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Tottleworth Road looking to Hermitage Street March 2002.

Tottleworth Road leads to the old Hamlet itself, it starts at the lower end of Hermitage Street, before it reaches the paper mill, and is a single track road for its entire length.

The road now leads to Holt farm, the former manor house of the area, before continuing up the hill to a set of allotments.

The roads for pack animals from Tottleworth are, in the main still in existence today. For many years the ancient paving stones were visible along the length of the road, particularly round the bottom of the hill where the road joins Moor Lane, and at the summit to the hill, by Manor House Farm, there still exists the pack animal paving on the elbow.

Once the great salt road from Clitheroe to the Dunkenhalgh, the track started at the paper mill, ran at an angle up the hill towards Holt farm, and then turning to follow its current route to the village.

Up and down this road came the Talbots, the de Rishtons, the Stanleys, and thousands of pack horses carrying salt, iron, coal, and cloth to the villagers here. It is an historic road in Rishton that really should be preserved.

The question of providing seats on Holt Street recreation ground and the footpath to Tottleworth was raised and discussed by the council committee. Gifts of seats were offered by Councillor Worsley (on behalf of the Regnal Circle No. 2) and Councillor Tattersall for use on Holt Street Recreation ground, and by Councillor Sanderson for use on Tottleworth footpath. It was resolved by the council that the offers be accepted, and best thanks offered to the donors for their generosity, and that the surveyor should obtain and fix the seats in the positions referred to. The seat on Tottleworth Road was placed at the top of the brow as you approach the allotments.

At the same time, The surveyor was to obtain estimates for the probable costs of lighting Tottleworth Road.

On the 1st September, The estimate was received from the Accrington District Gas and Water Board for the cost of lighting Tottleworth Road. The scheme was deferred by Rishton U. D. C. until the local estimates for the financial year 1939 - 40 were considered.

Before reaching Tottleworth, a lane turns off on the right hand side. This was Occupation Road, which once lead to the Sewerage Farm in the valley of the river.

Looking towards Tottleworth, March 2002.

Continuing along the road, which at this point changes to a dirt track instead of tarmac, the road eventually comes into Tottleworth.

The entire section of the road gives good scenic views in all directions, Pendle hill is easily seen, and the coppice and Accrington. The manor house in Clayton le Moors, the Dunkenhalgh, can be seen through the trees.

The Council Surveyor was instructed to inspect the condition of this road on the 17th January 1946, and draw the attention of the Dunkenhalgh Estate thereto. The attention of the Police was also to be drawn to the broken lamps and that the attention of the Post Office authorities be drawn to the necessity for the provision of a Post box.

The Council Chairman drew attention to traffic using this road on the 22nd May 1952, and in consequence traversing the concrete bridge over the stream. The Clerk reported as to the responsibility for the upkeep of the road from the bridge to the Sewage Works Road. It was Resolved by the Council, that the officials discuss the matter with the officials of the Great Harwood U. D. C.

On leaving Tottleworth towards Great Harwood from the joining of the brooks, the track previously ran North West, adjoining Lee Lane somewhere near Tottleworth Lee farm. This was prior to either bridge being built over the brooks.

1907 Tottleworth Road
A pony and cart travels towards Tottleworth Lee Farm on the original road, while the new lane to Great Harwood turns off to the right.

The council Clerk reported that he had been in communication with the Great Harwood U. D. C. on the 10th July 1952, and the Dunkenhalgh Estate, regarding steps which might be taken to prevent heavy traffic traversing this road and that the two bodies concerned were prepared to share in the cost of notices to be placed at either end of the road. The suggestion was adopted and that this Council bear one-third of the cost.

Consideration was given to a report of the Surveyor on the 12th December 1952, regarding the placing of an obstruction to prevent vehicular traffic using the concrete bridge over Norden Brook. The Surveyor was instructed to ascertain the maximum load which this bridge will stand and to report to a subsequent meeting.

The Council Clerk reported on the 18th December 1952 further on the legal position regarding the use of the bridge by heavy traffic, and suggested the action which could be taken. It was Resolved, That a notice be erected at each end of the bridge, drawing attention to the unsuitability of the bridge for vehicular traffic.

A letter was submitted from the County Surveyor on the 15th January 1953, stating that in his opinion the bridge will safely carry any load which might traverse it. Two tenders were submitted for the installation of two plates, and it was Resolved, that the tender of Messrs. John Needham & Sons of £1 7s. 6d, per plate be accepted and that the plates be erected on the parapets of the bridge.


Council Minutes

Rishton Parish Church Jubilee 1927 by Carlton Noble.