Evening Telegraph.