Talbot Street, Rishton.

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Consists of 6 blocks of terraces, one of them dated, Clarence Terrace - 1897.

Plan of Talbot Street and surroundings.

Upper Section

  • Parker Street to James Street
  • Right Hand Side, one block of stone built terracing
  • Left Hand Side one short block of Terracing, named Clarence Terrace - 1897 and garden fronted.
  • Allotment area on arrival of Spaw Brook Culvert.

Middle Section

  • From James Street to Holt Street
  • Left Hand Side One block of Terracing running entire length of Street.
  • Right Hand Side One block of Terracing running entire length of Street.

Lower Section

  • From Holt Street, Cul De Sac
  • Right Hand Side, End of Peters Row on Holt Street.
  • and back street leading to Hermitage Street back street
  • Left Hand Side, One short block of Terracing.

The road on the lower section was unmade until Peters Row was built on Holt Street in 1999, this leads to the back street for Peters row and then Hermitage street, which is laid with ash rather than cobbles or sets.

The Talbot's were on record as occupying the Holt in 1310. They appeared to be the ruling hand in the area and there are several mentions of the name over the years that followed.

Judge Walmsley bought Dunkenhalgh from Talbot.

One Talbot lost his possessions and was named an outlaw.

One helped in the capture of Henry VI at Waddington Hall and was rewarded. He was a son of Edmund Talbot who was given license to build a chapel at Dunkenhalgh in 1516. He married Ann Hart who later married Sir James Stanley brother of the Earl of Derby.

A John Talbot married Margaret, daughter of Robert Peel, a yeoman of Oswaldtwistle who was connected to the famous Peel family.

In 1570 Henry Talbot died leaving 2 sons Thomas and John. Before his death Thomas in conjunction with his wife  heir and brother sold the manor of Rishton to Thomas Walmsley in 1581. This sale included land in Tottleworth, Cowhill, Whitebirk, and Sidebeet.

Talbot Street in May 2001.

Talbot Street is one of several streets which was built for the workers of the Wheatfield and Rishton Mills, the street runs from Holt Street to Parker Street, and is crossed in the middle by James Street.

The street is named after the De Talbot's of Holt, who’s manor house was previously on the site of Peters Row on Holt Street, behind the Hermitage building.

On the left towards the top of the street is Spaw Brook, were it makes a brief appearance before going underground again.

A typical street of terraced houses in Rishton!

At the bottom of Talbot Street was a shop, some may remember this as Jimmy's, which was a popular shop for many years mainly because he kept a book. Jimmy's was a general grocers store, but I am not sure which side of the road it was on. Little Gladys took over the running of this shop, until she closed it.


Industrial Rishton by Kathleen Broderick