Edward Street, Rishton.

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Edward Street
Edward Street in May 2001.

Streets Off

  • George Street (left and right)
  • Walmsley Street (left and right)

Right Hand Side (from George Street)

  • 1 Block of terraced houses

Left Hand Side (from George Street)

  • 1 block of terraced houses

Edward Street is named after one of the Petres sons. They had four children altogether, Edward, Oswald, Henry, and George, all of which are street names in Rishton.

Edward Street is one of the oldest side streets in Rishton.

Numbers 1 to 23, and numbers 2 to 24 Edward Street, (Dating from c1860), were owned by members of the Anderson family, who took ownership of Rishton Mill in 1854.

Edward Street looking from Walmsley Street in July 1997.

The house on the corner is now a chip shop, and may have been for a long time.

The two corners properties at the top of each block of terraced houses are also shops, John Peters clogmakers is on the left, and Terry’s hairstylist is on the right.

This is a very narrow street compared to most other streets in Rishton, but for what reason is unknown at the moment.

The street links George Street at the bottom, were the picture is taken from, and Walmsley Street at the top. The street does carry on but becomes Haworth Street that continues all the way to Station Road.

During the 2nd World War an air raid shelter was erected on Edward Street.


Kathleen Broderick Industrial Rishton

Rishton Street Names by E. Furber. Published October 1995.