George Street, Rishton.

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Streets Off

Right Hand Side (from High Street)

  • Edward Street

  • Clarke Street

  • Albert Street

Left Hand Side (from High Street)

  • Hicks Terrace

  • Company Street

  • Princess Street

Right Hand Side (from High Street)

  • Post Office

  • Back Street for High Street and Edward Street

  • End of terraced block (Edward Street)

  • George Street Fish & Chip Shop

  • Back Street for Edward Street and Clarke Street

  • End of terraced block (Clarke Street)

  • End of terraced block (Clarke Street)

  • Back Street for Clarke Street and Albert Street

  • Garage Unit (formerly Walter Barnes)

  • 1 block of terraced houses (unnamed)

  • Back Street to George Street

  • Methodist School

Left Hand Side (from High Street)

  • Roebuck Inn

  • Kings Hall

  • Harmonic Club

  • Back Street for Hicks Terrace and Company Street

  • End of terraced block (Company Street) containing 1 house

  • End of terraced block (Company Street) containing 2 houses

  • Back Street for Company Street

  • 1 block of terraced house (Victoria terrace, 1878)

  • Methodists School

George Street is named after one of the Petres sons. They had four children altogether, Edward, Oswald, Henry, and George, all of which are street names in Rishton.

Victoria Terrace
Image 1 - Victoria Terrace on George Street
Image 2 - Date stone for Victoria Terrace.

The houses numbered 5 to 33 are known as Victoria Terrace. A wall plate is inserted in the row of terraced houses on the right hand side of the street.

By the end of 1880 the Victoria Cotton Company owned all of George Street. This was for the mill workers to live in.

The vast majority of houses on this street are at the higher end of the street. The buildings at the bottom end of the street, towards High Street are commercial buildings, although that is not to say that houses once stood there.

Most of this is in evidence from the picture here.

Some of the buildings in the photo are Walter Barnes garage, Harmonic club, and the former rolling skating rink.

Victoria Terrace, as shown in the date stone above was named after the mill, why not if they owned it?

George Street
George Street looking North to High Street in May 2001.

George Street itself cuts across many streets, running as it does from the town centre out towards Accrington. At this end of the street is the Methodists school.


Rishton Street Names by E. Furber. Published October 1995.