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Streets Off

  • George Street, left and Right
  • Walmsley Street, Left and Right

Right Hand Side (from George Street)

  • End of block of terrace houses
  • Back Street to George Street
  • Methodist Church
  • Walmsley Street playground

Left Hand Side (from George Street)

  • Garage Unit
  • Block of terrace Houses (unnamed)
  • Back Street to Walmsley Street
  • End of block of terraced houses on Walmsley Street.

The Street is either named after Prince Albert, or the son of the Petres who were Lord of the Dunkenhalgh Manor, it is currently unknown which.

The street consists of a garage on the corner, and a block of terrace houses following it, on the opposite side is the Methodists church, and the playing field.

Albert Street in May 2001

This is Albert Street, leading to Walmsley Street. On the left is Walter Barnes garage, Walter use to run a lot of ‘Charabancs’ for the people of Rishton, he unfortunately is no longer with us.

Albert Street runs west from George Street. The Methodist church entrance is off this street, and the Methodist school is to the left.

It is unsure yet as weather the mineral water factory was on this street, or only the owners house, but the house was number 16 which is in the middle of the terrace block


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