Henry Street, Rishton.

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Looking North
Henry Street looking North to High Street in May 2001.

Streets Off

Left Hand Side

  • Victoria Street

  • Ashworth Street

  • Meadowhead

Right Hand Side

  • Hicks terrace

  • Company Street

  • Princess Street

Right Hand Side (from High Street)

  • 1 block terraced houses (attached to High Street) containing corner shop and 2 houses (unnamed)

  • Back Street to High Street and Victoria Street

  • One block terraced houses containing two houses (unnamed)

  • One block terraced houses containing two houses (unnamed)

  • Back street for Victoria Street and Ashworth Street

  • One block terraced houses containing two houses (unnamed)

  • one block terraced houses containing 10? houses (unnamed)

  • The Willows (Willow Grange) built 1880

  • One block terraced houses containing 10? houses (unnamed)

  • Former Palatine Foods building (1962)

Left Hand Side (from High Street)

  • Side of former Astoria Skating Rink

  • End of Terraced block of Hicks Terrace containing 1 house (unnamed)

  • Back Street for Hicks Terrace and Company Street

  • End of Terraced block of Company Street containing 1 house (unnamed)

  • Back Street for Company Street

  • 1 block of Garden Fronted terraced houses containing 20? houses (unnamed)

  • Side of Methodists School

  • Former Palatine Foods building (1962)

Henry Street is named after one of the Petres sons. They had four children altogether, Edward, Oswald, Henry, and George, all of which are street names in Rishton.

By the end of 1880 Victoria Mill owned the houses 4, 6 and 8. This was for the mill workers to live in. Number 2 was part of the original post office, on the corner of High Street. Numbers 4, 6, and 8 can be seen in the picture above.

In a Southerly direction it was continued along Lower Lane near the line of Henry Street, down to Far Holmes, past Church Kirk and along Hyndburn Lane to join the old Manchester Road at the bull bridge in Accrington.

This road was part of the original road out of town prior to 1821, when the road turned at the Roebuck inn, and followed this dirt track towards Accrington before the canal was built.

Built on the line of the old occupation road, the streets original name was Marguerite Lane, from which Daisy Hill Mill derives its name.

Looking South
Henry Street looking South towards Accrington in May 2001.

Only one mill has ever been associated with the street, and that was Daisy Hill Mill, which was accessed via Ashworth Street, which ran off Henry Street. The majority of mills were built on the opposite side of High Street, on Spring Street.

At the end of the road is Meadowhead Gardens and the track to the former Meadowhead pit site, but in view is the former food storage warehouse built in 1962 by Palatine foods of Blackburn, seen at the end of the road in this picture.

On Wednesday 29 March 2000, The heartbroken family of a 24-year-old man who died after a freak house fire paid tribute to the "happy-go-lucky lad who everyone liked".

Derek Bostock was found dead in a bedroom of the home he shared with mum Cathy and dog Rocky on Sunday morning. His pet was dead at his side.

It is believed fire broke out in the kitchen of the house in Henry Street, Rishton, after Derek returned from a night out with friends on Saturday and put his supper in the oven before going to bed.

Mrs Bostock, a nursing assistant, returned from a night shift at Calderstones Hospital in the Ribble Valley at 7.30am the next day and raised the alarm.

Derek's devastated dad, also called Derek, said the whole family had been shattered by his son's death.

Mr Bostock of High Street, Rishton, said: "Derek was just a happy-go-lucky lad who was always laughing. He was very well known and liked. He had lots of friends." Derek's brother-in-law Chris Treen of Mary Street, Rishton, added: "He had been out with his friends to Great Harwood and Rishton on Saturday night and it looks like he came home and put something in the oven to eat.

"He could have simply gone upstairs to the toilet and thought he was going to bed, we don't know.

"It is hard for us to accept because it shouldn't have happened. If he had been knocked over it would have been easier because it would have been a genuine accident, not something so easily avoided."

A former pupil at Rishton Methodist and Norden High schools, Derek recently got engaged to his girlfriend Mandy Smith, 19. The couple have an 18-month-old son Kyle.

Mr Treen went on: "Derek adored Kyle and Mandy. We are all very family orientated and everyone is devastated by what has happened. "He knew lots of people and had lots of friends. They all went out for a drink on Sunday afternoon but when I saw them they couldn't even speak.

"They were in tears. They couldn't believe it. None of us can."

Derek, a keen Manchester United fan, previously worked at Clitheroe's Ultraframe and Rishton's Lancashire Timber Company before starting as a driver with EW Cartons in the town.

Director Alison Whalley said: "He was very well liked by everyone here. He was such a happy person and always had a smile on his face. Our thoughts are with his family at this time."

The family thanked everyone for their support, cards and flowers and are planning a funeral at St Charles RC Church, Rishton.

An inquest was opened by Blackburn, Hyndburn and Ribble Valley coroner Michael Singleton at Blackburn Magistrates Court and adjourned until May 24.


Rishton Street Names by E. Furber. Published October 1995.