James Street, Rishton.

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Streets Off

  • Burton Street (Left and Right)
  • Talbot Street (Left and Right)

Right Hand Side (Facing North from Hermitage Street)

  • 2 flats attached to end of Hermitage Street block of terraces (previously a corner shop)
  • Back Street for Hermitage and Burton Streets
  • 2 flats attached to end of Burton Street block of terraces
  • Garage
  • Back Street for Burton and Talbot Streets
  • End Of Terrace block.
  • Garage Plots

Left Hand Side (Facing North from Hermitage Street)

  • Corner Shop (previously Hermitage Street Co-op)
  • Back Street for hermitage and Burton Streets
  • House in end of Terrace block for Burton Street
  • Corner Shop
  • Back Street for Burton and Talbot Streets
  • End of Terrace Block
  • Back Street for lower Talbot Street
James Street in May 2001.

One of the many streets that spans off Hermitage Street. James Street cuts through the middle of Talbot Street, and Burton Street, and had several corner shops. On Hermitage Street corner was the Co-op, and on the corner of Burton Street was an off license. This is now a Spar shop.

This picture is looking back towards Hermitage Street, with Spaw Brook directly behind.

A garage is directly opposite the Spar shop on Burton Street.

Post box on the corner of the coop building.

On the corner of the former coop building is a post box, this is fixed in the wall, and is being replaced slowly. There was one on the side of the post office, but this has been replaced with a proper pillar-box at the front.